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Phil Lewis, he would say Allah who's calling on God, the Creator Allah. Yeah, that's the beautiful thing about Islam and Islam just means to submit your will to that one Creator, guy, one God. And that's the thing, you know, when Malcolm when, when Muhammad Ali, when they went back to their roots, and they went back and he started digging, they came to Islam because they saw what you're talking about the all the prophets. Remember this?

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The when Malcolm went to Mecca, right? Yes, yes, yes. So you know, the mess. Yeah, it missed the center, right? Because he never seen someone yoke colored. Or this man color does family me or that man color? That all got along is that's different races where it lets you know, at the end of the day, God is love.

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Love is peace. And when people can understand that, that's when it's really get better. Where you can show your kids. How much do you love? How much do you know about Islam? Have you like, looking into Malcolm yatish?

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I have read everybody. Have you read the Quran? Yes, yeah, yeah. What was the main message you got from it?

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Just like the Holy Bible, the whole thing is, everything is love. You believe Jesus was God or sent by God? Because we know says we believe he's a mighty messenger. And we love I believe that Jesus, which is God's Son?

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How can I say this in the correct way? He's another prophet. And what I mean by another prophet, you don't

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know why hire Damn, the Lord, you film that's the almighty created heavens on earth is that that's the ones that praise and thinks and worship belong to the credits. But yes, you know, his son

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was a prophet to show everybody. Now, when you say, Son, well, we would just say we would just make an adjustment, we would say, obviously, he's closer to God than any of us, metaphorically would say that. We're all children of God, but God doesn't have sons and daughters. You know, literally. That's right. Right. Right. Right. And I agree with that. There you go. You mind if I get if I just take one minute, I'll give you a real quick rundown what it's not. So you just have a real comprehensive, easy to understand. We believe that Islam was there since day one with the first man Adam. And throughout time, God Almighty out of His love, like it's my love out of His love and

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mercy. He sent guidance. And every messenger came with the same message every prophet and messenger came to say, message Dang, that's what I was trying to make you.

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Like, I'm Christian, but

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God sent every messenger in different religion. God Almighty sent messengers and prophets, different places at times and destinations. And from there that message is always the same. worship the Creator, the heavens and earth alone without associates and obey the messenger I was sent. So at Noah's time, you have to obey just like I say, Allah to Allah, and like, like how we say all love to Jesus. What I've seen over the years talking to many Christians also is because obviously, they don't know that we also as Muslims love and revere Jesus as one of the mightiest messengers sent by God that He was the Messiah were time God Almighty sent message prophets and messengers, all came

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the same message, worship one and only one God, and be morally upright. So the messenger that was set during that time,

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during that time, that time No, every everyone has one Jesus, Jesus, and we say Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon. Thanks, brother. Thank you, you see, and so during Jesus's time, we would say that the message was La Ilaha illa Allah what that means is there's nothing where you'd have to proclaim or profess that there's nothing worthy of worship except the creator the heavens and earth. Jesus is his messenger. Yes, during Moses, his time that he loved is nothing worthy of worship except the one God Almighty and Moses messenger. We say during this time now, that like the law, there's nothing worthy of worship except the one God and Muhammad is his final messenger.

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Right? So Jesus did certain miracles to prove that he was indeed a messenger sent by God. You see how you asked me? Yeah, have I ever read Quran right, the living miracle that we have today. That was the last match in the Quran, Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings? Yes, thank you, my brother. You know, Malcolm, when he came back from Hajj, you know, and he's standing come over here. He's standing like, show you standing next to the white to the black. Malcolm stand and watch what he said. He said, he said, before I went to the nation. Yeah, so the Hokey way. I never knew I had brothers that was white age.

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Or air, right? Yes. And his mind was wash with

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anybody that had pale skin and blue eyes or blonde hair, or like a white man was the enemy but you're not your enemy. You your own enemy, because guess what, if you don't believe

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Leaving the Lord you make yourself to any people can do stuff but you can forgive them

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forgiveness is the biggest thing in this world and I wish a lot of people will understand that you feminists

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forgive people