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The concept of Islam is discussed, emphasizing the importance of knowing the name and actions of the heart to activate different types of worship. Prayer for one's health is crucial, and individuals should practice the actions of Islam in order to increase their understanding of the religion. The speakers touch on the importance of practicing the actions of Islam to increase their understanding of the religion and its activation in one's life, leading to a rippling effect on others. They also mention various examples of subhanaw taala, including the name of Islam and the importance of understanding the meaning of a "hasha" or "hasma." Prayer for one's health is crucial, and individuals should practice the actions of Islam in order to increase their understanding of the religion.

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Never heard of him humbler he Ramadan I mean, some Allahu Sana Mubarak I'm going to be in a Muhammad while early he was talking to him about

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calling was only for our hammer hola Jota Allah if you could tell me he held us on hand he made me fumbling and me to illuminate what sadly Manila

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Yahoo mashallah for notices in his book entitled the gardens of the righteous and the chapter of virtues of seeking knowledge for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala we previously covered the verses that deal with this particular subject matter and from them making dua what was the DUA that Allah instructed the prophets of salaam to ask him?

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Rob busy the new element what does that translate to mean?

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Oh Allah increase me analysis has to be a dua that we can make a shallow rub visiting the admin and you make your DUA Oh Allah increase me knowledge increase me a knowledge. So increasing the knowledge what's the most noble knowledge

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the righteous, even what do you mean the righteous path?

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The path that leads to gender which path is what is that primarily primary chapter of knowledge that leads to gender.

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What does that mean though? Because the book of Allah contains talks about many different things.

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Good for humanity. Mr. What does that make you different from a Christian?

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Exactly. That's it.

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That's it to hate.

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The oneness of Allah Subhan that is the most noble knowledge, knowledge of Allah.

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So you say knowledge of Zika we say that's knowledge of what Allah has legislated, but knowledge of Allah himself. And he that Allah subhanho wa taala, lash Rika LA home. There is no one worthy of worship except that's the most noble knowledge. Why Allah is not like his creation. Why Allah is different from all other forms of why he is not creation itself. Why Allah is a creator. And the best way to know about Allah is through.

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the promise allottee was son, okay, yes, to the knowledge of the province of Allah, Allah wa salam, but also Allah gives himself what?

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So the knowledge of Allah primarily is through his names, learning his names and attributes, and what they mean? And then their actualization of those names in our

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life. Because when you learn about how Allah functions for lack of better words, in your life, you what, what is the result of that?

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What do you what is what is the result of that in regards to our actions of the heart?

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Fear what else?

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Awareness, love what else?

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What does that translate to me?

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Belief in all of these

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you could translate towards consciousness.

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What else?

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A clean, pure heart. All of these that we mentioned are different types of worship.

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So what would you say you're gonna be or what was when you mentioned

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which is something else.

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You mentioned something else is fear. There's love. Right? believe we believe most of the time for every single action we trust.

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Trust is another one to work on. All of these are different types of worship. So fearing Allah is a type of worship, love is a type of worship. All of these are actions of the heart. And all of these are branches of a man or a sign of Amen. Okay, you see the connection. So when the more for instance, when you realize that Allah subhanaw taala is ayerza? What does that mean?

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Okay, what's the situation in our life that would cause us to remember the name of Rosa.

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So what's something that can happen to us today? Tonight?

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you lose your job, provider of food, when you go to the grocery store, when you lose your job, it's probably one of the most realistic, you better have that transaction rallyin When you think of that allotment or being the provider, because as soon as you receive that note in the mail, or you receive the email, or you get called in your supervisors office, and then you walk out of there with the card, you know, and then tell them and they show the cardboard box goes to the office with the box and he puts everything in there.

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You have to have your you have to think what Allah as a result, what aspect of worship will that act should hopefully we'll activate in your heart

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to welcome

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when you have that Eman, you say? What's something that somebody that trust in Allah with their cardboard box walking to their car? You know, they don't know what they're going to do that five kids know? What's something you would say to motivate yourself or to keep yourself spiritually activated in saying

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to occulta Allah trust in Allah, Allah, Allah will what?

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Allah will provide, you are calm you Have you lost your job.

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What's one questions she may ask? She's human? What are we?

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What are we going to do?

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What do you respond?

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We just said Allah, Allah will find a way Camilla. I'm putting up putting in resumes of some people I know, so on and so on. So that's the way that's the way that the name of Allah should activate something in your heart when you think and mindful when you're mindful of him. And all of that is taqwa tuck was the mindfulness of Allah, which activates these different types of worships, which are circumstantial. So whatever name you think of Allah can be based on a certain circumstance that will activate a certain type of worship in your heart, that will keep you strong in your Amen. Because you have another option. When you lose the job. What are we going to do? Then? shaytaan?

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We'll take that what are we going to do with those questions? And the question is more of a question that is rebuking predestination of Allah. What are you going to do? You have to pay your bills? What are you going to do? The more you ask, then you may ask Yeah, what?

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Yeah. Know the negative response.

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Yeah, Allah, why did you

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do this? Why did you do?

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Why me?

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You saying why me why you're in your car in your cardboard box and the cardboard box when you get home, you hear the alarm go off, you turn your Wi Fi, unplug that.

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And then clock and plug it I don't want to hear no, then why above we have to pray, y'all can go and pray. After go and look for a job I have to get on the computer. Now.

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If I don't do this, who's going to pay the bills? Right.

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There's no statement of Allah if the name of Allah has mentioned, it's not mentioned in a good light. Right? We're all human, but you have a choice in the end of the day, to make the effort to worship Allah or to make the effort to do opposite or other than that, and all this comes from thinking of the Name of Allah subhanaw taala. And the way the gateway to realizing the activation or realization of that name is through knowledge of a result.

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Because we think a result only deals with most of the time, lose your job money, like somebody mentioned, result with food, which can be money as well. Result of health,

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of intellect, of insight, of guidance, all as a result. So it's not only the tangible things, but when you learn more about Allah you think more about those names and you you ponder over them and you see how they act in my life, which increases your response inshallah positive response, particularly with that name. So imagine if you said with all the other names of Allah

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smell her smell, will allow him and Allah says in the client when they lay a smell or persona,

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further Obeah Allah says and for Allah are the beautiful, comprehensive names, so called on him with them. Like when we make dua yellow for in the fiddly, you have reserved there is opening, right you call in the name and then you make dua with something that is contextualized with that name.

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You have reserved or one of them so Oh Allah, Oh the provider provide me with a better job, oh the provider provide me with good health, all of this. So that is when we talk about the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa taala. The prophets of Allah Allah was salam said in a small house

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You can wow even God said Paulo Anwar Alia kala kala sola sola Salam manually the love will be higher on you Okay hopefully de ma you said nearly the process I'm said when Allah wishes good for someone He bestows upon him the understanding of the religion is recorded by Bukhari and Muslim and Muslim women measure. So in this hadith we see the promise Elijah was Salam is showing if ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala wants good for his servant Allah wants good for them because they made the effort to learn about him.

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And then Allah says, you forget hopefully Deen he gives him understanding of the religion.

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The example that we just gave with the name of Rezac was there it was, were there an example of understanding of the religion?

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We just talked about a result and we went through the whole process of how just from the name of Rezac

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gives us a positive outlook

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does that require understanding of the religion or is this a totally different matter?

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You understand my question?

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It requires So the example I gave was that an example of this hadith for example.

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Thanks. So

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that should be that should be an example of

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how do you talk just enough in Allah in every, you know, different ways? So it's part of

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I think that was

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connected, make the connection.

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Let's dissect it, okay. We say, understanding what does that mean to understand?

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It's not just something you're told and you say it, right. You know, what it was?

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You know, what it what

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So from understanding is okay, Allah has a Razak.

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And Allah is an Owen, for example.

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Do you understand the difference between the two?

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Right. So if you're talking to talking about, oh, well, what context? Would you think of the name and Owen?

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That's understanding that's the understanding I'm talking about. Right?

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You understand what I'm saying? So if you talk about oh, Allah is the first there was nothing before him. Eliza Harlock. What's the difference between a Harlock and a Razzie? When you understand the difference? That's understanding of the religion. But more importantly, you understand how that is activated and manifest in your life, which will cause a response to you. So if Allah is ill Harlock what's a particular situation? If I just had a child, I'm telling my, my wife just gave birth. Right? Think Allah is a Harnack.

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Right? That's what I'm talking about. You see, Subhan Allah Allah subhanaw taala. Without my intervention spawned let the baby was born. And that's understanding of their religion. And that causes you to praise Allah and thank him and maybe even go to see you the sugar, you know, you go down and into salute. And you say also Panasonic's upon robia Allah, you think of an Allah you think these names, that is understanding of the religion, understanding is that which is a process, in the heart and in the mind, which should activate a response for you? And actions of the heart and of the mind shall and that's when Allah subhanho wa Taala wants good for you know that the more you ponder

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over your religion, you ponder over Allah you ponder over Zika you ponder over eat, you ponder over anything that deals with Islam, whatever Allah legislated, you think about it, and you reach a level of understanding where you're able to articulate it to a non Muslim. That is when Allah subhanaw That's a sign that Allah Subhan Allah wants what good for you that's what the province of Santa said May unity love will be hate on you forget hopefully deen of Allah wants good for he gives him a her understanding of the religion. May Allah subhanaw taala give us an understanding of this religion and make this understanding of that which increases in our faith and allow the increase in faith be

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a rippling effect on those around us? Robin adds Nephi dunya Hasina will ask him if he has any machina and Abner Allama 50 have a date for benefit dinner Ramadan. I mean, a lot of them didn't if you didn't hear me along my 15 year old but I mean, and also you're also Mr. Dafina if equally Mecanim was a man in your arm but I mean, what made him the mother than men indicate that is easier for you gotta Mateen Yeah, though, generally what a crumb was that Allah was something about

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it. He was on the edge.