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today inshallah shortened perhaps inshallah a bit of an academic clutter I recited sort of the audio lots and there was a verse, esoteric gerat That created a lot of discussion amongst our ulama and other groups as well. In fact it led to a big theological dispute amongst our ummah. Allah says in surah, three gerat that Allah Tala Abu Amana, the Bedouins have said we have Iman or LEM to me No. Well, I can call you a slum now. Say you don't have Iman, but say you have accepted Islam wallum Yoda Holan EMA? No Fiocco Rubicon. Eman has not yet entered your hearts. You have Islam, you don't have Iman. This is what the verse allegedly is saying. Again, we're going to discuss some of these

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controversies today. They said we have Eman Allah says you don't have Iman, you have Islam, and Eman has not yet entered your heart. But as long as you obey Allah and His Messenger, your good deeds will not go to waste, you shall be rewarded for your good deeds and the verses go on. Now, this verse has led to as we said, a lot of discussion not just within our own tradition, and as soon as Sunday but also outside of our tradition. Because what then is the relationship between Islam and Imam, when Allah is saying, you can have Islam without Iman? And yet, think about it from us. If you ask an average Muslim, you must have some Eman to have Islam. I mean, why did you accept Islam if

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you don't have any money? And in the hadith of God, a man is defined as believing in the six pillars Correct? How can you have Islam without believing in the six pillars? You understand this this point as well, right? So what then does it mean that you have Islam, but you don't have Iman.

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And the man has not yet entered your heart. This is actually, as we said, one of the most complex questions of our Islamic history and theology. And in fact, interestingly, this was the first controversy of our app either historically speaking, or actually you can say second, because if you wanted to go the first would be the Khilafah. And you know the difference between the two main strands, you can say that goes back a little bit, but the largest controversy that occurred in the first century of Islam was over this issue. What does it mean to be a Muslim? What does it mean to be a movement? What is the definition of Islam and Iman, and this controversy, as you know, led to

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the actual split it and within our OMA, you had the Haughty giants on one side, and then you had others and many others formed as well. Today, we're going to summarize a little bit so that you have an idea so that we have Shala better understanding of our intellectual history. Now, first point we need to know is that even within our tradition of Sunil ulama people differed over this verse, Imam Ahmed Behati, Imam Behati. Use this verse to make his case that Islam and Eman is actually the same thing. 100% the same. And he reason and this is in the chapter headings of his idea that you can't have Islam without Iman. And you can't have even without Islam. And he looked at the hadith of

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Djibouti, not as a three tiered like you begin with Islam then you go to a man they go to a son, you know, we are taught that Iman is higher than Islam. If Sun is higher than Iman. This is not the mumble Hadees opinion. Imam double hottie was a flat in this regard. He reasoned, which is, again, very logical. Islam Eman and epsilon must coexist in the heart at the same time.

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You have to have Islam and Iman and your son all at the same time. And that's what makes you a believer. That's what makes you a Muslim movement. I'm not saying it's all at the same time he didn't look at it as okay you go rise up higher you get email you rise up higher you get yes and said it doesn't make any sense you have to have in mind at level one. How can you be a Muslim without having Iman? So Imam and Behati How do you understand this verse? How do you understand this verse that we have Islam, but we don't have Iman. Imam Ahmed Bukhari said Ah, look at the technical language of the Quran. Look at the technical language. Allah negates that they were they had Iman,

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but Allah

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says you have outwardly accepted Islam. A moment of equality says these are the hypocrites. A slum now does not mean you are Muslim to fit a slum now means you have said we have embraced Islam. So remember Bukhari said this verse Allah till out Abu. This verse while Mohammed Eman is talking about the moon African and the moon are 15 outwardly said we have Islam. Allah says that's what you're saying. You have politically said we are. We are the people of Islam. But you are not Muslim. This is what Mr. Robot is as Lemna. You have embraced Islam, verbally, but you don't have Iman in your hearts. So Mr. mytable Hadi said this verse is actually not for the believers. It's for the

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Other scholars said. So if you're under 30, Zoho, the others they said Islam is the profession of entering the faith. And Eman is the deeds that show that you have entered the faith.

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So they said Islam is the profession of the Kadima, La Ilaha, illallah, Muhammad Rasulullah and Eman. It is you showed that Islam with your deeds and actions. So they said Iman is the animal that shows that you have Islam.

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Others said Islam is the outer function and Eman is the inner belief. And this is the common you know, understanding many of us have as well because the Afghan and Islam or deeds prayer and zakaah and fasting and hajj what is this deeds? And even to say the shahada, it's a deed. So action and Eman? What is the sixth? To believe in Allah to believe in the messengers to believe and so this is something internal. So there's a very common understanding many, many of us have this as well. Islam is the actions and Eman is the theology. And this is again an opinion actually it is the majority opinion. That's why we do so common as well. Then we also have this interpretation that actually

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there's two types of iman.

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And sometimes when Allah says Eman, he means Islam. Yeah, he will live in an AMA no means or people of Islam. So sometimes when Allah says Iman, he means Islam. Yeah, you will live in an avenue. And sometimes what Allah says Iman, he means a higher level. And this is inserted into RotZ. You are level one. Islam now you haven't reached Level Two Armineh. Right. And this concept of Imam being a higher level, again, you can find verses for this. For example, Allah praises the believers for doing deeds that maybe the Muslim is struggling to do that level one, right. So the min is the one when Allah has mentioned his hearts tremble. The movement is the one when they hear Allah and His

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mission, they respond immediately. The movement is the one who prays regularly, right. So when Allah talks about the movement, there's always an extra push, not just the basic level. So one interpretation therefore, and this is I would say the predominant or the majority one is that the word Iman in the Quran and in the Sunnah, has two meanings. And you have to look at the context to decide which meaning the first meaning Eman and Islam are synonymous like a memorable hottie said. So when Allah says, Yeah, you will love the nominal, for example, he means Oh, people have Islam. And the second meaning is that it is a higher level. And this higher level is an indication that not

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only have you submitted, but you have at some level perfected at some level brought about much higher than simply accepting Islam. Now, this controversy within our tradition spilled to outside of our tradition, and other Muslim groups claiming to be Muslim had very interesting interpretations. So for example, the first group known as the hydrogel, it's the the group that broke away from it Rhodiola one, the first group to actually physically break away. That's something which is the first controversy. If you say, for Sunni, Shia, I don't like saying these terms, but here's what it is. In reality, there was no actual split physical split for Sunni Shia out at least for another, you know,

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50 years after this. So actual split occurred way afterwards. But if you say hi to giants, there was an actual split. But if you look at historically, then the roots of the division of Sunni Shia go back to obviously, when the process and passed away, and if you look at historically the first physical split, it is the hotter giants. So it depends on how you want to view it. So today's talk, we want to talk about how to dice because the other controversy is not related to us hostages and what is it about it's about this misunderstanding, Islam and Iman, and the definition of Islam and what it means to be a Muslim

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They said that when Allah has said in the Quran, don't do something, and a person does it. Well then this means that this person has left belief in Allah. How can a person believe in Allah? And then Allah is saying, Don't lie, don't cheat, don't steal, don't drink alcohol, and then they do it. This means they don't have belief. And they applied this verdict against the Sahaba themselves. When I did the Allah one and why were they learned they agreed to a arbitration. They agreed to an arbitration. The hydrojet said this arbitration is against the Quran. Because the Quran says you must judge by Allah not judged by men. Because you have disobeyed the Quran, you have gone against

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the Quran, you have left the fold of Islam,

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this level of fanaticism, then it spread and many groups amongst them form the basic premise they had understand this principle, to be a Muslim, you must obey the Quran 100%. Now it sounds alluring to the average person, right? If you say it that way, how can you be a Muslim and not follow the Quran? I mean, it sounds very interesting. That was their slogan, we want the Quran that is the slogan of the Hutterites by the way. Sometimes the slogan sounds good, but the meaning is wrong. We want the Quran. Now, the problem that comes with this is that they took these types of verses that mentioned to be a movement, you have to do these things. They said if you don't do them, you're not

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a movement. And it makes sense from their perspective, right? But they forgot an entire other series of verses, the series of verses that Allah forgives, and the reality that the Sahaba even some of the prophets like our father, Adam alayhis, salam, they slipped, and they did think they should not have done. So the reality therefore is Iman, and

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doing deeds and committing sins is a very complex topic, not as simplistic as the holidays. And we the Sunni Muslims said that Islam and Iman, the definitions of them are that Islam you have accepted by the shahada and Eman is that you follow up that acceptance by demonstrating you believe in Allah, you say the shahada, and you do good deeds. Now here then another controversy happened? What is the minimal level of good deeds that you must do to be a Muslim? What is the minimal level somebody says he was born a Muslim, he was born in a Muslim family, but he never does anything. They were praised. Never fast. Never does any things. I'm a Muslim, but no action. Because, logically, there's four

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scenarios. Let's take a step back. Logically, there's four scenarios. Number one, inside your heart, you have faith, and you're acting outside. This is the reality of most of us Inshallah, number two, inside your heart, you have nothing and you're not acting. This is cool for your caffeine. Number three, you're acting, but you have nothing inside your heart. What is this called?

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What is this called?

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Nipah. hypocrisy. This is a phenomenon The Quran mentions clear. So so far all of these three we have them clearly a Muslim clearly a golfer number three. Number four, you have faith but you have no actions. Is this a possibility or not?

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Can you say? Or is it possible that a person says oh I have in my hearts, I believe, but then there's no follow up. This is one of the most controversial issues of Islamic theology. And you find discussions in every book of theology and even within Satanism, you find many opinions in this regard actually, you find six opinions which I'm not going to go into today within as for without another six you can add masala tomato Cola, this is one of those very controversial topics, but to give you a sample and then I'm going to conclude on a practical note, Inshallah, to give you a sample, one And subhanAllah here's the point brothers and sisters well Allah Subhana Allah more you

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study, the more humble you become that other people's positions, I see where they're coming from, even if I disagree. Every one of these groups is using evidence and is using Quranic verses and is using a Hadith of the Prophet system. It's not as if they're coming out of thin air. The more you study, the more open minded you become, Oh, I see where you're coming from, even if I disagree, but I understand you have a you have a tight wheel we call it you have a way of doing it. One group within our tradition. It is said that, in my mind was what had one of the opinions with this.

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One group said and this is one of the strictest opinions. To be a Muslim. You must practice all the pillars of Islam.

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If you don't fast, forget Salah if you don't give zakat, if you don't go for hygiene, you're able to go for Hajj.

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You are not even a Muslim. And they reasoned very logically, what is a rukon or can accept a fundamental insight integral pillar. So very simple evidence right? When the Prophet says some said Islam is built on five pillars, if you don't have a pillar, you don't even have the building. If this is a pillar, a rockin by definition for key books, Rukh Khan is that which if you don't have it, you don't have the deed. One of the kind of sada is to stand to face the Qibla to well that's the show but to say the fatwa if you don't recite the fact that when you're praying on your own, all the muda hips say you haven't done a rock when there is no Salah. So by definition, when you say

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Islam has five out of can then means you must have everything that was a very strict position and it is held by some people. Another opinion, is that actually the Hajj because Allah subhanaw taala made an exception and what that we cannot put it in there. So let's put everything else in there. So it's the Salah and Zika and fasting Ramadan. Another opinion is that well no fasting and Hajj we cannot monitor, but we can monitor Salah and Zika so we must pray and give Zika and we are Muslim otherwise, if a person does not give zakat out of laziness, many Rola Ma said this person is not a Muslim. And they reasoned, the Quran says and over 70 verses Allah azza wa jal not 17 This Khesari

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30 verses Allah combines praying and fasting Alladhina up Munna salata, tunas Zeca, Allah always mentions and when Allah talks about the pagans of Makkah embracing Islam, Allah says, For in taboo, we're accommo salata will atta was the cutter for FY no confit Deen, if they reject their idolatry, and they pray and give zakah they shall be your brother in in faith means if they don't, they're not your brother in in faith. And what happened at the time of ovoca. So the groups began snot giving Zeca What did a bubble could have said they consider them.

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He consider them outside the fold of Islam. And he said, I'm going to wage war against them because they don't give Zika and Omar Hatami himself said, yeah, how can you fight them and they pray? What did oh, Booker say, I swear, I will fight the one who differentiates between Salah and Zeca.

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We can say this tension of what is the middle level of demand, we have it right now between whether or not I walk out of the lower? It's not an easy question. There is a gray area here, even on whatever the hot tub is saying, How can you consider them outside when they are praying? And I will worker says, if they differentiate between Salah and Zika, and Allah has not differentiated, Allah has said you have to pray and give Zeca if they separate and Allah has not separated, they're outside the fold for me. So that is an opinion as well. Another opinion, we're just kind of giving you a quick list. Another opinion is that no, no, this is not a part of the integral part of being a

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Muslim. You're coming to major sin if you don't give Zika but Salah is necessary. And this opinion is fairly mainstream, Ibn Taymiyyah by em, one of the positions in Sofia under 30. A lot of great scholars held this opinion. And this is to this day the humble opinion out of the medina Hibbs the Ambani school holds this, that if you do not pray, you are not considered a Muslim out of laziness. And many evidences of NACA you wrote an entire book in which he lists 22 evidences and he says the one who abandons the salah out of laziness, his profession of Islam means nothing and they have a lot of evidences, the probably the easiest one for us to just deal with today. I will prophesy us on

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him said Hadith in Sahih Muslim, our Prophet says that I'm said that the treaty that I have with my people is the salah. Whoever abandons the salah factor the kufr mantero aka whoever abandons the salah has committed Khufu so they have their evidences in this regard. Now, within this opinion, there's another opinion, if you don't pay him his opinion was that the one who never prays? And they also have a very simple evidence and that is the evidence of a beliefs. A belief isn't evidence here. How so?

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If he was told to do one Sajida and he said no.

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How about the one that will tell you them says he is called to do at least 32 searches a day or 34 sessions a day. And he refuses over and over and over again because 17 records the minimum right. So 17 records the minimum and he continues to say no, no, no, no. How can he not to be and they have another evidence from a police as well by the police becomes a icon study. They say a bliss is a case example of an entity who

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Who knows Allah is the rub.

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And who knows that Allah sends prophets, yet he believes is not a believer. So mere knowledge is not enough. This is what this group says, mere knowledge and they also mentioned the example of they say Abu Talib knew but did not accept. And they mentioned the example of who else Can anybody give me another example of knowing and not accepting? There's in the Quran multiple examples, by the way.

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I can't hear you.

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What do you think? You know, we don't know if he knew or not.

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Heraclius the Emperor of Rome Heraclius the famous story he knew another category, the whole Quran the category Allah says, yeah, a foreigner who come out your iPhone out of

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the hood of Medina, specifically the weather Medina, they know him, but they reject Him. So this group says, notice, Allah affirms that they know the truth knowing the truth does not make them Muslim.

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And that's a very valid point if you look at it from their perspective right. Within this you have an even more mashallah hardline because even Naka yam said this is the one who abandons the salah completely no Juma I know or II know what not by the way that applies to a lot of people we know this the reality according to this madhhab according to them, their their fatwa is I'm not giving this photo I'm saying you should know of it I don't agree with this photo but their photos if you know somebody like this no janazah over that person and no burial the Muslim graveyard and and and that's the verdict and okay, we respect it. It's good to mention these types of things and salatu

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Alhamdulillah guys were all vegetarian. We all pray five times a day for the salata Juma, obviously not everybody's praying five times a day we mentioned this Hey guys know there is an opinion there that says if you don't pray you have left the fold of Islam. Yes, this is good to mention. But when it comes to practical realities, obviously if you know somebody like this, you're not going to not pray janazah you're not going to avoid the Muslim graveyard or whatever in this regard. You have within this and even more mashallah, you and your hardline and that is not just to abandon the entirety of Salah to abandon one Salah makes you outside the fold of Islam. In fact, one of the

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scholars said in our times, if you set your alarm at night, for after fajr

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knowing you're going to oversleep Fajr do you have left the fold of Islam you have to take your shahada again

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it's good to code these things to know that there's reputable arrma who hold this view and they have their evidences, right. Whoever leaves the sada has committed gopher and Allah mentioning you know that what caused you to enter Jahannam Paloma Celica confy sakar orlu lambda communal Musa lien it's in the Quran the number one reason we did not choose to pray. So they have their interpretation in this regard. And then you have another school within shamanism who said the following they said all of these deeds of Salah and Zika and Hajj and whatnot. No doubt they are important and we should not trivialize but if a person says the Kalama and doesn't do any of this. He has the bare minimum level

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of Eman. That means he has the hook of the Muslim and he might be punished for being lazy. But eventually if he said the Kadima eventually they will enter agenda as long as he said the Kadima and this group points out you know, beliefs and abota them and Heraclius they did not say the Kalima. They did not say the Kadima but the one who says the Kenema and says I'm a Muslim, and identifies with Islam. They say this group, even if they don't do any of these deeds, then they are just within the fold, even if they're on the fringe, but they're within the fold. And they also point out this group, that practically speaking, this is the default position of the OMA in terms of practice.

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How many are the people who have not prayed in Islamic history and the footsie? 100 ama did not make that verdict on their janazah people it's to know this is what happens. You don't question when the agenda comes? Did he pay zakat every year did you foster Ramadan? You assume he lived his life saying he's a Muslim? He had the Kadima, you leave is it fair to Allah subhanho wa Taala and when they also mentioned other things and that is

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the reality of for example,

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the Joshi and the Joshi interest interesting case study, if one group brings the case study of Heraclius. The other book brings the case study of Najafi what is the case study of Anu Joshi, now Joshi

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accepted Islam with the tongue did he say the Knievel? No. in his heart, in his heart, he accepted. He never prayed. He never fasted. He never went for Hajj.

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And he remained the Emperor. In fact, even even Tamia, by the way, in another separate section, it goes it is, you know, confirmed that in the Joshua did not pray. And he did not do any of the outward rituals, and yet the prophets of Salaam, pray janazah over him, and he said, a righteous man, a brother of yours has died. So what does this mean? They say this group, it means if you identify even internally with Islam, even if nobody knows, now, in this case, the prophecies of knew that Natasha identified right, if we didn't know we treat him as a non Muslim, but because he identified as a Muslim, he said, he's a Muslim internally, right. And Allah knows this. And the

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process of knew this, because nobody told him, he's considered a Muslim. Now, in the end of the day, this is a very technical theological aspect. It's interesting. It's also, you know, each one has its positions and whatnot, and SubhanAllah. What we find from all of this is that sometimes those who go too deep in these issues, they kind of disconnect from the reality, to say that it is tougher to not pray, which is a mainstream opinion. It might be interesting to use it in a hotspot. But as I said, historically, realistically, this verdict has never been actually applied. Never in once in Islamic history, has somebody been executed for not praying. In fact, there's a famous alleged debate, you

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should always allege it between your mama Shafia Muhammad, it's not actually historically true, probably between a Shafi scholar and the humbly scholar and then it got attributed to the founders. Right. So the humbly scholar allegedly Imam Muhammad himself, but this historically most likely did not happen that Shaffir is older than automotive in a humble in terms of age, and he was a student, the alleged conversation, the shuffle, he said to Ahmed, I heard that you say the one who doesn't praise a Kaffir Imam Ahmed said yes, allegedly, again, realistically, it's probably two scholars. Yes. A Shaffir. He says, I don't think so he's a Muslim.

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So a shaft vary. And again, this is in the books of the shaft theories. So it shows this group one that group that's why it's a bit historically a little bit, because again, this type of debate wouldn't take place. But anyway, so Imam Shafi allegedly asked him Mohamed,

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you say the one who doesn't pray the Salah becomes a Kaffir. What must he do to be forgiven? So he says he must make up that Salah immediately.

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He must make up that Salah immediately, Mr. Machete said but you've just called him a kafir and the salah of the kaffir is not acceptable. If a Kaffir stands up and praise is not acceptable. So how can the gaffer pray and then be forgiven for that prayer when he's a Kaffir? You see the contradiction here. Right? So this shows according to him, I'm sure if he's actually a Muslim, and when you say he must pray to be forgiven, this indicates he's committed a sin and not committed. Cofer. Again, this is the technical debate in the end of the day, Shall we finish with this point? This controversy of what is the minimal level of Eman? It's a very important one. It's a very, there

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is some pragmatic, obviously, you know, because we all know people who, you know, they're on the very fringe and whatnot. My position to you is whatever academic you know, position you follow, in reality, given the circumstances of our own mind worth not accept anybody who simply says they're Muslim, treat them as Muslims and make dua for them. Right. And reminds me of a famous anecdote with this. We conclude. One of the scholars of our times passed away like 2030 years ago, great item, you all know his name.

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He was asked chef, this controversy over who is a Muslim? Do you have to pray or not? What is the verdict on the one who abandons the sila? Deal? Tell us your opinion. And the sheriff said my verdict on the one who abandons the Salah is you go to his house, hold on to his hand and take him to the masjid. That's my verdict. This whole controversy, who's a man who's Muslim was Kafir. That's good for the books in real life. You have to have some compassion and some drama and help people pray. May Allah subhana wa Tada all make us of those who have Iman and Islam. May Allah subhanho wa Taala Lowry or Eman to be perfected? May Allah azza wa jal forgive our sins and make us of those who

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establish the salah and this was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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