Suleiman Hani – Tafsir of Juz Tabarak #09

Suleiman Hani
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Hello hamdulillah slaughter Salam Allah rasool Allah wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa and my Allah, we will pick up where we left last session. So please open up your translations if you have a preferred one otherwise follow along with the PowerPoint that you see on the screen be in the medical office

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Oh, there'll be Hamina shining upon your regime for mom and Audi Nikita Abba who beat me he found out goon for filecoin Oh Ha. Ooh Kitabi

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in Nirvana, to name Hola. Visa via the home Luffy Aisha to Raleigh Fijian Nachi Nadia, boom for her duniya KHUDOBIN wash wobbu Honey, be ma snuff Don't be

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left on feel I Hania what um, or tiaki Tarbell who will be Srimati he's saying up all the airborne Oh yeah, I know you Tony Tokita Abby, what am I do? Remar he sabe ya know, you tell her that you called Lea. Ma

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Nemani Hanukkah. Nice when Pawnee who felt will know some I'm Jaffe Masan Lu to

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southern Runa the raw fastening coup in Canada you know, you know the one

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miski been following you sada Julio Maha who now for me in whenever I'm on it, I mean, obviously in Kulu Oh, in London hot.

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Last week, we ended with the note, Yo Ma even to rot. I don't

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mean coffee on that day, on the Day of Judgment, all of you will present. You have the presentation tomorrow. Allah subhanaw taala told you and this is part of your story, that you are required to present and this is not something we have a choice and you have to present something tomorrow. The question is, what will you present tomorrow, you cannot present your wealth you cannot present your degrees you cannot present any kind of worldly accomplishments that are not acts of worship sincerely for the sake of Allah. Prepare today for your presentation tomorrow. Prepare and work hard today. The deeds you do today will be presented tomorrow. And all the evil actions people commit in

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this world today. They will also be presented tomorrow. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to have an abundance of good deeds that are concealed and ready to presented to be presented for the most important day the day of resurrection. May Allah Subhan Allah grant us resilience, optimism, productivity, and allow us to spend our time with that which will be presented in a good state Aloma only. And then Allah introduce introduces the winners and the losers. And I want you here to pause and think about this for a moment. This is the the story of choice in terms of where people end up. There are no third or fourth or fifth options. This is the story of you. This is the story of the

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decisions that you make every single day and the things By Allah's grace you will experience tomorrow meaning in your afterlife, we are not meant to remain here. So pay attention to the decisions that matter today. These are weighty decisions. These are heavy decisions, these decisions have consequences and repercussions and implications. So Allah begins by introducing to us the story of the winners. May Allah subhanaw taala make you an AI amongst the winners May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst

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ease in Allah describes them in solitude, in solitude, what we want at the end of the surah in New Jersey to

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be Masada who

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is known. I have rewarded them because of their patience and perseverance, their hard work, I have rewarded them today with agenda because of all they persevered with because of all that they endured. May Allah Subhana Allah make us amongst the true winners. Allah says for Imam and OTFT turbo, who will be the one who was given their book of deeds in the

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Right Hand fire Julio ha omocha. Okay, Tammy, they will say to everyone, come read my book, come see what I did. Now there's a point here to emphasize, which is that Allah subhanaw taala on that day will give you an opportunity first. And we'll give people an opportunity to have a conversation with him to present some kind of excuse to him depending on who the individual is, according to some of the reports. And so some of the scholars say the way the presentation will work along on that day, your maiden tour alone, when your deeds are presented, is that this is the last part of the presentation that your book now comes to. And you know, basically, it's finalized, it's sealed, this

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is where you are going to end up, it's like being given you're given your let's say, Diploma of sorts, at the end of a long ceremony, this is a small analogy. Now, some scholars say it is probable that at the time the records are distributed, the righteous person himself will extend his right hand or her right hand forward to receive the record. And so it will basically be received there. Now, this does not mean that a person doesn't know where they're going to end up Jana or not, may Allah protect us all. Until that moment, no, as soon as a person dies, as the soul is leaving the body, you will know where you're going to end up in the next life. And the people who pass away,

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know their position in the next life better than they knew their position in this life they know. But that moment seals it all that moment is basically the closing moment, in terms of sealing the fate, it's very clear where this person is ending up. And it's very clear what's going to happen next. Now, the scholars say that on that day, this person is given their book of deeds. First of all, with a type of accomplishment, a sense of relief, a sense of happiness, a sense of success, that this person will be satisfied with all the hard work that they did. And it's like they are receiving something physical here showcasing all that they did up to this moment, the moments before

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you passed away, and the experience that you have in this world as well. So all of your decisions, all of the decisions that you make all the sincere acts of worship, all the hard work, all the patience and perseverance, all the refraining and restraining from falling into your temptations, what we want to do is focus on the lifestyle itself. From the moment of death onwards, the person of righteousness is not treated like the person of evil, like the criminal like the culprit, like the wicked. So the treatment begins as soon as a person dies, may Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst those who pass our exams. I think for those of you who are students, or who have you have been

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students before, think about some people who have gone through a very difficult semester at school, especially, let's say in college, university, sometimes even high school, depending on your level, depending on what you're going through. Think about the experience of passing a very difficult final exam, the end of the foster the end of the semester or school year, they end up let's say, studying for licensing or certification or board exams. Let's say you're trying to get into a particular school or a field, you take a very difficult exam, I want you to think about that feeling. So many of you perhaps have experienced this before. We have seen many people Subhanallah on that day, just

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celebrating happy enjoying things, sharing things with others telling people Hamdulillah I finished my school, they're posting online, I finished my classes, it feels good to be done with this exam at Hamdulillah. Today, I was certified. So people are sharing, especially especially with their loved ones. They're sharing their happiness. And they want you to think about that milestone as one tiny dot one tiny milestone of life. There's no comparison between that milestone, and the feeling that a believer will have on the Day of Judgment when they receive their book in the right hands. Because this time, the effect of passing the exam of all exams is that you enter Jannah so the reward is not

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like a war, a worldly reward. It's not like you got a degree or now you moved on to the next semester. Now you can unlock some of the classes that you needed a prerequisite for. No you have have passed the exam of all exams, the exam you were created for, not the exams, that that surround us in society. The exams are optional. No, you pass the exam that was mandatory. You pass the most important exam and the one that you you're required to enter Jannah This is the prerequisites. The thing is the difference is you're not taking this exam one time you're not studying for one night, and you cannot procrastinate this exam. This exam is a way of life. And all you need the open book

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exam here all you need to pass this exam. follow what Allah subhanaw taala told you in the Quran and what the prophets Allah Islam conveyed. follow what Allah Subhana Allah revealed and the exam is made easy for you. And the more you learn about the exam, the more you learn about the religion the more you learn about the Quran and Sunnah the more you study your religion, the easier the exam becomes. In fact, this is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us this is glad tidings for all of you who are listening to this lecture as well. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam informed us whoever seeks knowledge whoever sits upon a path of knowledge

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For the sake of Allah, for the sake of Allah, Allah will make your path to gender easy for you. And so you're setting upon this journey, learning about the thing that matters most. And as a result, you find the path to gender becomes easier. And the more you study, for example, the Day of Judgment, the more you study the Quran, the more you will find yourself celebrating on that day, you will find more things in your book of deeds in your book of records. And so we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us from amongst those who truly celebrate, I've passed my exam, and they start going around and they start telling other people look, I've passed my exam out of their happiness, they

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will share their achievement, they will share their accomplishments and they will say come read my book, come read my book, in this life, conceal many of your good deeds, many of your sincere acts of worship, save some things preserved some things that nobody else knows about. Absolutely nobody knows about. So that there is something significant and waiting, waiting for you and guaranteed for you on that day. Wallahi one moment of celebration, on the Day of Judgment when you receive your book in your right hand. One moment of celebration will make you forget about all the exhaustion of hard work in this life will make you forget about all the times you stood up and prayed at night all

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the times you made us to fall all the times you stayed away from haram all the way all the times you stayed away from prohibited relationships all the time you stayed away from listening to certain things, music or whatever it may be watching certain things. May Allah protect us all. Every single time you help yourself. You were restrained you refrain you are patient, you are calm, you accepted Allah's decree. You have something waiting for you that will make it all worth it. It is all worth it. And this is why the person says come read my book, can see what I accomplished. Come see what I did know I can finally share everything with the world I've passed. I'm making it to Janna. Think

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about that feeling. Think about saying the words Alhamdulillah I'm making it to agenda I'm going to enter Jannah by Allah's mercy. May Allah subhanaw taala with His mercy and His grace, allow us all to be guided hardworking, optimistic, efficient, productive, so that we celebrate on that day alone. I mean, the person that says in the lawn to a knee Mola can Hi savvy, I surely knew I would face my accountability, I would have something to be held account for. A lot of people live their lives as though there's no reason a lot of people live all around us in society. And you see this everywhere in the world. Sometimes it affects the believers as well. We feel as though and we see see and sense

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people who do not care at all about that ASAP. They are not ready for that moment at all. And you're looking at them and wondering, what are you doing, you're taking the exam right now and you're not even looking at your exam. You're taking the exam and you're looking at the ceiling, you're taking the exam and you're playing with your phone, you're taking the exam, you're doing something else, you're taking the exam and you're not answering a single question correctly. Even though the most half the Quran is right there telling you everything you need. Allah is telling you everything you need through his messenger as well sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So it's as though this person is

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saying Alhamdulillah I was conscious and ready, I was prepared for this moment in which my deeds were would be presented and I will receive my book in my right hand, I worked for it. This requires us to do what this person says I knew in Neilan to a Nemo out in Serbia, so they had to work for it. My dear brothers and sisters, we are supposed to be in a state between hope and between fear and you can never ever lose hope in the Mercy of Allah so you never stop moving forward. You never give up on becoming better. But you also cannot lose the element of fear. A lot of people living in the 21st century no longer care about fear no longer have any fear of shortcomings fear of the Hellfire fear

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of punishment, so they tend to become more lacks more relaxed, more focused on this life instead of the next slide. More and more of the type of reflective reflections and thinking where person says, well, it's not really a big deal. That's not really a big deal. This doesn't really feel so bad everyone else is doing it. Don't judge me blame someone else. Instead of saying what I know I will face the day of reckoning. I will face my Creator, I will face my Lord, keep a balance keep a balance keep a balance may Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of us and make you and I and our loved ones amongst the people of agenda who celebrate together on that day showing one another our

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books and saying whoa, whoa kita be calm. Read my book. I pass the test. I'm making it to gender. Did you make it to agenda can I see your book? Are you also going to be agenda Imagine going around and celebrating on that day? May Allah Subhana Allah allow us to work hard in this life, so that on the day of true celebrations, we are amongst those who win we are amongst those who are victorious. And I want you to keep this wonderful Tafseer in mind, the last two so what have you studied in this just a surah twill Malik and then salt we'll call them how many of you remember any ayat about Jana mentioned in Surah 20 In Surah 20 Moloch there are not verses in salt and Malik detailing the

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rewards of Jannah and yet this is a Surah we read every night. I want you to keep this in mind. Suraj will work Allah Subhana Allah mentions one thing about the reward level

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Will Ferrell or anyone can be those who fear Allah subhanaw taala those who worship Allah and are conscious of them and fear Allah with regards to their shortcomings their actions, love himself you know they will have forgiveness or agilon Kabir and a great reward. That's it. Nothing else is mentioned about the details. As for Surah, Tulum, the next Surah, Allah subhanaw taala gives us a little more detail about what that reward is in a little motel cleaner in the lobby him Jannetty nine, for those who are God conscious with their Lord, they will have what Jannati nine gardens basically of blissfulness. Now you have a little more detail. And then you have Suraj will have an

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entire passage detailing what the rewards of the people agenda, I want you to think about the gradual change. These are sort of the words that were all revealed very early in Mecca, right? We mentioned this before, but the context. And so to have this much detail about the reward is very important as a foundation. But don't forget most of the surah and most of the previous one and column and salts will they also reference the punishment of the people of the Hellfire. And in fact, there's something you need to assess in terms of the quantity here. It's interesting to note that, of course, while we should have a state of fear and hope, always you need a right balance, a proper

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equilibrium of the two, every one of you, every one of us who's listening to this, we have some kind of equilibrium we should seek a balance. When you have so much dependence upon hope and absolutely no fear what happens, you become very relaxed, you stopped really caring, you stop working hard. Your solo no longer has quality or quantity, you're missing out on a lot of nowhere, or Aaron is not part of the daily life and thicket and Dora is not really important. committing sins makes you not feel anything, you don't feel any remorse. That's because what's there's an imbalance. When you have an imbalance in your body, you're required to do something to balance it out. A deficiency has to be

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taken care of. When you have an imbalance in your mind. May Allah protect us all in our minds and bodies, you have to do something to balance it out. Right? Some sometimes certain lifestyle changes. How about in your soul, your column, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah mentioned the spiritual path and a lot of detail about the punishment as well as Surah, two and Malik and now in sort of hardcore as well. It's as though to tell us that the dosage they needed the prescription that was written for the people who are listening to the Surah, when it was revealed, was one in which they needed a little more reminder of the fear more than the hope because they already had a lot of hope. They already

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knew Allah Subhana Allah is merciful, and you cannot lose hope in the Mercy of Allah. And so the one who knows that and that's established now needs to work a lot on the other side. And most people honestly in the 21st century, and I say this knowing the effects on myself and society and everyone here, most people are affected more by what having a lot of hope and not a lot of fear. And this is when you know that you need to work on the other side of your balance. The other side of the the the scale, so there's something is given equilibrium. Now, why is this important to mention Hellfire when many people think it's a sensitive topic? Wallahi it's not. Allah mentions it in detail,

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sometimes more than gender. And sometimes he only mentioned the gender and does not mention how far and many times he'll mention both. Why? Because when we see punishments, or hear about bad consequences in society, with criminals with people who let's say cheated in school got expelled and someone's like, I don't want to get expelled. Their fear was the consequence. Their fear was a type of fear that built upon this deterrence. What is deterrence? Deterrence in criminal law, criminal justice, psychology, is when you have something that deters people repels them from doing certain things that are let's say prohibited or illegal or maybe not. But in Islam, you have for what, for

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example, what you have Allah's PATA mentioned in punishments, and the punishment yes, we need it as well, in addition to the hope in addition to the mercy in addition to the love, you will need some fear and a reminder of previous nations a reminder of the future about the day of judgment about hellfire, so that you have the right dose, the right proper prescription so that there's a deterrence in terms of psychology, we hear about the consequence, and we fear falling into that same trap and the same misguidance as others. May Allah protect us. The thing is, are we learning from it? Are we taking this in and saying, of having the Lord reminded me about the Hellfire so that I'm

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not doing anything here of shortcoming so that I'm working hard towards the agenda. And of course, this is not your main drive, your main drive is to make it to a loss pleasure, you're worshiping a lot of love, but at the same time you want to make it to agenda because ultimately every person has a story, the story of choice, and a final destination, every character, every human being and all the jinn will end up in one of two places. Here Allah Subhana Allah describes for us, a way for us to make it to gender a way of focusing on that final destination that we seek. Verse 21, for Hua theory, you shed your overall Yeah, they will be in a life of pleasant bliss. This is true bliss. If

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you miss out on all the comforts of a dunya at least do not let that stop you from missing out on the blissfulness and the comforts and the eternal

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comforts of the next life, they are lasting. There is no end to that desert McAleenan another reflection, the happiness portrayed at the end of it and it gives so much also talent is up north in an absolutely true.

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Another reflection I remember every time I've ever feel in my life, how bad it felt this reminds me if I feel everything, I don't want to fail on that day. And I remember the times where I was able to accomplish something huge and how great I felt. I want to feel that and more deserve morphine and bottle coffee from absolutely truly excellent reflection. How many times have we done things that maybe we regretted did not work hard for and said next time I'll try harder. We didn't like that feeling of regret. But this is the one test you don't want to fail. This is the one test you want to pass. This is the objective of life, Allah Subhan Allah gave us everything we need to get through it

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strongly optimistically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, physically all that you need to get through it. May Allah subhana allow us to take advantage of that and appreciate that and live by that along with me. For whoever you are you shut your wall down this person will be and they will be in the life of pleasant bliss where he Jannetty in our area in an elevated garden and elevated place sometimes is referenced because people might have the perspective or perception that it's better that you're in a high position so you can see more of Jenna you can see things around you maybe you can see a waterfall maybe you're on top of waterfall, maybe you can see gardens and other things as

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well. So fee Janet in our area you also have another reference to high up thrones and chairs and things like this well Photoshop model for elevated photos or chairs or thrones so think of even in this life sometimes sometimes people prefer that which is high up right think of hotels the nicest suites are at the top think of resorts think of certain structures and buildings where you have like the the penthouse suite or whatever it's called all the way at the top sometimes you have in some planes especially in the past each of the two floors and used to have like the first class business class all the way the top we're all doing the front so sometimes people like that sometimes people

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see that as what higher up is better now for sure that's the case in Jana in a way we cannot imagine the agenda Denali agenda is elevated agenda is agenda is not down below or into the earth who had the four to 400 here meaning what Imagine your chilling agenda, you're sitting on this high up throne and you're looking around at your family or friends or loved ones who made it to agenda who worked hard as well. And then what will prove to her Danielle, the fruits are hanging within reach. The fruits of gender are close by meaning you can get them anytime you want. And also it's not that they're close and you might pick let's say a fruit and then suddenly as you pick so many fruits

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mashallah because they're so good and you don't get full agenda. Suddenly they run out no, they don't run out in general, because Allah told us elsewhere now not 14 whatever new ah, they are not cut off maybe they are not interrupted they are not limited. What am new ah, and they are not forbidden for anyone in Jannah, you have access to fruits constantly. This is not something we can imagine like anything of this world. This is the best possible treatment where the fruit and the food of gentleman never runs out. In every bite of that fruit is better than the last bite you've had. I want you to think about a beautiful link here a synthesis Critical Thinking point, a link

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between this idea and sinfulness in this life. Allah subhanaw taala reminded us that the fruits of gender are close dunya dunya is that which is low or that which is close to you. And dunya also comes from this that which is close to you think about this life and how people are able to commit sins all the time, the very close sins are right there Backbiting is right there lying is right there cheating, stealing, listening to certain things, watching certain things. May Allah protect us all from all of these sins, but they are a close. So as we see and reflect on the closeness and nearness of sins in this world, the believers avoided and abandoned these sins that are very close,

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they abandoned them for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and only for his sake, although the sins were very close, the believers kept avoiding them time and again. So Allah made the reward of gender close and accessible to them without any interruption for them for ever. You avoided sins for 50 years, 70 years, 10 years, however long someone lives, Allah will give you what an eternity an infinite amount of life in a place of pure bliss. Think of that trade. Is there any any equality in that trade? Is it a fair trade? You're working hard for 70 years doing exactly as Allah commanded submitting to matter of law, Allah is not giving you 70 years of gender and that would be worth it

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even if it was for a day. Allah is giving you an eternity of gender

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put distance between you and sinfulness in this world law takanobu. Zina Allah says what are tolerable Zina, meaning do not come close to adultery, fornication, let's say illicit relationships do not come close to sinfulness do not come close to the traps of shame. Well, that's a tabula hobo watershed. Sometimes that first step seems innocent. And yes, many times we fall into the first step.

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Not realizing maybe five steps later, it becomes very problematic 10 steps later it can actually be a major sin. And so you cut off once you take a step back a step back, you look back at the bigger picture. Now I know why this certain guideline, or condition is so important in Islam. Because if I crossed this path, if I opened this door, maybe the door itself is not sin, but behind it as another, another door that will absolutely open or very easily open, and it will have sins behind it. So what you do as a believer is you put many barriers, many doors, many obstacles between you and sinfulness. Do not make sinfulness close and accessible to you do not make sinfulness close and

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accessible to your children, to your homes to your hearts. May Allah protect us in what we hear what we see what we think what we say the people we interact with, they almost would have to replace many barriers between us and cellphones. And on the other hand, bring good deeds closer to you a lot and says, You're 24 Could you wash Prabhu honey and Venus left on Villa Mahalia, this is a beautiful verse, a beautiful reflection. The people of gender will then be told, eat and drink joyfully, merrily for what you did in the days that passed in the days that have gone by.

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One of the scholars said that this may be about the people of fasting that people have CR because they used to fast no longer tell them to eat. But this is a general verse it does not specify now what are a yam and Hollier the days that passed? Brothers and sisters? Uh, yeah, mille Hadiya B, these are those moments. These are those days, these minutes right now that I'm living and you're living and we are experiencing this live session. These are a Yeoman Hadia meaning when we look back in the Hereafter, we will look back on our lives in a dunya we will remember this experience that we had, we will remember for example, talking to one another communicate with one another, having

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everything that we had locally having everything through, let's say digital technology and the media and the internet hamdullah that we have today. These hours that you live these days you experience today, this moment, now this hour, these are a yummy Hadiya Do not waste these days. Do not waste these days, so that tomorrow you will celebrate. And also Lanta hasn't, you will not be sad. Because the deeds that you do today no matter how small have a good deed none of that will go unrewarded. Allah subhanaw taala knows every single good deed that you've done. All the good that you do all the evil you stay away from all the bad friends you stay away from all the bad things you stay away from

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online are flying things you almost texted and typed and did. Allah knows all of that letter hasn't. Nothing that you do here is wasted tomorrow. Nothing that you do here is not going to benefit you tomorrow in terms of sincere acts of worship, and no ounce of patience will go unrewarded. Every moment of hard work perseverance in this life to become a better person through difficult times and times of ease that will be rewarded beyond your imagination. May Allah subhana make us consistent in growing and getting closer to Him throughout our lives and developing our habits and our lifestyles along with me. I want us to think about these verses and what we're doing to manifest these verses

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in reality. If you are not working for these verses today, then you won't have the ability to celebrate them tomorrow. If our lifestyles today as human beings if they reflected the opposite. People who did not prepare people who did not care people whose books were filled with sins or wasteful lifestyles, then there's nothing to look forward to in the next life. There's nothing good waiting in the next line. But Allah tells us this as a description, detailed description, and this is one of many descriptions in the Quran, so that you are looking forward to the reward the result of your good deeds meeting along and enjoying Jana, not for 10 years, not for 100 years, but

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forever. May Allah Subhana Allah grant us eternal bliss, eternal agenda with our loved ones. And of course, when you see here an emphasis on the plural Kulu wash Prabhu in the plural. Brothers and sisters, one of your life missions must be to bring as many people as possible with you to Jana, and that includes what raising righteous children but also actively trying to learn the religion and helping other people. It's not expected that every one of us, for example, will necessarily give a lecture or be students of knowledge or be scholars. But every every single one of us has a role to play in trying to bring to Jannah as many people as possible to enjoy that moment. couldn't wash

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Rabu honey and Bhima has left him fill a meal Hadiya We ask Allah Subhana Allah to allow us to work hard in this life and guide us and help us in difficult times. And to to relieve us of our hardships to forgive us for our shortcomings to make us stronger believers so that we can meet and see Allah subhanaw taala and the Prophet salallahu Salam, we now shift our attention over to the description of the losers on that day, Allah

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trying to describe the people of gentlemen May Allah make us amongst the people of gender May Allah make us amongst the people of gender male lawmakers amongst the people of gender. And then Allah describes the end results for the people of hellfire Allah who did not Oh Allah protect us from the fire. We don't want to do anything that even slightly reflects a risk bringing someone closer to that place. So Allah subhanaw taala now describes the situation that going back what from generally the description of there let's go back now to where we started the story, this movie this end scene, the end scene of what receiving books having a conversation a lot and then receiving their deeds

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their their book of records. So Allah subhanaw taala says what Imam and oto Kitab will be CheMin it asks for the one who receives their book in their left hand, they are born we are like a Tony lamb or turkey Tabby, the person will cry out loud bitterly and say very bitterly with regret. I wish I had not been given my book my record, I wish I did not have to see this, but you have to see it. Now in another Surah. Who remembers this in another Surah? In just I'm not Allah describes someone receiving their book, but not in their left hand someone of evil, a disbeliever a wicked person? Where do they receive it? A lot of what I mentioned in Salthill, ng hawk. Those who receive their

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books, in their left hand are those who receive their books while they were there, where will they receive them, because some of them here, some of those who are evil, don't want to receive a book in their left hand, it's as though they think they can run away from this moment. So they take their left hand some of them and they try to hide it behind their back. Why? Because they think if they hide their hands, it's as though they think if they hide their hands behind their back, then they won't receive a book of records and their, their their fate is not sealed. But Allah Subhan Allah describes them, as those who received their books, were all hiding behind their backs. So perhaps

00:31:57 --> 00:32:34

some scholars said perhaps these are people who tried to run away from even receiving their consequences receiving that charge receiving that moment that basically seals their fate, even though they already knew their fate, as soon as they started to die, as soon as the soul started to leave the body. Now this person is saying, Yeah, are you turning eight years later, 20 years later, honey, I wish, I wish, I wish. These are words of regret. These are not words of celebration, that people of gender are being told what you're going to be celebrating, you're going to go around telling everyone come read my book, I won, I accomplished it. I'm celebrating of Hamdulillah. And

00:32:34 --> 00:33:14

this person said, I wish I didn't get my book, I wish I didn't have to be charged with my crimes, I wish I could have gotten away with it. I wish that I did not stand in this place of gathering audibly and much of the land of gathering or have any kind of hisab and then disgraced in front of all of mankind in front of Allah in front of all the angels. And I wish perhaps that maybe I could have secretly been punished or another way been punished. But now what it's mentioned in front of all of the creation, so the person says, One day EMA RT Serbia, and I wish I did not know about my end result, my good my sins and where they lead. So perhaps this person is saying what, maybe I

00:33:14 --> 00:33:53

could have gone through something, some kind of other alternative experience where I did not know where I would end up, I did not I did not have all these things recorded. And now being told this is what you did. This is what you used to do. There's another meaning to the verses, which is I never I wish I never knew what an account was, I wish I never knew that there will be such and such and such I wish I did not exist, really depending on the layer of Tafseer you want to get into. But basically the person is saying, I wish I had done something. And I wish that I did not have a feeling of not preparing for this day. When I'm at the democracy I did not know about this day, I did not think I

00:33:53 --> 00:34:32

was going to meet a lot. Why? Because they rejected it. This is obviously someone who received the message. The messenger rejected it, all of that. But these are words of regret. May Allah protect us from this type of regret. This person then says another word or phrase of regret. Yeah. And I tell her not to call me. I wish that death was the end of it all. So this person is saying, I wish that I became extinct after I died, meaning we're into the earth and my body died. He's saying or she's saying I wish that my soul did not live on I wish there was nothing no experience after death. These are obviously words of regret. And saying I wish does not change your reality. Standing in the

00:34:32 --> 00:34:59

middle of a building on fire and being told there's your escape route and saying I wish there was no fire I wished I had a way of you are given a way out. So this person will hope for death. Here's an interesting gem. Remember this, this person will wish for death and hope for death. Even though in this life the most thing that they hated was death. And that's a very interesting change and turn of events. The most thing this person will hate on that

00:35:00 --> 00:35:38

They is living is existing and they will say, I wish that was the end of it, I wish I died. But when they when they thought of death in this world, they did not prepare for it, they ran away from it, they became distracted through worldly things through habits and desires and money and, and sins and all of that. So for that person, the most hated thing for them was death in this world, and yet it becomes the thing that they most longed for in the next life. Why? Because it's the departure point. It's the pathway to your true existence. And that's why somebody else says on that day, yeah, later on, add them to the hierarchy. I wish I prepared more for my life. hayati, my life meaning what the

00:35:38 --> 00:36:19

hereafter is the true life. This life is just the testing ground. This is your testing ground. You're in your test. We're all in our element being tested. Yes, you have to work for things you have to have a livelihood you have to aim high. But what you really think about what is that death is when you start being rewarded for what you did in this life and your true life is not here. Your true life is over there. Continuing with the if the person says ma Elena NEMA The my wealth has not benefited me, my money is useless to me. What are these words, these are words of realization, or recognizing reality for what it truly is that your money is not useful in the next life. That person

00:36:19 --> 00:36:57

that was stingy in this life, they did not give back to Allah subhanaw taala. They did not give back to their community, to their family to society. They held on to it, they chased it, they live by it. This was all they basically worship their own desires, their own temptations, their own feelings, ignoring everything that Allah asked of them. And then they say what my wealth is not useful to me. But Allah, your wealth can be one of your tickets to Jannah your money in this world, whatever you have, it can be your ticket to agenda some people don't have that much of this world, but Wallahi what they have in terms of what they sent forward, the use of their money for the sake of Allah, for

00:36:57 --> 00:37:33

their family, for their community, and so on and so forth, is one of the reasons they have so many hassles in the next life. And other people have so much in this world millions of dollars, sometimes hundreds of 1000s of dollars. And yet they hold back they restrain the refrain, they're very stingy and greedy, and they love their wealth. But that money is not going with you into the grave. That money will not buy you a ticket into agenda or protect you from the Hellfire if it's not used for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. And this is why when people die, they see the results and the weight and the value of soda. They see how important charity is. You want to know how important

00:37:33 --> 00:38:14

charity is. This person says what Merle now on the Maria, my wealth has not benefited me. Because your wealth cannot buy you a ticket into paradise. You know how we this life, let's take a step back and look at the bigger picture. In this world. Think about how politics and economics and power works. Some people, when they have a lot of money, they can get away with a lot of crime. Some people in this world are able to avoid consequences because of how much money they have. But this is a reminder, a two fold reminder at least that your money is not your entryway into Jannah. So if you did not have money in this world that did not really matter. Whatever you had you use it for the

00:38:14 --> 00:38:48

sake of Allah right, Your Money cannot buy you out of a situation you don't have a washcloth in the next slide or whilst I'm eating what's a, like a secret connection that will get you out of a situation or bypass a procedure or protocol or how things should be done. There is no wild spot when it comes to dealing with Allah. Allah is Aware of all things and everyone has to pay their dues. And so I want us to consider number one, there is no superiority for the one who has wealth, running away from an escaping from the crimes that they committed and getting away with, let's say, harming people and just buying their way into paradise. That's not how Allah deals with his creation. Your

00:38:48 --> 00:39:22

money is only useful so long as it is used for the sake of Allah. Now, does this mean you cannot save money for your family emergency funds all of that? Of course you can. But we're talking about somebody who basically worshipped money, chased money, they were very stingy with it. They did not give a lot of charity. May Allah make us people of charity and most of the clean well motors from the heart, the men in woman who gave for the sake of Allah and may Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst those who know the actual value of money is only in the money that was invested for the sake of Allah meaning there was some intention with it for Allah sake. Yes, excellent reflections here

00:39:22 --> 00:39:53

Joseph McClendon, using it for charity, the private message I got and money is something that was part of a life that will make your life happy unless you're using it for the sake of Allah. Absolutely. And will lie there are people have a lot of money and they are they are very sad. They are very depressed. They're not happy, despite the fact that Allah subhanaw taala tested them and bless them with so much wealth. Question here when people pledge all their money to charity after they die, does that do anything for their afterlife? In fact, that person cannot do that in Islam. You cannot pledge 100% of your wealth to charity after you die. There are rules of inheritance in

00:39:53 --> 00:40:00

Islam. Right. So for example, when someone passes away, specific family members who survived them will get the

00:40:00 --> 00:40:40

airfare shares, but you can specify an amount that completely gets donated if that's what you want to charity or to any cause you want. And that's approximately 1/3 of a person's wealth. Allahu Adam. And yes, that still benefits them. However, system one wasn't you ask this question. This brings me to my next point, that the charity you give and you have after you leave this world is nothing in rewards compared to the charity you give when you're healthy and you think you have a long life. Why? Think about the IRA insalata Mona vehicle. For those who attended, I believe our intensive social demography upon Allah subhana reminds us in one of the most powerful parts of the Quran, or

00:40:40 --> 00:41:16

you will believe so this is addressing the believers at the end of the Surah or you will believe do not become distracted by your loved ones by chilling socializing, hanging out your family, by your loved ones, and also by your wealth lateral Hichem. And why the Comala Allah domanda Karina, whoever is distracted from the worship of God the next life, whoever is distracted with what they have around them, they are true losers, meaning they are truly in lost they will have these regrets. They are the type of people who will say what you see in verse 28, Elena aneema, my wealth is useless to me, my wife has not benefited me. What does Allah say in the next day? Here's the instruction and

00:41:16 --> 00:41:53

here's the crux of my point. Remember this in sha Allah as a contrast to verse 28. Over here, Allah subhanaw taala says, we're in physical minerals up now I'm giving charity from what Allah has blessed you with meaning everything you have of this world, give part of it minmetals, apna community a part of it not all of it. Give from what Allah gave you in this world while you're alive while you're healthy all of that before death comes to one of you by a hula lobby level with a hurtin illogically the person who is dying the believer not a disbeliever will say yeah, Allah, please give me a little more time. Why to do one specific thing, one specific act of worship, and

00:41:53 --> 00:42:30

one general thing for a sadhaka what a communal sorry, so that I can give in charity. That's the specific deed and generally, so I can be amongst Assad in the righteous people. The Scholars say when you see Allah subhana, emphasizing money, and the grave money and the afterlife, it shows you and it shows us that the people who die or recognize the value how important it is to give in charity while you're still alive, and not to wait until you're on your deathbed. And so what you're thinking about here is that you want to utilize your wealth regularly for the sake of Allah, Allah will increase the rest of your wealth. There are many people who would give, let's say,

00:42:30 --> 00:43:02

1/10 1/20 151 Fifth of their wealth in charity, every time they make profit, or whatever it may be, and they are increasing in their wealth. And so have something regular happened in your life, so that you don't have these words of regret tomorrow, may Allah protect us or alarm I mean, so here you cannot buy your way. You cannot purchase your ticket into gender or escape from punishment or crime, like people do in a dunya May Allah Subhana Allah guide us and forgive us, for Barack and our wealth and make us amongst the people who give charity alone, I mean, and of course brothers and sisters, the greatest charity, you can give it starting with your family, sometimes there are

00:43:02 --> 00:43:34

parents, mothers and fathers who give in charity, perhaps sometimes for other causes, and sometimes they do not, but when it comes to their own family, they do not spend on their family and this is not the way of the Prophet civili. So the one who told us the greatest charity is the solar power on one's family first, and so that was not something of sympathy. So the theory is taking care of one's family in a very proper way and taking care of your relatives. And then those beyond and this does not mean you know, they're mutually exclusive. So you only take care of family, you don't take care of community, you know, take care of as much as you can Inshallah, starting of course, with those

00:43:34 --> 00:43:46

closest to you and those who are responsible for a question here, when you share what you have in life, you are, then your afterlife will have Baraka, yes, then your afterlife will have Vulcan just like morphine. And for that comment about a philosophy.

00:43:48 --> 00:44:28

That was a private message, verse 29. The person then says, Hello, Karen, nice little pony. My power has been stripped of me. Now I want you to think about power here. So Tanya, there's an argument and basically a type of argument and a type of power. So Sukanya can mean Some scholars say this person is saying My argument is useless, and also saying My power is gone for me. So the arguments that I presented in this life I used to give them in this life to get away with crime. I used to use money and I used to use my power, Mike my arguments to get away with certain crimes. Think about rich, ultra rich people who oftentimes many politicians as well, they get away with their crimes because

00:44:28 --> 00:44:59

of their positions. They get away because they just they say whatever they have to say something that they know to say the right words, the right phrase to the right person and politics, and they're off the hook. And if they get put in jail, it's a joke. They're in jail for a couple of months or their jail is really at home in their marriages and policies and whatever it may be. So basically, they argue their way out because they have power and because they have money, the other meaning So Tanya means my power is stripped of me. So the power which I used to have in the previous life, and dunya is useless to me here. I don't have an army. I don't have a wasp.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:37

I don't have a connection. I don't have people to obey me I don't have servants I don't have this and that I stand as a helpless creature all by myself who cannot defend myself. Why? Because I rejected God and this person is saying what because they rejected God they have nothing left May Allah protect us May Allah guide us May Allah forgive us a llama I mean we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us wrong so those who are constantly you recognizing humility in this world and humbling ourselves to Allah subhanho wa Taala the one who says we're only love them in a 3d Mateen Allah's planning is flawless. These people, when they come up with these arguments, and these excuses, they

00:45:37 --> 00:46:16

are useless, they are useless on that day, do not worry about the ultra rich and ultra powerful who seem to be getting away with their crime in America or anywhere on the world today or any time of the past or anytime of the future. Allah delays people for this day. And some people of course, their punishment is expedited to this world as we saw in the previous Surah Surah. Till now, what happens, this person who used to get away with their crimes, this person who thought their money and power could benefit them now they are saying I basically they cannot defend themselves. Allah says who fell who knew it will be said whether Allah subhanaw will say or some or something will be said

00:46:16 --> 00:46:37

along the lines of who do who take this person sees this person will hold for the federal law and then what shackled them they will be shackled out for their punishment through manager Hema solo and then burn them in the Hellfire Allah Imagine me to know Allah Imagine me know Allah merger and having a lot a lot of meeting nearness, local agenda when are all gonna be coming and not

00:46:38 --> 00:47:16

all lots of panel data will come out and the guardians of the Hellfire the angels that surround the Hellfire to forcibly remove this person from Outland, Russia from the gathering place, and to fetter this person need to shackle them, whether it is one as once called a seven iron collar on their neck, and then this person will be seized and carried off to the hellfire and cast into it, meaning what they will be submerged into the fire of *, Allah Medina may not or May Allah protect us, this person in this life what were they doing? They were shackled by their own ego, their own desires, their own arrogance, their own mockery of Muslims their own mockery of the truth. They were

00:47:16 --> 00:47:59

shackled to what in this life by their desires, and as a result, they are shackled by their consequences in the next life. Pay attention to every decision that you make your development as a human being will lead to a final destination, make it one that is worthy of eternity and worthy to live in. Allah says so Murphy sincere that in that sub Aruna the raw infrastructure to tie this person up, tie them up with chains that are 70 cubits long or 70 arm's length, long meaning very long chains, whether 70 is literal or figurative here, meaning something very long, long chains. And one of the Sahaba reported a lot of them how authentic This is that every ring on that shackle or

00:47:59 --> 00:48:41

chain, every ring of it will be equal to the entire amount of iron found in this world meaning it is long, it is heavy, and hellfire is not small. We know about the length and depth and width of the Hellfire, meaning some description of it, and how wide it is and how extensive and expensive it is. And I want you to pay attention to the two characteristics of this person, two traits, two decisions, but they are life altering decisions that they made, what led them to the how fire this person who had power and they had wealth and all of this in a whole Karnala you mean it will be law you know, the this person did not use to accept and submit to belief in Allah. They never had true

00:48:41 --> 00:49:21

faith in Allah subhanaw taala the almighty the greatest what a haggadah or amin miski. And they did not encourage the feeding of the poor. Now I want you to think about two things here. Two rights to two traits here and mentioned about this person. Number one, the right of Allah, the right of a loss of hotel is that he's to be worshipped. If you ignore that, right, it does not change the reality that there is a right, if you ignore the rights of your family, your neighbors, your community, if you ignore the rights of your job, your marriage, your your children, whatever it may be ignoring a right does not change the reality that there is a right that needs to be established. So you have to

00:49:21 --> 00:49:59

deal now with what the consequences of that the right of Allah is that he is to be worshipped in the way that he commanded. How did he commanded us to worship him? Number one, Salah how to worship a lot five times a day you have a prescription pray to Allah of Lima sana or Salah was zecca Salah was zakat. What does Allah tell us about science, okay, he pairs them up in the Quran so many times. What does this mean? So pay attention to the dam, the dynamic of two different things. You will have your a right that generally looks like it's only the right of a law and the second the right of the creation, which is yours AKA, your charity, your sadaqa the same person

00:50:00 --> 00:50:35

Who was what saying what? Governor Romney Maria, my wealth did not benefit me. Allah commanded the performance of the prayer. That's how you fulfill his right first and foremost, and the payment of Zakah. That's how you fulfill fulfill the right of Allah and His creation. And notice this, this is this is one of the most disgusting traits of a human being, whether you're hooked blood into miskeen, one, or you're hooked on meaning what this person is not just stingy, this person doesn't just say I don't want to give charity, this person is not ignoring sadaqa. They're also not encouraging other people to give in charity. They're also not encouraging other people to feed the

00:50:35 --> 00:51:12

poor. What about decreasing harm in society, as we said before, we're sort of manner in hide a person of evil like the people, some of the elites of coloration, we mentioned this at the beginning of sort of column and in the story of the people of the garden, they went early to remove the fruits and crops so that poor people now have access to it, Allah wiped out their garden. So pay attention to this point, this person is not encouraging others, to also take care of the poor. Now we notice with this very volatile political climate, some of you have been watching the election, some of you are aware of what's happening with the election, some of you maybe you're not really in tune with

00:51:12 --> 00:51:52

what's happening, pay attention to how in political discourse conversations, really greedy people talking and conversing online and offline in some countries about their political views. For example, you see, as a case study, you see that in America, there's a strong sense of individualism amongst some groups, some people, some movements, for example, when you talk about health care in America, you go online, sometimes, you know, I'll read comments or see things here. And there, I read a lot of articles, a lot of updates, sometimes academic studies or viewpoints about what's happening. But generally, sometimes you also see the average American, and how they are chatting

00:51:52 --> 00:52:28

online and typing online and leaving comments online on social media, when it comes to what certain political views. So when it comes to something as simple and important as healthcare taking care of people's health, one American would write and many Americans have this sentiment, by the way, it's not a few, one of them, and many of them would say, Who cares about universal health care? Who cares about everyone else? They would say something like, well, I pay like somebody yesterday row, I pay only $300 A month through my work, and I have health care for my family, and I'm happy. Why should we care about universal health care through one system? Now, the point here, I'm not talking about

00:52:28 --> 00:53:04

the nuances of health care systems and Medicare. And I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about that sentiment, that it's good for me, why should it matter to me what everyone else is going through. If it's good for me also blindly and illogically, this person assumes it's good for everybody else, they just choose not to see what's very obvious. And that's not the reality. The reality is you see that oftentimes, with a lot of Americans, the sense of individualism and entitlement prevents them from caring about other people who are hungry or starving or don't have health care or health insurance. You see a lot of Americans saying about social services. Well,

00:53:04 --> 00:53:36

these people, they're just lazy. And that's the only reason that they get social services, or these people clearly should get up and work and get out of their difficult situations. But all they really want is free money. And the reality is, that's not the case for everyone. And cases of fraud are not as common as the cases of those who are actually in need a country that's not taking care of those who are disadvantaged, those who are not able to work, those who are not able to have health care is not a built upon the proper moral compass. The reality is millions 10s of millions of people have this individualistic mindset, that it's all about them, it's all about what they want, their

00:53:36 --> 00:54:10

situation is fine. So they don't really care about the encouraging encouragement of taking care of others, because they don't see it's what as necessary. You see people discouraging others from feeding the poor, and also political changes that would enable the feeding of the poor. You see people discouraging this regularly, and thinking only about themselves and their situations, may Allah protect us. Now, the point here is not to talk about American politics in particular, but this is to bring home a reality that I believe for all of you who are in this class can understand through the political conversations that are happening today. The way some people think through

00:54:10 --> 00:54:48

their moral worldview oftentimes is individualistic. And that's the that's the type of person who will regret not caring about others. Going back to the story of choice on the Day of Judgment, this person is described as being punished in the Hellfire with long, lengthy punishments and a roasting in the fire. May Allah protect us all and a scorching of the skin and body Allah says, phonies, hello, Julio Maha Hoonah, honey, today, this person has no real friend, no real supporter, meaning this person after rejecting in this world, all that really matters. On that day, this person cannot be saved from the punishment of Allah. They will not have friends or family or a supporter standing

00:54:48 --> 00:54:59

there and saying, basically, I'll take the punishment for them or I'll protect them. These are the people specifically that will not have anyone whose requests will be honored, meaning the people that they basically

00:55:00 --> 00:55:37

They surrounded themselves with or probably people they are surrounded with in the punishment as well. What our Torah learning mostly in the only food that they have in the Hellfire amongst others, meaning they don't have the food of the people of Jana, they have what Leslie? Leslie and I apologize for being very explicit is the filth that comes out of the wounds when they are burned. And then this is a type of filter I don't want to go into detail. The point is, that's all that they really have. And they have from the tree of the goon. Inertia Jonathas poha. Mala theme Allah says another Surah the tree of the boom in the hellfire, it is the food for the people of evil.

00:55:38 --> 00:55:54

patata rockmelon, one of the early scholars he said about the scene, it will be the worst food of the people of the Hellfire. Allah said, and this is verse 37, la KU is a little hard to none will eat us asleep, except those who are evildoers.

00:55:55 --> 00:56:31

Remember, early in the Surah, and hardly anyone remember Bill Hall, the previous nations that committed evil, the previous nations that used to hurt their weak and take take advantage of the oppressed, those who used to take advantage of those who had no wealth, those who still violate the rights of others in society. Those are the people who use their wealth and their status and their power in this world to commit evil to reject the truth to reject their messengers. They are the people who will be punished on that day. Yeah, crew in Lahore. They own Allah Houma, Jelena Amina Nora, may Allah protect us all from the fire, one mile you Haribo la ha mean cold environment and

00:56:31 --> 00:57:07

whatever brings people closer to it, of speech, of words of text of typing and actions. May Allah protect us all? May Allah protect us all. May Allah protect us all. Brothers and sisters, remember, once again, a description of how far is important just as a description of gender is important. Some people are in a state in their lives in which they are so lacks, when they are lacks and they don't really care about a loss of hazardous commands and they're very lazy and slow to do good. They skip their prayer, they skip obligations, they they leave out something that Allah has obligated, they're afraid of what people think rather than caring about what Allah thinks. Sometimes if you have an

00:57:07 --> 00:57:43

imbalance and a deficiency in the environment, that you need a deficiency in the feeling of fear, then you need to be reminded of these verses like Ramana will have been all day long on these are the verses that affected him motivated him made him productive. Does that mean you never have hope? Absolutely not. You always have hope. You always have fear. If you lose either one, you will start to become distant from Allah and worshipping Him with imbalance. Every one of us let's assess, where are we with our balance? What do we need a stronger dose of another prescription of today and tomorrow, next week, next month, focus on that thing as a dosage that will help you move forward and

00:57:43 --> 00:58:12

sha Allah with more equilibrium. And I want you to look at and reflect on something beautiful here, who can give us a reflection and Charlotte's very obvious this last verse, verse 37, Leia Kulu, il haltian LON will eat this this evil punishment none will eat this except the evildoers. Look at the link between this and the last idea in the passage about the people of Jannah. The last I mentioned about the people agenda is what Allah Subhana Allah describes, in both cases,

00:58:13 --> 00:58:52

what the people of the Hereafter eat as well. Right, so you have in verse 24, couldn't wash Robbo, honey and Bhima has left him Phil am in Hadiya. Eat and drink joyfully, merrily, happily, for what used to do in the previous days. Whereas the people of her Hellfire are described as what Leia could who in little hottie own, none will eat that, let's say the filth of hellfire, except those who are truly evil. And they have to earn their way into that right we need takes effort to get to such a place any position. And what's interesting as well another link between the food of the Hereafter meaning the food of the people of Jannah and the food of the people of hellfire. There's another

00:58:52 --> 00:59:27

thing here, Allah subhanaw taala mentions Look at Verse 34, Allah mentions the feeding of the poor, another reference to food. So these people have healthcare did not encourage the feeding of the poor in this world. If you are amongst those who give charity, and you are amongst those who take care of those who are in need and those who are in need of food, then perhaps this will be a reason for you to be taken care of by Allah in a very charitable way in the next life in a very generous way. And to be amongst those who enjoy the food of the people of Jannah. feed those who are poor in this world and Allah will feed you from the gardens of bliss. Take care of people in this world and Allah

00:59:27 --> 00:59:59

will take care of you in this world and especially in the next life. May Allah subhanaw taala utilize all of us to be people have played May Allah subhanaw taala make us people have played throughout our lives and until the day that we return to Him. Remember on a daily basis you're supposed to pray supposed to pray for it. Alignment is a local agenda for our who will be coming and not while I asked you for a paradise, and we seek Your protection from the hellfire, but one who makes this dua regularly. Jana will pray for you and hellfire will pray for you as well. Jana will say yeah Allah so and so made dua for Jana, so allow them to enter Jannah help

01:00:00 --> 01:00:34

If I will say yeah Allah, so and so this person may do ought to be protected from the fire, so protect them from the fire, but don't just make the DUA on your tongue, feel it in your heart live by it. If you do this on a daily basis and you make this go out three times or seven times a day, you notice Inshallah, this is a reminder of where you are heading. If you have in your home the opportunity to put up something in your room, a visual image, a vision, for example, or a visual board or your goals and to mention Jana as your final destination. You are the character that has the choice of how your story is written by Allah's will. The story is written in terms of where you

01:00:34 --> 01:00:48

end up. So write a good story. Write a pleasing story, write a story in which you end up in the best place possible. The place in which you are being told Kulu Shinobu honey, the MA is left on Phil

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Hadiya May Allah subhana make us amongst the people of Jana and forgive us for shortcomings that protect us from the fire alarm I mean Prozac McClellan masala Mauldin Urbina Muhammad while early he was Sofia Jemaine was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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