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He will stop you send them to Sleeman kathira.

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Allah Allah Allah Allah. Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah. Allah. Allah. Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah. Allah. Allah studien hikmah to confide in Gerardo from Casa de la whom Allah see Dino Mohammed, read Quran, Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah

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caetani anymore Michelle to be mentioned this,

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that on the permissibility of taking

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things from dreams and

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he mentioned that imamura caetani saw dream in which he was told

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by the prophets, I seem to say 40 times yahia Pune, the EDA Illa, anta

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and he said, Whoever says that and continues on it, his heart won't die when the hearts die. So and a lot of the scholars have mentioned that yahia Pumas

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risman album, it's the greatest name, big field efforts about that. Most of the

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the concepts that is Magellan Allah, but it's a name that Allah hid from his servants. But yeah, he was a very

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is one of the strongest of the in the smile listener for the effect that it has on the heart. And so inshallah we'll start with just 40 of this.

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Rahim Yahuwah.

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the EDA in yahaya.

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EDA in the yahaya Pio, the EDA in and yeah how you Pio

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wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Omen vida. inshallah I want to continue on from yesterday to talk about this journey that I began to talk about yesterday, the journey that we're all on, again, whether people like it or not, they're on a journey, it has a beginning, and it has a middle and it has an end, and

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the beginning of the journey, we're in the middle right now. So this worldly life that we have is actually the middle in terms of its stages. And

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there are going to be further stages after we die. So there's a and we have, in our tradition, one of the clearest explanations of what happens after we die of all the previous religions that went before us. So the, the, the journey begins in in this

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mallacoota that we were in because the route, its nature is mallacoota. It's not of the mulk. And this, what we're in here is the molk. This is called the Dominion allies medic. And he's medic of medical medical algebra. And these are the three

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dominions are worlds allows horrible enemies. So this is one world the milk.

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This is the lowest world it's yet the de facto it comes out of the the mallacoota that Allah subhanho wa Taala has created and the mallacoota comes from the Jabba road. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, when we were in the mallacoota, we were in a state of mu Shahada. And this is why when Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah, wa he, he he's made them testify, as to bear have become, you know, Am I not your Lord, Bella shahina. You know, we're in a state of witnessing the rule witnessed this. And all of us had this whether we're Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, all of us were in a state of witnessing atheists, all of them, all of the Ottawa had this witnessing, and then Allah subhana

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wa Tana, he put the rule into this, this vessel that we now embody, this is like the bird in the cage. So we're in this cage. And this cage is is is made of flesh and blood. So this is the milk what we're what we have here is the monk. But the rule that we reside that resides in this place, is it's only a prisoner.

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It's only a prisoner, it's going to move on. And it will leave this cage behind just like you you open a cage and the bird flies out and leaves the cage behind and doesn't look back. If you open a cage for a bird, it won't look back. It just flies out. And it's gone.

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So, we we came into this world and what happens you see when you come into the world, the world's nature is with Manny.

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Because Allah subhana wa Adana, the he in the the mallacoota is is new. And Allah subhanho wa Taala created the heavens and earth from light. Allahu nudell somehow it what

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Allah is mono widow, he is the illuminator of the heavens in the earth all of this came from light. There was a point when all of this was a point of light and Allah subhanho wa Taala said configure clone. This is the animal armor. This comes from the Java route, Allah says cone, fire cone and things are and so from this incredible outpouring of these two Juliet all of these manifestations that Allah subhana wa Adana has, has thrust upon existence. We're part of it. We're part of it and Allah has made us the the interstitial space between what you see in the Quran Allah says in Reem Ayah tuna fish, fatty

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We're here to see him. If you look at the oval, the oval is the meeting place between the heavens and the earth. That's the the the horizon is where the heaven and the earth meet. And you can only see this really in the ocean. Because when you're in the ocean, you see the meeting place. It's the heavens and earth meet on the horizon. And Allah says, We will show them in themselves. This is the meeting place of the, the the small, the microcosm, it's where these two worlds meet the heavens in the earth, the the the moon, can America they meet in the salt in the self in the human being, and then on the horizon, this is symbolic of the heaven and the earth meeting on the horizon. These are

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the two points and so the human being is put in this extraordinary position. Because see, now they want to make us insignificant, they want to tell you that you are nothing they want to they show you all these vast pictures, you know, if you go to astronomical

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observatory, if you go to one of these places, they'll show you these films, and they'll reduce you to nothingness. They say, oh, look here you you're from an insignificant planet in an insignificant solar system, in an insignificant galaxy in the midst of billions of galaxies. This is who you are. You're nothing and that's true. They're not lying. But if you go inside the human being all of those vast spaces out there are also in you inside you. Mr. Ali said in his the one civil taxi wound of Sokka Anika German sorry, Rafi, can

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you think that yourself is some insignificant thing, and yet in you are all of the cosmos all of the cosmos are in you?

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tassimo Anika German saguru freakin power Anima Akbar, you think that you're an insignificant thing, and yet in you all of the worlds reside. And so when we came into these bodies, we enter into this body is very powerful, because it's it's sensory, it's his. And and Allah gave us these five senses. And these are the inroads of experience you see. And this is you have a certain

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group of materialists that began to argue and you find them all the way through history. But they argued that all of knowledge comes from your sensory perception. This is where it comes your tabula rasa, your blank slate, and then you come into the world. And then you begin to be filled up with experience. And the experience comes only from this world. There's no other experiences. You see, this is what the materialists claim. And they want to tell you that you're insignificant, you're nothing, right? You're just a random event in a random universe. This is now the modern cosmology. If you go to the the leading universities in this world, you will hear this from the biggest

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professors, that this is merely a chance you you're merely random event. And because there were billions of years and multiple possibilities, that this is the conclusion here you are playing solitaire on a computer. This is the human being right, diversion entertainment, this is what we're now this is what they the world now is created for diversion. It's always been a diversion. But the difference between modern people and ancient people is all of the ancients knew that the diversion was a diversion. There was no purpose in it, all of them knew this. The moderns are unique, in their belief that this is the primary reason for us to be here is simply to entertain ourselves, to be

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diverted, to listen to music, to watch films to do that, this is it. We just entertain ourselves until we leave. And then another group comes and they do the same thing. And it just goes on until it ends with cosmic collision. Some giant asteroids going to knock us like it wiped out all of the dinosaurs. This is the belief now, the ancients all knew that there was a purpose for the human being that you had a reason for existence, and that your reason was not by chance. It was my purpose, that you are created with purpose that there's a tilos for the human being. there's a there's a head of Superintendent on Yutaka sudah does the human being thinks that he's left in vain,

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that he is simply a pseudo random event. Right? This is what Allah asks, Does he think that all of this was for nothing, that that you were you went through all of these stages from a

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From a, I mean, first of all, you had to meet nutrition, because there was a time when your material body was being formed inside somebody else, right? Because for semen and ovum to exist, you need these things to be created. And they're created from nutrition. So there was a point when you when we were just nutrition, but then there was a point when that didn't exist, because that came from another thing itself. Right? So there was a point, right, had a 270 genome and a daddy lemmya, crunchy and mud Cora.

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There was a time when you were nothing. And then you became something. So all of these events that happen, what is it for no reason, there's no purpose to it. This is what the modern people want to tell people. And they're confusing people. It's not fair to people. Children, by their nature are spiritual beings. Children love the supernatural. They believe in the supernatural, and children at a certain age can distinguish between what is not real and what's real. In the supernatural realm. They know they have a natural intuitive sense of and they also know purpose for what a dino Rossi said, if you want to prove that the human by his nature believes in causation, take an infant,

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before it's has any apple and just hide somewhere and throw a rock in and over the head of the child. And when the rock drops, you watch what the baby will do. It's going to look back. It doesn't just assume the rock popped into existence. Why doesn't it make that assumption? Why doesn't it just assume it came out of nothing? Right? Because this is what they're telling us. Now this all came out of nothing. Why doesn't it make that assumption because it's completely counterintuitive to the fifth chakra, it knows that that rock had a source and then if it can crawl, it will start crawling looking for where it came from. This is what a little baby will do before it has any intellect. So

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the human being is in this body and the body by its nature because of these senses, it becomes overwhelmed by the sensory experience. So the little infant is even though you will watch with infants, because they're still in the The room is still very prominent and strong in the in the infant when it's when it's suckling. So, you will see especially in the first year, they will go into ecstatic states, they will often look around you they won't look at you they look around you. Little little infants have the disease at the bank said that the language they speak is Syriana. When they the what they call the babbling of babes when they start doing the Baba boo boo and doing

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these things. CD authorizes the bug said it's actually a language from from cydonia, which is a language the angels no speak, I mean a logo on them. But this is one of the people of Madiba, this is what he said. And then he actually said that bookbook means something harmful in cydonia. So little babies will often call something in all different languages, they'll say boo boo, or

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because it's harmful. So the the child will still have these experiences, but then it moves out of that, and into the sensory world. And then the purpose of the parents is to remind the child and this is why the very first thing that you do is you give the adon and you give the Shahada and then you give them something sweet the date or honey on the tongue? Because it's the the wide right you give them the Kia and then you give them the why'd you let them take the first thing they experience in the world is hearing what they what their souls already know. And then you give them the sweet taste to remind them the reward of maintaining that truth.

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So they know that you're not doing it, the prioritize them would not order us to do anything meaningless.

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It's impossible, he cannot tell us to do something that is Subhanallah like bothan impossible. Everything that he guides us to is how it's true. And so that can be of the child is because the soul is what's being it's what's being spoken to, not the baby, the baby is flesh and blood. But the soul now has access to these through the senses, you see because the soul has been embodied. And so the hearing the sight, all of these things affect the soul and this is why what you look at will affect you. What you hear will affect your soul. It affects your soul in the summer, while basara will Fuad hula hula aka can Masuda you're hearing your sound your sights and your heart, right your

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heart The MADI, for the consciousness, your consciousness all

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These The human being is responsible for because at the root of the human being is consciousness and your consciousness is you have always had it, you had it when you were a child, you have it when you're in a, somebody's lack of drama. When you when people go into comas, the consciousness is there, it's always present. It's always present. The consciousness is always present. And and that's what Allah subhana wa tada has, has, he's given us these, these

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experiences during life to remind us, and this is why things will happen to you in life. It's inevitable, there will be things that will happen to you in life, that indicate the unseen realm.

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You will remember, and, and people who, who have a frame of reference who have the knowledge of the prophets, they have the errata they know what to make of these things. The people that don't will be struck by them, they'll often be amazed by them, coincidences synchronicities, there'll be like young young was very struck by all these things that would happen to him. And he knew something supernatural was happening, but he didn't know what it was, because he didn't have a science. And this is where the Muslims are, we are so lucky. We're so fortunate that Allah has given us knowledge of these things. And other people really, they've lost them. They had them but they've lost them.

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This is the last

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religion standing that has a complete cosmology that has not been polluted or tainted by

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other things. Really. It's all there in Islam. And so this the consciousness that Allah has given you, it's embodied in this sensory experience. And so you have was lopped off and katha, you have the subtle body, right, which is this Latif body and then you have the Cathy's body, the material body. And, and these, these are emblematic, said, it's like the water in the twig. You know, it's like the water in the twig. In other words, the root is in your body. It's we're not dualist in that way, and we believe in the bodily resurrection. So we don't, we don't separate the two in that way that is often done in in western civilization, that that you cannot separate these two in that way

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there. And this is why part of our data is in our bodies. This is why we honor our bodies even after you die you you don't burn the body like in some traditions, you don't also the profit prohibited harming bodies and then the bodies of the Olia Why do they not they're incorruptible? Why, why is that? Why does Why are their bodies incorruptible, they don't, they don't. They're not eaten by the earth. And we know incorruptible is exists. This is a scientific, you can look this up on the internet. And they're there. It's well known that our bodies that do not decay, they don't decay.

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And there was an article in the discovery magazine several years ago, where they allowed

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these people into the catacombs to see the incorruptible from the early, pre Islamic, I mean, these are these are pre Islamic

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saints that whose bodies Didn't you know, a lot of them were mummified, you know that, because the Pope's would actually have them, tell them to embalm them just to like small prints, you know, just to make sure they didn't corrupt after because then they would know because in, in Catholic tradition, in order to be a saint, you can't corrupt if the body is corrupted by the earth. It's a sign that wasn't a sanctified soul. So that's one of the signs that we know this and many of the Odia the greys were uncovered and people saw them just as they were sitting hums I met a man who was part of a group that puts in 100 body back into his grave when it was exposed by a flood and he saw

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the body completely intact. I mean, I heard from eyewitnesses not like somebody I didn't see it, but but I heard from from him that he saw it and he was awesome. I have no reason not to believe him. So

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because of this, this,

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material body that we're in, people forget. And this is why the Quran is called Vicar. It's a reminder of what you already know. When we do the Corolla. It's remembering what you already know. This is what it is. It's not It's not that you're learning something new. It's something you already knew of the cultural Hakeem the Wise Remembrance or reminder right. So this is and and the human being is is is this is this is our purpose is to remember this truth and then live according to the truth. And so during periods of time

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This these truths are forgotten. They're forgotten people forget. They lose their way. And and we have enemies and Allah has warned us of our enemies. We have the four primary enemies of the human being knifes. ship on Howa and dunya. These are the four primary enemies. Every human being has to struggle with these their entire life. And you can be diluted about this, he Mamata Zadie wrote a book, arguing that all of creation was in a state of delusion. All of creation was in a state of delusion. And he said, the most deluded people are the people of tasawwuf.

00:25:44--> 00:25:50

doesn't even matter does that he said, You know, there's a story. I read in one book on Zen stories

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that this famous Zen master, he was like a great Zen master. And everybody

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spoke widely of him. And

00:26:02--> 00:26:14

he was coming to a monastery. And this monster was famous for people, they were all enlightened. This is what they say, you know, Zen people. And so the Zen master when he came, they wanted this, like a lesson.

00:26:15--> 00:26:15

And he said,

00:26:17--> 00:26:19

All enlightenment is delusion.

00:26:20--> 00:26:27

And that was his lesson. And everybody just got out and left except one guy, the monk is sitting in front.

00:26:28--> 00:26:41

He said, You're not gonna leave with that, because they just said he doesn't know anything. He said, You're not gonna leave with the others. He said, I've been sitting here for so many years thinking I was enlightened. But now I realize it's only early senility.

00:26:47--> 00:27:32

People are deluded. We're all in deluded states, you know, if you think about your own state, and how often have we not seen things that were so clearly in front of us, and then one day we suddenly realize it something about ourselves or about somebody else, or the blind spots? I mean, a lot, every human being has blind spot, you know, they, there's certain things you can't see. And one of the things that you can't see is yourself. And that's why the prophets I sent him said and, you know, murottal mortman, the believer is the mirror of the believer, and what the believer mirrors is not your perfections they mirror your imperfections. And and this is, you know, the, the the the

00:27:32--> 00:27:59

blessing of being in the presence of the the solid home and and the righteous people and hamdulillah we've had the pleasure of meeting some of these people, because many of them now, they're hidden in their homes. They don't even go out because people can't, you know, they said earlier, our eyes will lie, you know, the Olia or the brides of God and and the only the Muharram can see the bride. You know.

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So if you don't have Misbah if you have no relationship to the bride, and this is why Imam Azalea and others in mama shed that he has in a shed that he said the least the least rota of rely is to be alila his belief in the people of Allah, that's the least you have to believe in them. You have to believe that people had Meriva of Allah subhana wa Tada. The prophet SAW I sent him said tuffa, Kuru satin Hiram and Sabina, Sen. Nevada, Mary Betty Sabrina center, that reflection for one hour. And it could mean a moment in Arabic is better than 70 years of a better he's talking about a heart that has been purified. Because we can worship our whole life seven years, the average The Prophet said,

00:28:50--> 00:29:02

Our motto amati, Medina, citynews submarine. So what he's saying is, you can spend your whole life doing a Bader and yet Maddie, for that one moment of Madiba is better than all of those years of very bad.

00:29:04--> 00:29:52

That one moment of Madiba of Allah subhana wa Adana, and see this path is about Madiba Islam I'm not talking about this is not to say, oh, Wolf, I'm talking about Islam. Islam is about knowledge of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. And the knowledge of Allah is not a set of arguments that you read in a book. It's not a mitten that you study with a scholar, you can study those Mattoon with orientalist. Now some of them know it better than a lot of the scholars of Islam know these texts, really, because this is outward knowledge that you can learn that hypocrite can learn them. No, this is the Shahada. Right, the prophet SAW I sent him in the Hadith and this is the second had the Thema

00:29:52--> 00:29:59

Minogue mentioned from Satan Omar, when the prophet SAW lies to them, they were sitting with him

00:30:00--> 00:30:49

And Paulina Rajan, a man appeared before them. And then they describe the man and limb your idea for a safari. They couldn't see any traveling. Nobody knew whom nobody knew. So they knew one he wasn't from Medina and yet there was no traces of traveling on him. And the Sahaba are all sitting there and then he sat with the Prophet slicin snowdog, Potato, potato, all that caffeine out of hockey, they, he put his knee his knees up to the province knees, and this is a shot also because in the motha Look, man, Al Hakim says to a son Yeah, what are the Jad is a llama was a him home Burak baetica. Sit with the llama and put your knees up against theirs. Right? And he said the inala up to

00:30:50--> 00:31:01

the Filipino lwv eltek mata min Jerusalem Allah will cause wisdom to grow in your hearts by just sitting with them. Just sitting with them.

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Come at Templeton habitude. Thiago Paiva. Just like a seed will grow in a good earth. So your soul is a seed butterfly Hamza, kaha, vaca carbon and the Sahaba that the soul is needs to skier to ski a means to make something grow. Use a key which also means to purify because something can't grow. If it's not given pure soil, pure Earth pure water, it needs purity to grow. If you put something in in something that is not pure, right, it won't grow.

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Right samode is not niches

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it's not niches the this the the fertilizer, it needs something that that it needs to be in good soil and it will grow. And this is what the hearts of those people are like if you sit with them. So when he did that, he asked him about his email. Right then and Islam and the prophets I send him told them what Islam is. When an email he told him what email was the man and Tisha Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, to bear witness and then to believe and to be law he also de Vaca to be omega t, what he shared, he was very, very he was sorry, he was to Morocco, you believe in the the, the the six articles of faith, this is what he told him. And then he asked him about Islam, and

00:32:27--> 00:32:33

he said it was the five pillars, that's Islam, the five pillars and then he asked him about his son.

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Right, what is the accent and he said unto Allah, Hakuna Katara for Islam to control the new era.

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That to worship Allah as if you see him.

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This is what it says Muhammad son is Mohammed Abu Shahada. And if you don't see him, at least you are in a state of morava. It's either mu, Shahada or morava but that's what it son is. So what the province of Lyceum is saying is that, that what that is, the pinnacle of is Suriname is a state of mu Shahada and you have to deal with the Hadith which is in the same collection of the arbaeen where he says that mata COVID a madman additivity. In addition to that, how this is a Sahih Hadith, and what do you what do people say about it? You have to deal with that Hadees that whoever makes war on a wedding of mine, I declare war on him. Well, that's a part of a TV show. I have a master of

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that no one of my service draws near to be with anything more beloved than the photo.

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are in Baku,

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and you will continue he will continue to draw near to me with extra x. These are a Sega clone, a Sega clone. Ooh, they can Makarov boom, the sakura con the ones that outstrip everybody, right the mode of Nikita Bella Dena patina Mary betina Firmin whom badimo Nene FC woman home La Casita woman whom sag upon the hierarchy. Right, those are the three McCombs Nakama Islam mahkamah, Eman accommodation, right if you're if you're in the outward of Islam, you're it's good if you have belief.

00:34:15--> 00:34:23

Right? That's good. But you're still vanamo Nina z. You You haven't completed your fate. laomi No.

00:34:25--> 00:34:54

They are Hema yoshikuni. nuptse you don't truly believe it doesn't mean you don't believe. But if you don't love for your fellow human being what you love for yourself, then you're not your emotions not complete. It's not complete. So that means that there's a complete Eman. So what is a complete moltmann? What is emotional karma? What do they look like? Who are they? Because they're not the same as a moment who's not in his Eman? He's deficient in his Eman And this is our religion.

00:34:55--> 00:35:00

You know, we forget this. And the least you could do is be like the traditional common Muslim

00:35:00--> 00:35:05

The least all of us could do is be like the least of the Muslim who believed in these people.

00:35:06--> 00:35:08

Right to be who they

00:35:09--> 00:35:14

are, you know, by their guidance, follow it follow their guidance. Right?

00:35:15--> 00:35:57

The the people the moving on are these are real people Poonam Assad you can be with the truthful ones. Yeah, you enter the Nam, a taco, la lacuna. Masada can be with the people of sip. These are the people whose hearts are sincere with Allah subhana wa Tada. And Allah tells us to be with them. seek them out, wherever they are, seek them out and be and sit with them and be with them and benefit with them and be humbled before them. You know, these are the people that I went to the middle of Sahara, really to Sahara desert to meet one of these people. When I heard about him, and I was a young man. But I wanted to see this person because I only heard about him. You know, the Arab

00:35:57--> 00:36:08

say sometime the ear has the issue before the eye. You know, you hear about somebody and you get their issue. You know what the issue is? Right? Right.

00:36:09--> 00:36:38

Yeah, it's most people you have to at some point you I hope you get rich. You know, because you allow man in the world this, this this worldly love, he made it to show us what Divine Love is like it's a hedge against us. Leyland Majnoon is a hedge against us, you know, Leyland was known, because of this is the love of a creative thing for another creative thing. What is the love of a creature for his creator?

00:36:39--> 00:37:22

If that's what you'll go to the depths, you'll go to, right, you know, they have an advertisement for learning. Italian it's one of those. And it shows a farm boy, and he's in love with an Italian celebrity. And he he wants to learn, it says he's gonna only have one chance when he meets her right, this is an advertiser, because they know they're talking to people who understand that was when you were in love you do anything for the beloved, anything, right? But people they don't learn Arabic. Right? Really, they don't learn Arabic, they don't want to learn the language that the beloved speaks his creation.

00:37:23--> 00:37:32

They don't. We don't when we don't know we're lazy people we claim love. It's all it's not true. We're not loving, but there are lovers.

00:37:34--> 00:37:40

And if you're not one, you should at least be in all of them. Right? I wish I could be in love.

00:37:41--> 00:38:29

People long to be in love, you know, some people, they, they want it so bad. They keep falling in love again and again, just for that experience of love. You know, these foolish people are shocked. Because it's a disease also, you know, the, the age is actually related to a vine that that strangles the life out of the plant that it gets hold of. Right. But the while it is but it is on the cure of age is to the connection. And so you can want some to meet somebody so badly you'll go to the ends of the earth to meet that person. said man and fantasy Look at his love. Look what he did. He traveled all over if he heard of any righteous man he would go. And his journey is an

00:38:29--> 00:38:56

amazing journey to the Prophet slice. And then when he got there, he he had and because of his sincerity, Allah gave him these signs. So he knew what to look for. And the first time he met him, he brought him dates and he said this is South Africa. And then he watched him he didn't eat from it because he knew he was told he won't eat from charity. And then the next time he came, he gave him dates and he said this is hydia is a gift. And then he went he ate from it and then he knew

00:38:57--> 00:39:36

just like I was told, right he knew and then the privatize him showed him the hotton he knew it. And Solomon became Muslim. And then said Man, look at his sincerity the prophets I sent him gave him he was a slave unjustly he was in in slaves, you know stolen on a on a caravan. But he planted 300 date palms. and and the the man who had had bought him stipulated that they had to come to fruition before he could be free. And in a few months, they all came and they except for one. They went back to the problem and 299 had gone to version only one was

00:39:37--> 00:39:40

almost dead still but alive planted that

00:39:42--> 00:39:59

so the Prophet planted it and then it came quickly and he was free. But look at his love cell man. Cell man who mean min elevate look where love gets you. Sandman is our family. He's part of our family Sandman and fantasy. Amazing man for him.

00:40:00--> 00:40:13

Love a look at me Muna Look at her love, you know, 30 years after she married the Prophet, she was nearing death you know where she wanted to go to the same place that she spent the first night with the prophets

00:40:14--> 00:40:18

that's where she's buried. Look at the love look at that love

00:40:19--> 00:40:36

You know, it's amazing that love of the beloved and this is what these people had you know and they've they want to just take love out of Islam and make it something else this religion is about love law you know, I had come to him and he uh, he didn't use any other word.

00:40:37--> 00:40:39

Until you love

00:40:40--> 00:40:41

on income tutor,

00:40:42--> 00:41:17

TV Ronnie, your mama say if you love our law, then follow me and allow will love you. Because an amateur Tibetan Javi the sign of love is that you follow the beloved you will do what the beloved says, and and the Beloved of Allah is the Messenger of Allah. He's habibollah he said when they were talking about how long can the mala Guardiola he said, I heard what you were saying, what under habibollah? Right, this is the name he was given. He wasn't given the One God spoke to he wasn't given the One God befriended. He wasn't given the one

00:41:19--> 00:41:29

who's the this spirit? No, he was habibollah the beloved of God, this is his mom. And hope is his way. The way of the prophets is him his love.

00:41:30--> 00:42:10

And, and that's and so this journey is a journey of love. It's wanting to know God. And we forget, you know, we just forget because we get caught up in dunya. And all of these, you know, this journey, it's a tough journey, too. You need rest time from time to time. You need rest, you need recreation you need but, but the heart has to be revived again and again. And that's what these journeys are about. That's what you're here for. You're here right now. This is what we're all here for, to be reminded. That's where we're going. But we want to go the right way. We want to go the right way. When we die, we want to be ready to die. And that's what this Deen is about. It's about

00:42:10--> 00:42:28

being prepared to die has come down to hassle. You know, take your souls to account before you're taking into account. You know there's a heavy mood to plan to move to it's a sound meaning the Hadith in Sahih Muslim Fusco menos hoverboard consider yourselves already dead. So Satya do consider yourselves already dead.

00:42:30--> 00:43:11

Right? die before you die. And this is the death of the sensory so that the meaning can awaken and then you can have the sensory with the meaning you can have the sensory with the meaning that because I love put the sensory in here for a reason. It's it's here for a reason. It's not a negative thing. We're not like some of the earlier Christians that hated anything to do with the world and materialism and all the they hated it. And so they would be flagellate themselves and deny the body and some of them didn't take bass and that's not our way, our way is balanced. It's the way of balance. And so, you know, my reminder to myself and all of you is is really, that this is a real

00:43:11--> 00:43:14

path. And it has three It has three

00:43:16--> 00:43:58

It has three elements you have, you know, the riding beast, the saddle, and the rider, you know, you need all three. And without the saddle you'll fall off. And without the beast, you're not going anywhere. And without the rider there was no point for the journey. Right? But that's it. So you need your Islam you have to have Islam and you have to have the basic knowledge of Islam. We're people of knowledge our way as a way of knowledge and and you have to learn a text of Islam. That's why this program is about a man is cinnamon, sand because this is the foundation of our religion. And like I said yesterday, people want to make it one dimensional or two dimensional Islam is not

00:43:58--> 00:44:07

it's it's a holistic religion, it has four dimensions. The hadith of gibreel clearly makes a statement of four dimensions it has breath,

00:44:08--> 00:44:09

it has length,

00:44:11--> 00:44:59

length, breadth, depth, and and and with that has all four this has the dimension of Islam, this horizontal relationship with people and and and then it has the man which is your relationship that connects you with a law so is so much of it is is congregational, like we come together, you know it's HTML, you pray together, you you fast together, you break the fast together, all of these things and you have a Gemma and Yolanda and Gemma, so you need Islam is very important. You can't the religion is protected by these outward things. They're not insignificant and they all have profound inward meanings all of them. But the outward even if your your

00:45:00--> 00:45:42

You remain at the level of the outward it's a path of salvation. It's a path of salvation and then the man you have to have a man you have to know your Lord. You have to know the moment of Azad you're going to be looking inshallah at the the the pearls and the jewels of the Quran the jewels are those eyes in the Quran, Mr. Marquez, that is theory and it's not really a theory it's it's a way of looking at the Quran because it's, it's he proves it. But the the Quran at the essence of the Quran are two types of verses the ones that tell you your Lord and the other tells you your journey to your Lord what you need to do to get to your Lord one bigger moonta to your Lord is the end in

00:45:42--> 00:46:27

Allah He was in La Jolla. Roger Oh, we're going back to Allah subhana wa tada and that's what this journey is about and getting knowledge of Allah so you need a man and so you learn that those outward things to protect your the Eman in the mess now he he says that the the knowledge of our P that is like the chaperone between two lovers it prevent anything from happening. So so you need to have that that knowledge of Akita to protect your because if you don't, you can say things about a lot that aren't true. And the worst thing it's worse than Schick and tokoto. Adeline Mehta to anemone, it's worse than to say about God what you don't know, in.

00:46:29--> 00:46:32

In the Quran, it's considered worse than shark.

00:46:33--> 00:46:33


00:46:35--> 00:46:36


00:46:37--> 00:47:30

and then finally exam, right? You have to have a son, and his son is about to ski it's about purifying the heart. And this relates, you see, what the reason that the body becomes more and more cumbersome is because of sin and what are called the Vanunu when are you these are the two problems for the heart is is polluted by two things is polluted by these natural blemishes that are part of human nature. And then it's polluted by the the sins that we accrue in our life. And the The key is to protect the heart, and this is through Mujahid, so you have to have more data. This is the basis of of getting close to a law. What I said I'd do it a bit, no effort, this is Mujahidin doing those

00:47:30--> 00:48:12

extra things. And and noesis Allah has opened many doors of naskila and we have different personalities, different natures. For some people, they have a scholastic inclination, and they they're there their purpose is is to preserve knowledge and and to to teach knowledge in mathematics. Ilana was the door that a lot open to him was the door of knowledge and he was minute it fene undeniably he was even a gnostic of his Lord. But his knowledge was in fact, this is where I'll open and in preservation of ahaadeeth this is this is his the door that Allah open to him. Other people have the door of Zod of detachment other people have the door of charity, the different

00:48:12--> 00:48:52

doors are open, some people have many doors, right? I will walk around the province that there are eight gates to get into paradise, and one of them is called the rayyan and fascist get into it. And the Prophet said, I will worker is him. So he said, Can any does anybody go in through all eight gates? And the Prophet said yes. And I and I hope that you're one of them. And he is one of them, you know, because the Prophet won't hope that except that it's but he doesn't want to get into the heart. So he says it in a way to keep the humility there the privatized and him was guarding the hearts of his Sahaba but abubaker was like that he did more before fudger than people did the whole

00:48:52--> 00:49:21

month. Right? The Hadith where they come and the prophets lysozyme said at fudger has anybody visited a sick person, Abu Bakar Has anybody given charity this morning abubaker than anybody got up fasting abubaker Did anybody follow agenda as a book he did everything already? He was the only one the proverb was showing them. Why he but what did the prophets Allah say he said he was not preferred over you because of fasting and praying, but by something in his heart.

00:49:22--> 00:49:25

Mouth should be shaped in waka, Rafi, kalbi,

00:49:27--> 00:49:32

Mo medics and laser in Kothari via what I can, in my neuron,

00:49:34--> 00:49:35

have a whole lot of

00:49:36--> 00:49:59

knowledge is not having lots of rewired. But it's a light that all outputs in the heart of a believer. And so you need more data. And the three types of Mujahid you have Mujahidin bedden and magenta Tibetan is to struggle against the inclinations of your body. So people that get up if you're not getting up for fudger that

00:50:00--> 00:50:16

You're more data if you're getting up for fudger than the Mujahideen would be to get up for 200 you know to do some night prayers, the Mujahidin of your fasting, right? If you have a problem with food, then it's good to do fasting

00:50:17--> 00:50:21

The sun is too fast three to three days out of the month if you can't do that then

00:50:22--> 00:51:11

too fast the those that the prophesies and mentioned like the six days of chawan right that they have out of if you're not on habits, things like that the day of Ashura I mean there's there's there's thing rajoub is a good day so yeah, Misha hurry Ramadan Raja Raja Ven, Shabana sama, no diva, Raja Ben Shabana have men do have an answer says in his origins. So this is a good month shot that is a good month to fast. And during those extra Act, the keramat or the the the wonders that come from the majority of the body are his sia. This is what the owner might say. They're their sensory type things. So for instance, Monaco, but there's a hadith mannahatta basato. Right, Monica

00:51:11--> 00:51:51

de basura adacko Allahu led the turn, she rebelled, that he right, that whoever lowers his eyes, because that's struggling magenta of the bed, then because it's a sensory thing you enjoy looking at things that give you delight. So if you struggle against that, the prophet SAW license that Allah will cause you to taste a sweetness in your in your bar. So people actually get physical pleasure. In fact, some of the scholars argue about if people do that, because of the physical pleasure, because you can get physical pleasure in a bad you can get physical pleasure in prayer, you can get physical pleasure into our Koran, literally physical but just like other people get pleasure in

00:51:51--> 00:52:32

their sensory things, people get physical pleasure from these things. And this is why if you look the metaphor that are not the analogy that you can see of Mujahidin, the better than our athletes, is because they do incredible Mujahid of their bodies and look at the miracles. That's why people watch sports, they don't watch sports for the 90% of the game, or 95% of the game. That's just they watch it for those moments where they can't believe it. Right? This way they watch and that's why most people they just watch the highlights on the news or something. Because they show the highlights right of these amazing thing. That's because these people are doing Mujahid of their

00:52:32--> 00:53:09

bodies. So they get these these gifts, because these are sunon of Allah if you do these type of struggle, you'll get these results. And then you have Mujahid have the the knifes and the Mujahideen, the nerves is fighting against your your greed, your your impulses, all the leprosy, your bad character, all these things if you fight against those allow will give you understanding, right? fam understanding and some of the Illa Allah gave them great gifts. Some we have odema that were literally like

00:53:10--> 00:53:12

one of the great scholars of Tafseer

00:53:17--> 00:53:19

who did a commentary on the

00:53:20--> 00:53:21

jela Lane.

00:53:23--> 00:53:30

emammal gemel he was illiterate he couldn't read or write. And and he taught in Alaska, Canada, US heading.

00:53:31--> 00:54:10

He had big openings from Allah subhanaw taala. He was ignorant man, he was close to 40. He was a he used to take care of the land lamps in in Alaska. And he spilled some oil on one of the students. He was filling a lamp he spilled some oil on one of the students and he told him, you know, a hammock or something I just said watch what you're doing. And he felt so bad. He's a mature man. And this young student is looking at him with contempt. So he went to one of the chefs and he said I want to I want to educate myself and he began to teach him he was so sincere. Allah gave him big openings. He became one of the greatest grammarians of his time, and his commentaries are still read counted

00:54:10--> 00:54:55

as how he's not even. They just call him an unsteady Cardinal as Harry, you know, you have celiac disease, the bar, he was only illiterate, he couldn't read or write. And he gave commentary. He solved some problems in Tafseer, that if you read the breeze, you'll see he solved some problems in tafsir. He used to be able to he could do that Hadith by just hearing a hadith he knew of the prophet SAW him said it or not. And one of them asked him how he did that. He said if if he said it, he said you know how in winter when you speak you see like a steam come out. He said when they speak a hadith I see light come out of their mouth. And if it's not, I don't see that light. This is what

00:54:55--> 00:54:55

he says

00:54:58--> 00:54:59

abou Yazidi. One of the

00:55:00--> 00:55:34

onomah he was only and Allah gave him all these knowledge, see Amazon rock, one of the greatest, really scholars of the apart if attain, you know, he's a man of thought if attained because he was a great Sufi or Sunni scholar, he was a Mohammed he was a student of him on how he was how he was one of the greats Madison city is a rock, his teacher, who he had his opening with over others, or hatami was illiterate. And he actually took permission when he wrote his book and he asked him, could I correct all your grammatically incorrect statements and write them and facade

00:55:36--> 00:56:07

is really there. I'm not making this up. You know, this. I mean, this is these are people who were so sincere with a law that Allah gave them opening. And the reason Allah will keep these unlettered Olia who are given knowledge is to prove because the karma of the Olia or like the marches out of the NBA. So the prophets I said him when they asked you the other Aziz at the bar, somebody said to him and odema waratah to the NBA motherwort the menorah socialize him, he said, What is two men who immediato

00:56:08--> 00:56:48

you know, that I got from him his omiya In other words, my knowledge is not this is called web the knowledge you have custody and have the knowledge and qsp knowledge is important. You have to study and learn. That's customer knowledge to learn. You have to study fifth and you work on it. You do memorization, things like that, but what have the knowledge is what comes mentality I'm a woman, I am an amateur. Bhima Anima ora, Allahu Allah who in Mamma mia Adam, if you act according to what you know, Allah will give you knowledge that you don't know. But a lower animal como la it's not a Joomla shafia but the ultimate ticket is shorter from that ayah a taco la limo como la have Taqwa of

00:56:48--> 00:57:31

Allah and Allah will teach you. Right? It's a ishara. It's not a grammatically, it's not a Joomla Shakti but the the meaning of the condition is sound. The owner might say that if you have Taqwa Allah will give you knowledge. And then you have more data to share upon and fighting shaitaan in the shelf on I do look comfortable I do a shutdown is the enemy. And shutdown is real. You know, shutdown is real, not with the you know, I mean, there's Hadith that there's horns of chiffon and things but you know, the popular imagination has created this image that makes people think that it's a joke. chiffon is real. There's Dark Forces working in the world. And and they whisper in the

00:57:31--> 00:58:16

hearts of people and and, and sometime the whispering become audible like hallucinations. And and they do wretched things. shaitaan will get people and shaitaan loves to humiliate us. This is his favorite thing. He loves it because he hates us. He has envy in his heart. For the station that we were given. He has envy in his heart and envy or wants to see he wants to see the source of his envy. He wants to see him grovel. He wants to see him be humbled by the world. He wants to see him in a destitute situation. And this is scheltens. He hates when people get close to Allah. But he's tricky. You see, first he'll get you. His first strategy is Kufa. That's his first strategy. And if

00:58:16--> 00:58:58

he can't get Kufa from you, then he tries to get any fat. If you can't get any fat from you, then he tries to like he tries to get maaseiah. Right. And his favorite one is better to get innovation. But Malasia if he can't get better from you, he'll get maaseiah you know, just like sinfulness, stealing, lying, cheating, adultery, whatever he wants to get that to humiliate you, if he can't get any of these things, if he sees that you're on a strong path, then he gets really serious. Seriously, because those people he they're easy for him to get. He gets very serious. And what he does is he gets the Ria, he wants to put in your heart, this sense of superiority that you're better

00:58:58--> 00:59:30

than other people that you're a pious person that you're righteous. And he starts telling you how, how great you are nice things will occur in the heart if you're doing things seriously, if you're on a serious path, this is how he comes. And if you don't have the ammunition to deal with him, then he can really wreak havoc on the human heart. right he really he wreaks havoc, so magenta to ship on the keyboard in the soul. And the last thing to leave the hearts of the city alone is NASA. And the professor I sent him said unmad well

00:59:32--> 00:59:51

right my mother was a thorough Dean and Mr. Bane any venom that wealth, material wealth, materialism and and stature, whole stature being held up, you know, shift so and so or Dr. So and So or whatever it is, you know

00:59:53--> 01:00:00

all these things people want you know in the world the pomp and circumstance of the world, really, it's but it's you know, it's nothing

01:00:01--> 01:00:14

It's nothing. Though it's empty, the world is empty. Is vacuous really is empty. It has an empty, there's nothing there. Rumi said when you speak always remember you have an audience of one.

01:00:17--> 01:00:21

You know, who are you trying to impress? no serious. Who are you trying to impress?

01:00:23--> 01:00:25

You know, in the meditations,

01:00:26--> 01:00:28

Marcus Aurelius, he says,

01:00:29--> 01:00:47

He says, there's people who say they don't care about the people of today, but they care about their legacy. He said, These people are only fooling themselves because the same fools that will be around 100 years, to be reading their legacy are the same fools that are around today. You know,

01:00:49--> 01:00:52

and that's why, you know, if be a celebrity with God,

01:00:54--> 01:00:58

all these people want to be celebrities. Now, this is like the goal of all these

01:00:59--> 01:01:09

vacuous people to be a celebrity and famous for 15 go on YouTube, you know, get your 15 minutes of fame, whatever it is.

01:01:10--> 01:01:12

Really xmt

01:01:14--> 01:01:25

I could lose a chain mahalo about everything other than a lot is is vanity. It's vacuous is empty. Everything that's profitable. SM said us dako.

01:01:26--> 01:01:33

How to share this truest thing of poet ever said, is what lobbied said everything other than allies false

01:01:34--> 01:01:35


01:01:45--> 01:01:51

hamdulillah so those anyway, this is like introduction because the biggest enemy our biggest enemy is the town.

01:01:53--> 01:02:05

It's really it's big one. And, you know, you have a quote in there from Kung Fu, G or Confucius about the ancients. ancients were very concerned with the tongue rectification of the tongue.

01:02:09--> 01:02:16

This is a question about Ria and Sharla. When I get to the section on,

01:02:18--> 01:02:19


01:02:22--> 01:02:23

I wanted to

01:02:25--> 01:02:28

read some lines here, though, about the

01:02:30--> 01:03:15

you know, one of the things people the word household is a good word. It's not a negative word. It's a good word. It's a beautiful word, really. And one of the things that the scholars of the past said is no one ever denied to solo, but they always condemned or criticize people that claim to be people of the soul. But to solve was never denied. Not none of that lymphoma historically ever denied. So you will find no island in the history of Islam that denied the soul as one of the sciences of Islam. None of them. Even taymiyah did not deny the soul even claimed Josie didn't deny it, the soul is even larger. But Hanbury didn't deny it. So Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab did not deny to solve and we

01:03:15--> 01:03:30

have a letter that he wrote, arguing that that he was not against a solo and the Hertz keyboard. Hey, it's Mr. Ben morona here and in munkar, in real published the text of apartment in tasawwuf.

01:03:32--> 01:03:34

Well, I have a copy published in real

01:03:35--> 01:04:17

by the American marijuana. They don't deny to solve but but they attack practices and things that some of the Sufis do like they would attack the the people that do the whirling and things like that, that's another thing. And I'm not attacking that. But I'm just saying this is what they but a soul as a science of Islam. Nobody in the history of Islam denied the soul. It's a word that shows up very early, just like many of the technical terms of Islam, and it was a word that was used the proof of the people of the soul of Treasury or I had a sofa. They were people that didn't have anything and they just did Vicar and studied with the prophesies. We used to feed them they were

01:04:17--> 01:04:31

homeless people. He fed up on average everyday 70 people, homeless people we forget that our prophesy Sam was was uh, you know, he was taking care of homeless people. This is similar to take care of homeless people.

01:04:32--> 01:05:00

Because he was doing that he was taking 70 everyday there were between 470 people on a sofa and every day he would feed them they used to bring the food to him and he would just send it out to them. He would not eat very often just to give them food prophesize him fed people all the time his his son has to feed people but nobody has denied that tussle you know, and and what a shot of Emma Shelton who's also you

01:05:00--> 01:05:47

used to kind of attack the people of Tesco or Televisa, Iblees. Even on Josie, things like that these are these are correctives that scholars did in certain times. But if you read the axial Psalm, and then you read the more offerpad they're very different books. It's like two different authors. But Mr. Michel de Bie says that in the, in the early period, they called the people the they called them the Sahaba, the province any one johani it Can you stop with that one he, he was yearning to meet his brothers. And they said LS mnemonic era sort of like your brothers, you bet unto us hobby, or so habits, you're my companions in one tournament, daddy. My brothers come after me. And then he

01:05:47--> 01:06:16

said, they have set and reward of 70 from amongst you. And they asked how could that be? And he said, then until I run out of hair, while I'm ukunda home, run out of hair, you have people to help you do you're good, but these people will come and there's little help they'll be doing good without much help because people the religion loses its you know, fervor people loved religion. Now. They don't want to hear about it. So the

01:06:17--> 01:06:28

the the first group was called sahab, and then they called them tabular, tabular, tabular in the tabular owner, the people that followed the Sahaba. And then they called them tabular, tabular. And then they had a problem.

01:06:29--> 01:06:37

Because what you call the tablet attack, the attacker in it gets too much. And so Mr. Musharraf to be said, they, they call them

01:06:38--> 01:07:14

to solve, the people have to solve. They were the people that that were on the way of the early setup, and this is why people forget that the people have Sofia, they were the harshest, they always took madhhab home. What they always took the most difficult things. They didn't take the Rojas ever people have to solve were very, very strict in their outward adherence. They were people of rasa. And and they in fact, even the Aloma mentioned that the big a capital Sofia did not follow method.

01:07:15--> 01:07:17

They didn't have toughly, they followed kita was similar.

01:07:20--> 01:07:27

I mean, all the methods are keytab was similar, but they would take their their account directly from the book and the center because there were people who wish they had.

01:07:29--> 01:07:49

They didn't go through, they went straight from Alanis Bezier like Mr. Sanusi Idris is famous scholar. He had like, you know, we have Palm Pilot today. He had Palm Pilot. If he wanted a verse from Quran he looked in his right hand and he saw it if he wanted Hadith, he looked in his left hand he saw it.

01:07:51--> 01:07:54

He just could look like that. And they were there as one of his karma.

01:07:56--> 01:08:09

People don't believe these things. I believe them. Ababa Asahi and Menaka Wobegon and Omar the prophet SAW said about this cow who was being written he said my whole activity had I wasn't created to be written.

01:08:11--> 01:08:14

And one of the Sahaba said a Bharata Calomiris

01:08:16--> 01:08:19

cow talk. He said, I normally will be an

01:08:20--> 01:08:29

Abu Bakr Omar, I believe it and so does Abu Bakr and Omar and Mohammed Shah had his Abu Bakr and Omar weren't present when he said it.

01:08:30--> 01:08:54

But he was just showing them if he said that Abu Bakr and Omar believed it, you know, and we know karma Saha the Aqua benefit when he was in Tehran. This is from the great tangerine he called to the animals in the forest. He said you will halen ads. No. Mati say Dino Mohammed some lady Sam, Natasha.

01:08:56--> 01:09:17

For Hallo comma Hara, you know he spoke to the animals and said we were from the oma of the prophesized him and we need we need you to to leave because we need the wood from the forest. They said for three days they saw the animals leaving the end making hegira and Maui when you heard that he wanted to hear we know that

01:09:19--> 01:09:52

he rode his horse on the water and told the this Asahi kurama of the Sahaba and he said it and and and that happened because that's one of the karma of the people of Mujahid that they will have they can MC Allah. Yo Phil How are you know, these are karma and we believe what bitten was bitten the earlier kurama woman never have been bitten kurama mama Lakhani says, make firm your resolve to believe in the karma of the Olia and whoever rejects them reject him.

01:09:53--> 01:09:59

You know people and it's amazing now people don't they don't want to believe in karma. They say Oh, who's that?

01:10:00--> 01:10:05

horrified, horrified. And then you know, they

01:10:07--> 01:10:16

they basically undermine the whole religion if you don't believe in karma, you know, then what is the religion it's a kurama the whole thing is that the Quran is a Marchesa.

01:10:18--> 01:10:53

Right, really, there's karma are real. So but they are these are how they had karma tetherin had karma, one of the, the cows came out and spoke to the Sahaba. And what that lets him Safina the most of the prophesized him in in a sound tradition of him. He is haricot, Safina two he he he is his boat sank, and he was on hush up, this is on a piece of wood and it took him to a place and he didn't know where he was and a lion came out. A lion and Moeller said, Yeah, I said,

01:10:54--> 01:10:58

and a Safina to modar Rasulullah sallallahu send them.

01:10:59--> 01:11:26

He said, I'm Safina the servant of the Messenger of Allah. And he said, July I said, well, Papa arasu wahama. What does any other party Thumma hamaca and know who you are. Anyone sort of Safina said he came up to me, and he made some noises. And then he nudged me and showed me the road. And then he said he made noises as if he was saying goodbye and he just left him.

01:11:29--> 01:11:48

I believe in it. I don't have any problem with that. And you know, I'll tell you something. This is the truth. If you believe in karma, you will see karma if you don't believe in karma, you won't see karma. Okay, I'm going to tell you the truth. If you believe in karma, you will see karma but if you don't believe in karma, you will not see karma

01:11:49--> 01:11:50

and Nuff said.