Quranic Connection #27 – Do You Know The Verse of The Reciters

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The speaker discusses the era of reciting the Quran and how it improves one's life. They also mention a collection of free ebooks and resources available on the website. The speaker thanks viewers for watching and offers assistance with learning.

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Do you know the verse of the reciters of Quran, Allah subhanaw taala says what is translated as in Surah Faulkner, verse 29. Indeed those who recite the book of Allah, they establish prayer they spend in cause out of what We have provided them secretly and publicly they can expect a prophet a reward that will never perish, that he may give them in full of the rewards and increase for them of His Bounty. Indeed, He is also for and shackled for giving an appreciative alpha to the Rama law says this idea is about the intercession that will increase in the next life for these people, those who recite the Quran and cortada rahamallah said this is the era of the reciters it confirms for

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them that there's a massive reward multiplied beyond the imagination, and also Allah increases them in order and in virtue. May Allah subhanaw taala make us all from amongst the reciters of the Quran, those who regularly recite it and act upon it Allama me

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assalamualaikum Thank you for watching our series if you want to continue learning and benefiting as well. Jim has a large collection of free ebooks and resources. You can download them at the website and meldreth.org forward slash gifts