What Crosses our Minds at Death

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The host discusses the importance of working with individuals who have a cutoff date and the need to practice with DD. The host also talks about the difficulty of working with people who have a history of association with partners and asks for individuals to write down the messages they learned. The host also reminds individuals to practice with DD and avoid thinking about what they misspoke.

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to selling,

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He was the

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first and foremost we thank Allah

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for having us here and granted the ability to witness the month of Ramadan. That That in and of itself is a blessing from Allah. Allah Allah. As I mentioned previously on my TOEFL think it was this last Friday

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that people who have listened assassins in the last time they gone on and they no longer have the ability to practice with DD, these are the people who wish that they would have life today and be able to perform even one such for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah dialight one such that, for the sake of Allah Subhana

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Allah understand that if someone was to tell us that you have a cutoff date, to which you have to make money

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after you won't be able to make me and you have to survive for eternity with that one, you have to continue to live.

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What would you do, you would work day and night in order to ensure that you have enough to survive once you can no longer work? So the same goes and this is more important why because the life of the Earth is

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it will last forever and ever and ever. So we have to work with I know right? Yeah. In tonight's verses Allah subhanho wa Taala. He discusses many things. He talks to us and this is what we need to understand that when we read,

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we are reading the words of our baby and he's speaking to us.

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He created essentially, he designed us maybe and then be speaking to us, this is how you behave.

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So it could be vice versa. Allah subhanho wa Taala when he mentioned the day,

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he said something profound.

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bah Oh, now.

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He says, will you visit this when he was leaving this world?

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if came knocking on his door, who is he addressing? Allah subhanho wa Taala addressing Muhammad Allah?

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Will you please? When Yeah, when definitely.

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What did your

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concern? What was he thinking and see what he would if he says

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What are you you? You weren't

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even even the message to worship Allah? No, no, no. Are you going to worship you alone? Or are you going to associate partners?

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They responded by saying, we will worship your Lord the 111. You know, we don't usually when people talk about us versus they talked about association of partners with Allah subhanho wa Taala. But I think we've heard a lot of questions for yourself and myself today. Is that

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what goes through our mind at David? When was the last time you heard a person singing a song Asana Asana has the message of sorrow

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as he was dying? When was the last time you heard a person see worship Allah alone, don't even feel Salah, give up user fast in the month of Ramadan. Those his last words, were the last words always about what will happen to my wife? What will happen to my children? Where will they go? You should be concerned at your last moment for your safety and the safety of those of you in the everlast.

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Why? Why? Because that is what what is important to this world. In any finish finishes. It's gone. If you've had a review in this world difficulty suffering, there will come a date we will catch up. If you have had goodness and happiness and you've been genuinely a job

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in this world, they will come a day when we will cut you off and he told me but everlasting

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souls also these are the few

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messages that I think have to share with yourself and myself. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us the ability to ponder over them to practice upon him in sha Allah. Very shortly after the Salah every night, we request all brothers and sisters to attend and it will be a very short stroking. We will make it long and laborious. Yes, we know that we have Salah for the last hour and a half. So I know that it becomes you know the voting becomes difficult. So we'll make it a short route inshallah that we will be able to keep that message in mind as well. What I requested last last week before we leave tonight is that when you get home all right write down the message that

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you learned today. Write it down Do you want one one says the message they will do that and the next day in your fast and whilst you must not think about what misspoke so then when actually ponder over the words

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We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah grant us the ability to practice for what has been said.