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Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a dispute between a man and a woman, where the woman refuses to apologize for the assault and the man offers a reward for forgiveness. The woman refuses and the man suggests they will keep the situation under observation. The man also suggests that forgiveness is a reward for everyone.
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What does

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say to

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the recompense of an evil deed

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is something similar to it. Someone did bad to you, you have the right to do back bad to them, whatever they did to you, you have the right to do it to them, someone slapped you, you actually have the right to slap them back.

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But Allah says, No, Allah subhanho wa Taala goes one step beyond. And Allah says, Whoever forgives and makes amends, his or her reward is with Allah. He might not see the reward in the world, we will show them if we want some of the reward in the world, either through better health, the improvement of the quality of your life by you forgiving others.

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Your Life has improved, the quality of it improved, you forgive, but sometimes it might not. It may not. Unless you don't worry, we've kept in store for you something great. Allah says we will forgive you Subhana Allah

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