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So that was set on one on us without right it was on his mind.

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I'm sitting here and let's do the number we and we're about to break out faster and sharper perhaps there is about too often out to 45 minutes remaining mashallah there are so many brothers and sisters on the sister site. But here everyone is so excited people are distributed, accidentally have

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that's an impact

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pack has in its

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yogurts, bread, some dates water

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with white

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powder that they usually put into the yogurt, it's very interesting.

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If the number we want the best feeling is in the profits.

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When one point is over the fact that the Sahaba of the Milan

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emselves we're not too far from here when I say not too far from the error message obviously expand on the masjid expand it to the degree that

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a whole of Medina at that time was smaller than the size of this entire Masjid that is here right now. So that is something that's amazing. When you think of the fact that Sahaba were here,

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not too far off, he's resting a few meters away from

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some Allah Allah.

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And you see that millions of people all following what you taught, and all worshiping Allah and trying their best to actually

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make dua to Allah to Allah supplicates any lessons and salutations upon Muhammad, some of us it's amazing. It's a beautiful feeling. I mean, I'll show you in a few moments was among this looks like but it's actually

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heartwarming people from different parts of the world. I've asked people just for the sake of hearing it, where do you come from? And I promise we've heard all sorts of places across the world. I'm sure those of you who are viewing this right now, you wouldn't agree that no matter where you are, you would love to come to this place but can Medina

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and Subhanallah to experience this. I recommend with all respect to the Viva La Mancha I recognize in Medina is much more although value in terms of the masjid yes question Haram is indeed a place where the Salah is multiplied more the Question Number we have, but when it comes to a warm from the people there definitely they are the ones who gave the province of Alberta

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and his companions

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place that they migrated to they open their homes and houses

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for the Sahaba the alum who were strangers to them welcomed and fed them gave them whatever they have to share their clothes and their belongings

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amazing to this day, mashallah there is a warmth even those who just generally live here who may not be originally from this place, they quickly develop this warmth because it's something that happens in Medina, the columns. Just yesterday, someone is asking me Have you had to shift here? Which city would it be? Well, it would be it would definitely be Madina Munawwara

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And not only is it a pleasant place with a lot of pounds and hospitality, but there is a different feeling and getting Madina Munawwara

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you look, I'm going to show you what it looks like down here.

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These are some of the

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people sitting here waiting for the National Bar. And

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it's unique.

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We ask Allah Almighty to accept it from one hand or actually taken the planet. And every, every portion, every carpet that they've made, is actually designated to someone who offered to to actually provide these Iftar meals. The reason why they've standardized it and you can't just bring what you want. In the masjid, there is a standard mean is because of the cleanliness and they don't want to miss it is obviously masjid, Masjid is a sacred place we need to bear in mind

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to keep it clean, or to raise our voices too much and so on. So for that reason, they have a standard

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stop at the

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they serve all the people, within four or five minutes, I'm not going to be able to show you that because I wouldn't like to disturb the people. But within four or five minutes, everyone is already done. And the place is speak in Spanish as clean as ever. That's also another miracle. I'm sure many of you when I was in Morocco recently, inside the masjid, they don't see these bargains outside the masjid and on the rooftop they do inside I'm guessing that the reason must be because of

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the inability to actually clean it up prior to prayer because of the sheer numbers. So for that reason, they only have a few dates that you will take themselves

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in Masjid Al haram

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here in Medina, mashallah it's all orderly in the face in one direction, aka, you know, facing one direction everyone's around the campus. So it's around this a little bit more difficult

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than I want to seize this opportunity to ask them not to bless all of you and not your goodness. The brothers and sisters wherever you are in the world, a lot of people are struggling to be honest. And

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I really learned about my to help you through your struggles. Here we are about to break our fast show the Athan will be called shortly.

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Still, we have time to make dua

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you don't have to wait to the Tamil to make it in Ramadan, but you can make it throughout the day. Why newer, faster. Any dua unique is accepting. You make a dua as you are fasting. And then as close as you get to the opening of the fast

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you we would normally get a bit more serious in our DUA and so on.

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That is that's the reason why I'm sitting here I decided that I have not been on this type of alive for a very long time on YouTube. So let me

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speak to you and they make dua for each other and I love what you have in your life now launching is opening doors so many people have asked me to praise and

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I want to say that yes, I cannot make things easy for you.

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At the same time we pray for ourselves and for wherever we remember it's good to pray for others we shouldn't be selfish in our dua.

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So May Allah bring you here inshallah. Ron to the best of this world and the next. I think for now that's about it. We have the Imams number we

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are now fulfilling their Salah from the Mahabharata Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, there was a time when they were a few rows in front of that there was an extension of who they used to lead from the front now they're leaving from two or three rows behind was exactly where the profits are Allison that used to be from so that's something that's really amazing.

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I see so many people come in and really

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if I flip this up and you see all the people walking around and everyone's preparing and sitting and calling others to come and join them let me show you what it looks like this

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looks like

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because of all the people there

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everyone is

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just amazing about the product

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they can send a message to these with this

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product shall receive as a little bit later. Meantime, we're getting ready for Salatin

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and I asked him once again to offer us I've seen a few of the comments.

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Go back and check the comments again.

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And take your guys's cinematic department