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Friday Jumuah Khutbah – March 4, 2022

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The importance of showing respect and appreciation to others is emphasized in Islam, as it is not a monolith and can lead to success. The speaker discusses the benefits of bringing in positive experiences and learning from family members, as well as the need for a tree to grow the agenda. The importance of showing gratitude towards Islamists is emphasized, along with the need for a Tesla and electronic car to replace gas-powered cars. The speaker emphasizes the importance of bringing good deeds and bringing time and effort to light to earn good deeds.

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I should never have

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a shredder

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Hi y'all

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Hello Mike barrel

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in Al Hamdulillah I don't wanna study you know more so feel on our own will be learning in surely unforeseen our mean so you know my EFP level fellow Willa woman you will follow her the

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watershed will

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know more than y double luxury Keller wanna shadow and Madonna widow who also know someone law who already were hella early he was softly he was something just leave and Kathy

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Rebadow will sleep on one FCB Tacoma Arizona John come out on Oahu SubhanaHu wa Tada. Back are over we love him in a shape on rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem yeah the Yohannes it took over a backhoe, malaria, cholera Baku MINDEF sim Wahida Wirkkala coming handsome Jaha with them in Houma regional and gezira Manisa what type of one lady just una be he will have in number haka narrowly como el Divo, my brothers and sisters.

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What if today was the last day that we lived?

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Or what if today was the last day that the most beloved person to us alive, passed away?

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What would be the condition of our family

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one of the biggest problems after someone passes away

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is the division that happens within that family.

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Dividing inheritance and wealth.

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You probably may have experienced it

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or know someone whose family has experienced that

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and you realize that you don't want it for yourself.

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So now we learn about the ultimate inheritor.

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The one who will inherit from every single one of us,

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the one who inherits everything that's on the face of this earth.

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When we leave, we leave nothing behind that comes with us, except three things that we will learn in the second half of this whole time.

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So today we focus on awareness,

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the inheritor of Allah subhanho wa Taala will remain after every single one of his creation parishes.

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After you and I pass away after all of the human beings are gone after everything is destroyed. The mountains are blown to people

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He says,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala his awareness remains and he says in Surah two hedgerow verse number 23 What in No, no no he won me.

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One, no no

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Allah subhana wa Tada says, that he is the one who will inherit, surely it is he or we Who give life and cause death. And it is we who will inherit, we here is the royal we, right this is found linguistically in multiple languages, where a person of authority in this world will say we like the queen will say we but Allah subhanaw taala has more rights to say we are more right and out of respect for him. You'll notice in some languages, those of you who speak French, we usually don't say to speaking directly at one person we say Vu Vu is plural, but we say it out of respect. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is using this element of respect linguistically for himself. And he shows us

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that He is the one who will inherit, and we know as well that Allah subhanho wa Taala is alive, the eternal living always will not pass away. And therefore, if Allah subhana, Allah to Allah is eternal and will live forever and never pass away. And we are the ones who will be destroyed, we are the ones who will perish will leave this world, then we need to start focusing on what we have and who we are. Like think of your life.

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What is it that is so important with you in your life today?

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I asked you this question last week. If you were to some of your life and say what do I have to present to Allah subhanho wa Taala today, if I was to pass away today, what do I have to present to Allah? What am I happy about? What am I proud to show Allah subhanho wa taala. From the deeds that I've done from the actions that I've done from the Riba that I've done from the harm that I've refrained from, from the sins that I've cut out from the things that I stayed away from embarking upon that society is encouraging that Allah is displeased with? What do we have to show us of how we attack so think of your life.

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Because Allah subhanaw taala will inherit that from us, we belong to Him, we will return to Him.

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Think of your wealth, you could have $1. And that dollar means more to you than someone who has a million,

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you could have a million. And that million means more to you than someone who has a billion, you can have a billion. And that billion means more to you than someone who has a trillion and so on and so forth. We continue to rise in terms of wealth and look for more and more. But when we leave how much of it goes with us in our pockets? How much of it goes with us from our bank accounts digitally Bitcoin masala tomato Cola, you get this little thing that you take with you implanted chip in your wrist level. Right? How much of our wealth do we take with us? None. And where it will inherit our wealth as well. If

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you think of your property,

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how much of it will we take with us? None. We worked hard for it. It's ours. It belongs to me, me me all the time. We say this is mine. This is mine. It's my property. This is my wealth. This is my life. These are my children. But Allah subhana wa Tada will inherit everything after we leave this world. You think of cards you think of masajid as well.

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When messaggi dad even

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was powered, and it says clearly in the Quran that the masajid belong to Allah

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and none is worshipped in them except Allah as religion. So even the masajid Allah subhanho wa Taala will inherit the water of the Earth, the cities on this on this earth, this sky, no mountains, every single thing. awardees will inherit as in he claims and takes from us after we've left this world and it's all destroyed.

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So my brothers and sisters think

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what was the purpose of our creation?

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What is the purpose of running after the dunya? What is the purpose of all that we acquire and gain if all of it is going to be lost and left behind? And we'll learn about this in the second half of the footplate in sha Allah to Anna Akuto Cody had our cell phone buffer Sophia we never won before.

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hamdulillah healthy diet I mean when it got to the Motrin or somebody was sending more identity he he came, and he have also that to tell him to steam Amanda and my brothers and sisters, three things the prophets, Allah, Allah usnm says, we will take with us, after we pass away. Three things will follow us into our green. Right if we want to word it this way. The first thing the Prophet saw what it was some dimensions is a southern agenda. Yeah. What is the Southern agenda sadaqa jariya is a type of donation or type of charity that we do that is consistent and constant that is always earning rewards for us. So you can think of it like in sometimes we're asked to help dig a well,

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right in a city or a town or a village that needs water. And so we establish that there or we establish a hospital or we establish a masjid or we establish something that is going to continuously earn rewards for us. As opposed to the charity that we do. Sometimes we see someone who's hungry, we buy them a meal, there's a little bit of extra reward in that because maybe from the energy they gained, they go in, they perform some sort of Ariba or some kind of good deed where they learn from it and they do it as well. So we gained some rewards from it, but a southern Nigeria is something that continues and hopefully inshallah to Allah continues till the end of time. So that

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is the first thing that we bring with us, that we will inherit of this dunya to bring towards the basket on. The second thing that we will inherit or bring with us in our grieves after we pass away is beneficial knowledge that benefited the people and continues to benefit the people that we are benefiting from because we share it with others. So when you learn something of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and this is why you said valuable and me while I convey from me even one single verse one

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because that one thing that you conveyed to someone else may be the one good deed that we need to just tip the scale and get us into paradise.

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So beneficial knowledge, speaking at times that are right and beneficial, withholding from speech at times that is useless and pointless. This is from our deen. And the third thing that the Prophet SAW along with some of them teaches us that we bring with us after we've passed away is the good deeds from the child who is righteous that we've left behind, or the children who are righteous that we've left behind that make dua for you. So any of the children that are here, how many children do we have here?

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It is permissible. acerbically Felipe asks you to respond, you are allowed to respond. So raise your hand. How many children do we have here?

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I'll show up tomorrow. Come on. We are all children to our parents. And every single one of us should have raised our hands. I saw one brother in the back first brother to raise his hand. Every single one of us as a child, every single one of us has the opportunity to be this pious, righteous child who raises their hands and makes your honor to Allah subhana wa to Allah for their parents. It is the thing that doesn't get cut off. Maybe your parents didn't do any Southern Virginia, maybe your parents didn't share any beneficial knowledge. But your parents will benefit from you if you're raising your hands and asking a lot some how to what to add.

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How many times do we see family members losing a loved one, our brothers his father passed away just a few days ago, and also kind of went and mercy on his father. And so

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it was kind of a dad lesson with the highest level of paradise and grandson complete and full forgiveness and grant forgiveness to all of our loved ones that have left us and

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the one thing that usually comes to mind when we lose a family member, especially parents is that their data is no longer part of our lives. And we benefit from that we love it. When we see our parents and they make dua for you. You know, they come a little bit greedy, they touch you they make you feel good, Allahu Akbar. It's an amazing feeling. No one on the face of this earth can give you that feeling. No one.

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And then when they leave this world, it's gone.

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But now is your time Now is my time Our time to ask ALLAH SubhanA wa winter Allah for their forgiveness. Ask Allah subhana wa Tada for His mercy to be upon them, beg and cry to Allah azza wa jal. Why? Because we want the same from our children, those little young ones that we see sitting around us now, we want them to learn from our example. If we never ask Allah for forgiveness and for bounties and blessings for our parents, our children are not learning that example. And so ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Winterhalter.

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So my brothers and sisters when we think of inheritance

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Should we think of other words, or what some have more to add a word if

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he asks us to sacrifice of this dunya

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we learned already that the things of this world will not come with us in our brief.

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The cars, the homes, all the electronics now with gas prices going up at the talk of the town is we need a Tesla, we need an electronic car, it won't come with you in your grave, it will not follow you. But what will follow us is this the things of this world that we sacrificed for the sake of Allah, and we got rid of the temporary pleasures for the sake of earning eternal items. eternal blessing, eternal reward, that will be forever that right now we consider it non existent because we don't see it. How many times do we say Subhana wa, and a tree is planted for us in paradise, making our agenda bigger and bigger and bigger. So how to log so how to log planting tree after tree after

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tree for us in paradise, growing the size of our agenda, but we don't see it so we don't think of it. We think it doesn't exist. The reality is that exists. This world doesn't. This world will no longer be you and I won't be here. Nothing will remain but the Africa is forever and always. Allah subhana wa Tada created it for that.

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It will continue on and on. So my brothers and sisters,

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think of what you will bring in your grave.

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When you inherit the wealth of this world for your grave and that time will you present to Allah subhana wa Tada, the member that you stood on the masala that you pray on the masjid that you're in? No, but the deeds that were done in those positions.

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Your limbs will testify for you,

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hopefully and not against us. Our tongue will speak when we don't want it to move. Our mouth will move our arms will move our feet will testify. I was used to walk from the end of the parking lot to come into pray. Your mind will say to Allah azza wa jal, your heart will testify that I was patient when I saw the amount of cars blocking me after the Juma football and I couldn't get out but yeah, a lot I was patient on that day and the scale of good deeds will go heavier and heavier and heavier. So my brothers and sisters plan and prepare for that. And Allah subhana wa Tada as well is when he inherits all of this world, including ourselves, a must of how to want to add a will in return bless

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us with goodness that we will see will last forever and ever. And we ask Allah subhana wa Adana to bless us with the highest levels of paradise. I mean, a lot more Sanjana, Mohammed, Mohammed colossally Tada in Latino or Rocky Mount Majeed, what about incarna Muhammad Ali Mohammed come about Tana or Nemo or anybody like me Majeed a lot more Finland our come there was never an allotment of Ebola in Angola, Natalia Mohini Allah Multiliner no WHAT THE HELL NO please have mercy upon us and rent is complete and full forgiveness Allah please make us from amongst those that are placed into the highest level of Paradise. Allah please make us from amongst those that love your deen and love

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the Quran and love the sun the moments of Ababa and Eva send them love these make it easy for us to always look out for ways that we can earn good deeds. Sometimes we might see a Muslim brother or sister around us who needs a chair and we don't even get up to get them the chair even though we see it in sight. Allah make us from amongst those that constantly thrive and strive to earn good deeds from Allah please make it easy for us to purify our book of deeds for all the sins that may be there and make it heavy on our scale filled with good deeds and nothing but that Allah please make it easy for all our loved ones that have passed away. Grant them complete and full forgiveness make the time

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in their grave easy and make our time and our grief easy as well. I mean out of benign I mean in the monument behind us and will he tell you what about when fascia

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came into lambda Councillor Carroll was to hear football through a city level political body

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or Word or Word or a wall word for which

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I should never have never solo