Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage?

Mufti Menk


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of having a wedding, which is connected to opportunities and opportunities for business deals. They also talk about the global community's desire for marriages and how difficult it is to get married in a few cases. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being responsible and letting things happen for the benefit of both parties.
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Salam o alaikum, the big question, When should I get married? Well, it's not only about marriage, and it's not an easy answer to that. It's connected to opportunities that Allah gives you. And situations that come up, that Allah shows you. And proposals that come in your direction that Allah makes happen. So Allah loves all of us enough to give us an opportunity, an opportunity to either get a job or to either do a business deal or to either get married or to either achieve something Allah dangles these in front of us and lets these big ships talk on our coast at least once, at least once. In most cases, it's only once.

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In many cases, it happens a few times, in very few cases, it will happen a lot. Subhan Allah Subhana Allah, so listen to this.

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People say, Well, I'm studying, I don't know, should I get married? Shouldn't I get married? I can't just say yes or no, you know, the guy might not want me to get married to him. But I'm talking to a global audience where they are different cultures, people sometimes have arranged marriages and are not bad, actually, depending on what level of arrangement it is. For as long as the parties are ultimately happy that the primary, the bride and the groom have met each other before the marriage, and they have spoken to each other and they are both happy, then for even if the meeting was arranged initially, it's okay, no problem. Those work actually much better than the others. And

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sometimes people get to know each other at work or at school and they want to get married. And you know what, my beloved parents don't just say no to things. Allah sends a brilliant person for your child, sometimes only once that ship is not going to dock on your Coast again. Your opportunity Allah says, I sent you I sent you the best of the entire community, the whole city, the best of the entire city, just because he was of a different nationality. You said no, well, I told you not to do that. So there it goes. You lost it, and you lost it for everyone and you are responsible. Why? Because you didn't follow the guidance we gave. We told you look at the dean, look at the religion

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look at the character look at how, how responsible the individual is, are they outstanding? If they are, let it happen for as long as both. Both principals are happy, meaning the bride and the groom for as long as they are happy. Let it be.

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It's not easy to release your kids but you have to because they belong to Allah before you. That's the reason. So you have to let it happen.