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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the development of a center inundersized areas of the Islamic city of war, which is meant to be both a conflict zone and a center for prayer. They also discuss the construction of a wall and the use of women's jackets and men's jackets to inform people about the deen of Allah. They also mention the need for hard work and donation to create a reality where the south of Nigeria will not continue to be a conflict zone.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh How are you guys doing for some time, we've been raising funds for this center, the center in Norway, which is meant to be both a masjid and our center. I've come here to see where your money has been spent.

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First, I

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think good to see you.

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I love the show. I love the jump.

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The fear of God on you

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in the right place.

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So first of all, welcome to this place. Chalabi the biggest on this kind of its kind Islamic center in the country of Norway. Yes, it may be in Scandinavia and so on. So all of this area here will be the masjid so we need to build the Murghab over here. Still getting raising funds for the prayer carpets, etc. Yes, yes. So this area and I think we could have maybe 567 100 people praying and inshallah Allah, that's amazing. And Oslo is a very expensive city anyway. So for you to be able to establish that with the funds of these people here. That's that's a major accomplishment, isn't it? 100%. And this is one of the most expensive cities in Europe. And it's also the fastest growing city

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in Europe, even in the world. I think Oslo. Yeah, maybe could could be yes, Pamela so JazakAllah khair for all of your kind donations, with your donations, and Hamdulillah. And we've been able to establish this huge premise, and we're still working, the construction work will continue in Shaolin already you can see any mashallah what's what's what's been done so far more solid. When someone does a prayer here and someone that salah and the light and all that stuff people will begin to do.

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Yeah, so just imagine every single time someone prays in this Masjid five times a day to pray, well, this will be established inshallah Tada. And you guys would be getting the reward for that for all of your kind donations. Let's go to the next part. Yeah, sure.

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So over here is how we intend to build a wall so you can get your sound like Donald Trump

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told me, this wall is shallow to close it, when there's no drama, for example, when the weather's drama, we just opened it up. So you can have beautiful spacious, yeah, otherwise, this area will be our main conference hall. This is where you will be coming and teaching the people educating them about the deen of Allah. And just beautiful is that me you know, this, this volunteers have come for the earthquake situation in Turkey and Syria. And this has been made use of this air has been made useful. But you can see here women's jackets, you know, men's jackets.

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Three containers have been sent already to Syria and three containers are being filled up right now to be sent to Syria. Amazing people in sha Allah we gang the rules for that as well. Let's go ahead and see the next policy that will do facilities and facilities this is it this way.

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All have this area over here, including this space here, and this space here. But this will become the Voodoo facilities. So obviously we need to rebuild this whole thing. And subhanAllah every single time someone makes blue hair and the droplets are falling off the sins on the those Muslims we'll be following up. And you guys, yes, we have been supporting this cause we're getting that. Wow. And this is amazing. Because like, as you say, it's not just 1000 So you have a masjid here. So you're you're doing Oh, and deal to be honest with you, I'll be honest, one of the things I fear, one day for dead or canceled or whatever it may be, that our southern Nigeria will not continue.

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That's it. But by putting money and time and effort into a place like this, then our sadaqa jariya will continue as a prophet told us cut our abdomen abdomen eliminated so that basically or come across our solemn all of this child of Adam's sins will be interrupted except for three things. And one of those three things is sada cotton geria a continual charity. Now, this is in progress, isn't it? Fahad, this thing and they're doing great work. And we're saying, continue doing the great work. We're almost done. We're almost done, at least at this section here is going to be complete very soon. And we do need the hard work and donation from you guys in the persistence and the Doha as

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well. So make sure make sure to click the link below and let's make this project a reality.