Mufti Menk – Is your marriage delayed due to restrictions?

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker advises not to delay marriage due to COVID-19 regulations and regulations, as it is not because someone is jealous of the other, but because everyone is facing problems. The speaker suggests waiting for a marriage to happen online or in different locations, and advises not to avoid big functions and not to allow things to happen in a rush. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of working to alleviate the pandemic and mentions the need for everyone to turn to Allah for forgiveness.
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Salam aleikum, my brothers and sisters, if your marriage is delaying because of restrictions that we are facing due to Coronavirus due to the lockdowns and all these rules and regulations that have crept up as a result, it's not because someone is doing black magic, it's not because someone is jealous of you. It's because we're all facing the same thing. So you're either going to have to change the way you do things, or you're going to have to wait, which is fine. One of the things is, especially if you're in different countries, perhaps different locations altogether, you may have to wait or delay. Or you may have to do a nikka. You may have to officiate the marriage in other ways,

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for example, an online marriage, bearing in mind all the rules and regulations, and you may not be able to join each other and you won't be able to have big functions. In fact, I'd suggest that you don't have big functions, things need to change. And for now, especially, we need to understand that it's not going to be the same for a while. So don't become depressed because of delays. Either do something that would actually help you and make things easier by downgrading perhaps what you had planned in terms of getting people together and having everyone come you may not it's your opportunity to actually fulfill a tsunami of simplicity, total simplicity in your weddings, in your

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marriages, and have something very basic because in that way you can get your children married, you can get married, things can flow and progress. But if you're gonna wait, let me tell you what might happen. Things may get worse and the lockdowns might become even stricter, and they might last longer before you know it. Two, three years would have passed. May Allah protect us and grant us ease. We're going to have to work and navigate through these times, but with positivity, don't allow the times to depress you. It's actually from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So it's a test for us to adjust to what has befallen us. And we continue to turn to Allah seeking forgiveness, asking Allah

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to cure us all. And at the same time ensuring that every one of us has turned to Allah, we've taken the necessary precautions and we're asking ALLAH, not only to alleviate our own suffering, but that of everyone across the globe. akula Kali ha that was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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