When the two seas meet! Being the best mother in law

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A mother in law discusses how relationships between the father and his daughter are important in building healthy relationships. The book gives advice on how to welcome the mother in law and her sister, as well as how to manage healthy relationships. The book is available on Amazon and is a reference for those interested in the book.

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh my brothers and sisters, many people speak about relationships between the in laws, the daughter in law, the mother in law, that's relationship number one primary source of a lot of problems in marriages. Many times there is no problem between husband and wife. But because of a relationship between wife and mother of the husband, or husband and mother of the wife, there becomes a problem. So I've spoken about this in the past, there are good people on all sides, shade line is bad. And sometimes we are not coached, we don't know how to treat our mother in law or daughter in law. And I'm not saying either one is right or wrong, but

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general advice. So when I was recently in Dubai, I was given a book by one of my friend's brother, Mohammed Rafi. And it was it's actually compiled Subhana layerable. And I mean, by

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Mohammed. And this is an amazing book, I don't usually promote books, unless I find that they are really, really amazing.

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And so this is a very brief small guide. It says, when the two seas meet, building bonds, excelling in the role of mother in law, Subhanallah, and I'm sure there will be another one soon, excelling in the role of daughter in law. So this book, this book, actually has, in it, a lot of good guidance, how to welcome your daughter in law, how to look at her what to say, what not to say what to do, what not to do your limits, and your lines. And I feel it's a very, very good read for mothers in law, so much so that I think I'm going to gift this book, at the time of marriage to the people to read

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wherever I can, and Sharla because it's really important, you know, where the, when the two seas meet, beautiful, beautiful title two seas, you're both our seas in their own way, right? And it says building bonds excelling in the role of mother in law, Mashallah My beloved sister who has actually done this, I really feel that you deserve credit. And that's the reason why I am promoting this book. And I did inquire where it's available. It's available on Amazon. Let me just read for you what it says at the back here.

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It says you from mother to mother in law.

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Being a good mother in law is challenging, especially since this role is pivotal in maintaining healthy family dynamics. In order to be a good mother in law, you need to deeply introspect and look within to create a legacy of goodness and to lead the life a life of sincerity, abundance and happiness. Within this book lies a treasure chest of heart touching reminders that aim to strengthen your ability to communicate effectively, according to the Islamic perspective, and bring you closer to Allah to Allah. Sister Mumtaz, Rafi, Mohammed beautiful Mashallah. So I would suggest we get this from Amazon soft copy or hard copy. If you're in the UAE I'm sure you'd be able to get a hard copy

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very quickly and even elsewhere in the world. And I'm looking forward to your sister for the next book, which says, which I'm hoping would say excelling in the role of daughterinlaw perhaps the same title. May Allah bless you guys as salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.