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This was my dream. My dream one one of my dreams. My dream was, you know, we've read a lot of books written by non Muslims in different topics, right? I've never seen non Muslims read a book written by an Islamic religious person, right? I've never seen them. And you know, I'll be honest with you, what happened is, I decided at a certain stage later on that, look, if I have a book, a book that I can convince the non Muslims to actually read and nod their heads and take, and if we have a picture of a person with a beard, who supposedly looks similar to those who are meant to have been the bad ones, and they acknowledge that they're not bad once you mean, not all of them are bad, then surely

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we would have a certain element of success. I decided to handle you know, the motivation moments, let's put it together. And I do know that some people wouldn't appreciate a face on the top, I was in two minds about it. But I decided, you know what, you put a face simply because I know non Muslims will read it, I know they will purchase it. And when they do, I'd like them to know the face of the person behind it. Something that you are going to acknowledge is heavenly. It's beautiful. It's humane, it's, I believe in it. I acknowledge this, this much of it. So how much in common do you have? That's a part of our now.

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So one day I was on the tube in London and I will lie what I saw was actually so beautiful. A few years ago, I saw this Caucasian non Muslim reading the book, so how Allah and my face was then I walked in. And then another white lady, she looked up to

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she said, she pointed at me and she's like, Oh, you know, is this is this you? And I was like, nodded my head. And to me, I was so so grateful to Allah because it was like a dream that I had seen this years ago. I dreamt I sort of thought of it in my mind and now look, it actually happened. So it was just Allah showing me you know, what you did for for the deen of Allah. I'm hoping Allah is just showing you to say look, we made it happen, because it's only Allah who lets that happened.