The Story of A Verse #19 – Let Them Forgive and Overlook

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I share with you along with the wife of the Prophet sallallahu and he was send them the mother of the believers or the Allahu Allah and she was tested in her life. One of the most severe tests that she faced in her life was the test of some unscrupulous people in Medina who spread evil rumors about her. Some of the people who are the most intent on spreading these rumors, some of the people who wanted to ruin the reputation of it shall do longliner were mostly the hypocrites like Abdullah bin obey. But even some genuine Muslims got caught up in the moment, they started to spread rumors and gossip that they heard from some people to other people being caught up and swept up in the

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excitement, so to speak of gossip and rumor mongering. Amongst them was a man named Miss black even eartha are the along with Miss la heard rumors and he spread them and relayed them himself. Eventually Allah subhanaw taala from above the heavens would reveal verses in the Quran defending the innocence of it show the Allahu Allah and showing that the people who are spreading these rumors were speaking without knowledge. Miss luck was actually related to a shadow the longer he was the first cousin of her father and will record your loved one. And Miss black was someone who accepted Islam in Mecca, and he performed the hedgerow from Mecca to Medina. And he was very poor. And so I

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will record the long line home Allah blessed with wealth, Abu Bakar used to spend give money to give charity to miss the end to his mother, he used to support them financially. Abu Bakar the Allahu and as we can imagine, was extremely upset. He was extremely angry. Why wouldn't he be? This is the wife of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam, the mother of the believers, his own daughter, for the longest time people were saying such evil words. And not only were people saying this, but his own family, and not only his own family, but people who he himself was financially supporting. You can imagine how hurt Abu Bakar the long run was, and so he swore an oath. I'm never going to give money

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to Mr. Again, after what he had done to him. Whenever we look at the long lines for this, this oath, Allah subhanaw taala revealed this verse in the Quran

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why yet Danny on on NFL leaving GM was Saudi IE do only one Masaki no more Hadji de nafi savvy Elian

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while Yahoo Alia spafoo Allah to a boon IE young field long long hula boom, one long waffle Rafi name.

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This verse is so powerful Subhana Allah. Some of the scholars say it is the most hopeful verse in the Quran, meaning it is the verse that indicates the greatest amount of the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala between all the other verses, why many, many different reasons we don't even have time to cover amongst them is that this is what called the Allah and his daughter has been slandered and evil rumors have been spread about her and the mother of the believers and the wife of the Prophet, and he feels all this hurt over what has been done. And all he says is I'm not going to give him money anymore. And Allah subhana wa added tells him Don't say an oath that you're not going to give

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rather you should continue to give if Allah is going to instruct and we'll walk through the Allah and to not only forgive Miss la after what he did, but to continue paying for him in financially supporting him. Then how merciful is Allah subhana wa Tada. Also you can read in this verse that Miss la committed an evil sin one of the worst sins, spreading a rumor about the wife of the Prophet sallallahu How do you send them in the mother of the believers out of lust for Allah what a sin that is. And yet when Allah described this slot in the verse, He called him when will had you to win if he said he did not the mohajir the person who migrated for the sake of Allah, He described him as a

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mohajir. And the scholar sets of Han Allah, this is the great mercy of Allah. Even though misak did a terrible sin, his sin does not wipe out his good deeds. And this is of the mercy of Allah azza wa jal, our good deeds, wipe out our sins, but our sins do not wipe out our good deeds. SubhanAllah This is the great mercy of Allah zildjian What does Allah tell us in this verse, while the actual while he is faithful, let them part in and let them forgive and add to her going? For love when I come to Don't you wish that Allah Subhana Allah would forgive you and of this verse is the wisdom for us to realize, that have the keys of attaining the forgiveness of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah

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and His mercy is for us ourselves to be forgiving, and to be merciful. Allah tells us to forgive and to overlook, because through this he attains the forgiveness of Allah. And so you and I, in this month of Ramadan, we should look to people in our lives that we can forgive, and whose sins we can overlook so that we ourselves can attain the forgiveness and

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at the mercy of Allah subhana wa tada