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The importance of remaining firm in Islam is discussed, including the importance of being sincere and diligent in actions and remaining firm and steadfast. The importance of performing all acts for the sake of being sincere and diligent, and remaining firm and steadfast is emphasized. The importance of remaining firm and steadfast is also emphasized, and the concept of achieving Islam is discussed in a spirit of peace and comfort at death. The segment includes a live interview with Mr. Furukawa and a discussion of a concept that represents a lifestyle lifestyle focused on staying firm until the rule of Islam is met.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he salatu salam from Bishop Lee Sabri was silly me, you know lock that Amelia Sani of our polies who the Hanukkah, Lyle Milena Elana Arlington, in NACA and Talal, even Harken, mighty respected Brothers and Sisters in Islam everywhere once again, welcome to Lifestyle in new video series to remind ourselves of the important concepts that we need to bring to our lives so that we can deserve the title of being Muslims in sha Allah tan today is one of the most important concept that we need to remind ourselves with, and we need to strive to achieve it in sha Allah, Allah because Subhanallah

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part of our dua part of our prayers every single day at least, we recited 17 times asking Allah subhanaw taala to guide us to a surat al Musa theme to the straight path to the upright path that would lead us to Gemini in sha Allah, Allah today's manner or ethic or concept that we need to achieve insha Allah Allah is the honor, as translated steadfastness or firmness upon the path of Allah subhanaw taala this is something that many people think that it's it is optional, as we mentioned earlier about being transparent, being honest, being truthful, all these are not actually optional manners that we may choose to adhere to. Rather it is absolutely essential. It's absolutely

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obligatory. That's why Allah Subhan Allah says in the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim, first starting, Kana will move woman tab a man and be steadfast for stalking, be firm upon the truth upon the straight path, you as you have been commanded. That's the thing. So it's not an option. It's a command from Allah subhanaw taala to remain steadfast and firm upon the straight path, because the challenges of this dunya are plenty, you will be deviated left and right, or there will be a lot of drilling channels that will drag you away from the path of Allah subhanaw taala. So you need to be strong, we need to be strong. That's why the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in a in a beautiful

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narration that is very popular, he said that Al Islam or even was a Ouled over even Canada that Islam begins as something strange people were looking at Islam as a way of life. With this I have, you know, what is this religion that restricts us to worship only one God is there 300 Plus gods and that black and white are equal. So for them, Islam came as something really strange, and it will go back to that stage before end of time Islam will be looked at as something strange. So the process is similar for to burial or give good news to those who are strangers. And when they asked the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam were the strangers he said, Those who will stick to the truth,

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who will remain firm upon the truth, even if the entire world became corrupted.

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Is the karma. It is a command given to the processor and whosoever repented with him, who's who ever returned back to Allah subhanaw taala with the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salah and you and I, my brothers and sisters are no difference. We have a lot of bad history that we need Allah subhanaw taala to erase completely. So it's the karma is that concept that will get you back on track in sha Allah, Allah Subhan Allah Allah the man came to the Prophet SAW Allah Allah Allah salah, and he told him via the others will Allah or messenger of Allah, tell me something or teach me something that I will never ask anyone after you like, I wouldn't need to ask anybody after you once you advise new

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something. So the prophets Allah Allah is Allah who had been given Joanne al Kalam, very sweet and small words yet absolutely profound and comprehensive. He said, Hold or be Allah, the master can say, My Lord is Allah my Rob is Allah subhanaw taala acknowledge your Allah acknowledge your Creator, then the master can then remain firm upon that, then remain steadfast upon what you just said. So we say La ilaha illAllah. If I asked you who's your Lord, you say Allah subhanaw taala if I said Who's your prophet?

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Tuesday the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, however are you willing and ready to apply and to implement the knowledge given by Allah subhanaw taala and the knowledge given by the Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem. This is the challenge. The challenge, as I always say is not to simply pray five times a day. The challenge is to pray on time because Allah said so in the Quran in masala Turkana, Talmud, Nina keytab, and more Kuta that Salah was prescribed upon the believers, you my brothers and sisters is now you my dear sisters and brothers and Stan on a specific time, not just prayers we were prescribed but the challenge is to pray on a specific time is the comma is something

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that we knew we need to look at. frequently. If Allah subhanho wa Taala in Surah Fatiha the chapter that we are commanded to read in every salon to our point or to an extent that if we missed it out, if we forgot to pray, we sort of forget how our entire Salah will become invalid in it 17 times at least. At least excluding the Sunnah prayers 17 times we ask Allah subhanaw taala did not set off on study. It did us a lot on stalking guide us to a straight path. Why is it that we have to pray to Allah constantly to guide us and to make us step steadfast upon the truth upon the straight path of Allah subhanaw taala Serato stalking because my brothers and sisters is that it is not just about

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saying like Allah, it is about remaining upon Allah, Allah Allah Allah until the end of time, the old malaria and foul men or whatever known in Attila the Albion Salim on the day, nothing will avail you in the least except those who will come to Allah with a pure and sound heart

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Subhanallah it will pay him he had beautiful advice about how to maintain it's the common how to remain consistent. This is the one thing that many people complain about, Oh, brother Ramadan is now masala BarakAllahu certain developing these habits read the Quran on a daily basis praying Fajr no alarm is needed now because we have to wait for so hold Allahu Akbar. So we we set our alarms we ate we eat a whole lot to the masjid operator Alia but after Ramadan is over,

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we lag behind we we go back to square one we start remembering the bad habits and we start doing the bad habits again. Why we are not able to remain firm upon the straight path. So inevitable. Comey had five advice he said that number one you should everything that you do. You should do it so with if lost with absolute sincerity. Now those brothers and sisters who are watching who did not watch my episode yesterday about loss about sincerity. Please go back to this you know scroll down a bit whether on live Diem, or on my page while Ibrahim or on YouTube channel the academy and try to watch the previous episodes because this is part of our lifestyle. If Allah commanded the Prophet SAW

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Selim to be firm and steadfast and develop is the armor, then the command is for you and I as well to remain firm, steadfast and upon is the karma all the time. So it is part of our way of life to strive and remain up right upon this art of Allah. Allah subhanaw taala the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salah Mondeo city with the companion, and he drew a straight line in the dirt in the sand. And he said well, and I heard your RT he was the team, that bill Oh, and this is my straight path. So following Mr. Clean is the karma, karma, clear will light it all comes from the root of, you know the same word which indicates continuous continuous steadfastness, all the time, you have to strive

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to remain firm upon the path of Allah. So Immanuel time said in order for you to remain is the common number one you have to be sincere, more or less from inside, you're doing everything for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala number two, everything should be done on the basis of ITIL knowledge which is found in the Quran and the Sunnah of the processor. Don't just listen to me and take my you know, my words for granted gone back it up by the Quran and the Sunnah, and of course, the righteous scholars. Number three, you have to perform all your acts are very bad.

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In the same methodologies that were presented by the Prophet Muhammad Salah Lawson, so do not invent any acts of worship from your own

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Don't sell from your own desire and introduce it and say you know what, I will do something better I will I as a biller, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, if he found any act of worship, other than what he had already given to us better he would be the first to practice. So, you take your religion from the right source, and the best of all sources is the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam do so the either that or your acts of worship in the best manner possible Subhanallah Ravi, there were scholars of the past who will dress up, dress up in the best way possible to present Islam Subhan Allah Allah Lim and when they were asked like sorry to study the

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deen to just sit and study we will dress up in the best way possible. Why because they are dealing with the religion of Allah subhanaw taala so they have to put on the best clothing they have. So when you when you when you go to the masjid don't just take your pajamas my brothers and sister or put any thought that has been hanging and collecting dust for days. Try to beautify yourself to the best of your ability. This will bring you closer and closer to Allah subhanaw taala That's why Allah says in the Quran, to take your adornments and beautification in the coolie masjid, and the quality masjid or at the door of every masjid means at every salon, beautify yourself at every salon don't

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just why is it when we have an interview for a job or when we are going to our work, we put the best dresses the best clothes, the best phones the best this the best that but when it comes to Allah meeting Allah subhanaw taala we just wear whatever we have at home the worst you will not even meet your visitors when we come and visit you your wife will be there yay. When something nice you know my sister is coming my mother in law coming will something you know presentable but when it comes to Allah subhanaw taala we don't even bother Subhan Allah Ali, so when you do your activator that in the best way possible, then in the light Allah you will achieve is to come and finally, restrict

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restrict yourself to what is halal. Always ask yourself, Is this action pleasing to Allah? Or is it haram if it's haram stay away. So when you stay from the Haram and use you restrict yourself to the halal in sha Allah, Allah Allah will guide your heart upon is the karma. Remember, it is only Allah who guides us upon the right path in Nicoletta demon that were lacking. Now Allah the May yesha, you will never guide whom you love but Allah guides whom you will, so it is Allah alone who will keep us upon the straight path so keep on digging Allah subhanaw taala to guide you. That's why we say then a Seraph on stalking 17 times minimum every single day because it doesn't mean just guide me it

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means keep me firm.

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The Bitney you know make me firm upon that straight path. Our all a man said it is not

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by practicing Islam that will get you to Jannah because by remaining firm and dying upon the straight path that will get you two gentlemen finally my brothers and sisters Islam the beautiful Aya about is the karma

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in the Quran, one of the most beautiful art in the Quran, that maybe will encourage us all to strive towards this beautiful concept and that is in levena called over of Dona Allah who soon that's the column that enters zero Allah Iman

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Iike that and as

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you go to the hall for less than you should or whatever be sure we'll build in that in the call to to OD on. Now know Ali.

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Wong Phil hayati, duniya

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walaikum fie Testa he also come work on fee. Wala fie. Hi Matt that down? No zulum in the LA foodie Rafi thing as of those who said our load is a loss of Hana data then remain firm upon that path is the karma is one of the greatest pillars. Now we'll keep you inshallah we'll keep all the other pillars that you know of Salas and how does Solomon's on will keep them intact and more strong is the arm is another pillar and they are not inventing another Hadith or anything Don't Don't mistake me for saying another pillar. I'm saying that this is one of the core

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concepts that will maintain all other pillars strong inshallah Allah is the POM so that's why Allah said

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To those who said I'll Allah is our Lord, then remain firm upon that, what will happen to them now at the most critical time in our lives at the time of death, the angels will descend upon them telling them a letter half don't be scared, who amongst us, my brothers and sisters, Islam doesn't feel this. Allah will tell those people who remain firm upon the path of Allah. Don't be scared, Allah will comfort your heart at the time of death. What else do you want Subhanallah are the other is the one. Don't be scared. And don't be sad. Why sadness is mentioned because when we depart, we feel sorry for the people that we leave behind our family members. So Allah will tell you Don't be

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Don't be sad, we will we will take care of them the same way we took care of you, we will take care of your loved ones and other things that maybe worries you and worries you know, makes you anxious about your departure we will take care Allah to half what are the general what Abby Shirou and receive the good news that you were promised? How many times we read about Jana in the Quran or we heard a lecture with Jana and the Quran. Now here it is, before you even die. My brothers and sisters Look at this. The angels will descend giving you all these good news before they even take your soul. Allahu Akbar.

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Well, Abby, she will be Jannetty let you come to our door and receive the good news of Jana which you were promised not not only outcome for her to dunya not only that, we will be your supporters in this dunya at this very difficult time. Well Fila and on the Day of Judgment when you are when you resurrect from the dead, we will be there to support you, Allahu Akbar. Well, I can see her Mirtha stay on full circle while I configure method down and when you get to Jana, this this thing that we all yearn for, may Allah make us among the people of gender say I mean someone say I mean, we are lawmakers among the people of the highest level of gender, I mean, when we get there you will have

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whatever you wish for and whatever you ask for blockboard knows the law of order right? This has been prepared by Allah subhanaw taala The Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful. Musulin minimal foreign Rahim Allah Allah, may Allah Subhana Allah make us among the people who is the karma may Allah subhanaw taala enable us to live up to the expectation of Allah Subhana Allah and His messenger and that is to remain firm to say Allah is our Lord Ilaha illa Allah but to live up to Allah until you die not just to say it and do whatever else you want. No, it's the economy is to say Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah and to obey the commands given in the Quran and threw out the

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teaching of the process Allah without negotiation, without negotiation, and to keep yourself tight with the company that will always remind you of Allah subhanaw taala is missing. May Allah Subhana Allah grant us the right understanding. May Allah subhanaw taala make us among those people who remain firm until we meet him with pure heart. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to make a beautiful dua to assist him to remain firm upon the straight path to remain firm upon his karma. Yeah, with a little Kulu Oh, the one who strengthen the hearts and give the hearts firmness and give the hearts courage to face these challenges of the dunya the Bikol Biala Denecke strengthen

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my heart upon your religion. I mean our Blarney does Aquila, hire my brothers and sisters in Islam. Please if you found these videos beneficial, don't let it die at your station is forward them to other people inshallah and they may also gain the benefits does that mean? Oh, hi, Ron Subhanak Aloma Hamrick Nash Hado La La Land, Mr. Furukawa we like we'll see you again tomorrow Inshallah, in another live broadcast on another concept, which constitute

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our lifestyle as Muslims Desikan la Highland. As Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh