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Ammar Alshukry
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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Hyderabadi or CIBJO Manuela shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah who then will actually look at what a shadow number Hamedan abdollah Solar salatu salam Heidi Abadi Salam aleikum wa Taala

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it's a pleasure to be with you guys here in City College him that I have a lot of beautiful memories in this actually on this campus over the years. And

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though I didn't go here, I had a number of really beautiful people that I know, and good friends of mine, who did and have graduated from this university and ask ALLAH SubhanA data to bless you all in your studies and to make you guided and guiding of others. Allahumma me. So our topic today is the sin of secure the blessings of is the heart.

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And I once you know, as I see that philosophy in

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Scarface hanging,

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I once was going on up protests to fall asleep. She was a couple of years back, if you remember, it was a it was a summer where it was, though, was being bombarded. And so I'm sure maybe some of you even participated in those types of

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protests that summer. And I was taking a bus, you know, the Masjid had mobilized an entire bus to go to the Capitol. And as we were,

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as we were going,

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maybe it was two buses. And I was walking down one of those aisles. And I remember catching a glimpse of

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a book that a sister was reading.

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As we were, as we were heading towards the Capitol, and the book that she had opened that she was reading was actually a book that was

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the number one book in the country, I think, at the time, but it was a book that was very, very graphic in its content. And by graphic, I mean loot, it was a book that was, you could say almost * in its content, right? But it was the number one book in the country or one of the biggest bestsellers. And I remember thinking to myself, this was so strange, like, here, we are going to this particular event in support of our brothers and sisters and to be approaching it with that type of disconnect. And really, that's what I wanted to illustrate, which is the issue of a disconnect.

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When we went to the protests, I think that

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it just became even more strengthened in my mind this idea of disconnect between support and victory for our causes, and the presence of sin.

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Because there was a very, very visible lack of spirituality with regards to that particular event, whether it was you know, solid times not being accommodated for whether it was, you know, free mixing whether it was just

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a seeming disregard for the law of Allah subhana to add and share Yeah. Why was why is that alignment important with regards to our causes, our victory, our support, and pleasing Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, because there's a formula that I want all of you to know and that formula exists in the Quran. And it is a formula that should be one that's ingrained in your heart and in your mind, it should be a formula that is inscribed in your, in your in your DNA, and that is that Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in surah Kamala HuFa la vida Bella, what any other conferment the Lydian, Surah coming buddy, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah says, if Allah supports you, then who will overpower you

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and if Allah Subhana Allah data forsakes you then who is going to support you after him? Okay, Allah says, if Allah supports you, then no one will forsake you. Allah says if Allah supports you that no one will overpower you rather. And if Allah subhana, Allah to Allah forsakes you, then who is going to support him after you and upon Allah let the believers rely while alive for the minute. This formula that Allah places for us is a formula that every activist should know very, very well. Right, and you guys, being in university, this is the time of peak activism for a young person while you're on campuses, and while you're engaging while you're debating while you're mobilizing and

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organizing and doing all of these things, remember something very, very, very important. And that is that no matter how much you organize it, no matter how much you mobilize, no matter how much you work, and no matter how much if in doing all of that, you have not garnered the support of Allah Subhana Allah data, then you failed and you will fail.

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And if you were to garner the support of everybody

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and bend over backwards to please everybody. And in doing so, you have anchored Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and you have not gained his support, then you will not be supported. Allah Subhana Allah data says Enya. LUCAM if Allah were to forsake you, then who is going to support you after like, whose support Are you seeking? When you've lost the support of Allah subhanho data, and whose support have you gained when you haven't gained his and if you gain his support, then it doesn't matter who else is upset with you is bothered by you doesn't appreciate your platform, Allah Subhana Allah says, Who will overpower you, who will overpower you and upon Allah let the believers rely and

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that is where the importance of is defaulted, seeking forgiveness comes, you know, at the end of Surah Al Baqarah, Allah Subhana Allah you know, the last two verses, Allah says Allah Subhana Allah to Africa in nesina often Allah by now and I mean Eileen is come on hammered to Island. You know what I've been our ad hominem Allah targeted on eBay. So the believers are asking Allah for all of these things and then they say,

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why for and learn our Hamner, they say, Oh Allah, we request from you three things. Number one, we we we request your apple and Apple is to erase the presence of sin Apple is that the effects of sin be completely erased. Number two work for Lana milk FIRA is to be protected from the harm of sin.

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And so the sin might still be on your record, it still may still be written there. However, the harm of sin is not going to affect you. You're not going to be harmed by that sin. And number three, why for I know a Filipina or Hannah, have mercy on us have mercy on us. And Tamela Anna from sadhana Omen Kathy read, You are our Protector, and so give us victory over the disbelieving people. The scholars have said that the the relationship between the first part of that prayer and the second part is that your sins are an impediment between you and victory. And so you ask Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness for your sins, everything that is shackling you down, everything that is burdening

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you everything that is causing you failure, you seek Allah's forgiveness from all of these things that you may be lifted, that your burden may be lightened, that your weight may be lightened, and that you may move towards being supported and victory given to you by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, and Tamela Anna from southern Idaho call me Catherine. And so we recognize here that there is a very, very real relationship between success and lack of self sinfulness. And there is a very real relationship between failure and sinfulness. And so one of the great leaders that this world has ever known or met him The Hobbit on the Allied who he would write letters to his generals, and he

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would say to them, and you know, the only expanded during the time of Rome, but an expansion that, that it wasn't seen before or after him. Or model Gilad who, during his time, two major superpowers came under the banner of the OMA of Muhammad Sallallahu set up the Byzantine Empire and the Persian Empire at the same time. And so what was the psychology Roman mahatva, what was what was his understanding, he would write letters to his generals, and he would say to them, you are given victory from the heavens.

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And so if you are equal, the reason why you are given victory is because you sin less than the enemy. And so if you are equal in your sinfulness to the enemy, then you will both be left to your resources and the resources are greater than yours. And so recognizing that in protecting yourself from sin, you are putting yourself in position to be victorious in your life and your own things that you're seeking to accomplish. And so, a couple of things that I wanted to share with this concept of Mr. FOSS seeking forgiveness. Number one, we are encouraged to seek forgiveness from Allah Subhana Allah all of the time,

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all the time, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he says, oh, people repent. Why because I repent to Allah Subhana Allah dialer over 100 times a day. Now you may think to yourself, the Prophet saw the light I send them is the one who's least in need of seeking forgiveness. And yet the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would seek forgiveness from Allah subhanho data over 100 times a day, in fact that the Companions would say that while we were sitting with the Prophet sallallaahu, Selim, we would count how many times he would say stuff that Allah stuff for Allah for Allah while he's with us in the gathering. So the Prophet sallallaahu, Selim would be in a gathering with the Companions, he's

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very present while he's talking to them. He's engaging them. But in his moments of quiet like even right now, as you're sitting in here, and you're listening to this lecture, you're not really

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required to engage you're not talking at this moment. So the province of the lightest and don't be doing in a gathering where he's, he's quiet, he would be occupying himself by making stuff up. He would be saying stuff roba stuff aroma stuff for Allah. And the Sahaba said we would count how much he would say in a single sitting. And he would say it over 100 times. Right? He's always engaging. This is the hot. Why when you make is default a lot.

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It's like when you it's like when you have something when you have dirt on your on your garment. And you are scrubbing at it. You're scrubbing at it, you're scrubbing at it. You know what the first time you wash it, it may not completely come off. And the second time may not completely come off. But if I'm always scrubbing at it, I'm always washed get then the hope is that eventually it'll become clean. The hope is that eventually this sin that I have done will be erased from my record the private satellite is send him he told us Kulu Benny Adam hotpot with little copper in a tow boat, that every child of Adam is a sinner. Every son or daughter of Adam is a sinner, but the Best

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of those who sin are those who repent Unto Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and so making repentance, your constant companion, making seeking forgiveness, your constant companion, we are not required to be sinless. In fact, we were designed to be sinful. In fact, the prophets Allah litas and then he tells us that if Allah Subhana Allah that if we, as humanity did not sin, Allah would replace us with a a species with a creation that did sin. Why so that they could seek Allah's forgiveness so that he could forgive them? Allah Subhana Allah loves to forgive, but what our job is, is to seek forgiveness, and has an anniversary was one of the great preachers of this ummah, he lived in the

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second generation so he wasn't a companion, but he grew up in the house of the companions, and he learned from many of them. He used to say seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala at your workplaces, and seek forgiveness from Allah in your commutes. And seek forgiveness from Allah as you are sitting and eating and seek forgiveness from Allah, Allah, you are with your family. Why? Because you never know when the Mercy will descend, seeking forgiveness from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah while you're on the train, seeking forgiveness from Allah while you're sitting with your friends, seeking forgiveness from Allah while you're studying, seeking forgiveness while Allah while

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you're praying, while you're doing all of these day to day mundane things. Why? Because you don't know in what moments of your life, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah will forgive you, you don't know what moment of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will envelop you in His mercy, you never know. And so doing it all of the time.

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The second thing that I want to mention with regards to thought, is that many times people they think of is the father, as being something that will benefit you in the hereafter. It's the father something that will benefit you when you enter, when you are resurrected on the day of judgment. And you will come with all of these sins, and then you will come with all of these moments where you made it so far, you saw Allah's forgiveness. And so that is the font will benefit you that However, in reality is different. It doesn't just, it doesn't just benefit a person on the Day of Judgment is to what actually changes the trajectory of a person's life. It's the font changes the trajectory of

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a person's life, like this life now that you are living is to follow will change your future. Where do we get this from? That same? It has an anniversary that I mentioned to a man came to him.

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And he said to him once, he said,

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I am complaining from poverty. I've got no money. And so it hasn't told him and he said, make us to fall seek Allah's forgiveness. So I'm broke. Right? I'm broke, seek Allah's forgiveness for that.

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And then another person came to him and he said,

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Oh, it hasn't. I do not have we are suffering from from from drought. I don't have water to feed my crops. And so it hasn't told him and he said making stuff up. And then another man came to it hasn't. And he said, Oh, it hasn't. My wife and I do not have the ability to conceive. Guess what it hasn't told him to do?

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He said, make us the hook.

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And so his students were there. They quizzed him. They asked him they said,

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three people came to you with three completely different problems. And you came to them and you gave them the same diagnosis. You gave them the same prescription.

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And so it hasn't told them and he said Didn't you hear what No, it is said when his people or what he said to his people. He said, pull to stock fuel or a backup inner who can have afara I said seek forgiveness from your Lord. Your Lord is the perpetual

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Forgive her, what will happen when you seek forgiveness from your Lord? He says your city sama had a committed Olara he will make the rain cascade upon you.

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While you did come be unwired in what they need, where do I learn from Jannetty and wage

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and your Lord will grant you Jannat gardens and offspring and he will make for you gardens and he will make for you rivers. He will grant you wealth and children and he will make for you gardens and he will make for you rivers, my local Minato Junaidi la he will Cara, why is it that you don't give Allah his due estimate. And so it has an imbecile he is quoting no it set up and no he's telling us people seek forgiveness from your Lord. When you seek forgiveness from your Lord. Allah will grant you children, Allah will grant you wealth Allah will make for you garden, Allah will make for you rivers, Allah will provide all of these things for you because of your seeking forgiveness. And so a

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lesson that is given to anybody who wants children is to seek forgiveness from Allah.

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Before I can have children, I need a spouse. And so for me to get married, one thing that I should make my practice is to seek your forgiveness from Allah. I had a friend of mine, we went to his wedding once.

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We went to his wedding once because he only got married once but we went to his wedding. And we were asking him and we said, you know, how was it that you pulled this off? And he said, you know, I'll tell you what I did. I used to seek Allah's forgiveness in the morning time will be less Heidi OMYA stuff futile. You know that sad time before fidget? That is the time when he used to wake up and used to seek forgiveness from Allah subhana wa Tada. And so ALLAH SubhanA data blessed him with a spouse I had another time I was giving a session honest a thought. And a sister emailed me afterwards, literally, like maybe I think a month later. And she said I started making is too far. I

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don't remember how many times she said she said hundreds of times something like it was excessive martial mathematical law. It was it was a good amount. And she said it wasn't but a week before I got engaged, like literally after the session, I went and I just started making this template and just things happened for me, seeking ALLAH SubhanA to Addis forgiveness changes the trajectory of a person's life. It changes the trajectory of a person's life,

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new ideas, and he says mine accompagnato Junaidi Allahu Akara. He says, Why is it that you don't give Allah his new estimate? And that's a really profound statement. Why is it that you don't recognize who Allah subhana data is? Why is it that you and I, when we are in need of something, we will go and knock on everybody's door. In fact, even those people they went to it has an old boss ready to ask them, we're very willing and ready to go and wait in the office of this person so that we can talk to them. We're willing to stand on hold so that we can talk to this person and engage this person, but we're not willing to spend five minutes seeking Allah's forgiveness. We're not

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willing to spend part of our morning or part of our evening or to sit still after Salah just for a couple of minutes and to seek ALLAH SubhanA data's forgiveness, recognizing that Allah Subhana Allah is the ultimate grantor of success. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah is the One who makes everything work. Allah subhana wa Tada is the one who could facilitate for me everything beyond even my wildest imaginations. Why is it then that you don't give Allah his due? Right? Why is it that that you don't realize that if ALLAH SubhanA without a support you that no one else can overpower you. And if Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to forsake you, then it doesn't matter who signs your petition, it doesn't

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matter who it doesn't matter who signs off on your project, it doesn't matter who supports you, if Allah subhanaw taala doesn't support you. And so of the blessings of his default is that a person recognizes one of the great aspects of is to FOD is that a person is recognizing that Allah Subhana Allah Allah is the ultimate grantor of success. And so the prophets of Allah, they said, I'm taught this lesson to people who are much younger than you. ibis, or Abdullah had not bass was 13, or 12, or 11 years old, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave him that lesson, he says, It is alphas, a lab with us the interested in Villa, if you seek the help of anyone, seek the help of Allah. And if

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you ever

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ask anyone that ask Allah and know that if an entire nation if they were to gather to harm you, they wouldn't be able to gather to harm you with anything other than what Allah has written for you. And if an entire nation were to gather to benefit you they wouldn't be able to benefit you except with something that Allah Subhana Allah has already written for you, right having this concept ingrained in your mind and in your soul, that I need to make sure that I seek Allah's pleasure.

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In whatever project I'm doing, that I need to make sure that I do not anger ALLAH SubhanA data in whatever project I'm doing, and I need to make sure that I'm constantly seeking Allah Subhana Allah is forgiveness, because if Allah is pleased with this effort, then He will bless it and

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If Allah is not pleased with this effort, then it doesn't matter who is pleased with it, it's not going to be blessed. That is number two as for number three

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recognizing that there is no sin, too big for Allah's forgiveness, there is no sin too big for Allah. So forgiveness, many times

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I think people don't know who Allah subhana data is, you know, with a mother of Institute, I teach a seminar called His Majesty unlocking the Name of Allah, unlocking the names of Allah, it hasn't come to New York yet. But Inshallah, when it does, one of the, the, the,

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one of the greatest, actually, the greatest

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subject of study is to learn who Allah subhana data is.

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And unfortunately, way too many Muslims suffer from not knowing who Allah is, they suffer from it. How so? Because they go through life, thinking that they are going to go to jahannam because of the things that they do in college,

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or the things that they do in high school.

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They kind of mess up a lot,

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or they live lives that are not very hot.

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And so now they have this conflict.

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Because they feel distant from Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, their distance from the MSA, they're distinct from the Muslims, they're distinct from all of these types of things, because they feel that conflict, they come here and they get they get judged, right. And they assume that the judgment of the people around them is the judgment of ALLAH SubhanA dawn, and that couldn't be further from the truth.

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Or even worse, because they have this conflict, nobody's communicated to them about the Mercy of Allah Nolans communicated to them about the forgiveness of Allah. They simply have heard haram, haram, haram, haram, Janam, Janam, Janam, Janam. And now they don't want to give up that lifestyle, because they're not attracted to what you're offering them what we're offering them. And so to resolve that inner conflict, they actually reject the religion altogether. And they disbelieve in Allah subhana data. And so then you have Muslims committing apostasy, right, because they have this inner conflict with regards to the issue of their lifestyle, sending them to jahannam Well, nobody

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wants to think about going to Jannah and so to resolve this internal conflict, then let me reject the concept of jednym and Paradise. And Mohamed Salah said of being a prophet and Allah subhana data existing altogether.

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And Allah Subhana Allah knows best, but maybe some of that could have been resolved by communicating to them who Allah subhanaw taala is in the first place. Allah says rubbish she didn't want me and Abby and Allahu Allah He froglet kabhi ALLAH, ALLAH SubhanA data says, give glad tidings to the believers that they enjoy from Allah incredible grace polyarchy by the Alladhina asafoetida unforeseen Latok Natoma Rahmatullah in Allaha through the Nova Jamia, say, My servants who have wronged themselves, do not despair from the mercy of Allah. Verily, Allah forgives all sets

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do not despair from the mercy of Allah, the person who knows Allah Subhana Allah knows that Allah named himself a Rahman Rahim.

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And he made those two names that are so similar to each other, the introduction to every chapter of the Quran except for one.

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Like who am I dealing with? Could it couldn't have named himself, Emanuel Kareem couldn't have been the best meta Bismillah R Rahman Al Al Karim Bismillah R Rahman Al Aziz, because I already covered the aspect of mercy. So let me now cover the aspect of might and power.

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And yeah, it's Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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Allah names himself, I look forward, I love it. I love afar. All of them coming from the concept of MacPhail of forgiveness, all three names. So you've got three different names, all coming from the same concept of forgiveness. In fact, the prophets of Allah they said and tells us Allah extends his hand during the day to seek forgiveness. Allah extends his hand during the day to forgive the one who sins during the night. And Allah extends his hand during the night to accept the forgiveness or to forgive the one who sins during the day. Allah Subhana Allah data when someone says By Allah, Allah will never forgive so and so. The problem is that Elijah said them tells us that Allah says

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and who challenges my forgiveness, OH, MY ANGELS bear witness that I have forgiven so and so.

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And I have canceled out that person's deeds. That person who challenges Allah's forgiveness that person sins are are or that person's good deeds are canceled, and the person whose forgiveness

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Allah was Allah's forgiveness was challenged through that

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person, Allah does forgive that person. Right? Allah Subhana. Allah, Allah forgives, and he loves to forgive. And so recognizing that there is no sin that a person can do there's not a single person walking on the face of this earth right now, out of the 7 billion people who are on this earth, there is not a single one who is walking who is beyond Allah's forgiveness

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if they were to repent, except Islam, which is repentance for the sin of schicke, Allah subhanaw taala would forgive everything, and he would not mind.

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And so that is number three as for number four.

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And this is the last thing that I want to mention. Number four is that we don't simply seek forgiveness for our sins. We actually seek forgiveness for our good deeds.

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We seek forgiveness for our good deeds, you know that right? So when we pray, Lord,

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and as soon as we're done with salatu Bahadur, what do you say?

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I'm not telepathic. I kind of actually

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you guys know what you say.

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Stuff for Allah stuff. But Allah stuff for you guys. We're trying to answer the question with your faces, but I don't I don't read faces. Stuff for the live very good. Now, my question for you is why do you say stuff that Allah? I mean, Lord is far from a sin. In fact, Laura is a pillar of this religion. You've just prayed one of the five obligatory prayers. Why are you seeking forgiveness after you've you've just prayed?

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It's not enough thought is not enough.

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What do you have to do? That's more?

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What's that?

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You weren't focused for the first full time? Okay, very good.

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That prayer that you just prayed? Is it what Allah Subhana Allah deserves that prayer that you just prayed?

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In fact,

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even more than that, when you've saved up 1000s of dollars, and you've gone, you go to Hajj and you're standing on the Day of Arafah. And the Day of Arafah, the province of Almighty said I'm told this is the day where Allah boasts to the angels. And he says, Look at my slaves who have come dusty and disheveled bear witness, oh, my angels that I have forgiven them. The private satellite said and told us on the day of our fight, that there is no day in the year where Allah frees more people from the hellfire. The day of alpha is that day of great symbolism where you have millions of people all standing on a single plane and they're all talking to Allah subhanho data with his sincerity that

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they have never known before in their life. And yet, ALLAH SubhanA data tells us that when you leave that mountain on that plane on that day, so my field women hate to fly Nas was stuck through Allah. Allah says go forward from where the people have gone forward and seek Allah's forgiveness. Like seeking Allah's forgiveness. I've just traveled 1000s of miles and spent 1000s of dollars. And I just stood on that day on that plane, and I poured my heart out with all of the sincerity that I can muster, and I restricted myself from every pleasure and

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what am I seeking forgiveness for?

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And yet we know that that's not what Allah Subhana Allah deserves, in fact,

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when the greatest act of worship that was ever offered, in all of humanity,

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the greatest act of worship, that any human being ever offered, was the 23 year messenger ship of Rasulullah saw the lightest 23 year messenger ship right. And yet at the conclusion of that messenger ship, what does Allah say? He says, either Agia or not so Allah who would fit what I ate a NASA Toluna feed in light of wotja facade behind the Rebecca was the fellow who seek Allah's forgiveness.

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Even Abbas, he said, This was later on. When Omar is sitting with his companions, Omar is the Khalifa and some of Omar's companion some of his his, his ministers and his his cabinet. Basically, they asked him what they said, Why do you bring Abdullah bin Ibis into our gatherings? We have children who are his age. You don't have to live in Ibis is the cousin of the province of Elijah send them and I said the Prophet died when I'm driving. My boss was like 13 years old. So he's a he's very young. And so you fast forward 10 years into the philosophy of Omar Abdullah and her boss is in his 20s. He's a young man. And yet Roma would have him in his innermost meetings, even though

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there are other Sahaba who are in their 50s and 60s and they're like, We have young men who are his h2. Why is it Why is he getting this special access and why is he in our meetings? And so no mother wanted to show them who have to live in that basket.

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So like I wanted I want you guys to. And so he asked them, all of them he said, What do you say about this surah either job or muscle life that when the victory of Allah cups what I ate and I said hello Nephi de la vida, and you see people entering into the religion of Allah and hosts. So each one one after the other hammock, Allah each one. They said, This verse is talking about when the victory of Mecca came that Allah Subhana Allah is telling the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to seek Allah's forgiveness and and they will just go on. And he says, What do you think? What do you think? What do you think? And they'd all say similar things. And then finally he turned to him and

00:30:39 --> 00:30:46

her boss and he says, What do you say even ibis, even my boss says, I think Allah subhanaw taala was telling the Prophet Sal Elijah said him that his time is up.

00:30:48 --> 00:30:50

He was telling him that his lifespan is at an end.

00:30:52 --> 00:31:11

Well, how do you figure that? He said, because we are commanded to make Estefan at the conclusion of our good deeds. And so ALLAH SubhanA data is telling the prophets of Allah said have to seek Allah's forgiveness. Now it's the conclusion of his final good deed, or the conclusion of his lifespan. Abdullah almost looks at everybody else. And he says, that's why he's here.

00:31:14 --> 00:31:28

And I think what you're thinking, and so we are commanded to make is to fought for our good deeds, recognizing that Allah subhanaw taala deserves more than what we offer, way more than what we offer. And in fact, something that you'll notice

00:31:30 --> 00:32:13

you know, there was a great Imam by the name of Imam in Norway. And I'm sure you have all heard of him. Imam in Norway is a scholar who enjoys even though he was a medieval scholar, so he came later, he's not like the earlies, Imam, Abu Hanifa, Imam Malik, and he came and he enjoys a level of universal acceptance that nobody who came during his time or after him, enjoys your mama. No, he's actually very, very special. In fact, you'll find that there are many scholars who are very much appreciated and celebrated within a particular school of thought. They are a Sharpie scholar, they are American scholar, or whether it's a theological school of thought this person is from Addison

00:32:13 --> 00:32:58

and this person is from the Girish school, the material school. And so they are celebrated and read and all of that within their schools of thought. However, Imam and no he transcends everybody. And so even though he's a sharper a scholar, he is read his books are studied by the hammer, he's in the Maliki's the entire ummah. And even though he is a scholar, who, let me be specific and say, he agrees with the Ashara on some points, Ashley's love him and the selfies loved him and everybody loves him. I'm annoyed. And everybody reads his books. And so the question becomes what made this particular individual so universal? You would be hard pressed to find an MSA that does not have his

00:32:58 --> 00:33:16

books in their library. I'm testing you guys. I'm hoping you guys have you've heard over the other side of hate. You've heard of the 40 Hadith of Imam and Nogi. You've heard I'm sure of the I've got the book of remembrances. You've heard of his memoir, The Commentary on on Imam a shot on

00:33:18 --> 00:33:25

shaft a felt Yes. So imagine know, anytime he would write a book, it would just become the standard in its field and it would become

00:33:26 --> 00:33:38

it's like everything he touched turned into gold. And so a question then becomes what is special about this person? I'll tell you two things. Number one, undoubtedly, his sincerity.

00:33:39 --> 00:33:55

I mean, Allah Subhana Allah blesses people who are sincere, Allah blesses a person's actions. And so ALLAH SubhanA, Allah knows best, but this person has universal appeal indicates his sincerity. Number two,

00:33:56 --> 00:34:13

when you look at the 40 Hadith of Imam knowing, when you look at the book of ADKAR, the book of remembrance is when you look at the other side of hate, you see something that's a common thread, that he always concludes every single book with the chapter so far.

00:34:14 --> 00:34:36

Every book, he always concludes it with a chapter of his stepfather. It's as if this man puts together all of his effort, all of his research, all of his work. And then concludes it by saying, Oh Allah, this is my effort. And I seek for your forgiveness for the shortcoming. The human errors, the lapses in judgment, the mistakes,

00:34:38 --> 00:34:56

I see here, forgiveness for all of that. So Allah Subhana Allah blesses this man's work. So concluding your actions and these aren't bad actions but concluding your good actions, your best actions with seeking Allah subhanho diatas forgiveness that ALLAH SubhanA data forgive you and that Allah Subhana Allah, Allah bless you.

00:34:57 --> 00:35:00

That's number four. I know I said I was going to conclude with

00:35:00 --> 00:35:05

that but I'll just sneak this one in. And that's number five seeking forgiveness unlocks the doors of understanding,

00:35:06 --> 00:35:07

Imam Abu Hanifa.

00:35:08 --> 00:35:32

When he would not understand something, he would go off to the side and he would seek ALLAH SubhanA to Addis forgiveness, he would seek Allah's forgiveness who would seek for less forgiveness. And then when the issue would become clear to him, he would celebrate and be overjoyed not because he understood the 50 masala but because he took that as as as something that he hoped indicated that Allah Subhana Allah forgave him

00:35:35 --> 00:35:36

Imam and no he's

00:35:37 --> 00:35:48

what I want to conclude with is the the last Hadith of the 40 Hadith of Imam unknowing. The fourth Hadith, or the last Hadith of the 42 hadith is the hadith of

00:35:50 --> 00:36:13

Anna Sidney Malik. And it's the Hadith as reported by Timothy and it's a beautiful Hadith and it's a hadith that we all need to, to understand and appreciate and to communicate to other people. The great forgiveness of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and to inspire in people hope and ALLAH SubhanA diatas forgiveness. The hadith is a Hadith goods Allah subhanaw taala he says you have any Adam Oh son of Adam.

00:36:14 --> 00:36:24

In NACA muda how Teneo Raja alternate refer to the kala Makkah and iminco body also know Adam, as long as you have hope in me

00:36:25 --> 00:36:31

and call upon me, I will forgive you, no matter what you have done. And I will not mind

00:36:34 --> 00:37:01

a lot to pay attention to in this room in that first line. Number one, as long as you have hope in me, as long as that person is hoping for forgiveness from Allah, they will find a lot to be forgiving. Number two, as long as they call upon Allah, I II seek forgiveness from Allah, I II actually ask Allah, Oh Allah forgive me, as long as they make that their constant companion, the province of of lightness, and I've said good news to whoever finds in their school of deeds, a lot of his default.

00:37:03 --> 00:37:19

Toolbar good news, whoever finds in their book of deeds that they made us to follow a lot that's good for you. And so ALLAH SubhanA data says, As long as you have hope in me and call upon me, I will forgive you no matter what you have done, no matter what you have done, I my dynamic.

00:37:20 --> 00:37:29

Even that brother or sister that we all know yes, even that brother, sister that we all know. Even that crazy cousin of yours, yes, even that crazy cousin of yours.

00:37:31 --> 00:37:49

Allah says I will forgive you no matter what you have done, and I will not mind I won't mind. And that's another beautiful part. That's number four. Allah says I won't mind. You know, there are some people that if you ask them the first time, they won't mind you ask them the second time now they're starting to mind the third time they're not even going to respond to you anymore.

00:37:51 --> 00:38:07

Allah Subhana Allah says, no matter how many times you do it, I will forgive you and I will not mind you having Adam. No Bella xinova Anna Anna sama from Mr. Furth any of us to like, Oh, son or daughter of Adam, if your sins were to reach the sky.

00:38:08 --> 00:38:32

And then you sought forgiveness from me, I would forgive you. Yeah, Adam, lo Anika, I take any before I will order the hopper higher if you were to come to me with what is equal to the weight of the earth in sin. Imagine somebody came with the entire globe worth of sins. There was not a part of this earth except that they sinned on it. There was not a city except that it's theirs.

00:38:34 --> 00:38:39

And then Allah says, if you were to come to me with the earthquake in sin, and then you sought forgiveness from me,

00:38:42 --> 00:38:54

I will as long as you did not commit ship with me no naka data and by assuming the faith in it, and then you met me not having associated partners with me, I would meet you is what is equal to it of forgiveness.

00:38:56 --> 00:39:16

And so having hope and Allah subhanaw taala is forgiveness, constantly asking ALLAH SubhanA data for his forgiveness. And the last thing that I want to mention, and this is just the this is just the, I guess a caveat, which is that a person when I say seeking forgiveness, again, it's not that a person makes it some sort of game

00:39:17 --> 00:39:30

where a person basically says, Oh, I'm just gonna do whatever I want. I'm just gonna say stuff for Allah 10 times I'm done. That's not not what seeking forgiveness is. seeking forgiveness is that a person truly is remorseful, repentant,

00:39:31 --> 00:39:57

and not wanting to commit that sin again. But if a person is in that state, then no matter how many times they've sinned, and no matter how great the sin is, Allah Subhana Allah will meet them with ready forgiveness. And so we ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us His forgiveness. We ask Allah to forgive our sins and to forgive the sins of our loved ones and our parents and we ask Allah to say I mean, I've asked Allah Subhana Allah to make the best of our days the day that we beat him, or some Elijah Muhammad do either side beside him seemingly

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