Haroon Baqai – The 99 Names of Allah – 030 AlHaqq

Haroon Baqai
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the negative impact of society's notion of truth being absolute and how it causes confusion among people. He explains that while truth is not absolute, it is a reality and that people can develop their worldview around it. He also believes that if the sisters in the room are the ones who hold the truth, they will feel peace and security, as they know it and can see the truth as a reality.
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Unless the panel we're gonna is unhappy, the true, the real. You see, we live in a society today that pushes this notion that truth is relative, it's not absolute. So what's true to you may not be true to me what's okay to you or may not be okay for me? What's true today may be an alternative fact tomorrow.

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In this society brothers and sisters, people develop their worldview around this notion. And then they only want to hear what affirms their worldview,

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which naturally creates a state of utter confusion among people. And that's where brothers and sisters I'd help the true sets that moral standard that is absolute that does not change that is timeless. And we understand and we believe whether the sisters that ALLAH SubhanA wa Donna provides us with that absolute standard of truth.

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And when we have that standard, whether this is yours when we have that moral and ethical compass,

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we are no longer confused. We feel a sense of peace and tranquility because we know the truth the right direction, we have to go in May Allah subhana wa Tada allow us to see the truth as a truth and stand firm on it.

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