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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of Taqwa, which is to develop a relationship with Allah. The concept is to create a barrier between the two of them, and the speaker explains that becoming aware of who one is can lead to a better relationship. The speaker also talks about how people are scrambling to educate children on their consciousness, and how they have been pressured to believe everything is correct.
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The reason why we have to continuously speak about the issue of Taqwa is because Allah says in the Quran Yeah. Are you Halloween? Man? Oh kuchibhotla ecommerce mahkamah katiba island living in poverty Kula Lakhan that the two of you who believe fasting has been written for you, meaning prescribed upon you, it's written for you, it's compulsory upon you. Just like it was for those before you even though those before us had fasting but have a slightly different nature with hours, the rules and regulations from dawn to dusk, this is what you do, this is what you don't do 30 days and this is what the period will be and so on the daily period and the whole month. All that is a

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little bit different. But with the previous nations, Allah says we prescribed it upon those before you in order that you achieve Taqwa. Like I've said in yesterday's episode, taqwa is to create a barrier between you and something here to create a barrier between you and that which is displeasing to You that which is unfortunate that which is the Wrath of Allah, the punishment of Allah, the anger of Allah like we say, we love Allah so much that we do not want to anger him.

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We don't want to say or do anything that may spoil this wonderful relationship with Allah. So Allah says you want to develop this relationship. Taqwa is what you need. So Taqwa is to develop the correct relationship with Allah. So I always say, whenever a person translates the term it up Allah, it's Oh, you who believe develop the correct relationship with Allah. And the details are, as I just explained. So this Taqwa is something I need to build, I need to develop how do I do that? By becoming conscious of who I am, I came from somewhere when I came onto the earth, I came with very little, nothing. In fact, the little means my body given by Allah known, the body organs that I

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have, everything started functioning properly, one time, and that was the gift of Allah subhanho wa taala. Besides that, material items, I had nothing. My parents came in and helped me they gave me, like I said, as they indoctrinated us, we learned whatever they taught us, we learned, we believed what was right, based on what we saw, and what we learned as time passes. And this is why people across the globe are scrambling to educate the little kids according to their system. What's the reason? Quite simple. When your computer requires applications and a working system, those who have put that in, would reap the greatest benefit from that particular computer. When it comes to

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humankind. Those who got to the brains of the children first and in the early years nurtured them, the children begin to believe that that is the way they will laugh at scoff at disrespect any other way or any other method? Because they don't know it. They've never been accustomed to it. They haven't mixed. They haven't understood and that's why not everything you learn is correct. You have to keep going back to Revelation and asking yourself, Does this conform with what Allah said? No, it doesn't throw it out no matter who taught it to me and what happened? Is this okay? Is this correct? Is this what the Almighty wants from me? Is this the level of morality the level of my values? Is

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this what it should be? If not, well, you need to adjust so Allah gives you a month to develop this Taqwa this consciousness. Who am I? Why did Allah reveal the book? Why did he send so many messengers? Why did he make me say peace be upon him or them? Every time I said the name of a messenger, because he wants me to value them he sent to us the best of the best. All these messengers that