The true meaning of HALAL!

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Many of us think that halaal has only to do with the manner in which an animal is slaughtered. But that's wrong. It has a lot to do with your earnings as well. Have you earned that which is free from deception, free from that which is harmful and free from that which is illegal, such as stealing, and so on? So to do with the income, where are you working? What exactly are you doing? May Allah make it such that we become more conscious of this, and we actually earn that which is pure to begin with. Thereafter, the way you treated the animals is extremely important. Today in the commercial world. Many people abused the animals or maltreat them. Allah says, Don't do, that your food must be thayyib (pure/clean)

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not only halaal, but make sure that even the animals that you are consuming have been treated in the most befitting way. May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala grant us benefit. So this verse from Surah Al Baqarah, Allah says: <> [Q,2:208], immediately after telling us to eat that which is pure and clean, he says, and don't follow the footsteps of the devil. If you are to follow the footsteps of shaitaan you will definitely be at a loss. Similarly, if you were to eat that which is impure and unclean, you would be following the footsteps of the devil. Allah says he is an outright enemy of yours: < 00:01:44--> 00:02:31

..taqooloo alal laahi maa laa ta'lamoon>> [Q,2:169], the devil, what does he do? He instructs you to engage in evil, and that which is immoral. That's what the devil does. So people who engage in immorality, people who are not bothered about their values, many times, it's got to do with them following the footsteps of the devil because what they're consuming is that which is unclean, or impure. So from this, what we learn is, if we were to derive comfort, in times of crisis, it would be also through ensuring that what we're consuming is healthy. Eat healthy, eat pure, eat, clean, and see how the blessings of the Almighty descend upon you.