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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of marriage as a means of worship and how it is a crucial aspect of relationships. They give three examples of how one can approach love and support in a married relationship, including sharing a flag or using a banner, cohabitation, and physical intimacy. The speaker emphasizes that love is a core part of relationships and that everyone has a responsibility to love and support their loved ones in a married relationship.
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How do you balance between worship and marriage?

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The first response, of course, is you have to understand that marriage is an essential Nevada. One of the greatest things that you can do as a husband or as a wife is to adore and to love and to cherish the person who you're sharing in sha Allah for the rest of your life with who becomes a cornerstone for the community that you live in. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam speaks so often about the worship that is found in marriage. Here are three examples. One charity prophets, I said Lim said there isn't anything spent by someone in the family upon their family, except it is a charity that they earn reward with a law for love the prophets I seldom said in abraca sada. In

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fact, one of the charities that have the greatest reward is to spend on one's family. Number two, is to assist one another in times of need and perseverance and the prophets lie Selim he said, that a person is always in the obedience of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, as long as they are in the assistance of other people and a law there for them becomes their assistant in life. The third thing is our cohabitation and the love that we interchange and the physical attention and intimacy that we have, just like our seasons would be earned by stepping outside marriage, there's an enormous reward for showing love, fidelity and contentment with one another. Those are all acts of worship and how

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great it is to lead your family in Florida. And so you nzqa and Hajj May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah maker pillars of the community, and remember that you have the portal and or a banner hedlin mean as well. You know, we're literally Tina kurata iron was your analogy Mata Hina Mama, or a lot rise up for us and make for us from our families and our loved ones that which will please our eyes and set us as moms for others in society.

Allah, in His Mercy and Kindness, allows us to benefit from our daily lives when we live them with Him in mind.
Hence, we don’t have to choose between marriage and worship when seeking a balance. A marriage built on love, mercy, and faith in Allah is an extension of worship itself.
Answered by Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim.

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