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Don’t you dare lose hope in the Mercy of Allah

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Mufti Menk

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he says lotta karnataka rahmatullah he don't ever don't you dare lose hope in the mercy of allah in allah will be rodano by jammie indeed allah will forgive all of your sins in fact the term used in arabic yet a few it means allah forgives and will forgive it's called mobile aria mobile that means present and future tense allah will forgive and allah forgives and will forgive your sins all of them in the who who allah for rahim indeed he is the one who is allah for a rahim surely we need to go and meet him we need to prepare for the day we're going to meet him who is a fool if i tell you you know i did something against this guy for example and people said don't worry he's very kind you

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won't be worried you just walk he said never mind if i tell you allah is the kindest of all what do you think allah is gonna do to you and i i also think sometimes of the people of quraysh who harm the professor salah and the process allah says yeah mashallah hooray smila toluna and niva become people of quraysh on the day of victory of mecca he had them all he could have executed them he says oh people have courage what do you think i'm going to do to you you have harmed you have killed you have done whatever you did to us they said well we are hoping goodness he says even herbalife and tomato lotta he says go you guys are all free no retribution today i'm going to tell you what use of

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alayhis salam the prophet joseph told his brothers may peace be upon them all

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go today there is no retribution i forgive all of you if the props are seldom can forgive the kuffaar of grace do you not think allah will forgive you and i allah akbar allahu akbar we have been trying to worship allah another one if allah forgive the magician's at the time of moses musa alayhis salam the by one sajida that they did you and i have done 1000s of them may allah accept at least one from us