Mirza Yawar Baig – Lessons from the Quran

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of differentiation and concern for others in leadership is emphasized, along with the need to be aware of the number of young people in the community. The "has" of the person and their culture are discussed, and the dangerous behavior of the person is highlighted. The transcript describes a dangerous situation where a young man named Sayim is killed by a woman namedecca, and the "has" of the person and their culture are discussed, with the potential for fatal consequences if people do not comply with regulations. The importance of acceptance of king's actions and not giving up on one's beliefs is emphasized.
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Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi Lambie evil. Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam does live on Kaziranga sera from abajo.

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My brothers sisters Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Alhamdulillah we are

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on the 25th night of Ramadan Kareem one of the odd nights. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us raise Luca and to accept all our doors and to give us from His Majesty and grace.

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The topic of today's lecture is lessons from the Quran.

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I want to say two things to you.

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The first one is

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that the key to leadership

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in any field

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is to differentiate.

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Because differentiation creates brand,

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inspires loyalty.

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And loyalty enables influence.

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Without differentiation,

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you are one grain of rice in a sack,

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you're still rice, but you are one grain in a sack.

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Nobody knows you live,

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nobody cares if you die.

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But when you differentiate, then you stand out

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and on the basis of what you stand out for.

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And that brings me to my second point, the basis on which you stand out.

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That is what enables you to create a legacy.

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And so the second point

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of leadership, the first one is differentiation. The second point of leadership is to be concerned about something other than your personal welfare.

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It is the nature of animals to be concerned purely with their personal welfare.

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As long as I have enough grass to eat, as long as I bought enough meat to eat as long as I bought my bellies full,

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add the most I'm concerned a bit about my own.

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My own family, my own whatever, you know, hobbies.

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But beyond that there is no concern.

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There's no concern for anything other than that. One of the one of the finest

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places to see that is to watch one of the videos of the Great Migration across the Serengeti plains, 2 million animals, zebras, wildebeest, and all kinds of how he was

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moving from point A to point B.

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And they are followed these herds are followed by prides of lions, by hyenas, by leopards, by cheetahs.

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And obviously, they take

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from them

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but not one in that herd

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even looks at one of their own numbers being killed and eaten.

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The lion can take a wildebeest in the middle of the herd and sit there tearing it apart, completely safe without any danger whatsoever from the half a million Willoughby's which are passing it.

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So being concerned only for yourself or only for your immediate family is a sign that you are an animal

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to be a human being you have to be concerned about more than that.

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To be a leader you have to be concerned about far more than that.

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So two qualities of leadership one is differentiation which creates brand. And the second one is concern for others.

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The house is related to the Quran.

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This is related to the Quran because Allah subhanaw taala gave us example after example after example, and I'm going to use only two or three of them because we don't want to spend the whole night doing this.

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Allah give us example after example, after example of his MBA wasallam of his prophets

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who demonstrated these two things. They demonstrated brand and they demonstrated concern

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for excellence.

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I want you to put yourself in a position which I'm going to do

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scribe you heard the story from me before, but this is the beauty of the story of the Quran. You never get tired of listening to them. And they are so beautiful. They're so full of learning for those who have the heart, which is

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connected with Allah subhanaw taala. So I want you to put yourself in that position.

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And what is that position, their position is

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young boy, maybe 14 or 15 years old. And there are many of you here who are either that age or a little couple of years this way or that way around the law, in this ethic of what really inspires me, frankly,

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and makes me very, very happy is the number of young people who are here.

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Well bless you May Allah protect you may Allah subhanaw taala use you for his deed and accept you in his body jala

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so young boy like this, like one of you.

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But he's not hanging out with his friends.

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He's not playing some game.

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he's by himself

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in the wilderness,

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he's come out of his town

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and he's talking to Allah.

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He's talking to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And what did he say?

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Allah subhanaw taala I liked what he said so much that Allah subhanaw taala made that a part of his column to be recited until the day of judgment.

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So Allah subhanaw taala told us what what he said. Allah subhanaw taala said How will he manage shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Ye the call I Brahim warabi are in a cave to heal mode.

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Call to mean call Avella. Kill the main call will be called arbat Amina refosco Ron la

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mujer Allah Allah collegia lemon juice.

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Some other owner Nyah Tina casa, while Amman Allah has his own highkey

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Allah does it.

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And remember when Ibrahim Alayhi Salam said

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Robbie areni my Rob show me kafer to heal Mota. How do you give life to the dead?

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He didn't say Myra. Tell me Mayra explained to me No. Just show me

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that this conversation is so beautiful every time I read this if I sit and reflect as as one law What a beautiful conversation this is and how this conversation reflects the connection between this little boy and he's not jealous.

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The Creator of the heavens and the earth and all that it contains and all the universe and all that it contains and all of it we know and all of it we don't know. is talking to one little kid

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he's talking to one little kid

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he's not an IV yet.

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He's talking to his one little boy

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and this conversation is so beautiful. It is so full of love it is so full of knowledge of each other

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it's such a reflection of closeness

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are appear in a photo Mota

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DIRECT address Li show me how do you redirect them and how to give life to the right

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and see the response to that

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cut out to me

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and this is what you don't believe

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you don't believe

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and then how does even a village Allah How does he respond kalevala Well, I can get my while I can get my coffee

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when I Killa will actually get mine

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but of course I will.

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But just so that I have more economical.

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So that I have

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laser cover Oh calmo IRA. He said the report the information is not the same as seeing something as experiencing something but you are different.

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Somebody says fire burns.

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information, correct information

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but put your finger on the fire.

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Same thing, but now you're experiencing that. Is there a difference between the two?

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So here is what I'm saying Show me. Carla says, Don't you believe?

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I believe Yeah, of course, I believe

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the admin Nickleby for the amount of money.

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when he read this is he used to say, if Ibrahim had to say if Ibrahim alayhis salam could say liegt by Nickleby, we have even more right to say that.

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So the lesson from from the Quran about this up to now is

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to be concerned about the connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala

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not just entertainment and you know, my friends and I hang out No, no, no. Who's your best friend? Allah subhanaw taala not friend, in a sense of human friend with no friendship as far as the less concern that we have with Allah subhanho wa Taala. When I when somebody says, Allah,

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Vina Amano, Gambia,

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Allah said that for the sake of Allah,

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there is no fear and there is no

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sadness. And who are they? They are people of taqwa.

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Allah Vina Amano, can we add the whole people of human and we will talk about

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so the village of Allah subhanaw taala is not friendship as in a human sense of Elijah was radicalized to be in a position where Allah loves you the most.

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The moment the favorite slave of Allah,

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that is the will of Allah subhanaw taala.

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in the case of primary Salah, this conversation, so now what is Allah, Allah does this take for birds

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and tame them?

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Now is what I this is the thing which I always say when we read the Koran we must reflect Allah subhanaw taala said this and you heard the ayat in interview also of Allah tada Bernal Cora.

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Unless they don't they reflect on the Quran. Allah didn't say don't they read the Quran Allah say do not don't they reflect on the Quran?

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Allah Allah when Allah or is it that their hearts are sealed? Or the locks of their hearts? So understanding is in the heart, and that comes from reflection. So here Allah subhanaw taala is

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now one of many celebs that please show me Allah is giving me instructions now to reflect on this I take four birds and tame them. How can you take four birds and 10

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you can't get

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adult birds. And if you get another bird you can't tame it. wild birds all birds.

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So what is the meaning and allergens they put them in cages because those words have to come flying back

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to free flying. What does it mean? My understanding is it means

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go find a bird which is young to find nests of four different birds Allah didn't say take four chickens roaming four different birds.

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So find four nests

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has links,

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get them, feed them, them them.

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They become fledglings.

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They learn to fly.

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Then you tame them so that they that when you call them they come to you. All of this takes How long?

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It takes weeks. Won't take years, but definitely takes several weeks, maybe a couple of months, maybe more.

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And then Allah subhanho wa Taala said this is the beauty of Allah subhanaw taala his examples and so on Allah subhanho wa Taala deliberately creates a situation you will see it in other places also the hora which apparently looks completely impossible

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because Alexander his purpose is to show you his father, his power and glory. So if Allah subhanaw taala created something which was which looked possible anyway, then after listen to that, you might say Nigeria, that's true, it can be done.

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So unless one other creates a situation, which is so completely impossible that you say, Well, no, this is impossible. There's no way to do that. And then a lot of it.

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So Allah says take these four, go meaning raise these birds, tame them, they come and when you call them, then what you do is you slaughter them.

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You chop them all up into small pieces. You mix all that up

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So now you don't know which words foot it is and which boards heritage or which boards interesting it is and which word hard it is and which words whether it is and you don't know, because everything is mixed up like,

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you know, human

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and then not complicated enough want to complicate it even more. So now what must you do?

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Now make it into four separate lumps. So for this device, you know two kilos, okay, why am I going to do for several, then it's not complicated enough. Now what must you do is take one of this mixture, climb one mountain, go put it on double, and then come back, take the other mixture, climb another mountain, we'll put it on top of that. Now take the third one and do it on a third mountain the fourth piece on a fourth mountain now go and stand in the middle of the of these waters and call the birds they will come to you

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imagine what kind of possibilities Have you chopped you kill them, you chop them up, you mix them up, everything is all you know.

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And then you separate them on four different mountains I mean, in this lump is probably there's no one bird there, this bird has got Dinnerstein missing or it got gotten what missing and that stuff is on top of the mountain Ah, Allah has created this situation which is apparently completely impossible in Alaska. Now I will show you what I get.

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This is the meaning of the connection with a loss.

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And what comes out of that.

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Out of that comes the kind of you're keen on Allah Subhana Allah della della.

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We're now the same boy has grown. He's a young man. And there's a whole long story. And you all know the story. I won't talk I won't relate the whole story of challenging his people about who they worship and trying to convince them that worshipping idols is not a great idea. They can't do anything for you all things that you have created in your own mind, they have no reality. The only one worthy of worship is the one who created you don't worship something that you created, worship somebody the worship, the one who created you, and so on. And this is a losing argument, this is getting nowhere. nobody's listening to him, and so on and so forth. And finally, people get so mad

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at him that they said oh, we have to kill this man. And regardless, we don't don't just want to kill him, we have to burn him.

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So now they Stoke this fire, they have this enormous fire that they create. And this fire is so big and so massive that they can't even go close to it. So there is no how to how to throw him into a vehicle you have to throw him in the fire you have to go close to the fire We can't do that. So we are going to put him into a siege engine into a trebuchet and tie him up and then shoot him into this fire.

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So imagine this whole thing happened it was fire being stalked and so on so forth would have taken days and then they would have got distribution and then you can imagine those people who are firing the troubleshooter they are taking some arranging shots to make sure that the that he doesn't fly over it or something you know you want to make sure you dropped in the middle of it. They maybe they're taking arranging shots and stuff they've done all that now everything is ready of course the whole town everybody's gathered this is the this is the happening thing that's going on going to happen now and we're going to see this fitness revival is being ended once and for all and in the

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magnificent way is good we throw into the fire. That's it.

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So even now trussed up completely and like everything bound up and he's put into this cup of distribution and all that remains is for the person at the back to chop the rope and his catapult will throw him into the fire.

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At that moment, jewellery Sam comes to you by Melissa. And he says yeah, but tell me what can I do for you?

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How can I help?

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Who is this right?

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This is the one who asked Allah subhanaw taala Rebecca to real Mota

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who is coming to him and saying please tell me how can I help you? So from the perspective of the Sharia, there is nothing wrong with that. If somebody comes and says, tell me how can I help you? I will tell the person I need this is nothing wrong with that. Here is a person standing there in front of you. You're talking to that person happens to be an angel. So what

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what what is the prime minister

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says you

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he says I don't need anything from you.

00:19:48 --> 00:19:50

I don't need anything from you.

00:19:52 --> 00:19:53

I will ask you.

00:19:54 --> 00:19:58

When I can talk to my Rob della della della moda, who do I need

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When I can ask my Rob How do you give life to the dead? And he tells me all of this thing he tells me do this, this this. And I actually observed that I saw that when I don't talk to anybody else. Why do I need anybody?

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Give me a round,

00:20:18 --> 00:20:33

round goes back to Allah Subhana Allah because Allah is watching all of this happening. Allah does not need anyone to inform me. But you will is that I'm going to Allah subhanaw taala says yeah, but I mean, your family, your messenger, your Nabil, your soul is about to be burnt to death.

00:20:36 --> 00:20:38

I went to ask him, can I help you is a talk to me,

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as well does it now go to him? Tell him I sent you and I am asking him what does he want from me?

00:20:48 --> 00:21:05

This is also, again, the love of Allah subhanaw taala. For whatever reason, well, of course knows what he's going to say before he can even think of that. These are. But these are the things that Allah subhanaw taala does to set up evidence in favor of his favorite people.

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So liberalism comes back to primaries, I remember all of this is happening in terms of time that we can't even measure because we are talking about interdimensional travel. So our time and space doesn't apply.

00:21:23 --> 00:21:40

You might say, well, how long does it take from you? That does that thing doesn't apply? This is a different different ballgame altogether. To liberalism comes back and he says, Yeah, Ibrahim, I am now here on the order of Europe Jalla Jalla Lu, and he is asking, What do you want?

00:21:41 --> 00:21:43

What do you want from him?

00:21:44 --> 00:21:45

What is revelator?

00:21:47 --> 00:21:49

Even even Islam says my rub does not need to ask.

00:21:53 --> 00:21:57

He doesn't need to ask, What do I want? I want whatever he wants.

00:21:58 --> 00:21:59

He didn't say that. I'm saying

00:22:00 --> 00:22:02

What do I want? This is the meaning of readable.

00:22:04 --> 00:22:18

readable color does not mean that I ask for something and I get it and I say Oh Allah I'm so thankful that God hamdulillah thank Allah subhanaw taala but risiville Kala is whatever you decree for me, no matter what it is, I shall have to rely on

00:22:20 --> 00:22:35

the researcher because Alhamdulillah Allah Cooley her All Praise to Allah in every situation. A situation that I like Praise to Allah situation I don't like Praise to Allah situation that is nice for me Praise to Allah situation that is painful for me Praise to Allah.

00:22:37 --> 00:22:40

You will have a lesser answers by Rob does not need to ask.

00:22:41 --> 00:22:44

What does it mean? It means whatever he wants, I want

00:22:46 --> 00:22:50

What do you want? I want whatever you want. You decide what you want.

00:22:52 --> 00:22:54

You want me to burn I'm ready.

00:22:56 --> 00:22:57

Love you mochila no problem.

00:22:58 --> 00:23:00

You want to say me You can send me

00:23:04 --> 00:23:07

whenever I valet Sam remove

00:23:08 --> 00:23:22

the as Bob from between himself and the massage table as Bob. Barbara is removed the mcglue from between himself and his agenda jell O Allah subhanho wa Taala directly addressed the fire no more jabril

00:23:24 --> 00:23:33

la sala Allah subhanaw taala directly addressed the fire and de luz that whole na na na Cooney burden was Oliver Allah Rahim.

00:23:36 --> 00:23:37

Allah did not say to save him

00:23:39 --> 00:23:43

Allah did not say to me Kyle is now sent down rain so that the fire is cooled

00:23:45 --> 00:23:46

put out the fire

00:23:48 --> 00:23:57

Allah did not send to somebody did not say to somebody when they shoot him and he's flying through the air pick him up from there and take him away somewhere else. No, no, no, no, no, Allah does not need all this.

00:23:59 --> 00:24:05

Allah does not need all this allows choice for Allah wants to show that the fire can only burn if I tell it to burn.

00:24:07 --> 00:24:08

Keep your fire.

00:24:09 --> 00:24:17

Burn your wires Tokyo fire make it as hot as you want makes no difference. It will only do what I tell it to do.

00:24:19 --> 00:24:24

The fire has no power to burn water has no power to drown.

00:24:25 --> 00:24:27

The air has no power to lift anything.

00:24:28 --> 00:24:30

The ground has no power to bear any weight.

00:24:32 --> 00:24:34

No disease has any power to affect anybody.

00:24:36 --> 00:24:41

Nothing has any power, except my rajala de la la la la la quwata 11.

00:24:43 --> 00:24:47

So whenever I'm on a cell I'm removed as well from between himself and his Robin. He says

00:24:48 --> 00:24:56

whatever you want, I want another one that is called Nadia Cooney Barton was Salomon Allah era he

00:24:59 --> 00:24:59

got the role

00:25:00 --> 00:25:03

When I when a slam flies through the air into the fire

00:25:08 --> 00:25:12

Where are you guys though? You're standing in the crowd you're watching this happening right?

00:25:14 --> 00:25:16

So what do you see the crowd doing? Tell me

00:25:18 --> 00:25:19

what do you see the crowd doing?

00:25:21 --> 00:25:23

celebrating, celebrating

00:25:24 --> 00:25:25

the Great shot

00:25:28 --> 00:25:31

because this whole thing which I told you the car doesn't know that right?

00:25:32 --> 00:25:44

They didn't see Jabra in a salon coming they did not hear Allah subhanaw taala talk to the wire the hook up nothing nothing. As far as they're concerned, everything is going absolutely according to plan fantastic. Now this man is into the wire is

00:25:45 --> 00:25:47

is going to be atomized and that's the end of the story.

00:25:50 --> 00:26:06

And then what do they see? They see after a time which Allah subhanaw taala degree the Prime Minister lamb is walking out of that place. Not a hair on his body is armed by this fire. But finally the rope that they tied him with his body and God because Allah did not say tell the fire don't burn the robot.

00:26:10 --> 00:26:15

Allah did not take away the power of the fire to burn unless one only said you cannot burn.

00:26:18 --> 00:26:25

Salam and alibre become a means of safety for every militia, not just not burn, don't freeze him or something no

00:26:28 --> 00:26:29

means of safety verb

00:26:30 --> 00:26:35

who is providing the safety the thing which is supposed to destroy you.

00:26:37 --> 00:26:41

Think about it. This is the beauty of this religion. This is the beauty of connection with Allah.

00:26:44 --> 00:26:48

The beauty of connecting with Allah subhanaw taala is helps you understand the reality of things.

00:26:50 --> 00:26:51

We are completely engrossed

00:26:53 --> 00:26:54

in material stuff.

00:26:55 --> 00:27:04

So we are looking for material solutions. So if there is a danger we say how can we counter this danger? How can we fight against this danger?

00:27:06 --> 00:27:09

We forget that the danger is a danger only Vala decrease.

00:27:14 --> 00:27:18

These key shaky shackle cuccia or shakha Asakusa

00:27:21 --> 00:27:30

the thing has a has a shape it has a outward manifestation. But the thing has an inward thing. And that inward power comes from a loss relative

00:27:32 --> 00:27:34

to the fire. What is the fire to fire burns?

00:27:36 --> 00:27:42

What is Islam tell you? Fire doesn't burn. Fire burns when Allah tells it to burn.

00:27:43 --> 00:27:43

Fire doesn't burn

00:27:45 --> 00:27:48

a bad political situation? Is it bad?

00:27:51 --> 00:27:54

It will be bad if Allah subhanaw taala chooses to make it bad.

00:27:58 --> 00:28:04

So we say for this political situation to become favorable to us. These people must be removed.

00:28:06 --> 00:28:08

Islam says people don't have to be removed.

00:28:09 --> 00:28:11

people's hearts have to change.

00:28:13 --> 00:28:23

They're the same people who set out with a sword in his hand a man set out with a sword in his hand and he said I am going to kill Muhammad Sallallahu

00:28:25 --> 00:28:35

The man was a wrestler The man was a huge big strong man. He was a famous warrior. And he said I moved to finish this with and I once and for all callus

00:28:36 --> 00:28:40

no more Mohammed Salah shall we ever had enough is enough.

00:28:41 --> 00:28:58

The man doesn't listen to us. We didn't stop preaching. He doesn't stop preaching we tell him forget about his Islamism doesn't forget about Islam. We say come back to our into a religion of our forefathers he does not do that. I'm going to finish it once and for all and end the story. He comes out with a sword you know the story you know the man I'm talking about right?

00:29:01 --> 00:29:02

What happens to that man?

00:29:03 --> 00:29:05

Did Allah take away his sword? No.

00:29:07 --> 00:29:08

Allah did not take away his sword.

00:29:09 --> 00:29:15

Allah simply converted that sword from being against Debbie, to being the slave of his Navy.

00:29:27 --> 00:29:29

We got into the next door in the corner.

00:29:34 --> 00:29:34


00:29:37 --> 00:29:45

You go to Egypt to the kingdom of the wealthiest, the most powerful monarch of the time.

00:29:46 --> 00:29:48

And that was rameses the whole

00:29:53 --> 00:29:54

the Pharaoh of Egypt

00:29:57 --> 00:29:58

and what do you see that

00:30:00 --> 00:30:01

You see Ramses the fourth.

00:30:02 --> 00:30:05

He's in a peculiar situation. One is he has no son.

00:30:07 --> 00:30:31

He needs a baby. He needs a he needs an air. But he has no he has no children. He's not his son. We also see a situation where rameses Egypt at that time was, it was a great civilization. It had all kinds of wonderful things in it. But one of the things that Egypt was known for was for its it was known for its magicians.

00:30:32 --> 00:30:54

Even to this day, people who are in the world of magic, they say that the kind of magic that the Egyptian magicians used to do is unparalleled. I mean, they they they did some phenomenal things. They're not talking about party tricks of, you know, car tricks, and so on. We're talking about really, absolutely incredible stuff, which, you know, we we actually, I don't even know how to describe that. So anyway, that that's how powerful those magicians were.

00:30:56 --> 00:30:57

And the whole Egyptian religion.

00:30:59 --> 00:31:11

If you take the if you see the Egyptian hieroglyphics and the kind of religion that they had, if you go to Luxor, to the temples there, and so on and so forth. The whole Egyptian religion and their mythology and so on and so forth is very elaborate.

00:31:12 --> 00:31:33

And it's based on magic. It's based on astrology is based on fortune telling and all of these things. So they're the pharaohs astrologer obviously has to be the number one astrology in the country because he is the is the astrologer to the king, he tells the pharaoh that there is danger for you from the people of bunnies, right?

00:31:35 --> 00:31:41

The bunnies are literally slaves of the Egyptians, the Egyptians are the superior race.

00:31:43 --> 00:31:47

They are the Coptic people, and the very Israel are the Jewish people.

00:31:48 --> 00:31:55

You know, they are they are the the slave they are the people of usually salah and very solemn and so on.

00:31:57 --> 00:32:20

So they are not Jewish in the sense of the Torah hasn't come yet. So they are not people are Muslim yet, but they are people who are the sons of Yahuwah Salaam and useful is that Amazon so they are that the other people, they are the slaves. So now this man tells them that danger is from these people. And they say that there is going to be a child which will be born among the bunnies Rial who will destroy your kingdom.

00:32:22 --> 00:32:25

Right now, today we think people are powerful.

00:32:29 --> 00:32:34

Today we think that world leaders are powerful. Imagine the power of this king.

00:32:35 --> 00:32:36

Pharaoh says that is very simple.

00:32:39 --> 00:32:42

Kill every newborn son of the bunnies, right?

00:32:44 --> 00:32:45

That's it simple.

00:32:47 --> 00:32:51

So there's a whole network of spies.

00:32:52 --> 00:32:56

And alone, you know how many babies got slaughtered?

00:32:57 --> 00:33:13

There's a network of spies. The moment our child a male child is born to a family in among the Bani Israel. They come to know of that. And soldiers turn up at the door. They take the child from the mother, they slit his throat and they give the body back to the mother.

00:33:15 --> 00:33:20

And this they did with Allah only knows how many hundreds how many 1000s of children

00:33:23 --> 00:33:33

This was so evil and so bad obviously it is so evil and bad Allah subhanaw taala in himself mentioned this in the Quran. And Allah call it the bailout as Ebola says is a huge

00:33:35 --> 00:33:44

you know, calamity for these people. Imagine your your sons are all killed, daughters are allowed to live, what kind of a life is that? What kind of

00:33:45 --> 00:33:46

how was that? Please be

00:33:49 --> 00:33:52

in that situation. Allah subhanaw taala

00:33:53 --> 00:33:57

produces musasa mimoza the mother of Musa has a baby.

00:33:59 --> 00:34:18

Now once again, I want you to think about that story. You know the story I will briefly describe it for you. But think about the story. So now what is the situation situation is here is a boy who has been born into this family in an atmosphere which is 100% hostile.

00:34:19 --> 00:34:44

This boy is not supposed to live for more than a day or two because the word will get out and this boy will be killed. But then this boy cannot be killed because this is Musa alayhis salam Allah subhanaw taala wants to make you a prophet. So Allah must save this boy. I mean, how can you be a prophet in the field that two days after he's born so he has to live? So Allah saved his boy So now if we use our intelligence, the receiver if Allah says, Well, what must you do?

00:34:45 --> 00:34:59

First thing you must do is this information about his boy must not go out anywhere. Second thing he was doing his boy was be Spirited Away must be taken away from here and hidden in some place, right may take him out of Egypt to some places

00:35:00 --> 00:35:01

Where there is safety.

00:35:03 --> 00:35:09

But what is Allah subhanaw? taala says, What does Allah subhanaw taala say to the mother of Muslim and Islam?

00:35:11 --> 00:35:22

Allah says keep the y as long as you think it is safe, but once you feel that it is unsafe because obviously there's a whole network of spies. Then what does Allah say? Say to

00:35:23 --> 00:35:27

Allah does this Buddha put him in a basket and throw the basket into the Nile?

00:35:29 --> 00:35:31

Well, it's a great way of saving somebody right?

00:35:33 --> 00:35:34

Put them in a basket.

00:35:36 --> 00:35:37

Excuse me, not about

00:35:38 --> 00:35:39

a basket

00:35:40 --> 00:35:41

and throw in the Nile.

00:35:42 --> 00:35:46

I mean, you've never heard of Nile Nile crocodiles. They're not that big, right?

00:35:51 --> 00:35:51

Huge River.

00:35:53 --> 00:35:58

Massive crocodiles in it. You want to put a new one baby into that this is a fine way of saving somebody.

00:36:00 --> 00:36:03

And then that's not enough. I told you Allah subhanaw taala loves to show off

00:36:05 --> 00:36:06

your show his wardrobe No.

00:36:07 --> 00:36:12

This is not enough. Not enough that you put the baby into this river will have crocodiles Oh no, no, no, no, not enough.

00:36:15 --> 00:36:16

So what happens now?

00:36:17 --> 00:36:39

Allah says Allah Allah in the Quran, Allah says we strengthen the heart of Moses mother of a man and that woman I mean you may Allah bless her and you know she's the mother of an army but for a mother to do this, there is no way she would have done that unless Allah subhanaw taala is wider and strict and rod, Allah says, you do that we will return your son to you and He will be an OB.

00:36:42 --> 00:36:48

So she follows then what does Allah do? Not enough to throw him in the water with a with a crocs?

00:36:49 --> 00:36:57

Allah subhanaw taala then causes this thing to me imagine if you are the Pharaoh of Egypt and you want to build a palace and you are living on the Nile What will you do waterfront right

00:36:58 --> 00:37:25

obviously you will have a waterfront Plaza you won't have a violin somewhere in the desert No, you want a waterfront palace? So obviously this river and if you are if you are the pharaoh then what you say is the I won't go to the go to the river the river must come to me so in this water in this palace, the river must be diverted so it flows through the palace and I can sit where I'm sitting and I can watch the river going going past me and then it obviously cools the atmosphere and I'm getting breeze on the water and so on and so on and so on right

00:37:28 --> 00:37:29

so now what happens this basket

00:37:31 --> 00:37:40

floats on this river doesn't go off somewhere and you know a fisherman found it and he took it to his heart and He kept him quietly and he raised his child on his own oh no no no no no.

00:37:42 --> 00:37:45

Allah doesn't like these simple situations as complicated

00:37:47 --> 00:37:47

as you

00:37:48 --> 00:37:52

know what happens now this thing floats into the balance of your own

00:37:54 --> 00:37:57

when it can float in and load out right no no no no no. Not good enough.

00:37:59 --> 00:38:02

It loads in who finds it the wife of Iran

00:38:05 --> 00:38:20

so the open z this is a new one baby and obviously they know it's a baby or the bunnies Riley was a racial difference quite very clearly. The one is I look different Egyptians look differently there's no confusion with that. So here is Bani Israel boy

00:38:23 --> 00:38:27

now all the Internet has been Israel boy What are you doing my parents?

00:38:28 --> 00:38:29

How did you get here?

00:38:33 --> 00:38:45

So what can happen well, people say no no it's okay it's you know some kid no no no not enough for biology lobbyists to complicate it more. So what is this you know, they bring this boy

00:38:46 --> 00:38:51

now the rameses gets involved obviously is there for you they bring in the joy are you holding the baby?

00:38:52 --> 00:38:54

This is a call that astrologer

00:38:57 --> 00:38:58

see the boy

00:39:00 --> 00:39:01

the astrologer says this is the one

00:39:04 --> 00:39:05


00:39:07 --> 00:39:07


00:39:09 --> 00:39:23

the photo Mira, no need to fool anyone Allah does not need to fool anybody. Allah does not need to pull the curtains over anybody's eyes. If Allah wants to save you He will make the one who came to kill you become your Savior.

00:39:26 --> 00:39:33

The astrologer says this is the boy unfortunately so many more died because this is the one finisher mandatory

00:39:36 --> 00:39:46

What does rameses the format this is a boy which is a few days old. rameses is holding him in his head. What does he have to do to kill this boy?

00:39:47 --> 00:39:48

Drop him

00:39:50 --> 00:39:50


00:39:51 --> 00:39:53

marble floor drop from here that

00:39:54 --> 00:39:56

we didn't die stamp on unfinished is gone.

00:39:58 --> 00:39:59

Any number of

00:40:00 --> 00:40:00


00:40:02 --> 00:40:06

many charming ways of getting rid of some, you know unworthy input.

00:40:08 --> 00:40:09

What happens?

00:40:12 --> 00:40:27

The mother or the the wife of Iran? He says, look, we don't have a child here is a child the child has come, what can this child do? We will raise this child, he will be our son. He will grow up in our palace. How can he be a danger to us?

00:40:31 --> 00:40:32

So we don't listen to his wife.

00:40:35 --> 00:40:36

What is the lesson?

00:40:49 --> 00:40:55

If you listen to your wife, instead of listening to Allah, then there is a problem, which is what Verizon did, right?

00:40:58 --> 00:40:59

I'm not saying don't listen to it.

00:41:03 --> 00:41:05

And as we say, the rest is history.

00:41:06 --> 00:41:24

musala ceram. Now here is here is his mother of Moosa. She's got his baby, which is number one liability is alive because it's going to create problems for now he comes back to her as a prince from the palace of Route because now we don't have massages, and then he

00:41:27 --> 00:41:51

won't drink milk. And nobody can wet nurse him and nothing and now they're getting panicky and as this child is going to die, because we can't feed him He won't drink he won't do anything. So what must happen, masala Salaam sisters following this whole thing around, she says, You know, I know a woman in among the bunnies while she is lactating. And maybe this child will bring the milk or the mother to bring the woman out. Obviously Busan brings it because that's his mother.

00:41:53 --> 00:42:17

So now what happens? This era, you take this boy and raise him but now he's our Prince. So what happened now, you can raise him anywhere in some you know how a loner he has to be raised properly, like a prince, meaning now there is a whole entourage with him. And there is a whole allowance for him and there is gold and there is God knows what to be raised as a proper Prince in the household of Iran.

00:42:21 --> 00:42:33

This is a loss of Anil Bella's doing the same one who killed God knows how many 1000 babies when he finds the actual one he should kill. He becomes its Savior, he becomes the one who protects it he becomes the one who raises him.

00:42:38 --> 00:42:40

This is the loss of an intelligent

00:42:45 --> 00:42:46

so what is the lesson from this?

00:42:47 --> 00:42:59

first lesson differentiation second lesson, concern father's third lesson, connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala fourth lesson from these two stories. Lana, Viva La la la la la.

00:43:00 --> 00:43:05

Nobody can benefit and nobody can harm except Allah Subhana Allah geladeira.

00:43:07 --> 00:43:08


00:43:11 --> 00:43:13

last story. last lesson.

00:43:14 --> 00:43:24

Again, a little boy. And you know, the whole story and this story predates was al Islam story. Again, a little boy is taken and thrown into a well

00:43:25 --> 00:43:27

let me know the whole story around it right.

00:43:28 --> 00:43:35

Now, what are the circumstances? How fortunate? Do you think you will call somebody who's thrown into a well when you are a little boy by your own brothers?

00:43:39 --> 00:43:41

I mean, how bad is that, right?

00:43:42 --> 00:43:50

That's not bad enough. Because now he is apparently saved from that being in a well or who saves him?

00:43:52 --> 00:43:59

slave owners and slave masters. So they became a bizarre This is nice. We got some free

00:44:00 --> 00:44:04

you know, trade goods. So you take him and you sell him into slavery.

00:44:07 --> 00:44:08

From this level now,

00:44:09 --> 00:44:24

he is growing up in the in the household of the of the governor of Egypt. And then the whole story with regard to the governor's wife and how she tried to seduce him and he, he fought against that and he didn't get he didn't allow that to happen.

00:44:26 --> 00:44:40

And the result of being obedient to Allah subhanho wa Taala the result of keeping himself pure, the result of not falling into the trap of Xena of fornication? What is the reward of that? jail?

00:44:43 --> 00:44:56

But Think, think of these stories are for us to reflect on. And you might say excuse me, I mean, I am trying to do something good. I am trying to obey you. And instead of you know, I mean getting me giving me a medal or something. You put me in jail.

00:44:59 --> 00:44:59

He's sitting in jail.

00:45:03 --> 00:45:09

And then the whole story of the jail and so on and so forth. And finally he's released now what happens? Now it is,

00:45:10 --> 00:45:26

find a home run home and right now you are the governor of Egypt. Now you have power and authority. Now you meet your parents back again. Now the reconcilation, with your video brothers and so on. Now your whole drive can come and live in Egypt,

00:45:27 --> 00:45:28

in peace and harmony.

00:45:30 --> 00:45:33

But all of this happens, over what period of time.

00:45:35 --> 00:45:41

From the time he was a little kid thrown into the well, the time he was the easy 30 years, maybe 40 years.

00:45:45 --> 00:45:48

The last lesson is what?

00:45:51 --> 00:45:52


00:45:53 --> 00:46:18

patience, consistently obeying Allah subhana wa Jalla Jalla Lu not getting sidetracked and distracted by saying Oh, but I'm praying over you see, I'm doing this, but my business is not going anywhere. I am. No, no, you are worshipping Allah subhanaw taala you are being a wilderness vantara to please Allah, not for the good of your business not for the good of this and that and the other normal you This is my job Allah created who created me for this macula.

00:46:20 --> 00:46:22

I'm fulfilling the purpose of my creation.

00:46:23 --> 00:46:28

Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen and my Arab Jalla Jalla Allah who will give me because he promised to give.

00:46:29 --> 00:46:42

And when I see circumstances around me, I am not happy. I'm not sad. I'm not depressed. I'm not afraid. I am not saying oh my god, what will happen now this government has changed that Governor change not

00:46:44 --> 00:46:52

only that will happen which by Rob de la jolla who decrees and nothing and nobody on the face of the planet can change that.

00:46:55 --> 00:46:59

So what must I do? I must look at my connection with my Arab gelato.

00:47:01 --> 00:47:17

What helped you primarily salam, the connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala. What helped Musa alayhis salam, the connection with Allah subhanaw taala what helped Yusuf Ali Salah, the connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala what helped Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam the connection with Allah Subhana Allah, nothing else.

00:47:18 --> 00:47:24

When that connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala is intact when it is strong. When it is responsive.

00:47:25 --> 00:47:33

Then doors will open where you never thought there was a door woman yet happy La Jolla. Allahu Maharajah

00:47:34 --> 00:47:45

for the one who has taqwa Allah will extract him from his difficulties, while your local mean haizhu law etc. And he will provide him from sources that he could not even imagine.

00:47:46 --> 00:47:54

Well mijatovic Allah He for who has the book, the one who has taught Quran Allah, Allah will become sufficient for him.

00:47:58 --> 00:48:28

Allah makes the fire the protector of your MLS. Allah makes ramasees the fourth the Pharaoh of Egypt, the protector of masala Salah, Allah makes the well and the slave gang and prison, the protector of Yusuf Ali salam to keep him safe from the environment and grow him to a point now where he is able to go out in safety and show his talent to the world and do what Allah has decreed for him to do.

00:48:31 --> 00:48:33

Circumstances don't mean anything.

00:48:35 --> 00:48:36

Material means nothing.

00:48:38 --> 00:48:46

Focus on Allah subhanaw taala do what you have to do with me I am not I am not recommending to you that you sit in a miserable Masjid and read was the first No,

00:48:49 --> 00:49:06

no, no, we did that. The MBR worked. So do the work. Do what you need to do. But make sure that your heart is clear with respect to Allah subhanaw taala do what you need to do and then ask Allah subhanaw taala to help tawakkol is the Tao head of the heart.

00:49:07 --> 00:49:46

tawakkol is at the heart. Our goal is to stand before Allah subhanho wa Taala after doing work, yeah, you will live in a monastery in ob Sabri was Allah. Allah do not say I was in a monastery in ob Salatu was Salam. No, we Sabri was our first our first patience. First consistence first hard work first exploring every option first doing whatever it takes. And then standing in salah and making noise in July did all of this but none of this has any meaning. none of this matters. None of this can help me unless you help.

00:49:48 --> 00:49:54

This is the topic is not to take yourself out of this thing and not say no no, which is my effort. I did all this.

00:49:55 --> 00:49:59

I built all this self made man there's nothing more stupid than that.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:00


00:50:04 --> 00:50:12

no, no, I did only what I needed to do what I could do, but the one who does is Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:50:13 --> 00:50:14

the hola hola hola.

00:50:15 --> 00:50:22

So to make the effort and then to stand before Allah subhanho wa Taala and to ask him, this is the story of the heart and that is the meaning of

00:50:24 --> 00:51:05

ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to learn the lessons from the Quran and to apply them in our lives and ask Allah subhanaw taala to fill your life with his nose and his burqa and his hora. And to show you like you should do very well is how he does his things, to to increase to increase and to strengthen your image and to make you pillars of yaqeen in this world, which needs such stability, and to provide that stability for the world by spreading goodness all around you. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to take whatever fear apprehension and whatever worry that may be in your heart and remove it completely, and to fill your hearts with his nose and with his Baraka so that your

00:51:05 --> 00:51:21

hearts are illuminated with a note of Allah subhanaw taala geladeira ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept your grace to give you whatever you ask with higher and avea and to give you more from his generosity and grace was Allah Allah will carry while he was average might be radical.

Talk by Mirza Yawar Baig titled Lessons from the Quran on the night of 25th Ramadan at Mahmood Habib Masjid and Islamic Centre, Hyderabad

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