Karim Abuzaid – Belief In Allah 02 Introduction To The Series Part 2

Karim Abuzaid
AI: Summary © The importance of faith in Islam is discussed, including the holy spirit and acceptance of the holy spirit in one's life. The need for individuals to be aware of their actions and the importance of separating Act from misinterpretation and compulsion before labeling individuals a Catholic is emphasized. The history and origins of Islam are also discussed, including the use of "igrams in various context," the importance of philosophy in bringing happiness and happiness to people, and the use of the title "Ok, what?" in various context. The segment also touches on the history and origins of philosophy and the potential consequences of rejecting certain misunderstandings.
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In Alhamdulillah, Mohamad who want to stay in

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one hour, inshallah fusina. Amin say Dr. Molina

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manga de la bella

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when I

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in a

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luxury car

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wash had one

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of the

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brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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This is the second lecture from the series, believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala in light of the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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last lecture we introduced the definition of the word r p that

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what does it mean linguistically, to have arcada?

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What does it mean in the technical terms?

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Meaning believing and alarm,

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angels, books, messengers, they have judgment caught up.

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And in a way also we defined what a man is faith.

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Faith is defined according to the asuna wall Gemma, according to a seller facade, our righteous greed assessors. According to Alfredo Canaria, the safe sect according to a handle Hadith, the people of the howdy

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believe of the heart,

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say, seeing it with the tongue

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and acting upon it with the rest of your limbs.

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And it increases because of your obedience and decreases because of your disobedience. How the holy man

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faith. Faith is to believe in Allah subhana wa tada and the other six elements, pillars of Eman in the heart.

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Then you pronounce this with your tongue. You declare this with your tongue.

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If someone want to say a Muslim, they say a shadow under the law, a shadow.

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And also you confirm this with the rest of your limbs suddenly, suddenly, that key is a key HUD HUD commands, do's and don'ts.

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An email increases and decreases based on your commitment to this.

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And we spoke about the importance of the RFP that

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we said that

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our Arpita our creed, our religion is not a hearsay

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divine revelation,

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the Quran and the statements of the prophets of Allah. Allah Koran was sooner. What did you map and the consensus of our righteous predecessors? wise mal oma woman sarada energy, this is the source of our opinion, is made clear. It is not unclean in any way. It's straightforward. And it answers all the questions Who Are you a human being? Who brought you into this world, the creator of everything, Allah, where I'm gonna go after this world, you're gonna go back to Allah? What am I supposed to do with my life? submit to Allah. As simple as that. answers questions to the point.

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ask any question that you want to ask. You will find an answer in the religion of Islam, about who you are, and your mission and so forth. today because the subject is so wealthy,

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I want to address things that you could say

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things that you couldn't believe

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or actions that you could commit, which will negate your email

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or will place you in a gray area.

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Regarding being a Muslim,

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I want to talk about the

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things that you could say things that you could believe,

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acts that you could commit, which will take you out of Islam, whether completely or whether partially, whatever way you want to look at it carefully a disbelief occurs by belief, believing certain things by making a statement,

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or by actions.

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Why I'm bringing this up now, even though I have not really explained a whole lot about our

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journey I should be engaged in going into how he

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explained this. You see our religion? Look at the statement that you make to become a Muslim. What do you say

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la ilaha

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La Ilaha is nothing, negation.

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And then you say Illallah, no God, no deity. You're negating. Any presence of any objects

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in your heart.

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You say no, our guardian, there is no other deity worthy of my submission, worthy of my life. And then you say, well

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accept who?

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That is why a Muslim cannot come into the religion of Islam. Meanwhile, believing that Buddha is a God, Jesus is a god fushia is a God the Son is a God, you see, let

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no one is worthy.

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No one has the right to

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be worshipped, obeyed, submitted to, but

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acceptable. So look negation. So this is a time when there is a lot of fitness. So I thought before we go into explaining at the head and so forth, maybe it's worthy to bring up some of these issues, which can negate your faith your belief

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Why are we saying this? Because as a Muslim

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if there is a person who's a Kaffir there are certain rules can

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can a Muslim marry a disbelieving woman?

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Pure disbelief can they can a Muslim man pure disbelief? Mashallah.

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You can if you say this person is a Catholic

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no way you're gonna marry Can you eat his, his food, his meat, can you he can easily eat his meat.

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Can you inherit if your father can you inherit from him? You can feather our cap in the Dunia dadrian casts. There are certain rules

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which concerns you when you deal with a captain and what I would call out method and how to Mariani. nobody speaks about it.

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Also, if a person

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is labeled to be a Catholic, whether he has called himself a Catholic, or the schooler of the oma, the people who are qualified to make the judgment, call himself or call that person, a cafe, you have to believe in the depths of your heart that this person is a dweller of the Hellfire for eternity.

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You believe it?

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Anyone who does not accept Islam?

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Who believe this? If you present the message of Islam to somebody

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you can listen Allah is the one who created you he is the only one who is worthy of your worship. He sent you messengers throughout time to remind you to remind me to remind you to submit to Him, submit to Him and follow the final messenger Muhammad and you present it to him the message in a nice way in a good way and Masha Allah you will kind of the oil SAP of the cabin Hekmatyar. You did your best as you know,

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my eyes, I don't want to in your heart, you must believe that this person is what

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you can't have doubt about this.

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You can't have doubt about this.

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inshallah, let's go through this with me later. First of all, I want you to listen

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Carefully because this is the basis on which we'll continue the lecture after that, and the sooner

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the sooner well, Gemma, you could call the national Gemma, alpha de Sala facade, whatever name you want to use. There are three that once it comes to believe having faith consists of acceptance in the heart,

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that in your heart you accept that there is no deity no God but Allah.

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And you believe in the rest of the pillars of faith, angels, messengers, books, they have judgment, color,

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affirmation with the tongue, by saying I feel witness that there is no deity worthy of my worship on submission, but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger and acting upon this with Dylan's Salas aka fasting.

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Important here because you will find some people getting up at an early man increases and decreases.

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Sometimes you find yourself Mashallah the Salah is so easy. Everything is wonderful because of what there is an increase of email. And sometimes you're hardly waking up to pray. You're hardly dragging your feet to pray. Because if a man is what

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you do,

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the more you obey your Eman, what goes up, the more you disobey, the demand goes

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down. So this is the basis on which we'll kick this now. Let's see who negated this.

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before we go into the business of calling this person a catheter,

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first of all, I'm not talking about the Pew for him.

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Someone who is

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a Muslim.

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You don't have to call us or someone who has faith in other than Islam. He's one

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of them. Those who say Allah is the Messiah or disbelievers Guevara, Latina,

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woman Sakina Hata, laniakea Latina CalHFA Min

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know I'm talking about the clear here of a Muslim someone who says bla bla bla bla, bla,

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but yet

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he's not a Muslim.

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Let's build some foundation here. When we address the subject, okay.

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I will fall over in a tech field, what field will Mauryan listen carefully because this stuff, every Muslim must have a grasp of it. And the time because of the limitation of time, I'm not going to detail everything but I'm going to throw the foundation and move on. But I'm telling you each word that we say tonight, we can spend the whole lecture just dealing with it the difference between general tech fields that field

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and you call this person is a calf, a particular person, a particular individual, what is the difference between the two?

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First of all, it is not proper for a Muslim to declare anyone a Catholic from amongst the Muslims, until the evidence is established

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against them

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a commitment

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to an internal manner

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that you have dealt with the things which cause this person to do what he does.

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Hang in there and I will explain this to you in more details. What do you mean by this?

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There are preventative factors of making that fear of individual.

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There are obstacles, things that stand in your way to call a certain person a Catholic.

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I'm talking about somebody who says Laila Muhammad Rasul Allah pay attention here.

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Number one,

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This person may not know what is hidden

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a lot. You must give this person an excuse of ignorance that he doesn't know.

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And he will gently to do between

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faulty interpretation.

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You shown him the question

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You showed him the sooner and he reached the wrong conclusion, he misunderstood it.

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He misinterpreted it.

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He did not understand it properly. That is to

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number three, he is forced. He's forced to do this. So those are the three things that you must deal with.

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Let's look into ignorance.

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You're an ideal example. Therefore, we have Hadeeth. Face to Muslim holiday beside.

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And then

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when he's about to die,

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he called upon his children.

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And he said to them, what kind of a father was it?

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They say the good father.

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Say now I want to do something for me.

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When I die, burn my body,

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smash my bones,

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turn it into ashes.

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And wait for a windy day.

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Then cast half of my ashes in the sea and the other half in the land. Look, what is it? Fair enough? in Qatar? Allahu Allah. Yeah. Liberty either. But let

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me look what he said. If Allah is able

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to bring me back.

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halogen ignorance, he doesn't know that Allah subhana wa Taala is capable to collect his ashes and bring him back to life.

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Of course, we as Muslims, by the way, when our parents leave us will like this. Imagine your father before going before dying. He called upon you and he said, To do this, should you execute that? Well.

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I'm asking you should you

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as a Muslim? Should you execute that? Well? No. You always have to measure the will according to the Sharia.

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Your mother for example, before dies, I want you to tear your clothes. I want you to wait. I want you can do all type of things after I die. Should you do it? No.

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You only do what matches what? The Sharia Daddy, in this case. The children did.

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They burned his body.

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smashed his bowls. They cast half of this in the sea having the land. Allah told us that in the future, something that will happen but he told us about it. Allah commanded earth to collect his ashes and command commanded the sea to collect his ashes. And here he is standing in front of Allah soprano God. What caused you to do this call? I'm afraid.

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I'm afraid of you.

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And some of the words

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that he used to be a thief who goes and steals the shrouds after the people bury the deceased. He goes over dig the grave. Yes.

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And he takes the shrouds he steals his treatment out there

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is afraid

00:18:33 --> 00:18:41

I was afraid of you a shadow. The important thing here is what? This person Allah sent him to gentleman.

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He said go to Gen Y. He's ignorant.

00:18:48 --> 00:18:52

He's ignorant of the name of Allah Al Cody.

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But is his act act of Khufu not?

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What he did is an act of

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But because of what ignorance we have also

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some holiday

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Howdy from Indiana

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students. And then he basically said towards the end of time

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the only thing that people will know about Islam is not a llama.

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They don't know anything else in the future.

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Only later Hello. And some of the wording Allah Allah Allah and then actually they would ask one another. How did you hear that word La la la la la la la la. I heard my father saying no Salah knows.

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Select one of his students is and what La ilaha illAllah will do for them.

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What? Three times what La la la la la, la la la la la

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la la la, la la la la la, la la la salette inhuman, and it will save them from the Hellfire, the La la la.

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Why? Because they are ignorant. Their parents never told them.

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They didn't receive the knowledge. There is no knowledge.

00:20:26 --> 00:20:33

Before you go after a person and you tell him he is a cafard someone who says La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah

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you must remove what ignorance you must get the person to learn.

00:20:42 --> 00:20:50

You must feed him the knowledge which will dismiss what ignorance out of the picture comes in number two, the MIS interpretation.

00:20:51 --> 00:21:02

Jani fuller information our Akita that when the companions of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam right after the fitna of of Manasa

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when they fought one another,

00:21:05 --> 00:21:08

they did it based on mis interpretation.

00:21:11 --> 00:21:14

And both groups they thought that they are doing the right thing.

00:21:17 --> 00:21:20

misinterpretation. So you must remove

00:21:22 --> 00:21:29

misinterpretation before you label anybody want to be a non Muslim comes in the enforced compulsion.

00:21:31 --> 00:21:40

And we have the story of our Martinez Martinez and was stopped by the disbelievers and they told him listen, we're not gonna let you go until you speak bad about Muhammad.

00:21:43 --> 00:21:44

Speak bad about him.

00:21:47 --> 00:21:50

They he actually spoke bad about the processor Lawson.

00:21:51 --> 00:21:56

He feels so bad about it. He came back to the Prophet Palio Rasul Allah they forced me to say so and so about you.

00:21:58 --> 00:22:01

How do you see your heart? mind when will Eman color

00:22:04 --> 00:22:22

come build being forced to share with you the important thing here that before we label anyone a Catholic, we must remove these three areas ignorance, misinterpretation and compulsion out of themselves. When we say such and such deed is a major cough,

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and so and so has fallen into major cough this Bolivian gopher is this belief, we need to distinguish between the Act and the door.

00:22:35 --> 00:22:45

You see, in the case of Omar, I could say well, if you speak bad about them, if someone speaks about about the Prophet, this act is

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Hey, if you speak bad about the Prophet, the act is what?

00:22:53 --> 00:22:55

But what about the door

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don't label the door until you make sure that he knows it's a cough

00:23:02 --> 00:23:05

until you make sure that he did not miss interpret something.

00:23:07 --> 00:23:11

He is not forced like a mom or their loved one. You understand what I'm saying?

00:23:12 --> 00:23:15

So you have to distinguish between the two.

00:23:16 --> 00:23:19

Now everyone who falls into * becomes a cache.

00:23:20 --> 00:23:34

Because a person may fall into major cough out of ignorance, misinterpretation or compulsion, in which case he is not called the calf, in spite of the fact that the act is regarded to be a major move

00:23:36 --> 00:23:37

for you

00:23:38 --> 00:23:50

now, who has the authority and about the power to label this person to be a Catholic and this person is not a gift. By the way, we're talking about people who say a llama hamato sola here.

00:23:52 --> 00:24:01

We're not talking about the pure kuffaar or the VEDA, mushy Nikita, no, talking about the Muslims, people who say la ilaha illAllah Muhammad, Osama, who has the power

00:24:02 --> 00:24:06

to call this person is a character and this person was not a gift.

00:24:08 --> 00:24:12

Like I said, we have to distinguish between General texif

00:24:13 --> 00:24:40

and individual taxis, which is to call someone a calf. Cooling an individual a catheter should be left for those people's knowledge, who are aware of what faith is of what a man is and what this belief is. And what are the things that negate a person's Islam when is excused from ignorance applied and when it is not applied. Very important, Linda, Muslim

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00:24:45 --> 00:24:59

Don't you dare call your brother or your system, you must have the knowledge. It is indeed very dangerous for unqualified people especially who do not have even the knowledge of the definition of a man

00:25:01 --> 00:25:29

According to our righteous predecessors to perform and restricted that field, or individuals out of their own will, we must be very careful with this. In summary, we don't want to dig too much into this making tech fear of those with no religion is obligatory on all Muslims. What do you mean with no religion? A normal for somebody who's an atheist, okay, we'll accept someone who tells you I'm an atheist, you call him a cat.

00:25:30 --> 00:25:42

He must believe that he's a cat. Five, number one, make in tech field, those who follow our faith. It is also obligatory, you must call someone who's a Muslim.

00:25:43 --> 00:25:52

He's a Catholic in the Quran. And the Quran said he's a cat. But making tequila for Muslim it's negatory only on the scholars

00:25:53 --> 00:25:59

to make such judgment. Very important, of course, as well. This does not apply

00:26:01 --> 00:26:05

to people, for example, we have clear text

00:26:06 --> 00:26:08

in the Quran or in the authentic Sona.

00:26:09 --> 00:26:12

That states that they are prefer, you have a doubt that

00:26:15 --> 00:26:19

I'm asking do you have a doubt that I will have to scaffold? Why?

00:26:20 --> 00:26:22

Tabitha? says, Lana,

00:26:25 --> 00:26:29

do you have a doubt that Abdullah hypno wavenet saloon is a moon FM,

00:26:31 --> 00:26:35

when to sell yada yada Minho, metabo malata kumala

00:26:37 --> 00:27:11

when you have a text that states that person is so and so helpless, out of question, but we're talking about other people, you must be careful with this because the person could be ignorant, he doesn't know what he's doing. Number two, the person could be material witness misinterpreted the or he raised a faulty interpretation of the text, or he is compelled to do so. Now let's go over some of the things which would bring a person into this belief.

00:27:12 --> 00:27:16

Number one, the rejection of the pillars of Islam.

00:27:18 --> 00:27:19

The Pillars of

00:27:21 --> 00:27:27

rejecting the pillars of faith, and the Pillars of Islam all together,

00:27:28 --> 00:27:30

or impartiality.

00:27:33 --> 00:27:35

All of this lead a person to come.

00:27:37 --> 00:27:40

But again, should I go to a person and say you are a Catholic because you're rejecting it?

00:27:41 --> 00:27:51

I should say what? whosoever rejects any of the pillars of Islam, any the pillars of a man is a Catholic.

00:27:52 --> 00:28:02

Muslim, but I should not point out a person because that person could be ignorant. He may not know this, or maybe hear it someplace that

00:28:04 --> 00:28:07

that is one of the most amazing things that I heard.

00:28:08 --> 00:28:16

Somebody Jani met me and he said he you know what? Annabelle, suddenly? gadalla fakarava crme rasanya.

00:28:17 --> 00:28:19

I'm praying just in case.

00:28:21 --> 00:28:35

I'm praying just in case loafie they have judgment to if there is a day of judgment and there is genda and help them call us I will go if there is nothing of this class has a right to look for other cast. We'll call

00:28:36 --> 00:28:54

this believer Callum kalami because lakita is what in ML una Latina hem and rubella. You are solely for Milan? The believers who believe in Allah and His messenger and they never doubt this person is doubting. But now Should I go and label him a Catholic?

00:28:56 --> 00:29:05

I tell him Yeah, he will call me lady Taku Kalam What are you saying right now? Is this belief? Do you know what you're saying? Are

00:29:06 --> 00:29:19

you doubting that there is a day of judgment Are you doubting Allah you doubting the Quran? Are you doubting the Sunnah would lead you to cook Are you aware of this? So you need to remove what ignorance out of the lecture.

00:29:21 --> 00:29:27

Also rejecting any of the messengers, any of the prophets any of the religion would lead you to

00:29:28 --> 00:29:43

certain actions such as a person perform them deliberately. Yani intentionally deliberately this person, mark the religion. Somebody who says Islam the

00:29:45 --> 00:29:59

title, if you will, again, Islam is a backward religion is not fitting the title. Yes, Carmen rasulillah. He make remarks the prophets of Allah was deliberately digital and the Dalai Lama Lama Do you know

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This is disbelief.

00:30:02 --> 00:30:14

Either worshipping Him leading the Quran for example messing around with the Quran to disgrace the Quran and so forth. All these actions are actions of growth.

00:30:16 --> 00:30:18

We have an issue that is very interesting.

00:30:20 --> 00:30:21

Major since

00:30:24 --> 00:30:26

major since

00:30:28 --> 00:30:31

we know that according to the Quran and the Sunnah.

00:30:33 --> 00:30:39

The majority of the scholars of this oma labeled sins to be minus and meters

00:30:41 --> 00:30:46

it also Quran Allah Subhana Allah says in Tuscany bocchetta aroma

00:30:48 --> 00:30:50

if you avoid the major

00:30:51 --> 00:31:02

autolite Allah Allah Dena is Danny Boone acaba if me wildflower Illa in lemon, those who avoid the major sins

00:31:04 --> 00:31:06

they keep away from the major sins.

00:31:10 --> 00:31:15

There is a lot of the criteria to define what a major sin is and what the minor sin is, that is not my subject.

00:31:17 --> 00:31:18


00:31:19 --> 00:31:23

does major sin labels a person a calf

00:31:25 --> 00:31:30

and it causes him to stay in the Hellfire for eternity headhouse word

00:31:33 --> 00:31:38

look at this as long as he does not deny the commands

00:31:41 --> 00:31:41


00:31:43 --> 00:31:48

and believe the haraam is halon He is not a gift

00:31:49 --> 00:31:55

What do you mean comments? Mohatta religion is what do do not do.

00:31:57 --> 00:31:58


00:31:59 --> 00:31:59


00:32:05 --> 00:32:06

actually be afraid

00:32:08 --> 00:32:09

this one denied what

00:32:13 --> 00:32:14


00:32:16 --> 00:32:19

But sadly, inshallah Allah Hashanah How will you ally

00:32:21 --> 00:32:26

Salah Saba how I'm trying allies Yanni inshallah Sharma

00:32:27 --> 00:32:31

layer for as long as he does not work late

00:32:34 --> 00:32:36

or at least Satan

00:32:39 --> 00:32:45

medica is Julie Adam facility Lisa Bauer stockbroker nominal carefree. Why didn't you bow down here please?

00:32:47 --> 00:32:47


00:32:48 --> 00:32:51

did you say I'm sorry? I made a mistake.

00:32:52 --> 00:32:55

I'm better than him. No, I shouldn't be bowing down to this man.

00:32:58 --> 00:33:04

He denies the look. In the story. Add a minute later if you read the story,

00:33:05 --> 00:33:08

a while back A while later, a short while later.

00:33:09 --> 00:33:11

Adam ate from the tree.

00:33:12 --> 00:33:21

he disobeyed like Satan, didn't he? He did like Satan. Exactly. But when he when he was asked why, what did he say?

00:33:23 --> 00:33:25

What did he say? I'm sorry.

00:33:27 --> 00:33:28

I made a mistake.

00:33:34 --> 00:33:36

As long as you do not deny

00:33:37 --> 00:33:38

the Kuma

00:33:40 --> 00:33:45

and believe that the sin is halal. Do not occur

00:33:47 --> 00:33:47


00:33:49 --> 00:33:52

somebody who commits adultery while you're committing adultery.

00:33:53 --> 00:33:55

It gives you Italian

00:33:57 --> 00:33:59

I have Italian Hello.

00:34:03 --> 00:34:12

neglecting the duties that Allah has enjoying the new Pillars of Islam and committing sins such as Zin sexual *.

00:34:14 --> 00:34:46

outside of marriage, of course drinking Hama, intoxicants killing a person without illegal excuse eating up river. backbiting badly affects the testimony of faith of the heat. It affects you a man it affects your faith. But it does not make you a disbeliever provided that you did not deny the command. You did not believe that. The Haram is halal for you. You know what? We have a sect in Islam called the storage.

00:34:50 --> 00:34:52

Solid Wilmarth asila those two.

00:34:54 --> 00:34:59

What are your mother's love believe? They believe that a person who commits a major sin is a calf

00:35:02 --> 00:35:05

And he will stay in the hill fire for eternity.

00:35:11 --> 00:35:12

A big problem

00:35:13 --> 00:35:15

so our local they say

00:35:16 --> 00:35:19

they believe committing a major sin

00:35:20 --> 00:35:22

equals disbelief

00:35:24 --> 00:35:27

and the person will abide forever in the Hellfire

00:35:29 --> 00:35:40

neffs will kill Mr. Mattila another sexual dimorphism innocent killer, but according to the lgn I had no choice this person ma who Islam Muslim and

00:35:42 --> 00:35:46

Islam who are Muslim bisha that he bought his a man walk

00:35:47 --> 00:35:47


00:35:49 --> 00:35:53

is the man diminishes his Eman is weak by committing that sin

00:35:55 --> 00:36:00

is a man is weakened by committing that sin but he's still a Muslim.

00:36:02 --> 00:36:19

Will he go to the Hellfire? Possibly he's under the will of Allah subhana wa. If he did not repent in the dunya he will go to Hellfire for a while. 100 years, 200 years, million years Allah knows best how long but he will come out of the Hellfire because of

00:36:23 --> 00:36:29

the horrors they tell you. This man will stay in the Hellfire for eternity the same thing with Mr. Tesla.

00:36:30 --> 00:36:34

Tesla they had a yada he's between belief and disbelief.

00:36:35 --> 00:36:39

In a way they did not want to commit to either side.

00:36:40 --> 00:36:47

Bessie Yaki that to him that if he dies, he will stay in the Hellfire for eternity. The Bora Bora like we said,

00:36:49 --> 00:37:21

Those who can make major sense, still believers in this world they are Muslims, although their faith is imperfect. As for the Hereafter, their faith rests with Allah Subhana yakattack mushiya if he will, he will forgive them. And if he wills He will punish them but we know from heritage shefa that Allah subhana wa Taala will take out of the Hellfire, someone who said La ilaha illa Allah and he did not do one righteous deed.

00:37:23 --> 00:37:32

One day for me, Allah, Allah Allah Allah ma tilaka kita Ronnie movie,

00:37:33 --> 00:37:36

de la de la colocado salini

00:37:37 --> 00:37:53

One day, the disbelievers will wish that they have said La la la la. They have said the word of Islam, they have become Muslims. The scholars of the seals, they said when when this will happen

00:37:54 --> 00:37:56

and they'll know when they die

00:37:58 --> 00:37:59

when the Angel of Death is here,

00:38:01 --> 00:38:13

or oh and the Mayan Athena Maha the Hellfire will be brought in the Dave gathering in the reef rocking wedgie. I oh my god when they see the Hellfire

00:38:14 --> 00:38:16

three when they are in the hellfire.

00:38:18 --> 00:38:23

The majority of the schools of the seal they say when they are in the hellfire. But

00:38:25 --> 00:38:31

this does not negate the first two. But most probably this will happen when they are in the Health Fund How?

00:38:32 --> 00:38:41

Here they are in the Hellfire being burned. And with them there is there is a smile there is Mohammed there is Ali there is I'm sorry if I'm saying your name.

00:38:42 --> 00:39:02

But those people they said La ilaha illa Allah in the dunya but they were guilty of major sins he got engaged in adultery he got engaged in sin he never repented in the river, whatever major sin you want to call, he never repented in the dunya he has to go to the Hellfire to pay for this but he will be called out so and so come out.

00:39:04 --> 00:39:06

Why? Because he said what

00:39:08 --> 00:39:12

believers will ask one another why this person is leaving?

00:39:13 --> 00:39:25

Why is he leaving us all because he said La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah in the dunya as described they will say why we didn't say

00:39:27 --> 00:39:33

we wish we said it. Obama. Yeah. What do levena careful okay.

00:39:35 --> 00:39:49

They will wish that they have just said the word because it will be explained to them. Listen, this person said layline Allah Mohammed Rasulullah and he got engaged in since but again I want to go back to last as long as he does not believe that it's hilarious.

00:39:51 --> 00:40:00

Ah, don't go and commit adultery and says hello, go to the * for that. As long as you do not believe that. This is Halloween. You still feel guilty about it.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:03

You still feel it, and you're just weak.

00:40:07 --> 00:40:10

We have another group, the total opposite to this

00:40:12 --> 00:40:13

the total opposite of this group.

00:40:16 --> 00:40:35

And by the way, these groups not necessarily they have a congregation and they have a massage that Muslims could belong to an average Muslim could belong out of ignorance to one of these groups while he does not know tilaka fortville kaviraj if you go after a person who commits a major sin and you label him to be a Catholic,

00:40:37 --> 00:40:38

you belong to that group and

00:40:40 --> 00:40:41

meanwhile, you don't know that

00:40:44 --> 00:40:46

I'm not talking about having a label.

00:40:47 --> 00:41:03

You could have six you could have the ideology of who of these groups while you don't know that is why we're talking about this to filter this out. Because this issue is has to do with the man has issue has to do with your creed.

00:41:07 --> 00:41:15

Another group in the oma very interesting Golden Buddha, another sect our Prophet said that we're gonna divided how many sects

00:41:17 --> 00:41:24

73 one of them engender 70 to one in the Hellfire right here another group called the merge who are

00:41:26 --> 00:41:28

a good like they tell you as long as you say

00:41:30 --> 00:41:38

Mohammed Rasulullah and tefillah Jenna Hall mohalla and your faith is like the face of the breed and became

00:41:42 --> 00:41:48

the dismissed active they defined him and remember what I said at the very beginning what is a man believe in the heart

00:41:49 --> 00:41:51

say seeing with the tongue and then what

00:41:53 --> 00:41:56

Come on brothers action was what would what home and

00:41:58 --> 00:42:06

they said the man that you believe in the heart You say it with the tongue colors. Suddenly I'm Carla Salish masala

00:42:07 --> 00:42:07


00:42:20 --> 00:42:28

take my shoes and until those who say la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, that he will enter Jennifer, illegally Yasuda law in

00:42:33 --> 00:42:38

the US This is evidence, your rasulillah even if he commits adultery even if he steals

00:42:43 --> 00:42:47

even if he commits adultery and even if he steals your asuna law we're in Genoa and

00:42:48 --> 00:42:53

we're in our free time we're in Zara Rama and

00:42:55 --> 00:43:00

he doesn't say mahalo. Let's understand the Hadith doesn't say that they are not going to go to the hellfire.

00:43:02 --> 00:43:03

The hudy

00:43:04 --> 00:43:07

affirms that they will go away

00:43:09 --> 00:43:10

Come on are you paying attention with me?

00:43:15 --> 00:43:29

Are you following me when they say that? He doesn't say what? That they are not good. The Hadith says it affirms and how do you activate the hula hoop agenda that they will enter agenda but does the Hadith negate that they will not go to the hellfire.

00:43:32 --> 00:43:42

Now what you have to do with the other text? It says a person who is guilty of a major sin may have to go to the Hellfire for a while and then he will come out of the Hellfire and he will go away.

00:43:43 --> 00:43:45

So he paid for his adultery and he paid for his work

00:43:52 --> 00:43:55

as well but they never completed.

00:43:57 --> 00:44:03

Man can ask euro khalaby mina dunya La Ilaha Illa de halogen,

00:44:04 --> 00:44:07

Whosoever whose last words patella

00:44:08 --> 00:44:10

j Saddam Hussein who in China Do

00:44:12 --> 00:44:18

you remember that? When they hang him and then he said that Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah He said this the kalama

00:44:19 --> 00:44:23

look into the history of the man First of all, menarche that in our

00:44:29 --> 00:44:31

booth, this holla

00:44:33 --> 00:44:36

Yan, if you're a male, you shouldn't have fallen in your ears.

00:44:37 --> 00:44:38

But I'm just saying,

00:44:40 --> 00:44:53

Don't ever decide the fate of any human beings. He cannot say this person goes to gentlemen you can wallow even if it's the righteous. Even if it's Mr. pious you don't know.

00:44:56 --> 00:44:59

The companion who and the Battle of Hydra Sahaba days

00:45:00 --> 00:45:01

book about him I read

00:45:02 --> 00:45:04

the Sheldon the score.

00:45:05 --> 00:45:11

mm which he stole his learning on him and his him but then he's in the eyes of the people. He's What?

00:45:12 --> 00:45:14

righteous and pious and

00:45:17 --> 00:45:21

when saddam died and he said the word that people get, he says,

00:45:22 --> 00:45:25

He says what? La ilaha illAllah Muhammad

00:45:27 --> 00:45:51

Allah dunya La Ilaha Illa de folgen whosoever whose last words in the dunya is La la la la. Will intergender wa there is a completion. Man can Afro kelebihan Amina dunya La ilaha illa Allah, the halal Jenna Yo man Mina dairy, we're in our saw the who Pablo de cama asaba, one day,

00:45:56 --> 00:46:18

one day, again, I'm not saying that so Thomas, I'm not, I'm not dictating that Allah knows best his fate is with who, but I'm saying that a person could say that in a llama debate of that he's still gonna go to Ghana. But if he still have to pay for sins, such as major sins, he may have to go to the Hellfire for a while. That is our aqidah now when

00:46:19 --> 00:46:37

you see Mojang they say what? As long as you say, Allah, Muhammad Rasulullah and you have this email in your heart, you are dweller of Jannah for eternity, you don't have to pray. You don't have to fast You don't have to do if you commit adultery, okay?

00:46:38 --> 00:46:45

This is very similar to a Jesus Christ died in the cross for your sins. You just have to believe this. You're saved. You're all set.

00:46:47 --> 00:46:49

Exactly. It's very similar to that.

00:46:51 --> 00:47:05

And they negate the fact that demand increases and decrease resale a man is one block if you have it, or if you lose it. Those two groups are very dangerous. Why? The first group causes the oma to dissipate.

00:47:06 --> 00:47:11

Yeah, when you label somebody who commits a major sin, this person is in the Hellfire for attorney

00:47:15 --> 00:47:15


00:47:16 --> 00:47:18

that you have no chance.

00:47:19 --> 00:47:32

You'll just be Danny the man who killed 99 souls. But he went to the person who is wearing the clothes of scholars like myself. And he asked him Do I have a chance for Toba? He said no.

00:47:34 --> 00:47:35

What did he do?

00:47:37 --> 00:47:41

Yeah s&s, you cause people to disappear from the mercy of Allah.

00:47:44 --> 00:48:20

Have two brothers from Venezuela one of them is righteous. And the other one is often on off and on. For one day, the righteous Kingdom used to live in the top of the mountain he came down and then he saw his brother messing up again. He's sending caught Allah. Allahu Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah forgives you. Allah revealed to the Prophet of the time who is taking my place, who is deciding on my behalf to him that I have forgiven the sins of his brothers while I am Allah. And because of what he said his deeds are in vain. Start over. So for the first group.

00:48:21 --> 00:48:27

Since people talk people talk to the Speaker of the second group, since people do

00:48:29 --> 00:48:32

relax, maybe Salam is

00:48:34 --> 00:48:39

dangerous. But Alison, now Gemma, wave in the middle

00:48:41 --> 00:49:04

here, still a Muslim, he's under the machine and the hereafter, if Allah wills forgives him, if Allah wills punish him, but at the end of the day, he's not going to stay in the Hellfire for eternity. This person who does not act is in trouble, he must be acting. So this is the first thing that we have to deal with here. Today inshallah. The second one is is very interesting.

00:49:05 --> 00:49:13

Remember, when we spoke about the sources of our data? We said Come on, and soon an age now.

00:49:15 --> 00:49:18

We have something called philosophy.

00:49:21 --> 00:49:22

fell, suffer.

00:49:24 --> 00:49:29

Fell suffer. So Pamela the word even is disgraceful.

00:49:30 --> 00:49:32

A word to her fellow fellas.

00:49:34 --> 00:49:44

Fellas, bankruptcy, foolishness. The word is put in our federal 748 we'll

00:49:46 --> 00:49:47

look at this now.

00:49:48 --> 00:49:49


00:49:51 --> 00:49:52


00:49:53 --> 00:49:56

Islam basically the religion of Islam.

00:49:58 --> 00:49:59

They are both in

00:50:00 --> 00:50:15

interested in finding out the origin of the universe and the purpose behind the life and how the human being can attain happiness. And philosopher This is their area. And philosophers always after what, who created this world?

00:50:16 --> 00:50:17

They are after this?

00:50:19 --> 00:50:33

And how can the human being be happy and content. This is also the same mission of Islam of our arty. We're after these two, we're trying to find out this, we're trying to figure this out. But we follow the vine.

00:50:35 --> 00:50:39

But it will fail so far, he follows what his own work,

00:50:40 --> 00:50:46

intellect, human mind, human production, that is subject to change.

00:50:48 --> 00:50:56

So panela ideal example in this country, 100 years back, a man and a woman together outside of wedlock is called adult.

00:50:58 --> 00:51:03

If you read the history of this country, dating girlfriend, boyfriend, all that stuff.

00:51:05 --> 00:51:06


00:51:08 --> 00:51:09

now what

00:51:11 --> 00:51:11


00:51:13 --> 00:51:22

Well, I mean, talking about men are not men and men and women and women. That's another issue. change things what change because the human

00:51:23 --> 00:51:29

intellect, the human things, you see, there is no way that philosophy

00:51:31 --> 00:51:42

and religion can meet. Why? Because philosophy always speaks about improving this, let's do this instead of this.

00:51:44 --> 00:51:46

But religion tells you what the religion is

00:51:47 --> 00:52:10

complete. So there is no way you can go counsel both bring both together, there is no way there is no meeting place between the two, no meeting zone between the two. Of course, once we speak about philosophy, we're going to speak like learn people, elemental does aleafia here, he mentioned that. philosophy has four branches of knowledge.

00:52:13 --> 00:52:26

mathematic, mathematics, math, geometry, geometry, right. School geometry, right. And math. This is part of philosophy, logic, theology, and they have something called

00:52:28 --> 00:52:30

natural sciences.

00:52:31 --> 00:52:47

Listen, math and all that stuff. No problem logic, no problem as long as we're gonna do it in it algorithm and all that stuff. That is no problem at all. But theology religion, no, you have no place. Because the Akita is based on what

00:52:48 --> 00:52:49


00:52:52 --> 00:53:00

law is. Yeah. And he, he summed up the whole thing. He said, What, listen, philosophy,

00:53:01 --> 00:53:02


00:53:03 --> 00:53:04

Here's what he said.

00:53:07 --> 00:53:15

The thoughts of philosophy would dismiss five basic principles of religion,

00:53:16 --> 00:53:17


00:53:18 --> 00:53:25

and philosopher they will why these five basic principles Principle number one, they will tell you that Allah exists.

00:53:28 --> 00:53:33

That's the one thing that we agree with the philosophers that they say Allah exists, but whose Allah?

00:53:34 --> 00:53:35

No names, attributes?

00:53:37 --> 00:53:38

As long as you watch me work,

00:53:41 --> 00:53:41


00:53:43 --> 00:53:49

what is the difference between that Illa which they are referring to and the sun will acknowledge? No, Allah doesn't have the knowledge.

00:53:50 --> 00:54:02

Oh, he has the knowledge of the things in it's about the small little things. No, he has no reality no essence. Allah subhanaw taala does not know the details of his creation.

00:54:03 --> 00:54:22

When Allah tells you in the Quran, why in the Houma, La Ilaha Illa, who went to school tomorrow, if at any level, if a leaf of a tree falls down, Allah knows about it. However, lucky enough, the file itself tells you Allah doesn't know these little details. But Allah,

00:54:23 --> 00:54:30

Allah knows what the general things, the laws of things, but these small details No.

00:54:31 --> 00:54:56

They deny that Allah Subhana Allah creates the actions of people and I'll explain this in sha Allah once we address it As matter of fact what do you mean by that? I will explain this. They also deny the books that will call Allah Allah, Allah Allah, the human a call of latona tala sutra, the human intellect, they deny the Quran they deny the sooner they do not believe in the hereafter.

00:54:57 --> 00:54:59

They do not believe that there is a day of judgment

00:55:00 --> 00:55:04

denied the hill the hereafter in their view upon

00:55:06 --> 00:55:12

a lucky day, having Akita Islamia Dakedo Muslim produces an advocate

00:55:14 --> 00:55:24

a person who is into element Kalam and the support set a flock on set and look when he speaks. He will say this, I think this is correct.

00:55:25 --> 00:55:32

But in reality it may be wrong based on the evidence of today and it could change tomorrow

00:55:33 --> 00:55:36

and you know what, tomorrow it may be right it may be wrong

00:55:40 --> 00:55:41


00:55:44 --> 00:55:47

Allah Allah exist yes Allah exists

00:55:49 --> 00:55:51

the agenda * years that agenda Hill

00:55:53 --> 00:55:54

few years there are

00:55:57 --> 00:56:07

so, but the man of philosophy and all that that's why I don't advise the scholars, the jurists, by the way regarding studying philosophy while Bill Clinton do it

00:56:08 --> 00:56:12

and if you have to do it because you want to get some credit hours don't admire it

00:56:13 --> 00:56:14


00:56:15 --> 00:56:22

don't admire it or you could learn it by the way to refute these guys because these guys also see something about

00:56:23 --> 00:56:25

these people. Look at this.

00:56:27 --> 00:56:28

The wise man

00:56:30 --> 00:56:31

listen to that statement.

00:56:37 --> 00:56:42

He always comes to attack your religion based on logic.

00:56:44 --> 00:56:52

Jani intandem Arpita creed there is not even subject without question. You would like to

00:56:53 --> 00:57:00

apply logic here bucola logic This is how he comes. I mean come on Allah given you brain right now

00:57:03 --> 00:57:05

the same waveshaper

00:57:07 --> 00:57:34

yet the shape and shape and will come to you. He will use logic Would you like to find a similar meaning amatola. chiffon, who created the heavens and the earth? Chicago La la la la, la la, la la la? Was the he's taking your way? somewhere else? Bye, man. Holla Holla Holla. Who created you? Allah, Allah Who created Allah.

00:57:43 --> 00:57:52

Allah a leave, don't even entertain the thought. Don't even entertain the thought. dismiss it right away. fade.

00:57:54 --> 00:57:56

Jeremy Neff silca

00:57:57 --> 00:58:15

philosophy and the way that they go about things. Like I said, there is no meeting place between the two. They basically destroy the religion and it is very dangerous to learn about it. First, stay away from it.

00:58:16 --> 00:58:23

We have another issue f1 our religion which is in ill motivated, will have

00:58:25 --> 00:58:28

created a fitna in the omen.

00:58:29 --> 00:58:33

What they say first of all, do we know what the motivator is an odious?

00:58:34 --> 00:58:48

motivator Hadi refers to a hadith whose narrator's in each level of its chain of transmission are so numerous. You see when you have a hadith for example, masala Bukhari

00:58:52 --> 00:58:54

elbow Hara tells you had

00:58:57 --> 00:58:59

I heard this hadith from Mohammed

00:59:00 --> 00:59:02

who heard it from

00:59:03 --> 00:59:08

him who heard it from him who heard it from Abu hurayrah

00:59:09 --> 00:59:10

I heard it from the

00:59:11 --> 00:59:12


00:59:14 --> 00:59:15

We call this one

00:59:18 --> 00:59:39

there are some people late comers in the oma they say listen for us to accept a hadith that talks about a thida Creed. In each level of the chain we call this a chain of nourish him him him him a chain in each level, at least.

00:59:40 --> 00:59:45

Some say three Some said for some said seven seven narratives.

00:59:46 --> 00:59:52

We must have seven people heard this hurried like him in order for this to be accepted without

00:59:56 --> 00:59:58

overwhelming as a condition.

01:00:01 --> 01:00:08

We have in some of these chains one narrator only. They say one Narrator This is called Hadith.

01:00:09 --> 01:00:15

We don't accept it the Messiah laclede we cannot use this to talk about our creed.

01:00:17 --> 01:00:40

Of course had he beat the Hi this is Ed. This is a bizarre in religion because we have more than one evidence or so so allow us to send the money sent to Yemen to teach them what the first thing Yamanaka Coleman, Allah kita you're coming through the People of the Book let me the first thing that you talk to them about as well as Lola Misaki

01:00:43 --> 01:00:45

mulaney and through katha

01:00:48 --> 01:00:49

Luca begins with one

01:00:52 --> 01:00:54

woman at the very beginning. You're rasulillah

01:00:55 --> 01:01:15

Rajan, you are live in Athens and without a man who teaches us the deen Carla komiya Amina Amina Roma Gerardo teach them the religion Rasul Allah Solomon he sent all these messengers to these different empires he sent message Rolly tu tu tu tu Caesar? C'est la la la la slimfast

01:01:16 --> 01:01:17

we're getting this

01:01:20 --> 01:01:27

idea of you wanna run away from the famous Abu hanifa had the punishment in the grave I had

01:01:28 --> 01:01:33

the Dave resurrection I had there are issues yeah listed here, maybe up to 40 issues.

01:01:34 --> 01:01:44

If you're gonna say, we're gonna say we cannot accept the issue of our data, then you're dismissing a lot of the things which are in the religion.

01:01:47 --> 01:01:54

What is the view of the scholars regarding the people who say this? Who say a particular how do we call them capitalists?

01:01:56 --> 01:02:01

Someone who says that listen, we only accept

01:02:02 --> 01:02:06

we call them the deniers of heart once it comes to the issue of the creed.

01:02:07 --> 01:02:15

Although we had a Polish surfer leaning or a mala, although we do not say that they are Kaffirs.

01:02:16 --> 01:02:51

But we say that if they reject Sahih Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. To prove methods of RP there is clearly a big mistake. And there is fear that they may become a stray and misguided because of the the rejection of these Hadith and Allah May punish them. Why? Because they rejected the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, folia larina, Holly, funan, Emery and Toshiba from fitna, I will see the home

01:02:52 --> 01:02:55

here's an example of issues of the Akita that was

01:02:57 --> 01:03:02

given to us through a HUD Harris the statement of Adam

01:03:03 --> 01:03:37

alayhis salaam as a prophet as well as other besides Him, we have a lot of the names of the Prophets that are mentioned in the sooner a hadith Aha, okay, the fact that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is favored by Allah subhanaw taala above all the messengers, this is in the sun and one of the one of the great intercession of the prophets on lower insulin that the prophet will intercede for humanity for Allah subhanaw taala to begin judgment, all the matters related to the beginning of creation jnana salon our number of

01:03:38 --> 01:03:40

all this encounter.

01:03:41 --> 01:03:45

If you reject this, then you are rejecting a lot of religion.

01:03:46 --> 01:03:50

One last thing brothers and sisters in Islam before we close is

01:03:52 --> 01:03:54

there is a lot of people

01:03:55 --> 01:04:01

Eonni and Allah I was so grateful to Allah subhanaw taala that I got to learn this today

01:04:03 --> 01:04:07

who say that when you address people who do not believe that the Quran is the word of Allah?

01:04:09 --> 01:04:10

How are you going to

01:04:11 --> 01:04:30

speak the Quran to them when they do not believe the Quran is the word of Allah? How can you invite non Muslims to Islam? When they do not believe the Quran is the word of Allah? I mean, can you use the Quran? They say basically, you should use rationale and logic and all this stuff.

01:04:32 --> 01:04:33

We say

01:04:34 --> 01:04:39

you could use rational and logic but make your source different.

01:04:40 --> 01:04:47

Why? Because when the brothers are allowed to sell and came to the disbelievers of Mecca, he recited to them what

01:04:48 --> 01:04:49

the Quran

01:04:51 --> 01:04:55

Allah Akbar Shahada coup de la shahidan benei

01:04:56 --> 01:04:58

Whoa, here la

01:05:00 --> 01:05:03

You own the Euro combi woman Bella

01:05:05 --> 01:05:06

tune using the product.

01:05:08 --> 01:05:12

It's gonna take the eloquence of

01:05:13 --> 01:05:19

the color or the idea that he can use the principles of the Quran.

01:05:20 --> 01:06:00

To convey a message in a rational basis, you could combine both use the religion as your source, but use it in a rational way. The last piece here that we have, which is so important as well, the cool that we can interface into other people's faith. Of course we have those people they say, all religions are good Jews and Christians and so forth. Yeah. This concept of interfaith is not Islamic at all. Kalia rune amata, boo,

01:06:01 --> 01:06:02

boo, boo,

01:06:03 --> 01:06:24

and Subhanallah if you read the reason behind the revelation of the Surah Al kuffaar, the disbelievers came to the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, they said you're a school of law instead of us young hamadani instead of us fighting one another. Why didn't you wash your eye our idols one year anniversary Bologna.

01:06:26 --> 01:06:54

Kalamata Linda, you entered the faith into Christians and Christians and to Muslims who let's have just one Abrahamic religion, Abrahamic faith will kill kurama Muslim doesn't say this. A Muslim doesn't believe this. This is a red zone. lacunae de novo Wailea Do you have your deen and I have my Deen with this inshallah lead me later on and next lecture we're gonna go into the Hadith smell

01:06:56 --> 01:06:57


01:07:00 --> 01:07:00


01:07:03 --> 01:07:35

it's the most difficult but if you get it, you will enjoy Islam. Getting to know who Allah is an understanding his names and attributes because this is also a place where a lot of people went astray. inshallah I lifted the hater Viola via two Sundays when we explained sort of in factor, but the headless mouse if I can show love beginning next Tuesday, we're gonna talk about how we understand the names and the attributes of Allah subhanaw taala. Because there are people who negated

01:07:36 --> 01:07:43

people who say Allah hears, but he does not have hearing allottees he does not, he does not have a vision.

01:07:45 --> 01:07:46

There are people who

01:07:48 --> 01:07:48

will have

01:07:49 --> 01:07:52

it in the hands of Allah is above their hand.

01:07:53 --> 01:08:13

They say a lot of them have a hand like us, it is not the hand what is meant by the hand is in our last room and so forth. That inshallah we're going to apply these principles, how to understand the needs and the attributes of Allah Babel. ismat was prepared in sha Allah, Allah, Allah subhana wa morbihan the shadow La la la

01:08:14 --> 01:08:15

la la hora.

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