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The speakers discuss the importance of worshiping Allah alone and not others, as well as the upcoming month of booking the best time of Islam, which is the best time of the year for Islam. They emphasize the importance of fulfilling obligations and including one's heart in actions, as well as voluntary prayer. They also discuss the issue of worshiping Islam, stating that it is a--

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My beloved brothers and sisters, we must be thankful to Allah Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala.

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For accepting us to be from among those who worships Him alone.

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We should always look into our acts of worship and purify them for the sake of Allah alone.

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As Muslimeen the outstanding feature that we have is that we worship Allah alone. He who made us is the only one who is worthy of worship.

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No human, no stone, no stick, no animal, no bird, no fish, no creature

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is worthy of any act of worship. But the one who made all those and entire creation is the one

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the whole concept of la ilaha illa Allah Who

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Muhammad Rasul Allah, is that there is none worthy of worship every time you say that, you need to think about what you have just said, many people say La Ilaha illa Allah you ask them what is the meaning there is none worthy of worship besides Allah they never ever thought of what exactly are you saying? Do you realize that is a declaration of faith, but we end up worshiping things besides Allah claiming the same claim?

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My brothers, my sisters, after that small introduction, I want to tell you we are in the month of Ramadan best month of the calendar.

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I want to tell you that we are in the last 10 nights of Ramadan, best nights and best part of Ramadan. I want to tell you that we are in on a day known as Juma Juma is the best day of the week. I want to tell you we are here at a time when the Imam is on the member. Best time of the Juma. This is the best time in the best time in the best time in the best time. seek Allah's forgiveness. May Allah forgive you and I,

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Allah Huma Inaka, who want to hit Bulava for Anna, Oh Allah, you are most forgiving you love to forgive, forgive us. Do not underestimate the value of a statement that comes out of your mouth. keep on repeating these and include your heart in it.

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When I say include your heart in it, do not pay lip service to the vicar of Allah, He does not need it, we need it. And the only time you will declare and remembrance is acceptable is when you've included the heart in normal Arma lupini yet, all your actions are judged only by the underlying intentions. Put your heart in it, give it some thought, give it some time. When you complete your Salah we say a stone Villa thrice we say Allahumma, Anta Salam, etc. The car that we read, if you don't have your heart in it, you are not achieving the desired result.

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So put your heart in it. When I say a Stanfill Allah, we all say it, but we pay lip service, selfless, selfless and we'd said it twice because we need to say twice the number in actual fact, what is more important than it is the intention that lies inside. So on a day like this, you may never see such a day again and I may not see it. I don't know what's going to happen right now and what's going to happen as I walk out and what's going to happen tomorrow, I may never witness some of the brothers and sisters who may be here today. I may never see them again.

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So seize the opportunity.

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Another thing if you look at the month of Ramadan, and we have almost completed it, may Allah allow us to see the month of Shawwal having been forgiven by him. That's the main aim. When I inshallah the Allahu anha asked the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam that I if I were to witness the Night of Decree Laila to cuddle, what should I do and say? He just answered the simple answer. Say Allah Houma in Nikka. Foo went to him Bill alpha for Annie SubhanAllah. If you go to someone who say what should I do the night of little cuddle? You are expecting a long answer. Read this read that do this standard Salah do Tara we do this to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam makes everything

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simple. All that is good and those are deeds we should be doing. But the most important thing he just said seek forgiveness, seek forgiveness. Say you are human. You falter. Search your heart, cleanse it purified seek forgiveness in NACA alpha one to Alpha 510 Allah you are most forgiving. You love to forgive forgive me. SubhanAllah. So my brothers, my sisters. In these blessed days of Ramadan, we should

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realize a few things I want to mention one or two. The first one a Salah, Ursula, Ursula, Ursula, Ursula, Ursula, my brothers, my sisters, how many units of prayer extra voluntary that is not compulsory Did you engage in in the month of Ramadan known as tarawih? You don't even know you have to sit and start counting right or wrong. You don't even know because you have to count that's how many they were. My brothers and sisters Allah is telling you don't you understand that in this beautiful month you have increased the voluntary prayer how on earth can you decrease the compulsory prayer outside of Ramadan? How can you not have an enthusiasm within you to be in Salah on time or

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before time?

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How can you delay your five daily prayers? How can you not feel that you would like to pray for Allah because there are two things one is those who pray because they have to pray and the other is those who pray because they want to pray when you start off initially as a young person, people tell you Salah salah, so you end up going because why

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you have to do it. You realize I have to do it, that's good enough, Mashallah. You have to do it. So you're doing it right. There comes a time in your life as you grow a little bit older or you get closer to Allah when you are doing it over and above have to it's now I want to, I want to not I have to, I want to, it's my father and my duty and I want to do it for Allah. That's the only time you start involving in what

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in that which is over and above from

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that which is over and above what is compulsory? When do you do sunnah and Nuffield and all of that you only can do that when you want to Subhanallah when you want to. Then you come early you take your time you are here. You have had a nice shower or bath or do you have one good clothes you put small later I hope that letter does not give headache to other people because that's what happens sometimes. But we are so happy we come and we Allah Akbar and you are taking your time. That means you want to pray, ask Allah to get you to that level. May Allah purify our hearts magnetize the salah to our hearts. May Allah Almighty magnetize the salah to our hearts, my brothers, it's not

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enough to just make a physical effort Allah needs to accept you for it. Keep on asking Allah to grant us steadfastness. Salah has Tabata ask Allah to grant you steadfastness because Allah will give it to you. We are talking today. You are hearing the photobomb today but I want to inform you without acceptance from Allah, it will not move me it will not move you nothing. If Allah accepts you Allah whom I am with a bit and Kulu Allah Who Maya mocha liberal Kowloon

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Allah Who Maya Musa bitten Kulu a bit Cubana, Elata Arctic. Oh Allah Who grants steadfastness and strength to the hearts of Allah, the One who turns the hearts turning towards the dean, granted steadfastness in your obedience. So the biggest thing that we could advise after

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the issue of worshiping Allah alone is to fulfill your salah is the second pillar of Islam.

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The first one is exactly as we started to worship Allah alone, to follow the Sunnah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to believe firmly, he is the newbie of Allah, the Messenger of Allah or Amaya all three core Anil Hawa in our in our union you he didn't utter from his own whims and fancies and his desires. It was revelation, what he said what he taught, believe it follow it.

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So, number one, the issue of Salah my brothers, my sisters, if you come out of Ramadan and your Salah has improved, you have succeeded.

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If you come out of Ramadan and you have a new love for Salah you have succeeded. Young people don't realize true success is when Allah loves you to pray for him because Allah puts it in the heart come to pray. We hear higher Allah salah, higher Allah, Allah, the two are connected.

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You want success you come to prayer, because Allah calls the salah itself success. When Allah is saying to us through the teachings of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam that Advan should be called and you should say hi yah Allah Salah and you should say Hey Alan Falah, he is calling you hi yah means to come towards write the same thing. What is it? One time he calls it salah the other time he calls it for Allah.

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So what is valid for Allah His salah.

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You follow what we are saying you want to succeed. Success is depicted by how you fulfill your Salah. You can have the millions and the billions and maybe in this worldly life you have everything luxury he

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is nothing in the eyes of Allah Allah yes WA and Allah He Jana hubba Oba it is not equivalent even to the wing of a fly in the eyes of Allah, not the wing of a fly in the eyes of Allah. But if you read to raka out of Fajr raka atta alpha g k Rumina duniya wa mafia Allahu Akbar if Allah helps you to get up early for Salah tunefab to make wudu and to come and fulfill your to sunnah, it is better for you than the whole dunya and whatever it has this whole world and whatever it has, when you have the love to get up early in the cold winter nights and to turn on the tap and to do Your will do and you are loving it you have now arrived at the level you should thank Allah about.

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thank Allah for that.

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Second thing I want to mention, and I will just mention these to my brothers, my sisters, it is time to purify our hearts. The diseases of the hearts are plenty the heart is the seat of government of your entire body. That's what the heart is the heart the Hadith says enough in Jessa de la mudra either Salah had Salah had just had to cook in your body, there is a piece of flesh, there is a piece of flesh if it is pure, the body is pure. If it is dirty, the body is dirty, so shaytan knows when I want to tackle and attack. The first thing I need to do is attack what the heart The heart is dirty, filthy, meshed full of hatred, jealousy, ill feeling bad thoughts, evil items, desires, all

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that is part of shamans plan. He's knocked you at your main organ. That's what it is from the heart which is connected to the brain.

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The man is destroyed. He might fulfill salah, but his heart is so filthy. He comes out and slanders and back bites and enjoys juicy gossip law yet Hello, Janet and Aman.

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One of the narration is a person who loves gossip and continues to enjoy to gossip about others. How can they be a place for that person in Jannah? That's just a warning from Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, spend your time wisely you have minutes in this dunya nothing more. Your days in this world are limited, very limited. How old are you now? And how many days was that? Ask yourself. One year has 300 and something days 365 According to the Gregorian and 355 According to the lunar you see you think how you want to think multiply that by 10 is only 3000 Something multiply it by another 10 It's what 3000 plus 3000 Perhaps seven 1000 Watt days that's all you have in 20 years. How many

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years more are you going to live 20 It's only a few 1000 days plus me

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May Allah grant us goodness, our days are limited. So we two things that I have spoken about today. One is your Salah. One is your Salah, my brothers my sisters, there is no amount of emphasis that is sufficient regarding the matter of Salah, a Salah to ima do deem it is the founding pillar, the pillar that holds up your deen that's why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says Allah don't let the buy in and our buying homes Salah from an Taraka Salah Tamata amid them for *a Cafaro Allahu Akbar.

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The Prophet sallallahu wasallam says the difference between a believer and the non believer is the issue of Salah whoever leaves it purposely has entered that side, not this side. They are on the other side. May Allah grant us forgiveness steadfastness. The second thing is the issue of cleaning the heart. Learn to help others learn to be selfless. It's not about you alone. Learn to Speak to people correctly learn to give people benefit of doubts because shaytan creates doubts in the hearts and the minds of people against their own brothers and sisters. So as an ummah we become fragmented and then we lose our energy hence what is happening across the globe where we see ourselves being

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trampled upon simply because we have said La Ilaha illa Allah. May Allah Almighty forgive our shortcomings and grant a steadfastness give us forgiveness during this month of Ramadan help us to worship Him alone at all times. Help us in our Salah and help us to cleanse our hearts BarakAllahu li Walakum filled Quran he was sunnah whenever anyone here can be Murphy Hema mineral it will Hekmati aku Lucarelli ha That was done for Allah Allah Allah come when he saw it in Muslim ina festival who know who Allah photo Rahim.