Mohammad Elshinawy – Being Freed from the Hellfire

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The importance of being aware of what is happening every day and not letting things happen until the end is discussed. The "has been up" sign is a sign of God's will to take over the world, and people have been surprised by the sudden rise in the virus's impact on people losing their jobs. The "we are not just a different person" concept is also discussed, with the segment touching on protecting one's heart from infection and the difficulty in realizing the potential of the virus.
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semana de, after freezing a larger agenda and poster finally one minute into the messenger ship of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa he was sending me reminding myself and my brothers with the touch of a logical agenda to being conscious and dutiful oven to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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We are told by our Prophet from Allah Vallejo sending them that something very special happens every single night in Ramadan.

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And that is that Allah as Jen has certain people designate that certain people have been free from the fire altogether, or

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emancipated, liberated from the Fae. And then if you couldn't believe that, he said that that takes place each and every night, during the nights of Ramadan.

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It is

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much less likely than a person find something unless they're looking for it. They know what they're looking for, so that they can land it. So what is a person looking for to know whether they've been freed from the fire in the previous years?

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Or they're trying to be free from the fire this year? What does it mean? What does that look like when someone is free from the Hellfire? You know, there's many similar a heavy to this one, in the setting of the problem from a minority attendant, for example, you know, what a commander of your level I know, time and time again came through in the support that this will not financially, there came a point where the prophet SAW the love or I need to send them sets and I thought about

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it will not harm of man, whatever he does after today, or similarly when the Lucien in the most difficult hour. At the very first vacuum, the vacuum of bedroom, those who stood their ground, I was number three to one not prepared nothing at all, and they still stood their ground at the Battle of budget. The prophets have a lot to

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say about them, landed on one

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above looked upon with pleasure, he looked upon

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the people of bed. And he said to them, they announced to them Do whatever you wish I had forgiven you. open ended forgiving you. What are these needs, you've liberated from the fire to be totally forgiven until the end to not be harmed by whatever happens is at a later point in your life. First of all, just remember that these three a hyena, Malcolm Obama is not invented. These all came as a back end of dedication, unique dedication. That's number one. Number two, what does it mean? Does that mean that our human body and mind no matter what he committed of evil deeds, the test is over, it wouldn't matter. Now this test means does this mean is the people affected? Not that they would

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ever or could ever after a lot of guided them were to leave this lab that wouldn't be held against them? No, that can't be the meaning. The meaning is that they have shone on love from themselves. What has granted them a gift from Allah, that gift is to be in safe setting until their last day. Meaning no matter what happens after today, I will not let you slip off of the path in a way that we can get to the point.

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It doesn't mean you become infallible only the prophets are infallible, you may still make mistakes, you may still commit crimes.

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But it means that when you commit those sins, even if they're doing sin sometimes you will always come back properly enough you will just say something to keep it moving and figure find out we are in a crash course you will be set up in a way that no matter what happens in life, it will never translate into you falling into the Hellfire wherever

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And so this is an important point, it means you're going to be a different version of yourself. Allah has looked upon you and made this normal bar or that Coronavirus in the past the difference and this has been for many people, there has been a certain cadre for people where they look back and they say that was the turning point in my life.

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There have been people that they look back and say it was the month of Ramadan, that I committed myself to understanding what I was telling you here. I tried to understand this book and it made all the difference. It was the end of that this whole see that up and down is that suffering bonus in my relationship with the last kind of guy, I become different.

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I don't fall back into keep going for long periods of time.

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You know, in the beginning of Ramadan, it was circulated.

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agreed to do that because Ramadan started on Friday with the prophets of Allah.

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And when Ramadan starts on a Friday and also the 15th of Ramadan happens to be on that on a Friday in the same year, that there is a huge crash sound that happens on the second Friday and some people will go blind and some people will pull unconscious one of these I think that the more you need to get when you realize something is up, but tons of people believe it. Tons of people do believe it.

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And so it is said that you must make sure you do that till this crashing sound the siren sound is over. And you need to know when you lift your head to do the Day of Judgment is about to happen. This dramatic scene is starting to maybe the person who made it up as long as they were they had a good intention to get people to realize how close the Day of Judgment could be

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without thinking about the trauma the heat itself but even if this were true if a humungous crash and humongous signs

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were to happen if people were to fall to do the lift their heads and know that they just did is gonna come soon. Still many of them without a law protecting them from swerving and still sort of how do we know because the Coronavirus showed us when it first started the whole world was put on freeze. Everybody got locked in their homes. It went after the young the old, relatively young guy guess the old the Prime Minister as the unknown obscure personality and what after everyone. And everyone felt a little concerning when they got used to the game. And they got caught up with life and they could have they could be now a worse version of themselves when they weren't before the

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Coronavirus. That's it.

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The reason I say that is very related to the first topic, the topic of you being a different person, when you are a different person, you don't go back to your old state nevertheless get to work from your own state. You know, think about this. The Quran says so many times of the day of judgment when it actually happens. Allah says t Camila Delta, it will only happen suddenly, it will catch people off guard. How can it catch people off guard? When we know there's so many signs that they have judgment? You ever thought about that? Major Simon he was the son of Mary returning and invented the meme of the Muslims and the jazz. Huge, all of these huge signs. How can then someone say that he

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officially happens all of a sudden, because believe it or not same way with the Coronavirus. All these huge signs are happening become so obvious and that people will get numb again. And people will forget again and people will get caught off guard again. Because the problem is not the size of the science. The problem is that heart was not sealed by Allah from swerving. That heart was so ravaged by hypocrisy to be honest with the fact that it bleeds it just leaks every reminder. It has not been liberated yet from those shackles until it can't take a hint. It can't take a sign the signs if they're smiling looking enough. You know, they used to say and I'll say this, they used to

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say the key Healy Sharma Abdul Nasir terminal particularly sharp, that the asleep.

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The person who has been asleep is owned by other human beings. He says he has to be struck with the whip. Like he has no self respecting. So he'll subject himself to being beaten is what they need, right. Whereas the free man exceeds himself above the median. And so you just glance I just shared and he's with the program, he knows what he has to do. It is sufficient for you just to him. And he knows what do you supposed to do. This is what you want to be. This is what it means to be free from the fire where your heart comes to a point where even if you begin to tiptoe away from the line, even if you stumble and make

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illusion of safety come right back quickly before the day of judgment starts, if you will, because we can die at any moment, and then our judgment begins. And so that is what you're looking for a wakeful state, a protected state, a liberated state from prolonged heedlessness. Well multilotto

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And this is what I mentioned to you was was the advice of

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the city and

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when they asked him how does a person know that their heart is not yet protected from hypocrisy, basically, rather than poking holes in it, causing it to leak every reminder no matter how big he said, You need to know that the hypocrite is that person that constantly needs the cracking of the hypocrite is the one that constantly needs reminders non stop, it is he does not have this prolonged long breath stay within righteousness you remind them that this is wrong. So you actually do that again and then he goes home and he lays his head on his on his wife again in a way that I was surprised to know a god forbid enough to do you tell him What's wrong. I know what's wrong and he

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goes right back to the website. That's wrong. I know it goes right back. This is a heart that is tested he says the hypocrite is the one that hears the message and sees it as clear as they are either on my

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machine the moment the reminder is it is so bad

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the heart that is liberated from the fires the opposite they sweat a little and come right back and no matter how far they come back even stronger these ones we want to be and the reason why second

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just to justify his words for attitude in the month of Colorado he said this described to the cricket like this. He said because of masa toss in Nepal

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may see the light that is so clear to them. We'll learn more about it every time they see the lightning they work towards the light but mighty results are deleted just so momentary.

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Every time the light gets turned on for them they walk into it. What is that?

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Then it goes dark exactly the same still? What else yeah.

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And if Allah wish he would do what we need to fight and it's healing all together, he would no longer see the flashes they become less frequent or less frequent and then totally gone. And so May Allah liberate us and our families from the fire. Oh love purify our hearts from koperasi they're a fire our tongues from lying and purify our eyes.

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They love your fire actions from instantaneous mob purify our character from mercilessness from being callous to his creation,

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bringing us closer to his book and I'll protect us from being distant from him and protect us from having our interjected before this month is out. I love them and I mean a loving

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father our father as as you know, perhaps an owl but I learned a lot from somebody in the CNO level mentors. I had the old method Why didn't I learn how to grow and expand yet you know, there wasn't

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a lot of monthly seminars. I'm sitting

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one of the

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Jumuah 05.15.2020

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