Mufti Menk – Make Dua For Me

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker talks about how they use their weaknesses to try to win over others and make themselves stronger. They mention a certain group of people they used to talk to and how they become upset. The speaker also talks about the importance of being aware of one's weaknesses to avoid becoming annoying and advises people to focus on their weaknesses rather than their feelings.
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I always tell people if you're a believer and you have a weakness

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do not justify it admitted look, I'm wrong inshallah I work on myself and I will try to get to the best. Now I remember every time they were people, a certain group of people and I used to talk to them that you know when are you coming? When are you coming in sha Allah strengthen yourself come on we need to start make dua for me. That was the answer. What was it make dua for me, my brother when are you quitting the bottle make dua for me

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my brother when are you quitting this gambling make dua for me.

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When are you quitting this bad habit make dua for me so much so that the statement make dua for me became cheap, where it's being used as a scapegoat to say, You know what, it's okay. You worry about yourself. Let me worry about me. That statement about you worry about yourself. Let me worry about me is not from Islam.

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In Islam, we are taught to be concerned about ourselves primarily. But we have to reach out to those who are a strain to try to guide them starting with the DUA starting with the supplication and then depending on how much you're connected to them, you need to give them the message

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