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The importance of money and the need to earn a living is discussed, along with the importance of laying a false trust in Allah to avoid harming one's health and reputation. The speakers emphasize the importance of fear and balancing success with fear and suicidal thoughts. The importance of not giving up on one's own success and dealing with fear and suicidal thoughts is emphasized, along with the need for teaching and empowering others to create a company on their names and bring them up to the future. The importance of empowering those who are not empowered is also emphasized.

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Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

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Smilla he will Hamdulillah he was Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Allah, he was a big man. And one of the reasons why you will find me sometimes doing things that may not be my hobbies.

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But in order to either mess with the algorithm on social media, we will do certain things, or in order to attract the attention of those we are trying to deliver a greater message to, we will do certain things. Bearing in mind, it takes you two seconds to do something. But because it is we're living in this digital age, one video will make it seem like you did that for the whole life when it was only three seconds. May Allah subhanahu wa taala, grant us ease. So it's a strategy. It's a way it's a method. And I know we're talking about business today, I want to tell you, I was so happy and proud to listen one by one to the panelists as well as the speakers, all of them speaking about our

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connection with Allah, our responsibility, morality, ethics, our duties and so on the focus on the hereafter destination Jana, and so on and so forth. That is something I was expecting to hear, and I heard it So alhamdulillah.

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However, I would like to add that every one of us needs money. We cannot say because I'm a pious person, that's it, I will live a life with no money, you need something you need to survive, you need to actually earn and this is why Allah Almighty has made it compulsory upon you to go and earn a living, you need to make sure you're doing something to earn so that you can fulfill the basics for yourself and those who are dependent upon you, and thereafter, engage in one of the pillars of Islam had you not had the wealth, you will not going to be able to engage in more than one of the pillars of Islam, which are the two pillars that are connected to money, Zakat and hedge, hedge

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money Stata, I lay his bill and whoever can afford it. That doesn't mean you must sit back and relax. It means if you are making an effort to do some form of business in order to be able to afford the Hajj, you get a double, triple quadruple reward for that business because your underlying intention is far beyond what is the basic requirement of a Muslim. Similarly, if I am earning in order to be able to be charitable Wallahi I get a reward beyond my imagination. Imagine if someone says look I'm earning I'm doing business and so on. And why are you doing business and they tell you the true reason is I want to empower others. How much are you going to have in your life? A million

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a billion a trillion what else?

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Beyond that, are you not going to build your Hereafter I want to show you something amazing in our quest for wealth and in our quest to earn in order to be able to lead a comfortable life which is a good thing.

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Paula bukas Bill halali Fairy button burden forever to seek a halal livelihood is a duty over and above the other duties that Allah has placed upon you such as your Salah and so on. So, while we want good things and we are going to work hard towards achieving so that we can have those good things. Let me explain.

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Each one of us has a fear what is the fear I might lose the deal? What is the fear I might lose my wealth or the fear of the bulk who are still up and coming is I may never make it. Look at this one they made a million they made 10 million they made 100 million where am I? I am yet to see my first million it happens. What is that? That is fear. How can you believe a fear when a Razzaq is Allah Who made you the sustainer is Allah, Allah UNEF Sanlam lenta muda Hata stick Miller is

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the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam says no soul will taste death until every penny every portion, every portion of the sustenance written for it is given to it. You can't die if there is one grain of rice remaining that was supposed to go in your mouth death will only come after that one grain of rice is gone where it was supposed to. So trust Allah while we lay our trust in Allah, let it not be Tawakkol and let it make make sure that it is cool. What is the difference to work cool is the person who does Lubin is Bob, the one who makes sure he does whatever is in his capacity, God given capacity to achieve what he wants, then he relies on Allah. So what cool means

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to do whatever you can, seeking the help of Allah using the ability given to you by Allah to achieve what you believe is good for you and beneficial for you. And then you lay your trust in Allah that is called our call.

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Our cool means to lay a false trust in Allah where you did nothing yet Allah gave you the ability. I'm sitting in the masjid making dua. Oh Allah give me a good job give me a good job. I'm therefore Fajr of the harasser. Maghrib Isha and tahajjud. And I never ever went out to look for any job whatsoever. That is Tawakkol Tawakkol. Meaning you are praying Allah says, I gave you hands I gave you feet I gave you health, I gave you the ability. All you needed to do was to apply a little bit of the brain that we gave you to get up and to go and talk to a few people open your mouth network develop contacts, go and ask go and create a CV of yours put it presented try again and again and

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then you get your job. So Tawakkol is when you have done nothing and you expect Allah to do everything until what cool is when you expect Allah obviously to help you and assist you and you do your best in your with your God given capacity bearing in mind that whatever you get, you will still get it only because Allah will give it to you. So while we want to earn we have a sense of fear. Where is that fear coming from? Wallahi it is coming from shaitan

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as shy shame on you do como falcoda wire Moroccan

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Bill fascia.

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Allah says in Surah Al Baqarah Shavon

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promises you Oh, he makes you worried about what about Fokker Fokker means poverty? Shaitan is dangling the poverty in front of you? And what does he want you to do? He wants you not only to consider unethical dealings or that which is unacceptable, but immorality as well, and fascia that which is unethical, that which is immoral. We're talking about morality and business. Here the term used is fascia, for harsh refers to immoral behavior, which which would include illicit relationships and so on. But it also refers to anything that lacks morality is fascia.

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A shaytan what does he do? He promises you something false. He says, You know what, if you don't do what everyone is doing, you're not going to get the deal. How much did we hear this morning of so many of the entrepreneurs and the business people who are one by one saying we left a deal for Allah, Allah gave us a bigger deal, Allahu Akbar, we left a deal for Allah, Allah gave us a bigger deal. And then there was

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there were others who spoke about blessings.

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In Islam, we are taught that what is more important is the blessing. It is more important than the figure than the deal. I'd rather have less with blessing than to have more without blessing. But as a human there is nothing wrong in asking Allah for both. You can be greedy, it's okay. For as long as your intention is I'm going to be charitable. I'm going to be humble. Listen to the verse that I read earlier. A shaitan we are a Docomo, Tarawa Moroccan Bill fashion

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Wallah we are going to come up with Vera 10 Min mu of Abdullah amazing amazing verse. A che fan promises you that you know what you won't do the deal unless you do something wrong. So if you don't start doing wrong deals like what we heard about nine litres of fuel being sold as 10 liters and so on, we heard those examples this morning shape and tells you if you're not going to do that how will you break even how will you make money and Allah says that is shaytans promise he's ordering you to do something immoral and unethical. And Allah says My promise is we will forgive you and give you more than you need further. That which is over and above what is needed. Allah says we will give you

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more than you need Wallahi my brothers my sisters today we are seated here 100% of us we have more than we need.

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If Allah caters for the ends that you cannot see.

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If Allah caters for the creatures that you cannot see, do you think he's going to miss me and you, you and I do you think we are going to be missed? Allah you will never miss you. Why mommy?

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But in fill out all the Illa Allah Allah here is

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anything that moves on earth, Allah takes an oath that he is going to provide for it. It is Allah who will give. So now we are sitting and saying but oh Allah You didn't give me you want 10 million we didn't say the figure. We just said we will provide for you your basics. What are your basics, your food, clothing, accommodation? Don't you have it? If you want to go out and eat worth $500 Every day whose fault is it? Is it Allah's fault or yours?

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Whereas there are others who are eating for 50 cents a day or less.

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And there is baraka when we share things. When you cook for one person you it is costly. But when 20 People are eating together, what happens? It averages out far less. And guess what I want to tell you something else. We spoke about Jollof so many times, and people started fighting with me. When I was in Ghana, they asked me favorite food. I said, my brother Don't put me in a corner. Yesterday I met the volunteers. They said, we each one of us said our name and favorite food. I said, Are you are you hinting at Jollof

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but the point I want to raise Do you know what Allah He loves him? I've taken an oath because it's my experience from my experience. When you want your food to be tastier, it needs to be in a larger quantity. Have you ever thought of that? You cook a small amount, it's not going to taste as nice as it tastes when there's a big pot. Am I right or wrong?

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Let's talk of Jollof so now I can change it and say the best Jollof is that we just cooked in the biggest pot Allahu Akbar, in the fire outside when that little scent of the nice burning would come slightly into that rice then you call it Jollof. Now you know

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may Allah bless you. Why am I saying this because it's an example of Baraka Baraka comes when you care for everyone, I eat myself they are not going to get that scent which you need. When you cook together when they when they are weddings, go to the Jollof there and see how it tastes. It tastes different from when it is cooked for one person. The same applies when you are worried about yourself yourself. And just me and my earnings Wallahi I tell you, you might have and you will get because it's your sustenance, the minute you include others Allah needs to give you to give them if you have promised I'm pledging for these orphans, a million Allah needs to give you that million

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because it was written for the orphans and it had to come through you. We don't understand that you need to be a Muslim and the more men and the firm believer in Allah to understand that, that is Allah. Every time Allah speaks about Ijarah in the Quran, it's never about worldly business. Tiara means business, isn't it? Allah says, Hello, I don't know Kumala T Jarrah, should I show you a business? That's what Allah says in the Quran? We're talking about business, isn't it? Let's look at the Quran. Where is the word used? It's used Allah don't look from Allah to Jarrah, should I teach you or should I tell you about business? That's number one. Number two is your June at Ijarah. Tell?

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Oh, oh, Allah mentioned certain qualities and he says those people, they are engaged in a business that will never fail. What business? Imagine I want to know what business is it? Allah saying a business? Well, you know, what is that business? It's a deal who wants the deal? Who is ready for the deal mentioned in the Quran, Wallah He it is a deal you strike with Allah.

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Allah says you want to strike a deal come strike a deal with me about what about Jana? You want to build it here? Let me show you come, let's do business. You do I do. You try, I will give you You try. I will give you because we are human, our Salah and our charities and all of that sometimes in intention and quality. It is lacking. Allah says I will give you don't worry. You just do and try and keep going and humble yourself and correct yourself and seek forgiveness every time you falter because I created you a human being. I didn't expect perfection from you. I only expected a trial. Did you try? Yes, I did. Were you humble? Yes, I was. Did you reach out to others? Yes, I did. Did

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you believe in the last day did you believe in the prophets, the angels? Did you worship Me alone? Yes, I did. Well, here is Jana, for you.

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These are the these are the real deals, because while I'm earning in this world, and I'll give you another example as well, I might die before I see the fruits of an investment I've made. But in the eyes of Allah, your investments you've made, they will never die. In fact, if you die, you actually see the returns of it. There we go.

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Imagine someone promises you listen, here's a deal. It will mature in two months, we are going to turn it around we're talking of Hallel obviously right?

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And before that you have passed away what happens to all of that money, what happens to everything either they might cheat, steal or if they were upright, they might give it to your family and they may fight over it especially if the amounts are large. May Allah Almighty grant us all goodness and success. So that deal is not as confirmed as the deal with Allah. Allah says Len taboo, you can never go wrong with us never. Let's deal with Allah. So if you look at the verses Allah speaks about Reba. Reba is usually an interest which you and I know as Muslims with Baroda, we know it necessarily

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li that is haram.

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Now haram and there is a lot of detail because sometimes we are living in an environment where there is no way out of certain things. So how to get it out of your system that also is a contemporary discussion of the scholars. And they will tell you Look, if it happens to come and you happen to have had a deal with XY and Z that has happened, you need to do A, B and C in order to get yourself out of this. That is a discussion on its own. But let's go to the verse. Let's look at what Allah says about the Riba. Allah says it clearly. It took Allah however OMA Buckingham in our neighbor in coutume, meaning if you are true believers, then fear Allah and quit the interest the usury the Riba

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don't involve in it, stop it. That's what Allah says. And what does Allah say? Now remember, Riba? What is Riba? I am investing? I want back something, but it's an unethical, immoral deal. That's Riba.

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Allah tells you in the same verse where he says yum Hakala who Riba? Immediately after that, he says, we're your be well, you will be yum Hakala Riba means Allah will extinguish, Allah will cause to be destroyed. That which is filled with usury, it cannot come with blessings, and it will not last long. And it will bring about problems and issues in your life. And it will bring about negativity and so on and we will cancel it deleted depleted and you are left almost suicidal, in a lot of cases, you know, of people who, in other countries where they don't even believe in all of this, and they just do as they please, many times, they tend to purchase something which they will

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have to be paying back for the next 30 years. Without having thought that next year, I might lose my job. And it's only been one year since the beginning of the payment. Yet I had a brilliant job. What happened during COVID So many people lost their jobs. If you look at the amount of suicides of people living in Western countries simply because they lost the job. They lost the things, they lost their houses, they lost their cars, they lost their furniture, they lost their accessories, they lost everything their whole life, was sitting on credit the whole life. That's why I love to come to Africa. When I tell people you see that car. You see those cars, they own them.

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You know what that means? When you go to the Western world you see a car, they don't own it. They're just paying slowly come to Africa the bulk of it I'm talking about my own country in Zimbabwe. You see the cars on the road they own them. What that means is we are not paying monthly is our cars. We are living happily than those who are paying for a fancy looking vehicle for the next oh so many years. May Allah Almighty grant us contentment Do not be listened very carefully.

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Do not be ashamed to live or to downgrade your life to the position that Allah has kept it he will give you an upgrade very soon. You cannot start flying first class and it's your first time flying in a plane no chance you will not you will start with economy in fact, you start going by bus then you go by train, then you go by plane then you might be upgraded to business class first you don't buy what happens you earn miles and you are smart enough to just upgrade that's it.

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Unless really you are you are a very important person who requires that peace of mind and so on. It's a different story but after that what happened Allah upgrades you to a private jet, those Gulf streams you are thinking about they are close at reach inshallah they are coming inshallah

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I didn't hear anyone saying I mean hey, mashallah, that was good. You know why if you say I mean let me tell you it might be out of your reach, but inshallah Allah will give you something else. We will fly to Jana Inshallah, what do you say?

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But my brothers and sisters, Allah says Allah will extinguish riba that which is unethical in business, he will cause it to be destroyed while you will be and he will cause growth for what a sadaqat he didn't say business. He said he look how Allah was it Allah says, I will destroy interest and usually and I will cause to grow the charities Allahu Akbar. Which way do you talk about business? Yeah, Allah. You didn't the business is the charity. When you want to earn you need to bear in mind Oh Allah give me Baraka so that I can give my two and a half percent and more. Allah says we will bless you with a ton give we will give you an

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Africa like one of my favorite narrations of Hadith Bootsy spend oh son of Adam I will spend on you give I will give you give. I will give you see what Allah He I tell you in my life and I'm sure many of you

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I gave a bottle of perfume I got to I gave something I got this so much so that when I want something I give Allah He I'm serious when I want something I give and that's why the Hadith says the best charity you can ever give is that which you are giving someone in need when you yourself are in need you are fearing poverty and yet you are

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Allah says I watched it, I saw it. Don't worry, oh son of Adam, if your intention was right, everything was good. Wait and see what we do for you. Allahu Akbar. May Allah bless us. This is business this is the real deal. be straightforward, be ethical be filled with the highest of morals and values when you are dealing. It might cause you discomfort a little bit because there is a trend around us of just making money by hook or crook we will neither be crooks nor will we use hooks. We are going to deal in the name of Allah. Rahim Allah humeri in some hand either Abba osimhen either SHA, Allah has mercy upon a man or a person, male or female. But Allah has mercy on a person who is

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considerate of the buyer when selling

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and considerate of the seller when buying

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I have a good deal you went you're happy I went I'm happy. Not that I squeeze you and squeeze you and squeeze you do you know to give someone profit is also an ibadah. Say a man comes to you selling something and you are relatively wealthy. And he says look, I'm selling this at 1000 Naira each. And you tell him what is your cost? Wala he in Islam, you don't need to ask what is your cost? He doesn't need to tell you he's not obliged to let you know because if he lets you know you might be shocked it could have just been 50 Naira as

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you see.

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But in essence

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if a man comes to you and tells you look I'm selling this at 1000 It's good to haggle. haggling is good. You say no, give us at 900

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If he says no problem I give you a 900 You say you quit you came down so quickly. So now you go to 800 Well, if I knew that was the case, I would have told you no 999

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See when I go back at home when we go to purchase some stuff, and we know the market value of certain things like sometimes we purchase some cows and so on from the villages. And you ask him how much is this? He looks at you looks at your car. He looks at me say ha Come on. He looks at everything then he says $1,000 So now you look at him say I'll pay you 200 What? 200 No, just give me 300 It's okay. So you know how to deal so dealing is a good thing but you deal in a way that neither are you ripping someone no are you squeezing them you are happy my deal was it was okay. It was a good deal. I gave him a bit you know why? He has a family he has he has children he needs to

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feed he has parents he has commitments he needs to bring for his house. At least I gave him a deal. When you can think of that in when you while you are dealing more than only yourself then you are a true believer. Then you are a true believer. We had a good deal what happened? I gave he gave inshallah he will go home he will buy food for his family. He'll be a happy man that goes a shrewd businessman. We say this man is very shrewd. What is it in Islam. The goodness of a businessman or a businesswoman is when they are considered they are sharp they know their duty to Allah they know how to deal in the world. And they know Yeoman laka Yeoman Alec a day will be for you and a day against

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you the day I lose I think Allah the day I when I think Allah both of those days I am humble because I know when I have gotten something Allah can take it away now and when I have nothing I know Allah can give me right now. That is my relation with Allah. Ultimately we spoke about the one brother mentioned the grave and he said I when you look at that grave, it's very humbling because why we might be living in castles and palaces but that grave is so narrow and small Wallahi It is an honor to go into the grave if you have prepared a little bit how give out charities Be humble.

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Give out look at the Sahaba the Allahu Anhu what they gave what they said what they how they operated. Some of them were so wealthy with man as a founder of the Allahu Anhu Ummah and look at the

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Abdul Rahman Abdurahman even now of these were wealthy people and mashallah, did they ever deal in a wrong way? No, they didn't. And every time something was asked of them they gave.

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So Allah says, while Allah extinguishes haram, he causes growth of Sadat you give Allah will cause that to grow. In what way? Number one when you give a charity, Allah extinguishes the calamity from your life. Did you ever know that? A sadaqa two to three old Bella, it's a hadith when before we go on a journey, some of the elders from Katsina and Cano and here and they they will teach you just give a little charity you are going, where are you going? You are going to Abuja you are driving, give us more charity before you go Have you heard that happening? Thank you.

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Why? It is based on a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam which says a sadaqa Taguchi will Bala your charity will extinguish some calamity that might be in your direction instead of a major car accident. You had a little puncture and you stopped on the road. That's it a few minutes and you were gone. What happened Wallahi because of the charity bye bye

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issue of that, that calamity and disaster was extinguished from this to this very small. That's why we are taught as meaning when something strikes you. First things first thank Allah, it could have been worse. That is a basic teaching of the movement. Every thing that strikes you, you must say this could have been worse. It's the only way that you are going to be able to carry through that particular calamity. You lost a leg? Yeah, Allah I thank you. I could have lost two legs. At least I have one. It's hard. It's very hard. But you are a believer. You need to go through that. You will lose one day you lose something. No, it's okay. Oh Allah, you took this away from me, my loved one,

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my child, my, my spouse, my parents, you took them away, they passed on. I thank you that at least there are others alive that I can call my family. Because there are people around right now there was an earthquake in Morocco.

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And they were floods in Libya. Do you know families communities wiped out in totality? May Allah bless them. May Allah make it easy for them. There is a school teacher who says she came back she had gone out to the capital. By the time she came back. There was nothing remaining all her students and everything gone. And she was the only one who lived with the stories in the news.

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Imagine he won't let go even when I am sitting and thinking of business. We are talking about business. How many businesses were wiped out in the 10 seconds of that earthquake. If Allah did it there, do you not think he can do it here. Therefore thank Allah and use what you have while you can use it. Because the day will come when it might just be taken away. May Allah Almighty grant us goodness, then I want to teach you something else. Today we are sitting and talking about business. I spoke to brother shrim. And I told him Listen, my brother, I want to commit it to be created from this particular summit whereby you will empower young people who know nothing about the company to

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register a company on their names. And you make sure that they are taught how to trade and then you have 117 and others who can come in and who can perhaps finance the good proposals that they have. Like they say that you make a proposal, make a plan, do something learn. If our youngsters remain in their comfort zone, they are not going to grow. We need to take them out by showing a concern. It is only if you as a believer, empower others that you can gauge your own success. You are not successful if you alone enjoyed yourself. It's not part of Allah's plan. Part of Allah's plan is how many have you empowered look at the Quran. Allah Almighty has revealed his kalam the best and

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greatest word ever. He did not say the best of you are those who recite Well, he did not say the best of you are those who know how to read Quran and understand it. Well. He said the best of you are those who learn it and teach it thank you very much. Without the teaching part of it, there is no best of you. What's the point of me being the top man and I have never ever empowered anyone. I must sit here and create a committee to say any one here. Come let's talk about what is a business? Do you have a company registered on your name My beloved children? When I say children, I'm talking of those in their late teens perhaps in their early 20s mid 20s No, I don't. Why not? Have you ever

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thought of it? Why we will help you this is how you do it. It's done by ABC. There we are. What did we do? We kick started something Wallah. He if we have registered 1000 businesses,

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if 10% of them are successful, you have some you have actually empowered the Ummah

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you have empowered the Ummah but the problem with us yes, we are successful and we think about growing more and more and more Alhamdulillah there are a lot of from amongst us who are doing good work. I'm not talking I'm not saying everyone is like this, but today we are being critical. That's why I'm just trying to to you know juggle the mind a little bit. Sometimes we are so engrossed in earning and earning more and we want more and more that we forget that listen part of your you know, the West calls it a social responsibility. Islam has it from the very beginning. It's your duty, empower others, bring them up, be happy. None of you are true believers until you love for others

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what you love for yourself. Listen, my brother come you see I tell you countries are different. I'm not too sure about here, but perhaps I can guess based on my interactions. Let me tell you in some countries, if you have a business and a man opens a similar business opposite the road, they will get very angry. Very upset. If you have a big supermarket, a guy selling in a tech shop across the road you are intimidated by him why this truck shop is going to miss my price of cooking oil in here. Yeah, go to him clean him threaten him do whatever my brother come to see the true meaning. When they have one shop where they sell mobile phones. The whole mall is only a mobile phone Mall.

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When they have one shop that is selling hijabs Go and see in Makkah and Medina the whole market is full of a hijab market go and check why risk

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When Allah I remember when I was a student, I used to help out volunteering. One of my friends, we used to have a hijab shop. And one day someone walked in, and it was in the morning and we were during that it was, you know, Ramadan, but there is a time of the day in the morning when things are empty.

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So they struck a deal for for a very expensive, elegant a buyer with the owner. And he said, Look, I have it and then he made the phone call on the site. And he says he spoke about something, something to someone, and he put the phone down and he told the lady, I have the stock, everything's okay. But I want you to collect it from my friend across the road. And he pointed, he pointed there

00:30:40--> 00:31:06

and so she said, Okay, let me go. So she went whatever I told him why what happened? He said, You know what, so many people came to me from the morning No one came to him. He has the same thing I have, let me just send him ugly. You know, in Arabic they use they use the word stiff day. That means you know, let them open the day with some form of a deal. At least he can have his deal it will open the day. May Allah bless you I was given 30 minutes I'm speaking 31 minutes and 48 seconds look at the inflation in Nigeria.

00:31:09--> 00:31:16

So in sha Allah, what is the rate of the naira tradition so that we know how many minutes to add here? I'm teasing.

00:31:18--> 00:31:45

I'm teasing. I know we appreciate those light hearted moments. Inshallah we'll round up just now. But the idea is to empower others to think about them to worry about the future, I may go Alhamdulillah I head and I have and I will still have people will really appreciate you they will pray for you one prayer after your death by someone who sincerely was touched by you is more valuable than your entire estate put together.

00:31:46--> 00:32:31

One dua can get you into paradise. So let's add while while we all need the money while we all have to go out and earn while there is a naturally inclined a natural inclination towards wealth and good things and nice things it's not haram. And while we are trying to get all of that don't forget your main focus is to please Allah, your main focus is to look at everyone else and tell yourself these people are the creatures of the same Allah whom I love, and whom I want to love me if I want him to love me and I love him truly, I will try to be very nice and kind to all these people I see including those walking on the street. And this is why one thing and I'll end on this note because

00:32:31--> 00:32:38

it's come to my mind and there's so much that comes when we talk about business even though I'm not such a wealthy man, but inshallah we have Quran and Sunnah. What else?

00:32:40--> 00:32:47

Allah says when he describes the successful and the people of paradise and who they were, you know what he says?

00:32:48--> 00:33:00

We're fee I'm worldly him, how can Alyssa really well Muharram those people in their wealth, they kept a portion for the beggars and those who don't have

00:33:02--> 00:33:04

today when a beggar comes to you and asks you

00:33:05--> 00:33:39

anywhere on the streets, we while we are balancing on a tightrope, because we don't want to encourage it and at the same time, we want to be good Muslims. It's very tricky because you see someone begging and you are torn between giving and not encouraging. It happens to me. I will stop at a traffic light. I see someone I really, you know, I tried to focus on the road, but sometimes you can't help it you are so torn. Can I give or what do I do? Should I say Hey, this looks like a needy cause. And then they told me it's a big syndicate. These people are richer than you they are driving Bentley's and Rolls Royces, but you don't know what's the truth? And then you are thinking

00:33:39--> 00:34:15

to yourself, Allah Allah Allah I mean, I'm just going to judge based on the what I see forgiving Allah will take it but we have a problem because there are others are you encouraging it you Why are you giving? Why are you anyway, to cut a long story short, the Quran tells you about the beggar in a few verses. One of them is the people who Allah has blessed and who whom Allah will grant Jana, they are the ones whom in their wealth, they had a portion for beggars aside when someone who comes to ask not necessarily like this on the street, but anyone who says look, I'm in need, I really need. You don't have to give all of them but you must have a portion that you give you must assist.

00:34:15--> 00:34:38

Secondly, those who don't have, you also have a portion for them. They may not ask you, but you have a portion for them. I'm going to be generous, small, the portion depends on how much you have. Originally what you have, and thereafter my beloved brothers and sisters, you've got to go back to the Quran looking at the term silent the beggar when Allah speaks in the most powerful way.

00:34:39--> 00:34:41

In surah Taha

00:34:42--> 00:35:00

he speaks of His favours upon the beasts Allah, Allah, Allah Salam, and upon all of us and then he gives us guidance and advice. And he tells us regarding the beggar, he regarding the beggar. He created the beggar in the sense that he created the need they, if Allah wanted, he didn't need to have a single beggar, not a single beggar. They would

00:35:00--> 00:35:03

have been met, their needs would have been met by Allah and completely

00:35:05--> 00:35:07

welcome to Nigeria, my brothers and sisters.

00:35:09--> 00:35:14

It happens to me also wherever we go, but it's nice Mashallah. It means time is up.

00:35:15--> 00:35:20

Yes, one more point. So, what I'm most must

00:35:22--> 00:35:24

love Allah.

00:35:25--> 00:35:28

Allah says, As for the beggar. He didn't say give him

00:35:29--> 00:36:10

because why there are different types of beggars, isn't it? Some might be genuine, not genuine. Allah says, As for the beggar, offer him some respect. That's all. What do you do? Don't rebuke him. Don't abuse him. Don't insult him at all. You don't know the reality of who, what, where and when. So, if someone comes now going back to the same street, where people come to all of us on our roads, and they stop us and they knock on the window, and they do the, Allah tells you never mind about giving that's something else, at least minimum to offer them. Don't abuse them, don't insult them. Don't swear them Don't mock at them. Allah says don't disrespect someone who's asking and begging.

00:36:10--> 00:36:11

That's all Allah is asking.

00:36:13--> 00:36:52

What an amazing piece of advice. Imagine if Allah told you as for the bigger give him by now the biggest would all be scattered around our areas, they would know the Muslims they're going to give and it happens. You know, if you look at the wealth we have, it may not be as much as other communities and societies. But Alhamdulillah I am always happy to note that the charities that the Muslims give we are by far the most charitable Ummah that exists on earth today. So thank Allah for that. And may Allah Almighty accept it from us and may Allah grant us goodness all of us. May Allah give us Baraka in our wealth. May Allah give us wealth and Baraka with it. And don't forget the Dr.

00:36:52--> 00:37:25

abana Archana for dunya hashanah will accurately hashanah working harder but now I met a young boy who told me Am I allowed to repeat the first part of it three times I said, for what? It's a bidder. He said, but I need more of the dunya. I said no, no, no. A banana for dunya Hassan a dunya Hazara dunya Orfila, he said, No, in fact, you should be making it three times more there. It's a bit You shouldn't do that you should make that dua as is it's a verse of the Quran. You can't just you can't just repeat one part of it three times and the other is one one. What are you trying to prove? May Allah grant us goodness, but that's the nature of men. May Allah Almighty bless us with good ethics.

00:37:25--> 00:37:38

I really look forward to some beautiful conclusions and beautiful resolutions coming out from this summit whereby we can empower those who are not empowered and we haven't even thought about empowerment Akoko Leha SallAllahu ala Nabina Muhammad