Protection from Magic and the Evil Eye – Part 02

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Speaking about what to do. Olive Oil (Extra Virgin Cold Pressed) Zamzam, Ajwa Dates, Black Seed and its oil, Raw organic Honey etc… Figs are beneficial too. Don’t let people fool you by making you do silly things with the excuse of curing you…

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Salam Alaikum Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim my brothers and sisters, we were talking about the remedy for black magic as well as for the effect the evil effect of jinn as well as the effect of

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jealousy and envy and the evil eye and so on. And I mentioned the part the reading part and I said we will have a part two so this is the part two, how to protect yourself. So the reading part we spoke about Ayatollah QC three times the last three suitors of the Quran known as Marawi that are the two more with it and sort of the last thrice we spoke about our ob kalimat illa hit Tamati Michel de mahalik thrice we spoke about Bismillah Ar Rahman as

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well as Mr. Lim thrice and all this would be in the morning and in the evening after selecting Virgin and after Salah to Madrid, and if you're not praying, then still at the same time or similar time and if you forgotten then as soon as you remember. So, we spoke about that we also spoke about how after every final Salah you should be reading into at least once in Sharla it will protect you. Now I want to speak about the remedy as well as a different type of protection. It comes in the form of diet,

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there is a lot of Shiva and cure in olive oil. So extra virgin cold pressed olive oil, remember those two different conditions or should I say qualities of the oil, extra virgin and olive oil sorry and cold pressed olive oil. I will tell you about it just now you have the actual date, the actual date a certain type of a date that is found in Madina munawwara a small black date that is not so sweet. You have raw honey you know the pure raw natural honey.

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I think that there is a term they use for it but the generally the pure honey that has a lot of Shiva in it the Quran speaks about it as well. And then we have some some the water of Zamzam that we should have started the entire talk or tonight on that particular water that we have blessing from muckety muck aroma the Zamzam water definitely has cure in it. In fact, the Hadid systems only maturi Bella, you know you, whatever it is drunk for with whatever intention you drink it, that intention is valid, it will help you by the will of Allah for as long as it's a positive intention.

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And then we have the black seed the black seed is is not the onion seed, but it is a different seed, it's called the black seed, you get original black seed oil, be careful there are a lot of fakes in the market. So original black seed and the black seed oil. Now how to have all of this

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Firstly, the honey,

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you can replace your sugar with honey, that's a very, very good replacement, especially with your teas. And with a few other things right, you can have a little bit of honey every every morning. With a few a few of the black seeds perhaps you don't need to count the black seeds but just a little, you know pinch of the black seed, if you want, you can put a very little like a quarter teaspoon of the black seed oil because black seed oil is very strong. So you have that black seed oil right in you can mix it in the honey and you can have it you can just put it in the spoon and have it so a teaspoon is more than enough. You can have that in the morning. Honey you can honey is

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very very important to add in your diet by the will of Allah, you can actually rabbit at times on certain you know places. Perhaps if you have a wound and so on, that's something different acts as an antiseptic. It has those qualities as well.

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When it comes to the olive oil that's very, very interesting. Olive oil is both to have to drink. When I say to drink, I don't mean you gulp it down. But just a tablespoon or two early morning first thing in the night perhaps lasting together with a little bit of warm water and some lemon in it. That will really really really help you and you rub some of that olive oil on your forehead as well as on your chest and perhaps other places where you might have some pain.

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So that would help you especially on your forehead. It will help you a lot the olive oil to rub it and you use it to massage your shoulders. Perhaps your chest is very important the two that I know about the chest and the forehead that's extremely important so that you can do it every night. A little bit oily, but you don't have to rub so much a little bit not too much. So that's olive oil. So Panama. The two ways like I said you can use it in your food you can replace the oil if you are wealthy enough to actually have that. You can replace the oil with olive oil, all other oils with olive oil for cooking. You can use it with your salads that will help you with the intake of it. You

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Have a spoon a tablespoon or two of it every morning and evening with you know you have the tablespoon and then you have a warm a warm glass, a glass of warm water with a little bit of lemon

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squeezed in it

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and you don't have anything for about 30 minutes after that by the will of Allah that would actually help you to reduce your cholesterol and even with your sugar. I know of people who have really really benefited from it. Actually they have benefited so much it's unbelievable almost miraculous. Remember the Zetas zaytoun this olive oil is the oil that is mentioned in the Quran by Allah subhanho wa Taala and he praises it. The figs are very very good as well things you know the there are so many different types of figs and you get the fresh figs, the dry figs, all figs are beneficial, Mashallah some people don't like them, but try them, you will love them, there are some

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types of figs that you will get addicted to Subhana Allah. Okay, so that's the fig in the olive, watin and zaytoun, then you have zum zum, zum zum, you can actually drink it, it's for drinking purposes, you don't have to drink so much you can drink a little bit.

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Some of the people say that you can actually use it to also to dab or to put, you know, when there's a little bit remaining, you can actually just put it on yourself, but generally it's the should it's to drink. And you have a good intention. You know, you can drink it sitting or standing you can you can drink it, there are a lot of ways I'm not going to get into the detail of you know what to do, how to stand or etc. But to drink it. Okay, zum zum. And because we don't have so much of that Samsung, please just use a little bit of it not too much. You know, nowadays, they don't allow you to travel with a lot of water in your baggage, especially when you're traveling by air. So if people

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have arranged containers of stuff by sea, it's much easier than to get it flown by air. But that is something extremely beneficial.

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The black seed oil is very strong, you cannot have more than a few drops of it when you're consuming it. But if you want to use it to mix a little bit with olive oil that you're going to be rubbing on yourself, it's really really beneficial.

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The dates, the actual dates, you have seven, early morning, first thing. Now if you're mixing the olive oil with with the dates, you start off with the dates, you start off with the dates, you give it about half an hour, seven actual dates, and then you continue with that the olive oil treatment. But that's only if you're doing the seven add one date treatment, it's seven, and generally for seven days, which would be 49 of those ajwa dates, they're not so sweet. So those who have sugar, perhaps it won't be bad or so bad for you, depending on you know the condition of those dates. If they're good dates they want they're not generally they're not so sweet. But that's also the cure in

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the seven actual dates, right.

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Something very interesting also is

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if you're not having the seven day treatment exactly seven by seven, then you can start off with the olive oil, then it's not necessary to start off with it. But you can have a date or three or five generally an odd number is preferred. That's as far as the date school. And together with all of this, you read what you have been taught. And you ask Allah protection, like I said, you develop a relationship with the Almighty, you repent whenever you've committed the sin, don't let it linger. Don't become too comfortable with your sin because that will lead you towards the towards shaytan. And it will actually make your relationship with shape and stronger. Remember, it's like a seesaw

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effect. If you're going to lose relation with Allah, you increase your relation with shape and vice versa. So that's why it's important to always make amends with the Almighty, make sure that you have you're on the right side and make sure that you have sought forgiveness wherever you've gone wrong. So this is just something I thought I'd share with you because I promised you to have a part two. Like I said the part one was dealing with what to read and the Part two is dealing with

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what to do in terms of your diet and you know,

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in terms of what to perhaps rub on your forehead and massage onto your, your chest. We spoke of the olive oil so these are powerful things mentioned in the Hadith of the prophets of Salaam. The minute Araki starts off by telling you about someone telling you about honey you know the proper pure honey I know you get the sitter honey you get a lot of your honey honey attempts can be very, very expensive, you know,

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I've known of honey is that going to 1000s of dollars just for a jar SubhanAllah. But we don't need to go for the most expensive one or the expensive one, you just need to make sure that it's you know, original raw organic honey.

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And that will definitely help. So if the rocky begins to speak about these things that I spoke about today, then you should know what I've spoken about.

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Today is generally taken from the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And it's very beneficial. These things are really beneficial for us, the olive oil, the Zamzam, the ajwa, the black seed, and so on and the honey. So May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us Shiva. Now I want to end off with one very interesting factor. Yesterday, I was speaking to some brothers here in Dubai, and I was addressing an issue of a similar nature.

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And so Hannah law you know, people become impatient with sickness and people become impatient. If you see a bad dream once it doesn't mean you're possessed. If you have a migraine once or twice, it doesn't mean you're possessed. When you see bad dreams, sometimes it's got to do with your diet as well. Sometimes it's got to do with your subconscious, subconscious self. Sometimes it's got to do with too many games and movies that you're watching sometimes, you know, you're fatigued and tired. So there are a lot of factors that would contribute towards bad dreams. The same would apply to migraines. Many of us are on our phones a lot, it causes headaches, literal headaches, not with the

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relationships that's something else but with the screen and screen time and you looking at it and all that is not so good for your for your head in terms of headaches and all that even for your eyes. So you got to know don't just say someone did something on me but you're doing it on yourself by being on your phone up to three in the morning.

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And you're doing it on yourself by perhaps

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you know watching movies and playing games for so long. So you need to know this. But if you have a concern and you generally do read your your prayers before you sleep, you know Bismillah Allahu mahmudullah here and so on Bismillah Allahu wa wa to Jambi will be CalHFA in the NFC favela in our CELTA hub for her behalf lekan lady Tasha will be here about the Casali him, What a beautiful, beautiful supplication of the Prophet peace be upon him, just as he reclined where he's speaking about. Then he started in the name of Allah saying that, I lay my side in your name.

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And I shall lift it in your name, Subhan Allah, if you if you decide to keep my soul tonight, then forgive it. And if you decide to send it back, then send it and then guarded with the guard the guarding.

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Of that you would guard the pious with something like that. That's some of that's the translation. So if you've prayed and all that, and you go and sleep, and you still have nightmares, and you still have migraines, and it's all unexplained, and you've checked medically, and so on, you don't need to rush to urata you can start your own lupia, you can start reading, in fact that opia is supposed to be there because we have two issues. One is to protect yourself, like I said in the previous episode, protection is better than cure. And the other one is to be able to cure yourself, if you have been affected, it does not mean that you are affected. A lot of the times, I'd like to think in

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my life 90% of cases have been medical, and only 10 have been perhaps serious issues where something has happened. 90% but it's on the rise, it's on the rise more and more people seem to be losing their faith by going to do superstitious things upon people or for some reason either to break a relationship to to kindle the relationship, to fix somebody up and so on all that you lose your faith in Allah.

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And that is dangerous, very dangerous, you shouldn't nobody should be doing that. Leave it Don't worry, don't Don't

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you know, don't feel the urge to go and fix somebody up leave them to Allah, Allah will fix anyone who deserves to be fixed. And try and pray positively for people rather than negatively we pay pray for destruction, we want to see destruction but if we pray for goodness, I think we will have a lot more in terms of goodness now.

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So if you were to go to karate and he were to read these, these sutras that we spoke about item QC and the other soldiers and something from the Quran and a few of the narrations of the process or sell them then you know that this man is heading in the right direction the minute you are told to go and you know, collect roses are five different colors, each one of them not exceeding so many grams and they should have so many petals and pick out the petals and then you need to put those petals in a specific design in your house and then you need to stand in the center of all those petals with a horn and you need to light it up. And by the way, the food is quite good actually you

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need to lose us a little bit of the before before I know in Nigeria they use the term Kijiji But anyway, it smells quite nice. The Nigerian one is not bad at all guys. But Mashallah, that is quite beneficial. It has recently I saw a joke. Somebody sent me a message saying, you know, if you don't like the before, if you're not coming to my house because of the behavior that I used, then the behavior is having the effect and it's working, you know, which means your shape and

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May Allah forgive us some people think that way. But before we don't shouldn't overdo it because sometimes it can become a respiratory issue. And you can have a light scent of it. It's nice

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but Subhanallah my brothers and sisters, it's important for us to make sure that

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we don't blame superstition for every single thing of ours. Like I say if you've seen dreams if you've have had headaches, there is a way did you know that one of the cures of a migraine according to the Sunnah of the Prophet asylum, is to tie a band or a ribbon on your head and make a tight knot exactly where it is painting In the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala trust me, that works. You're suffering migraines, the professor salon has taught us something, you take a band or you take a ribbon, you know and you tie it on your head tight and you make that not tightly where it is painting and by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala you should be cured from that migraine. Try it

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out guys.

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May Allah Subhana Allah Allah grant us all cure and May Allah benefit every one of us remember your diet is extremely important. Don't forget to say Bismillah when you're eating Don't forget to thank Allah for the food you've been given. Don't forget to try and look and make sure that the food you have is not only halal, but it's pure as well. And it's earned through pure money, don't rub people don't cheat them and inshallah you should be set you should be ready to go good to go as we say, may Allah subhanho wa Taala take us away in a condition that he is pleased with us. I'm going to be posting this on the Mufti menk a YouTube channel. May Allah subhanho wa Taala benefit us all once

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again. I love you all my brothers and sisters always lovely chatting with you. I'm so sorry. I was unable to see all your comments, but inshallah, on YouTube I'll try to see some of the comments as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh