Mufti Menk – Powerful Boost 26 – Tonight’s the Night – Laylatul Qadr 1442H

Mufti Menk
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Salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah, he was happy at mine, my beloved brothers and sisters, today is one of the days where we've been blessed by Allah subhanho wa Taala to be in his house in the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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people choose to be where they want a believer chooses to be in the right place. Remember that? At any given time, but I'm avant or out of Ramadan, a believer chooses to be in the right place, and always asks Allah to guide him or her to be in the right place at the right time. While we have the energy and capacity to do things, we need to realize that it is only by the acceptance of Allah, that a person will be at the right place, we are in the house of Allah. Yes, because we made an effort to come here without having made the effort we would not be here. But over and above that. It's because Allah wanted us to be here. It's because Allah chose us to be here. It's because we had

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asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us from his goodness, and to guide us part of the guidance that we seek whenever we read Surah Fatiha is that Allah Almighty will always guide us to be in the right place at the right time. May Allah subhanho wa Taala opened our doors, my beloved brothers and sisters then this evening, as the sunset, we entered into one of the odd nights from among the last 10 nights of Ramadan. Do you realize the value of this night? Did you know that Layla to cuddle could be any night of Ramadan to start with from the beginning to the end, but there is a greater likelihood that it is one of the last 10 nights any one of them? Did you know that and then did you

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know there is a greater likelihood for it to be one of the odd nights from among the last 10 and then give you know that there is a greater likelihood for it to be from the second half of the last 10 Subhan Allah but a greater likelihood does not mean that it is not one of the other nights. So we're taught take every night seriously the do ah if I were to ask you that would be most loved by Allah. On an Eve like this, what would it be Allahumma inaka Alpha one two hiball alpha n ni O Allah, you love to forgive you are forgiving, you love to forgive so forgive me, that is the do. Of The Night of Decree over and above that Allah creates within us needs. Allah creates within us

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certain things that we want. And Allah says, I created those things in you so that you can ask me

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imagine if life was just flowing so beautifully. Many people would not find the need to ask Allah for anything. But Allah says all believers dig deep into the favours that I have bestowed upon you. And thank me for them because the shakaama Toma as Eden. If you are going to thank me, two things will happen to you. Number one, I won't take away what I gave you. Number two, I will grant you increase in what I favored you with. So if you are breathing today and you want to continue breathing without difficulty, have you ever sat in thanked Allah Oh Allah, I breathe out dozens of times a day. You don't charge me for it. I thank you subdue one could do sun rub una hora bull mala

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it will ruin. Oh Allah, Praise be to you, Glory be to You. You are the greatest You are the Lord of the Throne. You are the Lord of the universe, the world's the creation. You are the Lord of the angels Subhan Allah, the Lord of the Spirit, the Lord of everything, you created everything or Allah We owe it to you. So on the eve like this, don't ever be lazy. Don't ever let the night pass without having sought the forgiveness of Allah because if you are to make a do up and you are to stand in prayer at night, even if it were to units known as Torah cat will law he, if Allah accepted it from you, the value of it would be equivalent to having done that for 1000 months. Laila to cada

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min Elvish Shang we've read that so many times Laila to cuddle, The Night of Decree is better than 1000 months.

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May Allah forgive us. Part of the mercy of Allah is he knows we are human. He knows we will falter. He knows the world will consume us. He knows that occupation will overtake us. He knows that earning wealth and money will become a concern for us. He knows that some of our lusts and desires we may fall for them. He

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says I will constantly give you moments and seasons and times where you can reset your relationship with me. Come back. I love you.

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Love Allah Akbar. Have you thought of that? Why does Amazon come back all the time every year? Why does every night Allah says you know what? You get up you make the hygiene you ask, I will give why every night? Why are they blessed moments every Friday and why does a Friday come back once a week? Subhan Allah, Allah says, We allow these to come back every single time in order for you to be given an opportunity to reset your relationship with Allah. The losers are the ones who allow their lives to pass and they have not yet made peace with Allah. Oh my brother who's on drugs, make peace with Allah quit your bad habit. Oh my brother or sister who is committing adultery, make peace with Allah

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cut your bad habit. It will get you nowhere. Oh my brother, my sister who is addicted to *. Cut your bad habits. make peace with Allah reset your relationship with Allah a warm tear that were to flow down your cheek on a night like this would result in eternal bliss. May Allah grant us goodness, May Allah forgive us, my brothers and sisters. Remember, you have a bad habit cut it for the sake of Allah Oh, my brother, my sister, who is hooked on to gambling, who's hooked onto her arm, who's hooked on to the bottle who's hooked on to whatever it may be.

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This is your moment. This is your time. This is your season. This is your opportunity, cut it cut it for the sake of Allah. You may never see another Ramadan, the way things are going. People are actually fear mongering across the globe at the moment. And some as soon as they are diagnosed and tested positive for this virus that we all know about. They panic immediately sometimes dying because of anxiety and panic rather than of the ailment itself. May Allah protect us. Our lives are in the hands of Allah, we trust in Allah we will be responsible look at how beautifully responsible we were at this venue this evening. Mashallah. Not because we wanted to, we have to, we have no

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May Allah forgive us? May Allah make it easy for those who've lost their loved ones more than one in some families. I know of families 10s of families who've lost their entire income and business because both breadwinners are gone. What to do, are we going to reach out to those children, those widows, young widows, what's going to happen to them the widow worse, what's going to happen to them? You find a man he's alone with all his children trying to fend for them look after them. At the same time go out to work, life has changed. Suddenly no one predicted it. This was all in the plan of Allah. Allah says all community almost Li mean we call ourselves jamaa Otto muslimeen. In

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this community. What I love is that phrase Jamal earthen muslimeen is so common, but do we really mean it? Are we really a jamaa? muslimeen? Are we really a group and a family of Muslims? Would we care for one another solely for the sake of Allah, you help the widow solely for the pleasure of Allah.

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I had a young man telling me I'm helping her for the pleasure of Allah. But I want it soon to be for my own pleasure, too.

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I said Brother, you can't say that. He says, I'm not saying Haram. I'm saying Allah Subhana Allah, look where the mind goes.

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But getting back to what we're saying my brothers and sisters, we have to reach out to those

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who are struggling in our midst, even if it's just by a Kelly Mattoon, either by a good word that you utter to them, my sister Everything will be okay. Don't worry, we are here. We are praying for you. We will try our best.

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Tomorrow it could be myself yourselves. We can leave our families and go or part of our families. I wanted to say wiped out but no returned to Allah and we are still on Earth. My beloved brothers and sisters if you've lost loved ones here is the DA Allah whom in Lucca Allahu

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Allah, we asked for them Jan nettle Fidelis, Allah como sobre el Jamil and we asked for you sovereign Jamil, may Allah grant you a beautiful patience. So my brothers and sisters these days are days filled with merit filled with virtue Do not waste them. ask Allah what you want. And there is one major difference that we need to realize when we ask Allah and when we ask people if I were to ask you something I know you have and I say brother, can you please do this for me? And I call you back five minutes later, brother Don't forget to do this for me. And I call you back the next day brother. Don't forget to do this for me. And I call you back the following day in the afternoon,

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brother. Don't forget to do this for me and I get up at two in the morning and phone. You You won't

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Don't even answer your phone, you will block me off. And at the same time you tell me, Are you not ashamed of yourself? Right? Because I asked you four times in two days. Allah says you asked me a million times in a day. The more the merrier. I love it when you repeat it, because it shows your desperation and it shows that you worship me. You believe in me, you know that I have the solution to your problem, Allahu Akbar. That's why repetition into our is an act of worship. The process allow us to repeat it. thrice important to us. He used to say it thrice tonight insalata limited. We repeated the DA Allahumma Inanna ob camino al barassi Well, giannone Well, Judah me women say he is

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a scam. Do you know why that is the DA the closest that we have to protect ourselves from the virus that has overtaken this globe.

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So we repeat it thrice and we ask Allah with conviction, but at the same time, we will be responsible, we will definitely make sure that it does not make us irresponsible.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us good guidance. Then my brothers and sisters one thing we need to know on a night like this, if your heart is filled with enmity and hatred, then you are far from the mercy of Allah. Clean that heart of yours how well you need to know how release things let things go your life is not going to be affected Subhan Allah you might at times not want to associate with the person who's hurt you and harmed you but let things fly let them go forgive. But don't forget, forgive and forget is not an Islamic teaching no Islam tells you forgiven Do not forget why the Hadith of the Prophet are seldom he says la you will double knock min min Jr. in WA

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hidden maratea a true believer is never bitten from the same source twice never. Which means you are bitten once. Okay, I forgive you but I'm remembering it because next time when I see the same Scorpion coming and turning around and preparing his little, you know, Sting, whatever, I will no I will walk away the other side because I didn't forget, but I forgive you. Allah protected me What was it? the favor of Allah. If you want someone to forget what you did for them, you will have a lot of patchwork to do people can forget. But forgetting will only happen after a long term beautified repaired relationship that will then make the person oblivious of what happened before. When trust

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is broken in a marriage. In order to build it you need to work hard, you know when someone has sliced the hand. Now it will heal but there'll be a scar right? But if you put Vaseline every day and you get a little bit of the patch every day and nowadays you have these people Mashallah they can help you with a little bit of collagen and whatever else and sometimes they can do a bit of surgery for you Mashallah, then what happens? The Mark slowly but surely fades away. But if you were to be gashed in the same spot again, what will happen Subhan Allah is going to leave a mark for sure. They say this is area and section you shouldn't slice the same place more than once. What why

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it becomes dangerous.

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May Allah grant the mothers of the oma Jana by virtue of their patients that they bought through childbirth, amin

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amazing, our own mothers, we pray for them, why don't we pray for the mothers of our own children and respect them? Those are our wives

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Mashallah, my brothers and sisters, today is a day of peace. Did you hear the pitter patter as we were fulfilling Salah the rain?

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Subhan Allah, I thought what is the sound? And then after I told myself, these are some signs, there are certain signs we don't know and we won't know for sure. But there will always be a sign Allah gives you have peace, of comfort, of change of heart of the feeling that my life is transforming. That's Laila to cuddle. That's Laila to cuddle. Your life is transforming is changing. Something's happening to you. You're feeling like a rejuvenated person. That's like a little cutter. But if a person is sitting at the shisha lounge, puffing away asking, Is it Hello, my brother relax. It's the wrong day. Wrong night, the wrong season. While we are supposed to be in the houses of Allah, you're

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busy puffing and asking Is this okay? minimum I can tell you is you're wasting your time. You're wasting the moments when the angels are saying mean to any do you make some make some good. Another point that we need to learn for this evil is my brothers and sisters don't make a negative do it doesn't work. It won't help you make a positive draw. Imagine you have a

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Listen, you had a problem with you can say well I break him, destroy him kill him. Make him this making that Allah will only do what that person deserves but better than that was for you to say, Oh Allah soften his heart make him steadfast make him a better person. Let him realize his problems. Let him come and let him apologize as if you really want Oh Allah let him come Let there be a good friendship between us. I want to read for you a verse that we read this evening in Terra, we're extremely powerful, you know the people of Makkah. They fought each other because the Muslims on one hand and the non Muslims on the other of Mecca tinamou karma, they were battles that took place.

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Allah says to Mohammed Salah salam, what your heart

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understand that Allah is the one

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who will grant goodness and he can change the hearts at any time. As Allah hooey.

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Allah is all capable and all able of creating the highest level of love between you and the one whom you are the enemy of right now.

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Know what, you know what the show in our community? We've got a few girls called miroir done, right? I see nodding the head Mashallah May Allah Grantham miroir de moda is one of the highest levels of levels of love. Hannon is also a high level of love, highest level of love of a different type. But this mode there is a love and affection. Allah says we can create an affection between you and the one who's your enemy right now. Tomorrow it can happen. Allah huka de Allah is label. la foto Rahim Allah forgives Allah is most forgiving, Most Merciful. Look at how powerfully Allah words this for us, my brothers, my sisters, what a lovely evening. This evening I was here. And first thing I saw

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chef Zayn. And I told myself the memories are back. I make dua that Allah give the rank of Jannah without reckoning to our Imam, Imam Malik, and to all those who we have lost from this community.

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He was a great man. And I remember when I visited this Masjid for the entire month of Ramadan. For me, it was historic. And I enjoyed every moment of it. And that's why I try to make sure I tell brother Zane and the others share Faisal and so many of those brothers who are here, you know what I would come even if it means for a night, let's rekindle that. Let's bring it up again. Even if it's a night by the will of Allah and look, Allah made it happen. We spoke about it before I'm Yvonne Here we are. We ask Allah to accept it from us. The love feasts have been in love. We want love not because of money, not because of power, authority position, no love because you are my brother, my

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sister in Allah. In the Arabic we say filler. That's why I'm translating it as in Allah. But it means in the course of Allah in the sake of Allah, why do I love you? Because you say the Shahada, I say, we are connected.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us Rama

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I was only due to speak for 10 minutes but look, good deeds are multiplied right?

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So May Allah grant us all goodness, Allah He my brothers and sisters this evening. Let's spend it with a little bit of Dr. Allahumma inaka. Who want to hibbeler 451 you want to add karimun Rahim Manu, it's okay. Those are the qualities of Allah and His names. So remember that it's the mercy of Allah. And not only this night, all of the 10 nights of Ramadan, more so more so the odd nights. I think today I said something that many people probably didn't know. And that's why some people were just looking at me when I said, les little cutter can be any night of Ramadan.

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People are just looking Yes, it can be any night from the beginning to the end. But more likely, one of the last 10 nights any one of the last 10 nights, more likely one of the odd nights. And I want to answer one quick question before I go.

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Lay a little cuddle tonight. It might be 25th here it might be 26th somewhere else. It might be 23rd somewhere else. Sorry, not 23rd I don't think but maybe the next day one day disparity usually. So who is right and who is wrong? My brothers don't worry about that. Trust Allah. When you are doing your due dates already do our time, perhaps in America. Right? When you are all in Australia, it's already the following day. You see, by the time we are doing solid on Friday, they are coming out of Jumeirah in Australia, but our fudger did not go inside Allah accepted their fudger differently from ours. Allah accepts that 100 differently from ours. Allah works in his own unique way you follow

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instructions and Allah will grant it to you and to them and to everyone and it's possible different

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Time Zones could be different days all together, there's no harm that is the will of Allah. It's the same rule that applies when it comes to the timings of opening your fast and breaking your fast. You will follow your time in your area. When you are following your time in your area someone somewhere on the globe is starting their fast What are you doing, opening it or breaking it as we call?

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Is there anything wrong? No, you following your times of where you are. So Allah says I'll give you because if Allah says a blessing moment is the time of iftaar

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in which timezone he didn't address that which means wherever you are, that's the time zone. May Allah open our doors, my brothers and sisters, if I could, I would be here again and again. But life is such that we have to continue doing whatever we have. And Allah will gather us again in his obedience and ultimately engine metal fair those with the most noble companionship of Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam akula Kali hada, aka Juana and in hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam o Baraka ala nabina Muhammad Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

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