Mufti Menk – Why should I ask Allah, if He won’t accept?

Mufti Menk
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

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Bismillah he will hamdulillah he was Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah, Allah, he was happy at mine, my beloved brothers and sisters, one thing we need to know is Allah has created in US needs and these needs in order to fulfill them. Allah Almighty wants us to call out to Him to pray to supplicate too fast to engage in acts of worship, and to be able to soften ourselves. So whenever there is a need within ourselves, we want something, even if we think we have the capacity to do it ourselves. Always remember that capacity was given to you by Allah Almighty, that power can be snatched away at any time, your strength, your energy, no matter your wealth, your position, your

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power, whatever you have, can be taken away in one second by Allah subhanho wa Taala. He has done it to those before us, he can do it, he will do it, he shall do it. That is Allah, it's up to him Why? Sometimes he does it as a form of punishment. Sometimes he does it as a test in order to soften us and to give us an opportunity to gain closeness to him. So at times, there are things we want to achieve that seem to us impossible. But if we desperately wanted, the question is, will we be rewarded to ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for that, which we think is not possible for a human being? The answer is obviously you will be rewarded because you are declaring the ability of Allah and the

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inability of men. For example, I asked Allah, Allah, Grant me just for example, a million dollars. Now for someone whose income is 100 $200, a week or a month, or whatever else it may be, it may seem impossible for Allah, is it impossible. It's not impossible, something can happen. And if you keep asking ALLAH and you keep asking ALLAH and you're a steadfast person, and you try your best to please Allah, a lot of things will happen. Allah will give you something worth more than a million dollars, or he might give you the million and more because say he doesn't give me the million in this world. So I didn't get what I asked for. Allah Almighty, will grant me a reward in the

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hereafter way beyond the million he will become pleased with me way beyond a million he will give me good health, happiness, contentment, good children, a lovely situation, beautiful peaceful environment, etc, etc. which is priceless. priceless means no matter what tag you put on it in terms of material value, this will be more there are people who have the millions you are asking for. They have no sleep at night. They have no health, they are not happy. They are not content, which is better. You want a million with no sleep, or no million with good sleep. Nowadays, some of the youngsters might tell you nevermind the sleep Give me the million. Allah grant us is Lucha copper,

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but to be very fair, Allah wants you to call out to Him make dua to him, ask him read your Salah, fulfill your Zakah give charity, fast. For example, pray every day pick up the Quran, the vicar, the remembrance of Allah declare the praise of Allah continue. Allahu Akbar, Allah is the Greatest Allah is the greatest ally is able he is capable, he will give me the process Salam says when you are asking Allah asked him with certainty in your heart that he is going to give you what you want, you must, then he says, Allah might not still give you that thing. What was the benefit? Why should I ask Allah when I think and I know in my mind and my heart that perhaps Allah might not give me what

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I'm asking. That's what the process Allah says he might not give you. The reality is he may not give you exactly what you're asking but he will always give you better in a different way.

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in a different way. So I asked Allah Oh Allah get me married to such and such a person. Is it permissible? Well, some of the scholars say you must always see if it is good for me if it is better for my Deen my dunya my AF Hara, etc. But if you are asking Allah subhanho wa Taala for something specific, you need to remember that the goodness is you are calling out to one who you believe is able to give you already that is a bad already that is an act of worship, you are asking one who you believe is able to give you while others are unable to give you you're worshiping Him that is Allah believes that he will gela so we ask Allah we continue to seek from Allah subhanho wa Taala and the

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fact that you worshipped him in that way, he will grant you Jen in return paradise in return. Listen to what the Hadith says. A dua, who will ibadah the calling out in supplication and do ah that is actually worshiping Allah. Because you are asking Allah if someone asked you can you give me $5

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they're not worshiping you because then

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No, that was given to you by Allah subhanho wa Taala. And there is there is a chain that comes to the person that can be seen. You can see how they earned the money where it came from, with Allah from no way you are asking him, Oh Allah, Grant me this, he has the capacity to give it to you miraculously without any form of chain of anything. That's the difference between Allah and others. When someone says, Look, I invented the car. So what's the difference between me and Allah? I also made the car a stone fetullah What did you use to make the car you use the tin you use the leather you use the other wires and whatever and the batteries and all of that you got it from other things

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that were already on earth when Allah created in gamma mu

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dashi and a una hongcun fire coupon for sober Hannah de via de mallacoota, Konishi.

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Joan, when Allah wants to create something, he says Be and it is there already in front of him. That's the difference. So we tell those who say they have created a car to stand on an open desert, for example, in an open desert and say B and we want to see the Mercedes in front of them Subhan Allah, they will laugh because they know if they do that they will be sent to the mental hospital. Allah grant us all cure. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect all those who are struggling with mental sickness and illness of any sort because the spectrum is very wide. But I'm sure you've understood the point I'm raising. So you ask Allah, Allah, Allah grant me this, he can give it to

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you. Still to this day, Allah says B and D will create from nothing.

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Oh Giada who Minal Adam. He has put things into place from nothing, not even thin air because thin air is a creature of Allah. So if someone says let's see out of thin a thin air is already created by Allah subhanho wa Taala. May Allah grant us from his goodness and mercy. May Allah have mercy on all of us. Remember, call out to Allah, even when you are doing something you believe is possible for you. I can do it. But I asked Allah make it easy for me. Grant me acceptance Give me the capacity to continue doing this helped me in May in all ways. Be a humble person. Allah will bless you and continue to give you I end off with a verse of the Quran. Allah says le

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It's more than more than one place in the Quran. But it's only a part of the verses where Allah says if you are thankful, you show gratitude for what we gave you. How do you show gratitude? worship Allah, be humble. give out in charity, be a good person. Last is when you are humble. You are obedient. You try your best to seek the forgiveness of Allah wherever you faltered, but you make sure you are on the straight and narrow. Allah says that is gratitude that is now thankfulness. When you show thankfulness we give you more. When you thank Allah for 50 he gives you 500 when you thank him for 500 he gives you 5000 it's not like a man or a boy sitting and saying Oh Allah, thank you

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for the 50 Thank you for the 50 I thank you for the 50 and he keeps saying I thank you for the 50 and then he comes in he says but I never got the 500

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because thankfulness is a life process. Number one, Allah gives you contentment, he makes you happy with how much you have. I have this I'm going to budget according to it. You earned 50 you spent 40 and you still have 10 change. That's blessing. That's Allah giving you more. Some people earn 500 before you know it, they're in debt of another 500 and the week hasn't even passed that is somehow disturbing. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect all of us and grant us goodness akula Kali hada wa sallahu wa sallam albaraka ala nabina Muhammad

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