Ramadan 2021 – Verses of Hope and Healing #20 – Hope for those who commit Suicide

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The speakers discuss the restriction of suicide in Islam, which is prohibited and requires healing through subplication and grace. They stress the importance of healing through reflection and grace, and encourage people to pray for healing. The healing process will come through subplication and grace, and peace and peace are important in Islam.

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One owner Xin Amina Lupo Nima who was

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a Salam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah, Allah, he was happy he edge mine, my brothers and sisters, there is never a reason to commit suicide. Nobody should kill themselves because it is prohibited. Allah says, Allah is so merciful well actually enforcer come in Allah, how can I become rahima in verse number 29 of Surah Nisa, Allah Almighty says, Don't kill yourselves because Indeed, Allah is very merciful upon you, you might be going through really tough days. But don't worry, take it in your stride. Remember, Allah, try your best, and days will change, the darkness will be followed by daybreak, a day will

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come when you will look back and tell yourself, I was so silly to even think about suicide, look at how happy I am right now. Subhan Allah, so suicide in Islam is prohibited, there is no reason in Islam, that a person should actually kill himself. Allah says, Don't do that. And the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him speaks of how the punishment of a person who commits suicide is. And obviously, when a person has committed suicide from the family members, a lot of people have a lot to say.

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Now, the family requires healing, because obviously, someone's just passed away, they did something that they're not supposed to have done. Now, there is an element of hope.

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Because we don't know the condition of the mind of the person at the point of the act of suicide. So if they really were in a mental state where they didn't know what they were doing, in that condition, the prophets, Allah Salam tells us that the angels don't record that deed. So if they were really on that level, and the angels didn't write the deed, and they did the deed, and they killed themselves,

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for the family who've left who have been left behind, can they pray for the person? The answer is, obviously they can they shouldn't they must, you know, the question is, would he is there a chance of him going to paradise? The answer is, well, it's between him and Allah and definitely you you've got to pray that Allah grant him paradise, because you don't know the condition of his mind, at the exact point when he committed that act. So this is a, this gives a lot of hope, and allows for the healing of the family members of a person who's perhaps taken their lives. It also does not negate the fact that suicide is prohibited. That is totally prohibited, there's no way that we're going to

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say it's allowed, it's not allowed. But if a person has done it, for the healing of the family members, we have to mention, it doesn't mean they're doomed forever. If the condition of their mind was not proper, you know, they had issues. You know, though they were going through some tremendous things and issues, and perhaps their mind didn't take it, maybe they had a mental condition where they didn't really know what they were doing. And so, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has told us that ruffian kanima and Santa Fe in the pin that writes the deeds of people is lifted three times. One is when a person is asleep, whatever you see in your dreams, and so on, not written against you, if you

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do something while you're totally asleep, not written against you. Similarly,

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the one who is a child until they grow up, you know, your Book of Records and deeds is not even open until the day you achieve puberty. And thirdly, a person who is unwell mentally, don't know what they're doing until they become better. So those are the three. So if that is the case, and it is, then we should have a little bit of hope. We're talking about hope and healing, my beloved family members who are perhaps going through something that I've just mentioned now, I hope these words bring you a little bit of healing.

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In sha Allah, we pray that Allah forgive the shortcomings of the deceased and grant the deceased paradise and Jen nettle feldhaus, Allah have mercy on the deceased. So when people start saying nasty things they don't know. They don't know the detailed rulings. They only know that yes, it's prohibited and we don't deny that it is definitely prohibited. But when it's done in your own home, it's not an easy one. Sometimes you feel like you have a portion of the blame, you know, that is perhaps yours. Let's understand prefilling May Allah grant them goodness and gentle for the dose. I mean,

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Now, if we move further

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into Surah Nisa, Allah makes mention of many things. He speaks about how you should not look at what we've blessed others with if you want to heal, and if you want, comfort, you want happiness, contentment, goodness, hope in the hereafter hoping goodness. Allah says, let me know maphack Malala will be here, Baba, come on,

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don't wish for that which Allah has bestowed upon some over others. You know, verse number 32 of Surah Nisa, people sometimes you know, you're a male.

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And I must bless you with so much. And you're looking at others and you're telling yourself, I wish I had this and I wish I had that. And now you becoming depressed and sad and you start hating and you start feeling jealous and all that all that could have been avoided, you could have healed your heart by just being thankful to Allah for what he gave you. So that's very, very important. Because after that, Allah makes mention also of hazard. Acid means jealousy. And Allah says, You know what? Why be jealous of people. Allah says, Are they jealous of what we have favored? Some over the others? You know, we've gave virtue out of our own virtue to people, why should you be jealous of

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that we gave it if you're jealous of what Allah gave someone you have a problem with Allah?

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Did you think of that? If you're jealous of what Allah gave someone, you have a problem with Allah because Allah gave it to them. So don't be jealous. So Allah says, Well, you know what we gave the Prophet Abraham, kingdom and Prophethood and wisdom and so much more. for her to attain Allah Ibrahim him in his family, and kita we gave him revelation Prophethood you know, will hickmott our Athena Oman, Canada we gave them so much, and kingdom and we gave them control. To be jealous of what Allah gave someone over you or over anyone else. Look at what Allah has given you and be thankful for that you can survive, you can eat, you can drink, you can continue. It's your life.

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Your test is different from the tests of others. Now, sometimes we have enemies and we don't know these enemies. And we should not become obsessed by thinking about who's my enemy, maybe this guy, maybe that person. That's not good. You need to heal.

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The healing will come through supplication.

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Verse number

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45 of Surah An Nisa. Allah says, What Allahu Allah be either equal. Allah is the one who knows best. Who your enemies are. Allah knows them all. Wa kafa biLlahi Walia Allah is sufficient as a protector. Don't you believe that? Yes, I do. Okay, fabula hanasi. Allah, Allah is the best Disposer of affairs. Don't you believe that? Yes, I do. So in that case, leave it to Allah. That's a supplication that Allah subhanho wa Taala has, you know, it's mentioned in the Quran and it would be a merit for us to repeat that, with conviction that Allah is indeed the best Disposer of affairs and protector. So in this way, Allah will grant us a beautiful healing. Now, sometimes people jump to

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conclusions. Without proper investigation. You see two people walking together and you start spreading rumors or these people or this and that, you see someone somewhere and you think that this person is engaging in that because I saw them here. But you didn't see the act itself, or you didn't see the thing that you're talking about. That's very dangerous. That goes back to people who like to say things and create gossip, create stories, and you know, make belief items. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is warning us through another verse of the Quran. And this is verse number 86. of In fact, it's a verse in Surah, An Nisa a little bit further up, where Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Don't

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say to someone who gives you the salaam, salaam alaikum this person is not a Muslim, especially when you're traveling. You don't even know them. You don't know them. You don't know a person in this a salaam aleikum, and you just say to yourself, that person is not a Muslim. They showed you a sign that they're a believer. Why don't you take that sign? Allah says, Yeah, are you on Medina? armano. eval derogatory, Sabina are people when you come out in the cause of Allah, Fatima, you know, make sure and verify thoroughly properly. We're not apollomon Alka la como Salama less than one minute, don't say to the one who gave you a Salaam read to you in the proper way, the Islamic way that

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you're not a believer. Allah says Be careful of that. So that that verse goes to show us how important it is. Not to jump to conclusions.

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Don't jump too quick.

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inclusions. And what if someone's jumped to conclusions about me? Now what do I do? So we go back to the verse I was mentioning 86 of solid and Missa, where Allah says, What either who eaten with the heating for her UBS? And I mean, how old do her when you're greeted with a greeting, reply with a better reply, or at least the same reply. Now, how did the 215 because the greeting is actually a greeting of peace in Islam.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us that peace I pray for your peace, you pray for my peace in return. May Allah subhanho wa Taala elevate our status akuto Cali Hara was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Xin Amina Lupo Nima who worship

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