The Gravity of Not Fasting Ramadan

Mohammad Elshinawy


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I'm not an artist, etc. And those who break their past and are you. So basically,

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if I have broken my fast, how do I make up for

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this is going to have to go into two categories. I'll tell you what I think about it, where you excuse for breaking your best from the list that we talked about, or were you not excused for breaking your fats? Tonight we'll talk about this one. If you're not excuse for breaking your fast,

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what happens when you break your fast without a balance or excuse?

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Well, this is of course, one of the greatest major sins

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and should not be taken lightly.

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it is actually very common to find people who fast the month of Ramadan, but no prayer is common.

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And unfortunately, because prayer is the most important factor in Islam, and if you pray, you're five, you're gonna pass. But many people who don't pray their privacy, it's one month, strong God, like, you know, let me at least do this. But sadly, there are people who don't even do this, they don't even pass them on to Rodon. So we do want to speak about emphasize the importance of this month and the sanctity of the past.

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You know, to the point that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and maybe some of you will be a little tired, I know. He was taken by to read it. And we can evaluate

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both those directly in films, and shown why Allah to relate back to us seeds from the hereafter means from the life of the bubbles up to the grave, it seems a paradise and seeds from the hellfire. And part of that journey that he was carrying through, he said, Where are you to acquire more, I'm happy that we are happy.

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I saw people hung essentially by their legs if you've ever seen

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an animal when it's hung by that hook as they're emptying out the body after flooding and get to prepare for being separated and cook so I saw people hung up by like this by their

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proper tone so that their cheeks were slid all the way to the vet their mouths were gaps open to the back the cheeks all the way back to see those dealt with and done and they were their blood was being drained there these clips were

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for important blood very graphic scene our everyday lives and Allah protect us in view. And so I asked do you read an e ke R Us USA man hat with that? Who are these people? By without letting that be that you'll see all that data in the console me? These are the people who break their facts, before it is permissible to do so rather than less. So this would be their punishment in the Greek for bringing their best

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without valid excuse.

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Allah was dying. And so the person falls into this. How do they make up for it? Well, first and foremost, they may talk for too sincere tell them sincerely or regretting for Allah, what's the day and affirm resolve to not go back to doing that. And then there's a depart there's an atonement and expiation that needs to be done as well. What does that atonement? Well, when one man came to the prophets of Allah body, listen to this.

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And he said, on due to environment build, he said, I have relations with my wife in the daytime and Ramadan.

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For the sake of brevity at the end of the Hadith, he told him for his ladies that I can eat the past 60 days, but I couldn't even fast to 30 minutes. So it's very difficult.

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And he said them feed 64 people because I don't have anything to feed. I'm poor. And so he has to wait until someone brought charity from dates that they will give you the charity. So we gave them to this man and said go feed people with them. Because he did title but also obligated not due to his poverty. So he said Yeah, rasool Allah wa Allah and the VAT will have been an advocate

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after debating as far as

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is there between the two lava fields basically the two borders of Medina any family that is more deserving the food than us like who are the poorest families? Medina, shouldn't we be receiving this? For like a heavy salsa? I have no idea to go into the valley this lovely smile so hard that you're trying to show

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the end of amusement and he said about 50 or

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so this is the the atonement previously effective that's not available, for obvious reasons now and then fasting 60 days and only if you cannot live

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beatings between poor people

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eating a meal,

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or countless locks will sock, you know, one to two to three kilograms with dates would work as well. So that is if you break your fast or is that if you break your class due to marital relations, the scholars differ the shot and the final piece. And if I'm not mistaken the mannequins as well. They say this is the punishment for the expiation for violating the sanctity of the test. So however you violated you got to do that.

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The Shaeffer is a temporary single. This is for marital relations in the facts, not for the facts. Any other way of violating the facts you need to repent as we said already and make up to date.

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Because the prophets of Allah body will send them to demand and the Hadith you heard, when many stuff I'm desperately awkwardly? The wife who

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broke his fast induced vomit made himself grow up, let them make up the day. And he didn't tell him and he didn't tell them he said to people afraid slavery is a very specific magnified punishment for marital relations, American religions.

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So there's advocates there is this the punishment for all of them. And this guy who grew up deliberately maybe had an excuse, that's why they can respond and say that right scholars who said it's no matter what

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1016 60 days or is it specifically for marital relations, intercourse and anything else would require a reasonable defense? That is the only debate I am a student with different types. I will say to you make up the

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love of your ship remember what kind of

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but No, in all seriousness, I only say all of this to show you the seriousness right the gravity of breaking the facts without good excuse without valid excuse. And if you do have valid excuse I'll show you the way to make it up to those not simple requires make up tomorrow Tableau time to kind of block the hunger to do that.