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Prophet Muhammad SAWS The Greatest man of all time – A Mercy to the World

In this show of The Deen Show Eddie speaks about the Prohphet SAWS and him being a mercy to the world.

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Salam aleikum. Adam. How are you?

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I'm doing very good. Thanks for having me on the show how you been? Very good. Excellent. You keep him busy. Last time we had you in. It was Jesus and Mohammed, Jesus in the last messenger the prophets, Allah Salam. Yes. That was the last book. That's right. Yeah. Because when you accept Mohammed as the last and final messenger sent to mankind as a mercy to mankind, you automatically accept Jesus, Moses, amen. All the preceding messengers. Absolutely correct. And now, tell us about the new book hamdulillah. The new book is called the greatest man of all time, a mercy to the world. And it is a true story that over a billion people love around the world. Now, wait, stop, stop right

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there. You said something great. It's very exciting. So look, if you want to make to somebody out there talking about, let's make America great again, how you going to make America or the world great. Again, if you don't get to know who the Prophet Muhammad sold us on the greatest man of all time, you want to make America great again, you have to learn about the greatest man of all time. And this is a man, the reason why he's the greatest man of all time, is that he was a model businessman. He was a phenomenal philanthropist. He was a just military commander. He was an influential political leader. He was a beloved spouse, a nurturing parent and an ultimate

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Peacemaker. We struggle in our lives to just do two of these things well, and he had half a dozen to a dozen roles where he excelled. And he showed us the best example. So whether it's Democrat, Republican, Trump, Clinton, the Green Party candidate, the Libertarian Party, candidate, politicians, non politicians, they need to pick up the story of the prophets all this on. And this is done in a way that appeals to Muslims and non Muslims the way that it's branded. And we really, they need to have this as a core part of their knowledge base and their reading. How do you some people have heard of him? But they've heard of him in such a distorted misinformed way. How do you

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deal with those people say, Well, I I've already uncovered enough, the fact that his marriages or, you know, him being in so many wars that he was, you know, a violent person that he did all kinds of evil things. This is a distorted view, right? And this is a distorted view. They say, you know what, I don't need to get I don't need to go much further. What would you say to someone like that? The truth will set you free. And you just need to pick up this book, the way that it's branded. You know, a lot of books in the life of the prophet SAW this on biographies, they they read like history books, may Allah reward the people that wrote those books. We took an approach of using indirect

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references at the beginning, instead of starting out with the Prophet Muhammad Salah someone from the beginning, we call him the messenger instead of calling Makkah by its name, we call it the city. And these are all things that we're okay with the scholars like Shaykh, yasir Qadhi, who we talked to in the first book, and Shaykh Omar Suleiman, who reviewed the entire first book. And so, you know, to answer your question, folks just need to pick up the story, read it in an unbiased fashion. And that's the way we approached it, right? We didn't put a picture, you know, of the Kaaba, although that is the holiest of lands, people's guards go up, their defenses go up, they go blind,

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deaf, they don't want to consider the message. So you have to do it in a way that is going to be inviting, appealing, and invite them in in a way that they will consider it and not rejected immediately. Yeah, and if you put things in context, you know, people, usually the winners, they say of history, rewrite history, and then there's been a strong push to suppress this truth coming out the true life of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. And if you, you know, if you talk about battles, there are just wars, and you would see him as actually a liberator, as a man of justice as a man of peace. You know, never having we talked about marriage. He didn't promote promiscuity,

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absolutely something that was there of the best of morality. So anything that you can try to bring will be at the highest morals. He exemplified that in the highest state, you'd be robbing yourself by not getting to know this man? Absolutely. You'd be doing yourself an injustice if you didn't try to understand the story. And there's a lot of resources out there. But the main thing is to pick up one where you're going to have fun, you're going to have a good time. There's a lot of books out there that people read, and they don't have a ton of value to them. You know, I have a lot of friends family that I've read, for example, Harry Potter, that's a great read, but you're not going

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to drive a ton of value from it. You need to read something where you're going to learn where you're going to become stronger. I my day job is in corporate America. And there's a lot of people that spend millions and millions of dollars right in corporations to develop effective leaders. You don't need to spend that much money you can you can get it for practically free by

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Understanding Islam reading the code and, and reading the Sera, Sera of the prophets Allah Salaam, the life story of the prophet SAW this element, you can read this book, the greatest man of all time to have a fun, engaging, effective way of understanding how to be a really excellent leader among other things. You see these dirty tricks being played nowadays it's been played before is played today, these ad hominem attacks that go directly at a person, you know, to try to discredit him lies deception, deceit, you know, to try to get people away from the message that the person is bringing. There was a I don't know if you saw this movie is called kill the messenger. Have you heard of this

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journalist was exposing some truth that was out there and he got a call from someone and he said look Be prepared to be controversial ised I never heard that term of controversial lies. I mean, they're coming after you. They're gonna attack you personally. Everything that you uncovered of truth, they're gonna forget about that. We can see that here happening with with with the greatest man that had ever absolutely taking his life. Islamophobia. Islamophobia, right? billions of dollars gets spent to discredit and slam Islam, but the thing that Muslims need to be at peace with and I've said this to many family and friends, that Allah has guaranteed that Islam will be victorious. And

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the question for us in these difficult times, is not so much do I want to go into the shadows but do I want to be a part of this victory do I want to get on this bus that is headed towards victory because by the end of the century, when you talk to demographers people that track population trends, by the end of this century, Muslims will be the most numerous people they will outnumber Christians, they will outnumber any other faith. And it's not going to be about the quantity brother Eddie. It's about the quality understanding what the prophet SAW Selim as understanding the court ad and staying true to our beliefs even in these times of fitna and difficulty and you can understand

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that when we say Islam submission to the will of the Creator, not the creation will be victorious because God created creation, he sent out of his love the way we need to live. And Jesus brought it Moses brought it Mohammed brought it as the complete adherence to loving God with all your heart, your mind your body. So how do you learn by submitting to your Creator? That's how you get it and that's going to be victorious at the end. That's right. We'll be right back with more of the author Adam Rodman, the greatest man of all time problem on peace be upon them get to know this man. Are you talking about more about the book? Don't go anywhere.

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Back here on the deen show. Tell us a little bit Adam, you seen on ABC, NBC Fox, tell us about how you got was you're on there with the book. How was this hamdulillah so earlier this year, you know, we've seen a lot of coverage of the presidential election, Clinton versus Trump versus, you know, two other candidates Libertarian candidate Green Party candidate, and Donald Trump was calling for a Muslim ban into this country. I was born in the United States. I lived in Saudi Arabia for eight years. I love the United States. I love Mecca. Medina, I love a Les Paul I love the Prophet Muhammad sola sola more than any other person, past, present or future. And this really got under the skin of

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a lot of folks in my community. You know, we're productive, peaceful citizens. We want to see America continue to be great. And so my nonprofit organization, awake, I revival, it's a 501 c c three, nonprofit organization, we issued a press release, calling Donald Trump out. And basically, if he wants to make America great again, we said in the statement, you got to get to know the greatest man of all time and mercy to the world. And as a result of just doing that, that action for the sake of Allah, we got picked up by over 200 media organizations around the world. And the four big television networks, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, have us featured. And so this is going to allow you to

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try to do something for the sake of God the Creator, not the creation, and fantastic excellent things happen. That's amazing. It reminds me because

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when people can relate when they can understand that when we talk about problem 100 peace be upon him, automatically. Jesus is hooked up in there, Abraham, Moses, all of the greatest men to ever walk the earth you know, and there's one saying this Hadeeth that probably Mohammed he describes a beautiful peace be upon him of a beautiful house brick house mansion with you know, the beyond what you can imagine of beauty and people walking around it and then they stopped at the corner and said hey, there's one piece missing here. There's a brick missing here he said I am that brick.

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You know this howdy This is statement. So that's all it is. It's a completion because what we have a revelation to him and he has been distorted edited, you know

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With but that's why he got out of his love set Prophet Mohammed the greatest man of all time, out of his love to guide humanity to that which is pleasing to God. He's the final messenger. Tell us something else.

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In your book, what people can expect when they go into

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the whole Syrah his whole life is costing absolutely And to your point. He is the seal of the messengers. So all the prophets, the messengers, before that, Allah sent them to the world, to nations, to countries to different people. And many a community rejected those messengers and prophets and the people that accepted Moosa, Elisa Moses, who accepted Isa de Sena, Jesus and the prophets Allah has held on, you know, over time, essentially, there were distortions, you know, in Christianity and Judaism. And that's why Islam came to us. It came to us to be essentially superior to all other religions. This is written, you know, in the code and, and in the book itself. It's a

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bigger, better bolder version of my first book hamdulillah. There's over 200 sources that we we took a look at to put this together. And it's written in a story based form, it's all nonfiction. I was particularly inspired by one of my favorite scholars, Shaykh yasir Qadhi. And he spent over three years doing over 100 lectures on the life of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam. And I was just so inspired by it. I mean, after the first book is getting a lot of good feedback, a lot of good reception being on the top 1% of the Amazon best selling list. But I wasn't satisfied with that I will not be satisfied with these efforts and tell all people around the world except this time. So

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in reviewing additional material from shake yasir Qadhi, and this year in the quarter end and say here deeds, we wanted to have a more extended, unabridged version. So my first book, it's an abridged version of the life of the prophets Allah Salaam. And this second book, now the greatest man of all time, more miracles, more engaging, more fun, you know, backed by over 120 very influential people around the world, in United States and Canada and Mexico, outside of the West, as well. And so we've gotten a lot of good reception, there's Congress, men, Congress, women that that know about these efforts that our organization's been doing. So we really want to continue to reach

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out to politicians, to Christians, to Jews to Muslims. And just like we did with the first effort, where we wrote letters to 10, world leaders, brother Eddie around the world, and three of them responded back, the president France, the Prime Minister of Canada, and the president of Brazil, France, Brazil, Canada, I'm the ally. And they thanked us for the efforts. So three out of 10, responded hamdulillah. So I look forward to sending this book around to even broader lists now that we've kind of tested and this is the prophetic tradition, right? He wrote to the ruler of Persia, he wrote to the ruler of Byzantium, the Roman Empire, he wrote to the ruler that was presiding over

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Egypt, all around the world. It's a global message. We are a global community. And the vast majority of us I think you had a show on this basically trying to quantify the percentage of people that are peaceful versus people that choose extreme versions that are not from our peaceful tradition. We are peaceful people 1.7 billion of us and counting. Yes, the fastest growing movement, fastest growing religion.

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The only reason why that's the case is because the Prophet Mohammed Salah is one of the greatest men of all time, he came with the truth. And Allah promised to preserve the quote and it's the most memorized book in the world, most memorized book in the world. And so when you just look at a few of these facts, hopefully Islam will enter your heart I am speaking to the Christians and the Jews that are watching the show right now. And will will mix in and that is true religion and I hope that they will accept Islam and if they don't accept Islam then at least they will respect Islam yeah if you're you're a

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God fearing God loving purpose person. And you are open minded objective you know, you will look at the evidence look at the crime with an open heart open mind look at the life of Muhammad not through the eyes of some hater some islamophobe things we'll uncover you'll see something so beautiful. Something so amazing. We'll be right back with more here to the show. Don't go anywhere.

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Back here on the deen show, tell us from studying the life of the last and final messenger Muhammad peace be upon him. Tell me what stood out are there you know there's it's such a vast

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array of things of history. Is there something that sticks out right up until now that you remember that kind of absolutely increases your mind and

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Though there's it's sort of like asking somebody to, you know, name, their favorite book or their favorite moment in life, you know from the life we're thankful to God to Allah. There's so many to pick from. So I'll pick one of the favorite, true stories from his life. And I think this is an important lesson for our own law for a community today, to not go back into the shadows when there's so much Islamophobia to really be proud to be Muslim be be humble, but proud to be Muslim. One of the first things that the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salam did when he reached Medina when the Quraysh were trying to assassinate him for his peaceful message. Allah Spano tala did not give the Prophet

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solo salam, permission to fight against them, although they were being very, very mean to him. They were trying to take his life he fled to Medina to seek peace. And one of the first things that he did when he got there was that he commanded that place of prayer must be erected before he even built his own house. Right? He stayed with some extended family members, so that the masjid the mosque, a place of prayer could be erected first. And then he also asked, Where is the where does the buying and selling happen? The local Bazaar, where merchants do their commerce, and he was told that all the Jewish communities running it, there's nothing wrong with that. But he wanted the

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transactions to be more pure, to be more held out permissible for there not to be others taken advantage of exactly interest is not

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that exact, make sure that there's a certain fairness and fairness right and wrong. fairness when you're trading, buying and selling. So the prophet SAW Selim, the other thing that he did was he commanded that local Bazaar, the local economy, for the Muslims to be established, and obviously non Muslims could also conduct commerce there. So in summary, one of my favorite moments is when he got to Medina, he commanded that the masjid be built, and that a local bazaar be built. And let me extrapolate this to the year 2016. In this time, when we're Some of us are struggling with certain jobs, with other things in life, we need to be brave, we need to have courage, just like you have

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your own television show. You're an example to a lot of us in the community, Muslim, non Muslim, we need more people to be like you, like fellow businessmen, that are entrepreneurs, to start their own businesses to start our own schools to start on pharmacies, to start our own political party.

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We need to animate saying cut off from society and be isolationist, we need to be integrated. The best way to spread Islam is not by the sword. The best way to spread Islam is about showing good character, go to local food bank, pass out food, if there's somebody that's homeless, give them give them money, right? Don't be stingy, by integrating by mixing with society, but staying true to your identity. And by starting our own efforts, our own emotions, our own businesses, our own schools, so that we can teach the leadership lessons, the Merciful nature that the prophet SAW Selim exemplified as the greatest man of all time, we can learn those lessons, the current educational curriculum, I'm

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a product of it, I went to public schools, including elementary school, high school, university, and also graduate school. They don't teach in a fair and balanced way about all the religions. And I was talking to our local Congresswoman in California, and I was in a roundtable discussion with several

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religious leaders. And she was very interested in trying to see if we could inject some fair, balanced religious education, you just present the facts. And I hope that we can start with that and expand to other things so that we can peacefully spread the message of Islam. I think this is a this is a great example, if everybody would do their part. Obviously, our job is to share because if you care you share and that's going to help to alleviate some of the fears and mis information that people have.

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That they've been

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victim, fallen victim to, because of this

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Islamophobia machine that's out there. So if everybody does their small part like you're doing, we're trying to do everybody as an individual as and with organizations get out there and try to make the human connection. invite people to the masjid help people to get to know truly what Muslims are about what Islam is about, they'll see more, I mean, people really resonates just the simple basic beliefs of Islam. You know, the worship of the Creator, not the creation, you know, doing good deeds, you know, trying to be of best moral ethics and character to do in business justly, to help those who are less fortunate to you down and tratan You know, it just there's nothing in Islam you

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know, especially when you look at Prophet Muhammad peace be upon life, you see, like not only is the Quran a living miracle that we have it no other book like it in the world.

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Prophet Mohammed's life when you see, you know, you can you can spot a shyster a mile away, man, when you really looked at a diva, you wrote his, you know, you wrote this book and you see it's a miracle when you study his life you see like, why is he doing this? You know what I mean? If you just look at the the do or the fortress of the Muslim to do our book, it's a fantastic book that he's like, I mean, not only the Quran if he put that together like some people will say, What's he doing I mean everything they're they're recording his life, you know, out today to have the reality shows and every cameras everywhere where you go, all eyes were on him. And all he was calling people

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do or like prepare for the next life. Obey the one who created you before you meet him? do good deeds, be just be fair be upright. It's amazing. Um, the law? Absolutely. And you know, some of the miracles that occurred and there's many miracles in the court and the revelations that he received from God because people accuse the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salaam of writing the Quran, he didn't know how to read or write, yeah, he didn't know how to read or write. And in that time, the stories of prophets in the past messengers in the past, they didn't have the knowledge. And so when he was challenged by the court, ah, with help from the Jewish community to basically pose certain questions

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the prophets, Allah salam, about people of times past messengers of times past, all this fun at all, eventually sent revelation to answer and there's no way that a man that could not have read or written and didn't have that education could have known those stories. So there's no way he made it up. And the other thing that I want to share with your viewers, brother, Eddie, is that if you read this book, the greatest man of all time, you will see a connection between the quarter and

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the examples in his life, the historical examples in his life written and a true, non fictional story based form, which is very fun. And you will see the connection between the events that happen in his life, and as the core and was being revealed before things would even happen, unless one at all would foreshadow and predict these things were going to happen. And then later when they happened,

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it was a miracle being witnessed over and over and over. And although we're 14 centuries removed, these things happen. And there were too many witnesses president at present, too many witnesses present, and too much documentation. He's the most well, one of the most well documented leaders of all time. And if you just give it a chance, I am

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humbly confident that you will be intrigued. And that insha Allah, God willing, the message of Islam will enter your heart and for Muslims, where maybe they've gone a little bit far from the message, it will re inspire you and reinvigorate. We're out of time, where can people get the book, they can get the book on and It's available for pre order right now until the November 18 2016, launch November 18. We're gonna launch and then after that, they're welcome to order it as well on Amazon. Thank you once again, it's a pleasure to have you on the program.

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And you guys make sure you want to make America great. Hey, focus on first making your life great again. And how you gonna make your life great again, or even the world great again, let alone America. If you don't know the greatest man who ever walked the earth problem, Mohammed, peace and blessings be upon them who was a brother to Jesus, Moses, Abraham, all the messengers who call people to establish a direct connection with the one who created creation. God Almighty. Thank you. So I'm making peace.