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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the potential damage that comes with driving a car with force and emphasizes the importance of doing "just do it" to get out of the "handbrake" that comes with the car. The speaker warns that even after successful attempts to move quickly, the car may become destroyed and even have serious consequences.
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When somebody says to somebody else,

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get your Get yourself together and just do it or Nike statement just do it doesn't take into account that people have a handbrake on in their brain. what's being said is, it doesn't matter what brake you have in your brain go forward driving your car with force. So what that does is, you know, what if you feel the handbrake in your car and you start driving, and then somebody says, Just do it, and you push harder and smoothly emphasizes just do it. Get your life to get just do it. What's gonna happen to your car,

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your car is going to be destroyed. Maybe you'll be able to move with massive effort. You'll be able to move with massive push efforts, but it will not be sustainable. And then there's some serious repercussions after that.