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AI: Summary © The importance of complete love and complete debasement of the self is discussed, along with the need to remember these two things in order to achieve their goals. The speakers emphasize the importance of witnessing one's emotions and consider their preferences when making decisions. The topic of the holy spirit's desire is discussed, including the use of words like "immediate," "has been," and "has been" to describe emotions and their importance in achieving their goals. The importance of praying and self expression is emphasized, along with the need for finding a source of weakness and expressing one's love for someone.
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shallow, shallow we were going to continue

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the book of NACA inshallah remember Sundays we were doing, but there's been requests to kind of move forward this book and Sharla. So continue with this book on Sundays and Thursdays and Sharla until we conclude in the light either.

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So, we left off we spent our salatu salam ala Rasulillah while Ali he was happy woman without my back. So we left off talking about two primary things that the servant should have in order to when they go when they get seated it ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada when they're traveling to Allah subhanaw taala. And it's two things that they should remember two things that we should consider that increases our humility, if you will, and whomever remembers those two things to remember

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to think about and it brings you back to your perspective as a servant to Allah it it makes you humble.

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Yes, he said thankful to Allah and but that thankfulness is a result of something that we should think about

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the blessings, remembering the blessings that Moshe had a 10 Min now witnessing the blessings that he's given you. And the result of that should result in what ultimately love exactly just hope, the love of Allah. And the second one was what

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what you mentioned

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are since Yanni and makalah to a big enough Solomon to witness the deficiencies in ourselves and in our actions, right our desires and then the actions that may result in those desires and from that results should result in what

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that's the first one the loving three, that's the first one.

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Yes, a dual lowering is of humility, right with those two things inshallah one will be inshallah successful, and they should always go to Allah subhanaw taala. With those two, and then he talked about an herbal de servitude revolves around two things, which is complete love and complete debasement, which we talked about. And the origin of that are those two things that we mentioned.

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Then he goes on here, a himolla. tile, and he says,

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we're in the midst of kimberleigh, who has missed a comment here. I'll be here when you're ready. For Steve amatola. Albee be Shany? He says here.

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Verily, yes, the key mela who had so what we just mentioned will be upright and straight and firm and strong and solid, with these two things.

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So even okay, this is putting you on like a chain to sell so quickly. Is it a satisfactory like he's taking one place, and he's bringing you to somewhere else? This, this will not be happened except with this. Right. So now he's saying that this look complete love and complete debasement of the self, which was a result of witnessing the blessings and also witnessing your deficiencies, right. This complete love and complete debasement of the self can only happen with these two things which he's about to mention now.

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Okay. He says we're enemies to have their best economical be what you want. So, yes, Accumulo had a so these two things become complete the love and the and the and the debasement based economy he called it he was awash with the incomplete

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the complete

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uprightness of the hearts and the lens. First a common tool called Nazma to talk about the brightness of the heart, the sub the strength of the heart or the heart being on the Sirata muster team is calm, mustafina Straight

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Path upright solid, not falling victim to any of the the pathways of shape on he said I had to Hema and to Kuno muhabba to lie to Anna to demo and the who and the Jimmy and

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that the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala is preferred over every other love. So, notice how am acknowledges what

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what does he acknowledge you?

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There are the loves. So the other loves that you have is not impermissible. Some of them are phobia II and probability means natural. The love that we have for our children, the love that we have for respect the love that we have for our relatives for our family, right, our lineage, this love that we have, but Allah says even okay him says that one of the signs of the of the of the firm, upright Hearts is that the love of Allah is preferred over any other love that you may have. That's the first thing and he says for either to honor the humble lie to Allah or humble Lady He Subak her bla he to either hug by Massa.

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He says for either to Allah if any other type of love was to contradict

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or to come in combat or to come in competition with the love of

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Allah subhanho wa Taala then the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala is preferred over any other type of love, herbal masiva so it's the other humble lighter out so if there's any contradiction, so for instance, the love of, of a certain person, and even talks about this in another book, where he talks about her brindisa He talks about the love of women and how they love a woman a man can get to the level of worshiping a woman because they prefer her over the love of Allah Subhan Allah do they prefer what she wants over what ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala and this is the danger of emotions, that if the emotions are not in line, or if they are not control because when we say the word emotions that

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could fall into what we call the knifes the spirits, the soul desires, love emotions, the type of desire, if it is not modified, controlled, then it could lead one to worship worship other than Allah

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fri at Manitoba Illa, who our Allah subhana wa says if you're not seeing the person that has taken their desires, as their Lord, the desires as the Lord, the fact that we have a desire is not a sin. It's how you use that desire to benefit you. Money in and of itself is not a sin. It's not a bad thing, but how you use it. So in this way, he says that if the love of Allah and the love of other than Allah, were to be contradictory or to to have differences with one another, then the love of Allah is preferred for us to follow TB Allah had Allah Derek Moqtada Wilma s Hala hadda B Dawa Wilma Asaba who bill failed and he says here

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he says, how easy is this? And this is easy to say, but how hard is it to do to really actualize it right? And then he says for ended empty hand you chromel Mark Oh you hand

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he says and with detest the empty hand you crumble model the individual is regarded as noble or they are regarded as someone that is lowly that is the base you have any he Hana is something that is not regarded at all like you call a format that something is Mohan, Yanni, Hagen something that is not considered and at a lofty position. So with the test of Allah is where you will determine your loftiness or your aloneness, how low you are not low from the aspect of lowering yourself from the status of Allah and what you prefer. That is loved. Then he goes on to say to him Well, hola.

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Well, Matt Excellent. Matthew Adamu and Abdullah Matthew Hibou. Who were where he says how much of a time excellent so it is so many times that the servant prefers what he loves and what He desires may you Hibou where you're Where are you Hibou Kabiru or what his elder loves? Oh AMITA who Oh shampoo Oh aloe or when his share or what his leader or what his family loves.

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And he says I that may your typical law tie that he says how often is it that the person prefers what he loves and desires or what his shed or his family or Amir or his elder loves? Over what Allah loves? You understand? So he's making this easy he's bringing the reality for how they're limited to them habit Allah heater, Isla fickle be Jimmy al Mohab he said

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This one does not prefer the love of Allah. In his heart He's does not prefer the love of Allah over all of the other things that he or she loves. He's just one that can as he had had keema Thai they have and Amara tidy

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and then he goes even a little deeper to tea really what the love is, he says, and the love of Allah is not the one that is the ultimate judge and is the one that dictates what he does basically, or what the heart prefers or what the heart chooses or decides or leans towards, it is rather what basically your elder your family your all of these forms of creation leads towards, he says was sunnah to lie to Allah fie man had and unit cada and unit Kidder Alayhi muhabba Who were you know this are highly and then he says here

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and the Sunnah of Allah subhanho wa Taala for an init for any individual that is of this type is

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is to is a new Nikita Alayhi Mahaprabhu that the Mohab the demon have the eunuch kid is to be worried or to have some type of hardship to make this something that is worrisome upon them, or

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a disturbance. Habu where you have this aha ID and make this some form of a disturbance upon this person because this person is preferring ALLAH SubhanA wa that over Allah subhanaw taala Falaya now to say n minha in lebih neck din Otama Leeson, so the individual will not reach anything except hardship and

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disturbance from the fact that they prefer these people, places or things. They love them more than they love Allah. So in other words, those things will be the ultimate thing that affects you more than what ALLAH SubhanA wa Donna prefers. And he says here, just that Allahu Allah II 30 Ha hoo wah wah whom and you

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will Hawa man you as the man who men and Huggy. Oh, you him boo. I'm humbled tila. So Abraham is basically saying, Look, basically what you are preferring over Allah, that is going to be your source of disturbance, your source of worry and hardship. And he says in the reward is for the one that Allah II 30 How well

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just that and that is going to be the reward for the one that that desires, desires or leans towards what they desire from what they make great from the creation may you think a woman and Hulk oh, what they love upon the love of Allah subhana wa Tada. So he's basically saying that all of these things here is going to be the source of that which ultimately moves you because you prefer it over a lot kind of what data what God called Allahu Allah azza wa jal, Kabbalah and Allah you will not do well are you the Pharaoh? And namun a hamburger che ncwa Who are the baby whatever he says, and Allah subhanaw taala is a legislative

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a legislation that cannot be rejected, basically, that this is something that has been legislated and lost mandala has. There was a predestined did

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that undermine a Habashi ncwa Who are the above in this hadith the process on whoever loves something other than Allah can ultimately be punished by that thing?

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Right. primary example I remember when we're in high school middle school. How are you familiar with Romeo and Juliet? Let me mention one Juliet in the messaging but to paint the picture. Romeo and Juliet who is a Romeo and Juliet.

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Act like you're the man knows Romeo. Okay, so now you can raise your hands fine. Okay.

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What was the story of Romeo and Juliet?

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How did it end? I mean, you know, mess up the movie, whatever, but it's okay.

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Death of both of them, right. So, one of them thought I forgot how it ended, but one acted like they were dead, because they wanted to go off and live with each other and everyday happily ever after. Because they were both in love with each other. Romeo was in love with Juliet. Juliet was in love with Romeo that a desiring love and you know, the people weren't, you know, they weren't pleased with it. So they wanted to act like they died. And once they, once everyone thought that they died, they would leave off into the wilderness and love each other for the rest of their life. Right. So

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Romeo, I think Juliet thought that Romeo was dead. But Romeo was acting like he was dead. So in Juliet thought he was dead. She killed herself to be with Romeo.

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So love conquers all.

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Right, and Islam left.

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There's no form of creation that I will love over a loss of Hannah Montana. Period.

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That is my rubric. That is my purpose of life is what Allah subhana wa Donna

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loves what Allah loves. How many times in that just how many times have I had sisters come in the office? Allah shake? My husband has been praying for how many years?

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My husband hasn't been praying My husband doesn't.

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Is that grounds for divorce? Mara equal?

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What do you think?

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No. Not grounds for divorce?

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Yes, no. Yes. Anyone else? Absolutely. Absolutely. grounds for divorce case.

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But in five years, he hasn't. So when he should, how long is she going to wait?

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She has a right she has an end. And number two is if she's reached a point to where she's asking that question. It's not like he didn't pray on Thursday, or last Friday on the gym. I'm shooting the *. I'm gonna go. No, it's been maybe a year two years. My My sister told me it's almost 10 years he hasn't been praying.

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But I love him.

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So does your 10 year old child that's not praying?

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When does it where's the rubric? So this is the thing. So we see okay, the husband has been praying for 10 something years, but he's well respected amongst the Jamaat amongst our culture amongst our people, when we go back home, everyone loves him. What do we really love?

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And that's where he no pain is basically saying here as a hadith process on Mon Habashi and see what Allah or the Babee whatever you love other than Allah, then that will be your ultimate source of not punishment or anguish, or that is what really, you heard Rick, you heard Rico callback, that's what's really going to affect you. And that is a problem. Each and every single one of us should look at right now. What thing Do we love to where if, if that thing was absent, gone or something was to happen to it, it would affect us more than something that Allah loves that we don't feel anything?

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You understand my question? That is the self evaluation that we should always have. And this is why brothers and sisters, that Allah subhanho wa Taala puts the dunya in a low position. The Muslims should not indulge in this worldly life to the degree that they forget about Allah, meaning that they forget about what Allah has legislated from Islam.

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So if someone is so involved in work, if someone is so involved in fulfilling their passion, and they say, you know, I can't pray now, because I'm doing this, that this is a part of the dunya.

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Praying is something you do in the dunya for the academic, praying is what Allah loves praying, therefore, he legislated it, make no mistake brothers and sisters, whatever Allah has legislated in the religion, he loves it.

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Whatever he says is wagyu obligatory, he loves it.

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Whatever he recommends for you to do, he loves it. Whatever he says is not allowed. He doesn't want

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he doesn't love it. Question. What if your parents or friends or bar or whatever orders you to do something that Allah doesn't love? This is the ultimate test.

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Countless verses in the Quran, countless Hadith in the Sunnah that speak about this? Right? Well, India had that guy that until she could be a shaman further doTERRA Houma Allah what I was talking about the, the parents, he says, and if your two parents order you to do something

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or order you to, to worship other than Allah.

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Then why does Allah say do not obey them at the same time? In other verses numerous other verses verses he says Worship Allah and be sincere towards him will be widely Daini

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and to with the two parents be good so is there a contradiction when the parents say you have to be good to me but then they say well like you don't don't don't pray it's time to go to sleep good time to go to bed don't pray, Oh, 17 year old

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you don't have to pray. Fragile. We don't wake them up. It's okay. When he wakes up. He wakes up if he prays he didn't pray if he doesn't, he doesn't it's too early.

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What does Allah love?

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See, this is the final for this is the real question. This is where we constantly have to and all of this is a jihad enough's. This is a struggle against the self as a parent to wake your child up. Your child has a test by him. Your child as a test has to go to bed early. He hasn't played Isha. What choice are you going to make? If he doesn't study he's going to fail. If the Prophet SAW Selim said let's go low. For in the load tough to have Babyliss Sheetla he said and don't say if this happened is if for really that opens a door to shave on Allah subhanaw taala is the one that created a shot early

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and he's the same one that made it a shot late.

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And he's the same one that ordered Aisha

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so loving what Allah subhanho wa Taala loves is very, very important and understanding the ramifications of that. So the imago came he continues on Niki will concluded he says here

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whenever we're under Madhava hadal who suddenly thought so late soon slowly falling and Whoever fears fears other than Him will be overpowered by it will be overpowered by it well unlimited Minister gotta be che in Lady He can shoot man it and whoever

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is busy with that thing or whoever

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How will we say this is still gonna be shaking right he is occupied preoccupied by that by that thing.

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That is a shipment How will we translate shipment

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that will be something that is the best it can be allowed in an object of their quote unquote misfortune for them. When we talk about Tushar to shout him Is that what you say a bad omen, but that would be their source of what they would consider as a misfortune or an alpha ADA who either he LEM you bad luck fee and whoever sacrifices for that thing other than Allah subhana wa Tada there will be no better no better kitten on above ADA who will be salty he us hotter Hawaii he will and then he says here and whoever

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tries to please woman Aveda who tries to please other than Allah

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with the dislike of Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala will make that thing or person dislike him and that is Lebanon in this this is something that will take place and the Prophet SAW Selim speaks about that. And he the one that

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displeases please, this pleases the pleases the people. And they know that is what displeases Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala will make the people displeased with him. You understand?

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This is very important as well. And this brothers and sisters, this is what you mean. Okay, listen. And again, in the beginning, tell us how to how to be down. And this is easy to say. But it is difficult to do. When you're at work. It is difficult to do when you're amongst, you know, people that you respect from your from your lineage, right? When you have to when you want to do something you want to get up and pray or something of this nature. It requires you to dig deep in yourself and to have a level of integrity. And that's you have to ask yourself these core questions basic. We all know this, but it's a basic question that we have to continuously review. What do I really love?

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What do I really love? And how do I show what I love because if not, I want to please this person by doing something that I know Allah doesn't love. But what Allah easily mentioned easily we easily know that Allah can make that person displeased with me. And he will be displeased with me because I tried to please that person for other than Allah subhana wa Tada. So that's the first thing that even okay and talks about here, when he talks about is the comments. When he says the first thing that the upgraded that makes the heart up right, the first one is for the love of Allah to be preferred over every other love and then he moves on to the second one we'll cover in Sharla on

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Thursday, but in the light Allah, the second thing that makes the heart firm is which is making a lot of great Supanova and he goes into that in depth in sha Allah. May Allah Subhana Allah make us of those that love Him more than we love anything else. And may Allah Subhana Allah make us of those that allow this love to shine through our actions. May Allah Subhana Allah make us of those that do not fear any form of creation that results in the displeasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala or been an accident for dunya Hasina will ask you to attach Nikita and Lebanon rabbinic feeling alumina waka fear Anessa you were to offend them and what are

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we so Allah was sitting back let it be in a Muhammad water Ernie he was

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in whatever your questions or comments

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just go along cinematically.