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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Bismillah he will hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah what Allah Allah He was happy here Jemaine,

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my beloved brothers and sisters,

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when a child is born, there is a lot of excitement. And Allah Almighty says the child is born upon what is known as fitara. Nature. If that child was to grow up with no contamination whatsoever, it would recognize Allah, it would recognize that there is a maker, it would naturally inclined towards that which is good and pure. And it would understand many things just by nature. But there is contamination that happens, starting from the parents. So the way the parents want the child to think, or the way the parents themselves think and operate, and behave, is exactly how the child will mimic, will follow and will grow up. So you find some parents, as the child is little.

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They do not think about how they're speaking, they say whatever they want, as the child grows up, the child repeats the same words has the same style, swears in the same way. And you have other parents whom, for them, what's important is the pleasure of Allah Salah zakka, respecting people's speaking in a polite way, and so on, the child automatically picks up this from the parents. This is a gift that Allah has bestowed upon the parents, but it's also a challenge and the test. And then the child begins to show an interest based on what the parents have an interest in. The child begins to show an interest based on what the community that the child is growing up in, shows an interest

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in. It's very interesting, because when you have a little child who grows up in a home, that is blessed, filled with goodness, and the pleasure of Allah, interested in helping interested in humbleness, humility, interested in worshiping Allah alone, you find the children themselves are disciplined. They're beautiful, just by way of being brought up in that family or in that community.

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But now, we've beget we've started seeing from a while materialism overtaking in an unprecedented way, whereby from a young age, if you were to ask a child, what would you like,

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as you grow up, the child would say, I want a Ferrari. I want a huge mansion a home, I'm going to buy this, I want to fly to Mars with those people who are going with these, you know, spacecraft, I'd like to this and that. And Allah is not in that equation at all. It's all about materialistic things. What would you like to do and achieve in life, they forget that Allah might never allow them to see more than 20 years, they might die at the age of 2015. wherever else it may be 25, they might go, what did they do in their aim to get to that spacecraft or that Lamborghini or that house mentioned or to own a holiday home in Hawaii or wherever else it may be in their dedication and

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focus upon that they lost focus of the hereafter.

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say if you were to ask a child as you grow up, what would you like? And the child says, I'd like to please Allah. I'd like ultimately Jana, then your speech speaking, and this goes to for adults as well. What do you want in life people say I want to make my first million by the age of 20. Allah is only going to allow you to see 19 years then what? Okay, you may be a million at the age of 20. Allah is only going to allow you to live for 25 years he's gonna take you away life was always a test. We told you that from the beginning you didn't believe it. So you left so early and guess what you didn't prepare for the day you're going to meet with Allah. I am not saying don't have goals and

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aims in life. We do want to own for example, something let's have a comfortable home a comfortable ride. The prophets are seldom speaks about the three signs or the three points of happiness, contentment, goodness in this world when Allah has blessed you with things, the three goodnesses of the dunya a good wife, a good home and a good conveyance meaning your vehicle. If you have those three, your set, what more do you want, but man once more and more and more so Han Allah and it's not Haram, but not

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At the expense of your relationship with Allah, that's the thing. Do you fulfill your Salah you did you do your fudger you got up while you're preparing for the day, you're gonna die, you're going to be having a palace in Jannah you preparing for the day you're going to meet with your maker, I put my head on the ground and I said Subhana Allah, Allah Allah, glory be to my rock, my Creator, the one who provides for me protects me, the cure or the nourisher, the one whom I'm going to return to you are the greatest, the highest, here I am with my head on the ground for you. That is preparation for the day you're going to meet with Allah. It's more important than the Lamborghini and the

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preparations here in this world to see where you're going to be at the age of 40.

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Today's millionaires will tell you, I made my first million at the age of 25. Big deal, big deal, how is it going to get you where you need to go? How many years are you going to live for? So this is the thing, we need to focus on the right things. We need to realize if someone were to ask you or your children or our children or anybody, what would you like to achieve? The first thing is I want to achieve the pleasure of Allah then I would like to achieve so much and so much recently.

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I heard one of the interviews of an extremely wealthy Muslim man. And he said in that interview, that one thing that gives me a kick

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is to give charity to the poor

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I want to outdo everyone else who gives charity and I want to be known by Allah imagine a wealthy man

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saying I want to be known by Allah as a man who got and gave got and gave. I got an I gave Subhana Allah manaka samadhan Mensa data, nobody's wealth has ever been depleted because of a charity they gave you give. You get I love the narration.

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Where we are taught that Allah Almighty says un* Yebin Adama

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lake or son of Adam, spend, spend on others and I will spend on you Subhan Allah, give and see me giving you try it out. Love Akbar, Allah grant us goodness, my brothers, my sisters, this worldly life, you know is full of challenges. Nobody has it as they want not one person full of challenges from the beginning to the end. Like I said last week, when you came onto this earth, you actually were crying. That's how bad it was. Allah grant us goodness, and you're going to have challenges every year. Don't think things are going to ease out No way. Nothing is is out totally. It might ease temporarily for a while. Allah says we kept it that way so that you can thank Allah

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if you're a believer, Allah says will give you the world will make you content. If you're not a believer, you don't have a relationship with Allah No matter how much you have. You won't be content and that's why you'll find thuggery, robbery, criminal behavior and so on among the wealthy sometimes yet they have so much they don't want others to get Have you seen an individual anywhere in the world it happens, maybe perhaps including here without specifics. You have someone with a massive business turnover of millions of dollars, and they feel threatened by attack shop selling the same thing across the road. That's why I need those millions not this guy. What are you trying

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to do? Learn from Allah? How much do you want, let that guy earn, Allah will bless you help him prod him, give him Let him come up. Allah will give you you made someone come up, Allah will make you come up. That's how it should be. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant His goodness, but the greed that we have, has actually turned us away from Allah because the focus is no longer about Salah even though we might pray, but that's not our focus. We are praying by the way. Many people pray without concentration. Many people read the Quran on a daily basis, but what do they know about the Quran? Nothing. I'm doing it ceremonially. Just because I need to get it done. That's it. That's not how it

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should be.

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You need to fulfill your Salah because you want to become close to Allah. A sign of the acceptance of your Salah is when you're humble with the rest of the creatures that Allah has created. That's a sign that you're truly close to Allah. How can I claim to be close to the maker who made everybody else but I'm rude to them. I'm rough with them. I swear them. I mocked them, I teased them. I make them feel belittled. And I think I'm a big deal. And I think I'm close to Allah why I pray five times a day. Big deal. There are others who pray more than you and they're more humble than you are. So compete in those things. Competing goodness, you must know where to focus. And this is why we say

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my brothers my sisters on earth

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There are four types of people

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as they enter the Hereafter, the first one, the one whom Allah has blessed with a lot in this world and a lot in the hereafter. Well done, Masha Allah, they have achieved, Allah gave them here and there. Tina for dunya Hassan, Hassan, Allah gave them here. And because they were humble, because they were close to Allah because they had good character and conduct which is lacking in most of us, Allah bless them with the hereafter as well. So they got both the second category, those who have nothing on Earth, they struggle all day every day throughout their lives year after year until the day they died, but in the Hereafter, they achieve Janna paradise. We tell them Congratulations, you

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Don't you agree? Right now on Earth, they will tell you how am I a winner? Are you close to Allah? Yes. Are you a humble person? Yes. Do you respect the others? Yes. Do you do this? Yes. Do you do that? Yes. Well, if that's the case, I want to tell you, good news to you. Subhan Allah. Today I heard of one of

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my close friends much older than me. We used to call him Uncle yaku. He passed away in Zambia, Lusaka

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and Subhana. Allah, bless a day, it's a Friday, isn't it? He was a good man. We talked about him. So many are passing away. But there are only a few who've left a mark. They leave a legacy. Their character will will outlive their own lives. Because people will talk about it. When they speak about you after your death in a good way. It's good for you.

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Good for you. May Allah grant him Gen metal for those make it easy for his family and all the motorhoming those who have passed on.

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The third category are those who got everything in this world. But they've lost the hereafter. That's a loss. Imagine you've got everything for 50 years. 50 years, I was dealing with a case recently where someone actually did say from among the people who were talking

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and who had a dispute, they said, You know what, what's the point of this dispute? Life is so short. And it struck me to say if influential people can say that, Oh, well we what's the point of this dispute? Life is so short. What did you gain? Nothing zero.

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Allah gave you a few years. May Allah grant us goodness. So some people have everything on Earth, but they've only had goodness, for 30 years after that they are gone to a place where they will struggle forever and ever.

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And then the last lot of those casilla dunia well,

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then he can move will Busan will move between those who have nothing on earth

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and they are still arrogant and they're still haughty and they have no relationship with Allah.

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Those Subhan Allah, they have lost everything completely. When they get to the Hereafter, they have nothing. That's a great loss. May Allah subhanahu wa taala protect us grant us goodness opened our doors. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the best of the dunya and akhira and help us to focus on the right things. It's not wrong to be a person who has in this dunya but it's wrong to divorce yourself from Allah subhanho wa Taala and it's wrong to become arrogant, haughty, and not to work on your character and conduct akula Kalia that was Allah Allahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad