Dont compare the situation youre in with the perfect situation.

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Don't compare the situation you're in with the perfect situation. Don't compare the outcome you got with the ideal. Compare it with what could have happened that was worse. That helps me a lot.

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Let me explain. Let me explain, like, you miss your flight, that's something that applies to me.

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You miss your flight, you didn't get the job you wanted. You didn't you know, you didn't get whatever outcome you wanted.

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But you could imagine that Allah saved you from something worse. And Allah is always saving us from something worse. But it just has to do with the mindset. What am I focused on? I didn't get what I wanted. I didn't get what I wanted. But we never stopped to think maybe Allah is saving us from something worse.

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And that's a very important spiritual and mental and psychological exercise to recognize how many things Allah has saved us from especially in cases where we didn't get what we wanted.