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Allah addresses us in Surah, two RF several times by using the term. Yeah, Benny dama. Oh Children of Adam. Amazing. It is an honor to be called after the first of our species. And Allah saying you are children of Adam, I want to give you advice. Oh Children of Adam, listen to this. Now we're listening. So let's go through some of these, where Allah says all children of Adam, what exactly is he talking about? The first thing he mentioned in verse number 26, of surah, two RF, he says, Yeah, Benny Adam, aka the zelner alaikum lieberson. worries. deikun mauritia are children of Adam. I have sent it down to you clothing that will cover your private parts, and adornment. And Allah says Wali

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burswood tecoma, the decathlete Remember, the clothing of piety is the best.

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So Allah telling us I've sent you clothing to cover yourselves, giving you the main aim of clothes. Some people nowadays, clothes in order to reveal that's a sign of the hour. The prediction of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He says people will cover to be uncovered, people will cover to show whereas primarily we're supposed to cover to cover Subhanallah so remember that Allah is telling you all children of Adam, I have sent you clothing to cover to cover that's the main aim to cover your private parts and ally saying as adornment. Now when he speaks of that adornment he quickly tells you remember to close yourselves with the clothing of piety of modesty, that modest

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wear and that clothing of piety is what Allah will be pleased with. So Allah is telling you labasa to qualify, you want to achieve comfort, make sure you're dressed in the most appropriate way. Don't Don't be from among those who really wants to reveal the beauty that Allah has concealed within your private parts, and you want to show it off. Allah says don't do that you will plunge yourself into crisis. The best from amongst you here Allah says Libras who qualify, what is better for you is the clothing of piety. To wear, the clothing of piety would mean to cover according to what Allah told you to do. And also to adorn yourself with piety means. It's not all about your clothing alone. But

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it is about your character, your conduct, the do's and don'ts, the way you carry yourself as a human being. All of that is included in the term labasa taco, the clothing of piety, you cannot be covered from head to toe and still do that which is immoral. And you cannot be a person who is not bothered about how they address others or how they carry themselves and simply say I've grown my beard, I've perhaps just covered my private parts. It's not good enough. But what Allah wants you to do holistically ensure that your dressing is also appropriate and it's that of piety and your attitude, your character, your relationship with Allah and the rest of the creatures of Allah subhanho wa

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Taala is also that of piety, then you will be able to achieve that comfort, even in times of crisis. May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah grant us or goodness