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The Surah Surah is a spiritual teachings that relates to the time period from the "any human state" to the "any god state." It is important to understand the struggles of Islam's "meditation" of Islam, including the "meditation of the mother" of a woman who lost her job and lost her life. The "meditation" of the mother is a temporary fix that will ultimately lead to "meditation" of success.

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many Mina, most Nene one thing I want to talk about today is that there's a very beautiful Surah that we find in the Quran. And often we recite in our Salawat, and so forth. It is small but extremely powerful. And the story behind the surah is that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, as you all know as being a prophet, he was receiving ye from Allah subhanho wa taala. But all of a sudden, for approximately six months, we learned that there was no revelation that came from ALLAH SubhanA wa at the island. And I want you to think about this moment, this emotional state of the province as salam one is, you know, a lot of times we have friendship with other people. And imagine

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just very abruptly, they stopped communicating with us. You know, if you have a close friend, they stop talking to you, all of a sudden, you call them find out why, you know, it might have I have said, are you upset with me? Have I offended you? Have I said something, Have I done something? Please talk to me, please, talk to me communicate with me. We're not talking about other human beings. We're talking about communication coming from Allah subhanho wa taala. Via Jabra in Islam, to the prophets of Salaam. And all that communication has, has stopped for a while. We're talking about not just few days, six months, and the province suddenly is getting worried. And during that

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same time, you have the people the Quraysh, and the people in Makkah, and they began to turn to Rasulullah sallallahu it was setting them that Oh, what happened? Now did your God all of a sudden do he abandon you? Did he leave you out left to dry? And not only that, but you had the wife of Abu Lahab coming and telling the province salaam such vile things such as the What happened to your shayateen and the communication between you and your Shayateen This is the things that she was saying. Now the reason why I share this is because this was a time where the pause some he felt rejection. He felt that is Allah upset with me or not. And how many times in our life do we get that

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same feeling we keep on making do our going through our problem in our life. We keep on making dua I'm praying salaam I'm doing this, I'm doing that. And yet we feel that Allah is not accepting our doors. Allah is not answering our doors, and a lot of times we feel in Shavon makes us feel that Why are you praying to Allah when Allah is even listening to you, when Allah is just completely has abandoned you? These are the thoughts that shaytaan is putting in our mind. And we feel that perhaps I'm not good enough to pray to Allah. Perhaps Allah does not like me, Allah is leaving me out left to dry. And the answer in the way we need to understand this is that we're not the only ones at

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times when Allah may take some time to act to answer our dua, even the prophet of Salam he felt something similar during his time. And this is why Allah subhanho wa Taala when he revealed this Surah Surah walk Doha this was perhaps a very first moment where the province is Salam. He exclaimed out loudly Allahu Akbar, when he heard the sutra he said, Allahu Akbar, and he was so happy to hear this. Why? Because Allah subhanho wa Taala he begins a surah by calming Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he begins by saying, What do ha and this word Well, Doha is in reference to the Sun emerging from behind the horizon, that just like it was dark, likewise your life was filled with

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darkness, but just like the sun, it comes and it brings light to your life. You don't just like in English, we say that in sha Allah, there is light at the end of the tunnel, right? We say that because light in itself naturally, it brings some hope to you. So Allah subhanaw taala he says, What do ha and then Allah says, well lately either such Allah swears upon the night and when it enters into that portion of the night, and that word suggests is in reference to that part of the night that is very calm. You know, there's a part of the night late the latter part of the night where everything is so calm. This is why we are told that that is the time that the power of Allah use

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salaam he would wake up for tahajjud when everyone is asleep, you can connect with Allah subhanho wa taala, the latter part of that night. That is what the many grammarians, they say that this is in reference to one lady Eva. Then Allah says because Allah swears upon Doha, Allah swears upon the night and if you know anything about Arabic grammar, when you have a person, when you have a custom there is something that is called Joab will custom what's the purpose of Allah swearing upon what do ha and one lady asked? Because then Allah says, Ma, what the Arca Rob Buka

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One man, Allah, Allah has not abandoned you. My word Dhaka, Allah has not said farewell to you. Well, now Allah and Allah is not upset and Subhanallah the orlimar they say that if you look, pay attention to this ayah Allah said Ma What da what, what DA is different? The calf is the object who is the object here? Rasulullah sallallahu it was send them but Allah did not bring the object when Allah said Allah is not upset. Why? Because Allah could have said, man, what the ICA rabuka Woolmark Allah, Allah is not upset with you. But the reason why Allah didn't even say that because for in one word for Allah to be upset, and the object of Rasulillah Salam is something that's unimaginable.

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Allah did not even want to hurt the Prophet alayhi salam in that to that extent. So Allah said Ma what dakara Buka one color and then Allah subhanho wa Taala a lesson for all of us when we are going through something like this in our life, that we feel that perhaps Allah has left us perhaps Allah is not listening to us. Remember Allah is always the Samir he's always listening. But Allah subhana wa Tala decides when to give us what we are asking for. So Allah subhanho wa Taala a lesson for all of us. He says, Man what dakara bucola Mahakala what a hero to hero laka Mina Gula a lesson for all of us that the word is Allah stored for us in the hereafter. Remember brothers and sisters no matter

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what challenge we go through, from the smallest to the biggest from you know no matter what situation it is, every single challenge that you and I we go through Allah has saved a benefit a hustler, a highlight for us in the hereafter. There is no challenge in this dunya that will go uncounted for always remember that brothers and sisters, we think that we're going through difficulties and what do I get out of this? Well Allahu Allah will give something to us in sha Allah in the hereafter. A What a hero to Hyrule like Amina Gula, what comes later is better than what comes before what a sofa, your chi Cara Buka photogra ball and ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala he will give

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you and he will please you. And what we learned from this also is that how many times Allah subhanaw taala he gives, and he brings comfort to our heart and think about everything that we have in our life, what our situation was before how many of us sitting over here, when we first came to this country, you know, the stories that I remember, we used to always hear the story of when I came into America and only had $1 And subhanAllah. Now how many of us sitting over here, we have houses we have investments we have real estate? Has it ALLAH given us yes, there comes difficulty at a certain time. But then Allah subhanaw taala he gives and we learned this not only from the story of the

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Prophet SAW send them when we learned this from all the other stories that we find the Quran, the story of use of Ali Hassan think about it for a moment when he was a child. Think about it if this child here, he's old. How old are you? He's only eight years old. Okay. That was the age when I went to go Pakistan to memorize Quran okay, this is why I was this kid. Imagine if someone told you a kid eight years old, being thrown into a well, that was a case of use of it you Salam? How much pity would we have of that child? How much will we show our loving compassion to that child? That's exactly what happened. But then think about the end goal, what happened at the very end, he had the

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punish the position as the financial minister of Egypt. Now think about this, when a person goes through a difficulty, then they are going through a journey. Just like you know, when you put mail into the mailbox, or when you send something like a pack a box or package, it goes through from one station to the next station to the next station to the next station. Eventually it does reach his reach its goal. Likewise, when we're going through difficulty, we don't realize that we're on that journey and Allah has something stored for us at the very end. When you smile at someone he was thrown into the well. Then he was picked up and he was sold in Egypt and he ended up in the palace

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of the king. All that is by the plan of Allah subhanho wa Taala and we will say that Why did Allah make him go through all this and then he went to prison and he stayed in prison for a long time. But eventually the end goal was that he would be eventually that he will have such a position. So always remember that when we're going through difficulty And subhanAllah the next Surah Surah two in Shira, what does Allah say? So the inshallah for inna ma I lost the use run in nama I lost it you saw, you know, many times we say that there's always going to be ease that will come after hardship. Allah says no, not after hardship. It comes with hardship. As you begin your journey of difficulties,

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Allah has already planned that inshallah there will be a time of comfort that will come. Now when will that come? We don't know. It may take some time. The story of the story of OMA Salam O Allah, the Allah Allah when she was making hijra, she was thinking about her. She was separated from her husband. She was separated from her baby son for almost one year. Can you imagine the emotional state of a mother that she does not there was no social

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media that time. How do you find out? Am I is my husband alive? Is my son alive? You have no idea. A mother for one entire year she says I would go to the mountain every single day and cry, I will cry from morning to evening and then come back home and have dinner I would go to sleep. I spend one year like this she made dua for one year, every person has to go through a journey. But at the end of that journey, inshallah there is light, just like we find in the case of the Prophet SAW Selim, just like we find in sort of what Baja always remember that Allah has not abandoned anyone, Allah is there, but Allah within his own infinite wisdom, he knows the right time to bring the Fatah to bring

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that nos have to bring that and that you know, that help? And that compassion when does that come? That's only the enactment of wisdom of Allah subhanho wa taala. So whenever we find ourselves in these kind of situations, don't ever despair from the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala always remember that there are people before us who went through a very similar situation, we're not the only ones but if we have hope in Allah, and we have a good you know, a good perception of Allah subhanho wa Taala then Allah will inshallah bring that help. This is the free this is the very first part of sort of what Doha and so on next week I will talk about the second part of sort of what to

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have many lessons to be learned from the surah I ask Allah subhana wa to give us the ability to learn from this surah Amira, Allah Allah me is that Kamala Hey Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Gotti.

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