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The speakers discuss the concept of "will" and the history of Jesus's interactions with followers. They also touch on the importance of showing faith and consistency in Islam, as it is the only sign needed to achieve goals. The speakers emphasize the need for people to appreciate and reflect on the Quran and benefit from it, as it is the only sign needed to achieve their goals. They also mention a new book called Mahato, which focuses on the community and encourages people to donate and participate in a community outreach event.

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Bismillah hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah what Allah Allah He was here at Marina salaam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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Inshallah, continuing with our series here in the month of Ramadan, paths to peace, where we take a look at the verses of the Quran, which mentioned the concepts of peace, tranquility, serenity, and then we reflect on them to see how we can incorporate this within our own lives.

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Today, we're going to talk about the end of Sultan Matsuda.

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There's a very specific verse, which is verse number 115.

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And there's a very specific word

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within that verse.

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Or rather, excuse me, verse number 113. And there's a very specific word within that verse, which is why we're talking about this passage here today. And that word is derived from the from the from the base of Tamar, Nina. But my Nina, and we talked about the money now previously, but for my Nina is the sense of calmness, the sense of stability, and a sense of tranquility, serenity, that a person has, it describes a kind of stillness.

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And it, it really comes back to the meaning of stability. Because

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something that is like really

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low to the ground is called My, it's my,

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it's my unknown Middle Earth, it's something that is very low and close to the ground, it has a low center of gravity.

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So when the wind blows, it doesn't sway in the wind, it doesn't get knocked over, it's low to the grounded stable, it's solid. And that's the concept of the menina. That when someone's heart is very strong, stable solid, then that's this concept. So now, in order to understand and appreciate this word, inside of this, verse 113, we have to take a look at this passage, this passage at the end of Sultan Matsuda is fascinatingly about isa Alehissalaam, or a seven Umaria, Jesus son of Mary. And it particularly focuses on the period towards the end of his initial time here on Earth in this dunya amongst the people, before He ascended.

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And it really goes into a lot of detail about his interactions with his own disciples and the believers of that time.

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And what went right,

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and also much of what went wrong. And then ultimately, at the end of the sutra, Allah subhanaw taala talks about, even what will be the conversation on the Day of Judgment, on the Day of Resurrection, about how the followers of Isa lost their way, and distorted the teachings of Asa, and ultimately deified him. So it deals with some very tough, difficult complex issues. But at the end of the Surah, Allah says in verse number 111, what is oh, hey to Elan howardena, an army newbie will be Rosu li Palu, Amana was had to be anonymous remote. Allah says that when I sent the message to the disciples of Jesus, that believe in me, believe in God, believe in Allah. And believe in the

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messenger of God, the Messenger of Allah, my messenger, Allah says, they responded by saying we have believed and we and Oh Allah, you bear witness that we have submitted to you, that we believe in you.

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In verse number 112.

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Allah then tells us it called hava unigenes.

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Isa, you are a servant of Madame. Then the disciples came to Asa Alehissalaam. And they said, how do you study or a book?

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Is your Lord capable of doing something for us? What is that something? And Eunice Zilla Lena ma either Tamina Salah

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that Can He send down a food spread a banquet from the heavens?

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To Kool

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Aid United Allina mighty determiner sama. Can He send that down for us? They requested this they demanded this. They wanted this. This miracle, this very blatant, obvious miracle that a feast worthy of kings would descend down from the heavens onto the earth and be made available to them.

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As Ali salaam responds, Allah, it sokola in control of meaning,

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be mindful and fearful of God, if indeed you are actually believers.

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Now what's being said here? what's being said here? And there's ima

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even I shoot Rahim, Allahu taala. He mentioned some of the Israeli yards, some of the narrations behind this incident, that the head of the disciples of Jesus, He came to him, and he said that the people are demanding that they want to see they need to experience some miracle.

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And the irony was, that it's not like they hadn't witnessed any miracles. Just a few I ought to go Allah subhanaw taala talks about some of the miracles of Esau, they hit salah, where Allah mentions that

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were in the local Mina clinic a high tide the evening for 10 fuku fee for Tacoma Toynbee evening.

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That you, meaning ALLAH is addressing, or at least that um, you took some clay, some dirt in your hand, and you mold it, you fashion the shape of a bird out of it. And then you said the name of Allah and you blew into it, and it came to life and flew out of your hands. The Quran says,

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What to ACMA, and you were able to cure the person who was born blind. This was not an ailment like somebody could see. And then they suffered some kind of sickness or illness or ailment or injury. And now they have trouble seeing now this person was born without the ability to see. And then you need to offer them place your hand on their face. And miraculously, they could see again,

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well above us, people who are afflicted with different illnesses, incurable diseases of the skin, you would make the offer them say the name of Allah and then you put your hand on them.

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And they will be cured. Miraculous.

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What is written in Malta, be it me.

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And even when Bani Israel

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with the Israelites became very belligerent, and disrespectful and confrontational, and they went to an extreme,

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and they came to a Saudi salaam, and they said, either you revive the dead, or we don't believe in you.

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If you're really truly a prophet from God, you will revive the dead, this dead person will testify on your behalf the true prophet and messenger of God.

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He told me salaam goes to the graveyard, makes dua to Allah.

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And then he says, can be eaten Allah, stand by the command of God.

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And a dead man came out of his grave and pointed are at Ali Salam, and testified that this is a prophet in the Messenger of Allah, and then passed away again.

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So Allah is saying all of this in the Quran, just a few I have to go and I remember 110.

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Just a couple of verses ago,

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they witnessed all these miracles. So when these people are now coming, and they're saying, Can your Lord send down a miracle upon us? Can He send down a banquet of food spread from the heavens?

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To really, and they'll talk about their motivations, but Can He send that down? Why is it he saw the salam saying, hey, hey, fear God.

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Be careful. Watch yourself. If you're actually believers, why is he responding that way? They're just asking for a sign.

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But because they had seen these signs, they had seen all of this before. And yet they're still demanding more.

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And then they respond back to the admonition. The rebuke from HR they said and they responded with, I went 13 Call Louis to Unaka

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minhang Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.

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We don't doubt you. We don't doubt Allah. We're not trying to, you know, throw shade. There's none of that. We're not undermining your message or mission. Moody. We're not calming her. We just would like something to eat. Oh, of course. It's always that simple. We're just hungry. Oh, of course you are. Right.

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What does my inner Kulu buena so that our hearts can find tomorrow, Nina. Stillness, stability, serenity. That if we just see this one more miracle.

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It'll give us the conviction that we need.

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Just one more. Just this last one. That's it just one more inch All

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right, this one

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will not allow uncut. Katana and then we'll know that indeed you were telling the truth. When Hakuna la Homina Shahidi in and then we'll be witnesses to this. They will advocate for you.

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He said honey he Salam said Okay.

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Color is of no matter yum. Allah humara BANA

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Oh ALLAH Robina our Lord unzila Alena Ma, Edith Amina sama sundown this food spread this banquet from the heavens

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to kulana easily a well in our atherina and if nothing else, this will become a day of celebration.

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A day of commemorating the descent of the blessing of Allah fine. Well, I get to Minca and this will definitely be assigned for many other people for all the rest of humanity. What Arizona and we will also benefit from the sustenance so feed us will answer Hallo Raja kleemann you are the best of sustainers

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so isa Ali Salam

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takes the lemons that he's given any makes lemonade.

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Right he puts a positive spin on it. He finds a silver lining says Oh Allah, it'll be your blessing. We'll enjoy your blessing. We'll celebrate your blessing. Others will see the blessing and good will come of this yella. So send this please.

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But then Allah subhanaw taala in verse number 115, addresses them.

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Now Allah addresses those people that demanded this from a child a sunnah and says, Be careful what you wish for Allah Allah who in name when Zillah Wa alaykum. I am going to send down this banquet from the heavens, for me, yet full bodied men come. But if you dare disbelief, if you dare show any ingratitude after that. For inuwa, the whoo hoo, I haven't let people who hadn't been Alameen then I will inflict my wrath, I will send my punishment, I will rain down my wrath upon that person, such a wrath and such a punishment that I've never given that to anyone ever before.

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Because to whom much is given much as expected.

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And so, what's the takeaway here? Obviously, it's a very powerful lesson. There's many, many lessons in this, about respect, about gratitude, about humility. There's so many lessons, but specifically to connect to us. There's one lesson I wanted to highlight. And that is, these people were in the company of HR Lisa, in the masala ISA and Allah, He commented he, Adam, after the creation of Adam, the greatest thing humanity had ever witnessed was the creation of Isa,

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miraculously, without a father

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and then to call him a NASA filmer.

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And then easily someone from the very time that he was a baby and infant in the arms of his mother. He started speaking eloquently to the people in the Abdullah, Attorney al Kitab. Allah Nina Beija, I am the servant of God. God has given me revelation, or will give me revelation, and I will be a prophet to the people.

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They were spending time they were looking at a cell with their own eyes. They had witnessed all these miracles he had seen him make the burden blow say the name of Allah and blow air into it, and it would fly away. They saw Him cure the blind and the leper.

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They saw him pull the dead out of the grave. They witnessed all of this.

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And yet they said, but we need a sign. I need a miracle. I need something more.

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And that's why look what they say.

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said, they said we need something more because what did they not have? That my inner coluna they still did not have that tranquility of the heart. Because if you don't appreciate what you have, and you don't reflect on what you already have in front of you, you will never attain that peace, that tranquility, that serenity, that we also desperately crave. You'll keep on looking, you'll keep on demanding. You'll keep on asking, and maybe even you'll keep on finding, but you'll never actually reach that point of tranquility.

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But you need to understand you need to appreciate and you need to reflect and engage with what you what you have in front of you. And for us, that is a Quran. That is the book of Allah. People talk about I need a sign.

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Like, do you want to like walk outside and they just want to see the answer written in the clouds. You can pay to get that done, by the way. All right.

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It's silly. Right? Everyone's always talking about dreams.

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Right? Need to have a dream. I saw this in my dream. The greatest miracle humanity has ever, ever interacted with the greatest sign of Allah. I got to laugh.

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The most remarkable sign is the Quran is the book of Allah

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jotain to be Univille it from Sarmad Washington Abby Kitab Edelman sodomy, like the poet says that all the prophets came with their miracles. But one day those prophets had to leave and their miracles left with them.

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The staff of Moses left one day

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the curing of HIV salaam of the leper and ascended into the heavens with

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it departed. But you are Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam ala Rasulillah, you want to be Kitab innovativen sodomy, but you came to us with a miraculous book that would never leave. It's still here today. We're still interacting with the tool today. We just have to understand it. We have to appreciate it. And we have to realize that all we're ever going to need this is the greatest miracle we're ever going to need. It's the only sign we ever needed.

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And so may Allah subhanaw taala grant us the ability to be able to engage with the Quran and reflect on the Quran and benefit from the Quran and grow with the Quran.

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May Allah subhanaw taala grant us all the ability to practice everything that's been said and heard Subhan Allah Who Would Be humble he Subhana Colombi Huntik Nisha to a La ilaha illa Anta Safaricom wanted to Lake now, before inshallah everyone gets up, please just give me another minute of your time. First of all, there's the announcement that we made earlier that so that's an Asia Inshallah, from tomorrow will be at 930. So please make note of that. And then the very important announcement that I had is Hamdulillah. We have a really remarkable organization here in Dallas based in Dallas called Mahato. out of Dallas, they do something really special and that is they are reviving the

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Sunnah and the focus of

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taking this apart from a community and distributing it within that same community. That the the idea that the Quran talks about the neighbor will God God will saw him even Jambi right and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, When can you help me who will actually will you when can you be like William will ask it that a sign of believing in Allah and the Day of Judgment is to actually

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take care of one's neighbor.

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Right? To protect one's neighbor to address the needs of a neighbor. And so I Isha Siddiqa. Our mother are interested DECA Radi Allahu anha she says, who's your neighbor, by the way? Subhanallah listen to this, they had a community mindset. They thought like they thought about community. And they had a community focused mindset. i You said that the loved one has has 40 homes in every direction from you or your neighbors.

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40 homes around the doubt. I mean, holy Janet. Those are your neighbors. Those are the people that have a right on you. Those are the people that if they sleep hungry, while you slept full, you did not live up to your task. You did not do your job.

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So we take it for granted. We don't understand what how important and profound it is for us to take care of people in our own locale. And so humbled that we have this beautiful organization here that distributes works, distributes artistic locally works with the local community making sure everybody is taken care of so humbled that they're outside here with us today. Please stop by the table get more information, donate contribute generously, and this is an ideal place to give yours account may Allah accept from all of us. Does that communicate and sound like they cannot?