Curious Muslim Episode 3 Hopelessness – What Does Islam Say

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The speaker discusses the benefits of Islam, including its ability to encourage people to be hopeless and lose their faith. They also mention a story about a woman who lost her life due to a terrible experience, and how it is sad to see her lose hope. The speaker emphasizes the importance of succeeding at the highest level, even if life is difficult.

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I feel hopeless and lost faith in humanity. You hear comments like these all the time, but I'm curious, does Islam actually encourage us to be hopeless? Come let's find out. In the Quran were shown stories where hopelessness might seem justified. Take the story of Musa and Benny Surah eel blocked by the Red Sea sit down and his army close behind them when all hope seemed lost, that they would be caught and killed, Musa said cannula in

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Baeza, Dean Musa said never Allah is with me and He will guide me and the sea parted for them.

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There are two places where someone might lose hope one when it comes to asking forgiveness, someone might lose hope that Allah will never forgive them. To those people. Allah says Never lose hope in the Mercy of Allah land upon automail Rachmat in

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to the other time when someone might lose hope is while experiencing life's pain Yaqoob lost his son use of at a young age. Yeah, hope his father cried for years and years until he went blind. Much later in his old age, Yahoo told his boys to travel to Egypt, get food, get their younger brother and continue searching for uses. It's been so long, who knows if usif is even still alive? Yeah, I cook advises them as immortalized in the Quran. And do not lose hope in the Mercy of Allah for no one loses hope in Allah's Mercy except those with no faith.

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Whether you're hoping for Allah's forgiveness, or if life is getting too much, remember, a believer never loses hope in the Mercy of Allah.

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This isn't a hammer initiative. My job for you is to see you succeed at the highest level