Ramadan 2022 #27 – The Dunya is not a rewarding place – Expecting The Best From Allah SWT

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh my brothers and sisters in Islam there is one very important truth that all Muslims without no exception need to understand very clearly an accept and that is this dunya is not a rewarding place it was not meant for us to enjoy fully because if it was Zakaria and Yahia May Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with them peace be upon them both would have not been killed. If this dunya is a rewarding place, the companions of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam would have not been killed and tortured. If this dunya was a rewarding place. The people of dude the people of the ditches would have not been burned alive. We really need to reflect

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over this very, very clearly and understand the benefits of being tested in this dunya Allah subhanaw taala told us bill to Thirunal higher duniya Well, hero to Pharaoh will call you favor the life of this dunya but the hereafter Jana inshallah Allah is better and everlasting. And so if things didn't work out your way in this dunya while you're still alive, don't worry, the story is not yet over Allah subhanaw taala informed us in the Quran Warfield Fiat yada boom Shadi

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Pharaoh's Tomb Minami la he was

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one of the higher to do near

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or, and in the Hereafter, there is indeed a severe punishment and forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala. And great bounty because this dunya Allah subhanaw taala continues this dunya is nothing but a passing time of enjoyment, very temporary look at how Allah subhanaw taala narrates the story of use of Alayhis Salam in the Quran. After spending a couple of years in jail unjustly. Allah subhanho wa Taala saved him from the oppressors. And he gave him power over the entire country. And at the end, Allah reminded us of how a Salam and all of us after him with one very important fact what

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are the how you only levena And then what can we add on but the reward of the Hereafter is way better for those who believe in Allah subhanaw taala and those who have Taco God consciousness in their heart, so even though he gained that much power, Allah subhanaw taala reminded him, this is just a passing enjoyment. This is just a temporary power but in the hereafter is the real reward that we should be looking forward to when the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam invited the people of Medina to Islam in the early stages of his Tao some people asked like, what are we going to get in return? You say Hola, como Jana, you will get Jana. That's the ultimate reward that

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the Prophet SAW Selim promised for those who take this religion seriously. So when you go through trials and tribulations remember this in exchange of all that pain, Jana is waiting for you my brothers and sisters in Islam and that doesn't mean that you will not have some taste of enjoyment in this dunya don't get me wrong, Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran

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Allah Hola, Hina house when Allah He wanna homie, on Alladhina Oh again, oh, duck on La hormonal Bush are off Hill, Hyak duniya.

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Hero, baby hill and he can even

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then he can who was fellows along the beam. So you see my brothers and sisters in this area. Allah subhanaw taala is giving glad tidings to those who believe in Allah Subhana Allah develop their Taqwa the level of God consciousness, the level of awareness that Allah subhanaw taala is over watching them. And as a result, the struggle to do that which is right, that which is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala they will receive their share of rewards in this dunya as well as in the hereafter. So Allah subhanaw taala did not forget your portion did not forget your share of reward in this dunya but well akhira to again, higher on what I call the hereafter is way better and

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everlasting. If you don't get that concept right, my brothers and sisters in Islam, you will fall into the trap of comparison comparing your conditions and situations with others. Perhaps you will look at people who are blessed with money with fame and so on and start questioning yourself. Why not me why Allah is doing this to me I'm praying five times a day I'm doing good and so on. And this comparison is not allowed in Islam. Listen to what Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, well, then nine acre Isla Donna v as one gem

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I'm in Hamza Houghton hieratic duniya Nina's Tina home fee what is poor on Vika Hi yo, call don't look at those whom Allah Subhana Allah blessed with certain blessings because Allah subhanaw taala sometimes will use these pleasures to test people with and perhaps Allah did not bless you in the same way because he knows that maybe you cannot handle these pleasures and at the end Allah subhanaw taala said the provision that Allah had given you already how you run whatever call is better and everlasting. Well hirato higher or wherever I remember, the Hereafter is better and everlasting Subhanallah and I'll leave so let this concept really sink very deep into your heart and into your

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mind so that when you're faced with these challenges, you thank Allah for them and expect the best from him at the end of your patience and perseverance, and of course your contentment. So relax my brothers and sisters and remember, always remember pulling the mat out do me Akali Lu hirato high roll Lena Annie Darko wala tooth la Munna Fetty tell them oh Muhammad, this dunya and the enjoyment of this dunya is very little while a hero to how you run lemony taco but the hereafter is much better for those who fear Allah subhanaw taala for those who have Taqwa in their hearts, and at the end, you will never be shown injustice by Allah subhanaw taala so remember my brothers and sisters

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in Islam, this dunya is not a rewarding place well in nama to a fauna otjiwarongo Mia woman,

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sha Allah, you will be given you reward in full on the Day of Judgment. May Allah subhanaw taala make you and I among the people of Jana Amin, Amin, amin does Aquila hyaluron don't forget to share the content with others. May Allah reward you all, as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi overcut