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A man discusses the importance of reading biography of great leaders in Islam to learn from them and become more like him. He delivers a book on the life of the great Omar Abdul Qaeda, which is the final version of the book, and will be available on Muslim Central later that day. The book will be an audio upload, not a verbal one, and the man plans to write more books on the topics.

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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. I'm about to go into the masjid to deliver my Juma football on the life of Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah. And the reason why I've chosen this topic for this week is, I think it's very important for us as a man that we understand the lives of the great men and woman who this nation is founded upon the people of our legacy. So we can learn from them, we can emulate him that we can be more like Him. And I often advise people to read the biographies of great people, because the more biographies of great people that you read, the more you will begin to emulate their qualities without even thinking about it.

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Naturally. When you read biography upon biography of righteous people, righteousness starts becoming a part of you. Likewise, when you read biography, upon biography of great leaders, then good leadership becomes a natural part of you. So this is why it's very important that we read the biographies or listen to lectures on the biographies of great people. And this is why my next book, which is coming out, inshallah, towards the end of this year, is a biography of a great man going into the personal development lessons you can take from his life. And that is the biography of Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz Rahim. Allah, the age of the

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many people calling the fifth of the hola Rashid in the great grandson of Omar, de la. And I found that many people have never even heard of Omar Abdul Aziz. And so I find this to be a tragedy, because he is really one of my favorite political leaders in the history of Islam. I just love him from a very young age, I've been reading biographies about him, listening to lectures about him, studying his life, analyzing it. And over the years, I found myself extracting many, many time management, self confidence, goal setting tips from his life. So I've decided to put all that together into a book, inshallah, the final version of the book should be between 300 to 400 pages

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long. So already at 205 pages, I'm still writing it. But this is really something excited to write I'm excited to produce, I really hope that you are going to enjoy and benefit from this book is going to go into details on the life of one of my favorite people. And if it does, well, inshallah, I'd like to write even more books on these topics. Because, as I said, I want us to connect with the great heroes of our history. I want us not just to know their names, and their life stories, but to be able to take lessons from their lives and apply to our life. So today, I'm going to go and deliver a drama hooba on the life of Abu hanifa Rahim Allah. And from this drama Cooper, I'm going

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to extract lessons on being independent financially, or running your business in a hostile way, being courageous lessons on using your intellect for the benefit of Islam. And so, I hope by the end of this week, but people don't just know the life of Mr. Abu hanifa, but they're able to take practical lessons from his life and apply to their lives. And they have the same hope for my book, my book will do the same thing with the life of Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz, I will narrate his life and extract 10 lessons from it, and discuss them in details. So this is really what I'm focusing on at the moment. I want us to connect with the biographies of great people and to be able to apply to our

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lives. So hope that you find this beneficial. The lecture I'm delivering today should be available on Muslim Central, but later today, inshallah I will upload it as soon as possible. By it'll be an audio upload, not a video upload, since we don't really have visual recording in this Masjid, but nonetheless, it should be available for download later and the book the book should be available inshallah, in December by then I should be done writing, editing, cover design all of that inshallah. So let me know in the comments, are you looking forward to the book? Do you plan on reading it? Which other great leaders in history would you like us to talk about to write about, I

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can add them to the list and ensure work on something about them in the future. The circle of a time was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh