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AI: Summary © The importance of worshipping Islam in the month of centers is emphasized, along with the need for everyone to be part of a larger brotherhood. The success of Islam in the United States and other countries is also discussed. The importance of sharing experiences and learning from others is emphasized, along with sharing gifts and intentions to help others. A card distribution is also mentioned, with hopes that people can recite the Quran.
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In Alhamdulillah, Hina Manu when a star in one star Pharaoh who wanna study when the villa Himanshu fusina women say Molina Maria de Hila hufa mobila woman your little fella had the Ala Wai shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa hula sharika wash. How do I know Mohammed Abdullah? He was Zulu sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam limited Sleeman kathira Yeah, Allah Deena Manu Taka la haka to party while at mo tuna Illa and to Muslim moon. Yeah, Johan NASA Taku Rebecca moon lady Halak. akumina Neptune wahida wahala amin has

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wahba thermen humeri jalin Cathy wrong one is

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what Tacoma hi lovey TESSA aluna v one or ham in the law Hakka Anna alikoum rocky bad. Yeah, yo holla Deena am an otaku la Hawa kulu Colin sadita your slack lakum

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filicudi novacom wa

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hawara Sula, who

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are fellows and all the EMA and my dad.

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Always we begin with the praise of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We send our prayers of peace upon our Wu Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we testify that none is worthy of worship but Allah and that I will never yes Allah Allahu Allah USL me he says worshipping slave and final messenger. I remind myself and you have Taqwa Allah azza wa jal. I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala increases my love and yours for him. That alarming says from those who fear Him and to honor him and have hope in his mercy Subhana Allah to Allah

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as we transition through half of the month of Ramadan and are nearly finished two thirds of the month of Ramadan Subhana Allah tonight will be reading from the 18th Jews of the Quran. And we're nearly Subhana Allah 20 days in into the month of Ramadan. It's important to kind of look at the month in review, and to assess what are the ways that we have come closer to Allah, and what benefits have we gained, not just physically in terms of our health and detoxing our body, which is a natural reaction to our fasting, but more importantly to our intentions. In our aim of worshiping a loss of kinda want to add in each and every one of my high school Islamic studies classes, we

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spoke about the only activity bother in the month of Ramadan is called obedience to Allah. If you are thirsty or the knee, it doesn't make your worship of Allah better. Somebody may be more hungry or less hungry, that is in the worship, we don't worship Allah, by being hungry, we worship of Allah by giving ourselves to his instruction and his order. And where Allah says begin, we begin, stop, we stop,

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enter, we enter and remove yourself from it, we remove ourselves and one of the outer outcomes of the month of Ramadan. In fact one of the silent things that is taught to us in our five pillars of Islam, a shadow Allah ilaha illa Allah and Mohammed Abu rasuluh the five daily prayers, there's a cow that we give the Seon that you and I are doing and the Hajji, that I pray, Allah allows you to perform and to return me to it Allah whom I mean, in each of those five pillars, the things that hold up our faith, as this roof above me is held that which supports your Islam. Underlying all of these five is the principle of brotherhood and togetherness.

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As you sit in front of me today, and we'll begin with Salah

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You don't look to your right and say I only pray in the Egyptian line. I only pray in the Somali line. I only pray in the Pakistani line Iranian line a rocky line. I only pray with those who are my color or who speak my ancestral language. You don't come and decide the masjid that you attend to as you stand in front of Allah.

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Ready to wage war against your sins.

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This beautiful man, Rob, it comes from the word how to war. You're in a battle every time it's your battle station to ask Allah to save you, you're fighting every moment to be a better person.

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Brotherhood is an cementing force, in our school, in our community in our prayer. You don't look to the right and say, I'm not going to pray because he's older. She's younger, they're taller, they're lighter, they're bigger, they're smaller.

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That which turns your attention to Allah is the same purpose that both of us all of us, we unite in one brotherhood of this Kelly man, one word, La ilaha illa Allah, it's more important than my life and your life. It is more important than my wealth and your wealth. It's more important than my heritage, my culture. It is what makes you as a Muslim.

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When we come together too fast,

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every single person who says that word La Ilaha Illa. Allah, in the 30 days, whenever the sun is up, they restrict food and drink from their mouth, from their stomach, because they know that whether people see them or not, it's what Allah knows of them. And the Brotherhood that ties us together. Is that obedience to Allah, you are not a minority as a Muslim.

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You may think Subhan Allah in a city like Perth, or in Australia, were one of 20 or 30 people in the country. But you as a Muslim, you were a part of a large oma, a group of people who come together in community of faith, of all the cultures, all languages of all places in the world. Two years ago, I entered to play Serato and failure in one of the most northern masajid in the world. And I thought to myself, I wonder you know, what kind of Muslims do they have? They're in Reykjavik in Iceland. My family and I were on holiday nice. What kind of Muslims are there in Iceland?

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The Imam stands forward. He begins to recite from the Quran from Surah Surah.

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A young Somali man

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standing behind him, a Canadian Australian Egyptian.

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standing before Allah, Icelandic people entered into Islam, every nation of every place in the world your city is unique. Perth is one of the lowest in our in latitude areas. lowest areas Southern most countries in our southern country in our city is one of the furthest places from Europe where Muslims from Mecca were Muslims pray and recite the Quran.

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You are cemented your Zakah many of your families are going to put money in the box outside Zakat on faith.

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You don't ask Is this a cattle feature going to my people were Malaysian. I wanted only in Malaysia I want only in Singapore. I wanted only in in Surah Lanka. Don't send it to anyone unless it goes to my people Kenya, Somalia, Mozambique.

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It doesn't matter where your wealth will go because you know zeca it goes to those who are from us. from us with that Kenny mela ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah.

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May Allah allow you the opportunity to stand in hajj Subhana Allah, every year when I lead 100 1000s of people in hajj with me, the people who are assembled, all of them asking Allah for the same thing in different languages of the world. Everyone is asking Allah for forgiveness, for health for their children to be good people to know the Quran. And your mother may stand with me and had your father may have been with me in hajj, they put their hands up and they say yeah, Allah and they say it in their own language as I say it for my own children.

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Because what brings us together is Allah.

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And what lets you be a member of our school is not that your parents can afford or not.

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It's not whether you're awesome.

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trillion are not what makes you a member of our school is that you value this brotherhood that I'm speaking of

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you value that we have an ethos, a moral code of law Illa Illa, Allah is more supreme is more important,

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then what my heart may want

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that you put forward, what Allah ordered, even though your heart may want food and drink, you are from those who say Sameer and Aparna. And therefore whenever we see an incident of ugliness in our school, whenever somebody goes outside the boundaries of our brotherhood,

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whenever somebody crosses a line, that our heart as a Muslim,

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our laws in our wonderful country, our ethics in our school does not permit then they're placed with us is never accepted.

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It becomes important for you and I to know that that which we judge by primarily, is our love and our fear and our hope in Allah Subhana Allah to Allah.

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After you do totally sauraha I will speak about how you can increase brotherhood, for those who are with you in newness, and those who are distant akuto Kali her that was still federal law. Hello Avi Malik.

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Al hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Allah, Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah Ali Abdullah sada tasleem three ways that you and I can increase our brotherhood with each other. First is to make your art for each other. So Pamela, I always wonder how many of my students at the time that they break their fast may remember me. And if this isn't something that you've done yet, for myself and all of your other teachers, I asked you about Allah Subhana, WA to Allah today as you pick up that date, as you're about to sip your water, that as you make your dua for your friends, for your family, for your loved ones, those who are living and those who have passed away. I asked you in sha

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Allah to make your eye for those who have done any good for you and include me with them in sha Allah. I heard a story of one of our young students, Masha, Allah, her and her family, they lost a family member.

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And each and every night.

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Each of them gathers. And they read just one use of the Quran, so that they can make what they believe will be solved with the web, ask Allah to share that reward for that person who's passed away. And there's people in their home and outside, they still remember somebody who is not living with them.

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How important it is for those of us to appreciate your father, your mother, your brothers, your sisters, who at any moment's notice, can be taken. And I know as I say this, that there are some of you whose grandparents have passed away this last week. I know is sitting in front of me there are some of you who have lost aunts and uncles this last week. Now ask Allah Subhana Allah to allow us to join them in jetnet infidels Allahumma Amin. Second way you increase your art,

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after making dua for each other to increase our Brotherhood in love, is to give each other gifts. And that's the reason I will begin their EAD card distribution next week, I asked you in sha Allah to remember me and your gifts and to share it with your friends and family Allahumma amin, and all of the proceeds go to our charity. And third and finally,

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is that you have good intentions for each other, that perhaps somebody said something to you, they shouldn't have said perhaps somebody acted in a way that was wrong. Perhaps they're 100% wrong and you're 100% right? know that it's not about what's right or wrong. That's always important. It's more important to consider what Allah sees of our behavior. And Allah subhana wa to Allah teaches us this lesson in the Quran by saying whether you have a gorilla who knows if Allah was to hold you accountable The moment you did wrong, none of us would survive mathematic. Allah humming Dabba

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your aim is never to just exact justice. But it's always to look at life with mercy. And with brotherhood in mind. I pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah makes our heart soft to each other protects our staff and our students, our school, our teachers and our parents. I pray that Allah

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apana with Allah leads our board and administrators and our principle to that which is pleasing to Him and turns us away from that which is sinful. I pray that Allah except our month of Ramadan, our siyam and our night prayers, that Allah allows you the ability to recite the Quran even if it is a few verses each and every night. Heather was all your eyelid heavy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allahu madeon and haha Karnataka theva Arenal belt in about in unwatered zoeken St. nabba Allah Hamada zoeken albuterol alhuda tobiah or hamara mean, wa salam ala Houma wa sallam was it Hua barik ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa Camus Miss sada

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a little bit

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Well, hello