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Allah says, yeah Benny danmaku. Zina de como de Kooning Masjid you know, it's amazing. This is verse number 31 of surah. Before I actually translated Let me explain something. The context of these verses Allah speaking about the dress, and the lessons from the story of Adam and Eve and shape on how we should be dressing modestly shaped man wants us to expose and Allah wants us to cover. So Allah says, We've sent adornment people adorn themselves to show other people. Sometimes it's the right people, your spouse, your family members, and you're doing it for yourself sometimes. But sometimes it's the wrong people. You're trying to impress those who couldn't even be bothered you

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trying to impress those whom, by impressing them, you're going to plunge yourself into crisis because you might end up doing the wrong thing altogether. Allah saying you really want to impress someone with your clothing. Well impressed Allah. Whenever you go to pray, where the best clothing, apply perhaps a little bit of perfume if you're going to the masjid and maybe look into wearing something that would be so presentable Allah says, Now I'm translating this verse, verse number 31, all children of Adam,

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take your adornment wear or don't wear adorning clothes. You know, we're beautiful clothing, lovely, modest, beautiful clothing, in the masjid, at every place of prostration, which includes the houses of Allah, when you're going to the masjid, where some good clothes you're going to meet a lot. When you're about to stand on your masala or sad Giada or mat prayer mat. We have some good clothing, you're standing in front of Allah. Were some good clothing, look presentable, at least take a moment to check what you're looking like it might be your last prayer and you're standing in front of the Lord of the worlds. Allah says, All children of Adam, when you come to pray, were some good

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clothing. Were some good clothing and eat and drink and don't be wasteful. Allah tells you don't be wasteful. Sometimes we're so wasteful just because we have and we forget that Allah is testing us. You might have that doesn't mean you should be wasteful.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us indeed he does not like those who are wasteful.