The Difference Between Al-Rauf and Al-Rahman

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The speakers discuss the meaning of the name Islam and its various uses, including its meaning in context, its meaning in various context, and its relation to mercy. They also touch on its use as a means of protecting against sin and its potential harm, as well as its use as a symbol of the holy eye to symbolize peace. The importance of not feeling the need to be mindful of one's emotions is also emphasized.

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I play but hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah why the audio cyber sim sim cathedra What's up everybody on Facebook? Hope you guys are doing well and on YouTube, we are doing some lives

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because of His Majesty or on the topic of the names of Allah, because he's on YouTube Hold on a second because His Majesty is closing in the next couple of days. Today's what today's Tuesday in some parts of the world is already Wednesday and we're closing on Thursday. So hamdulillah salaam, also Allah I wanted to give you a sneak peek on some of the names that we'll be discussing. And one of those names is a really beautiful name of Allah subhanaw taala that I hope I'll be able to give you some some quick insight in and that is the name of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah roof and compare it to a rock man. So are off is generally translated as the kind and compassionate right, which is

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nice. But what we want to do is we want to kind of go deeper want to go into some more layers with regards to this name, or oof, versus Obama? Well, number one, it's kind of translated as the kind of compassionate and it does have some shades but really Rafa is the height of mercy. And so it is translated as the kind and compassionate when really it is the apex of mercy. It is the highest level of mercy. So let's talk about that and how it's related to all

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the scholars they mentioned that Rafa is a mercy when it's called the height of mercy. It is a mercy that does not allow for any discomfort. It's a mercy that doesn't allow for any discomfort. And so for example, if you have, you know, your mom, who is always worried about you getting hurt, and so even though there might be some things that you enjoy, or wanted to do, as a kid, you want us to take, you know, you want it to train in jujitsu, or you want it to play football, and by football, we mean American tackle football or you want it to play some sort of rough sport, right, as a as a kid. And your mother says, No, you'll get hurt, even though yes, there's a chance that you might get

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hurt. But there's more of a chance that you you know, learn discipline, there's more of a chance that you get strong physically, there's more of a chance that you learn a lot of life lessons. But that notion of you possibly getting hurt is enough for she is so merciful to that it is a type of mercy that does not allow for any pain. It is a type of mercy that does not allow for any discomfort. That is a lot of fun. Okay, so Allah Subhana Allah and he is, oof, he is the one who does not want you to go through any discomfort. He is the One who does not want you to go through any pain. And so the scholars, they say the difference between the rasa and Brahma,

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the difference between Allah subhanaw taala being around. And Allah subhanho To Allah being a man, is that Rama is a mercy that does allow for you to experience discomfort and pain.

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Rama is a mercy that allows for you to go through it is, for example, the surgeon who's performing surgery, are you are you going to experience pain by going through a surgery? Yes. Would anyone say that the surgeon or the doctor is not merciful in them performing that surgery? No, they are performing that surgery, they are making you go through that pain out of mercy for you, right to save you. And that is what it is. And so when you what I love about learning these names is that when you learn the meanings of these names in the language, and you go into a deeper understanding of what these names mean, then you see how it plays out in the verses of the Quran. And you see how

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perfect the Quranic selection of these names is, how perfect the hedonic selection and placement of these names is. So for example, we said that llama is a mercy that allows for pain.

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It is a mercy that allows for discomfort whereas the Rafah is a mercy that does not allow for discomfort. It does not allow for pain. It doesn't want you to go through that. And so let's see, sort of the calf. Allah subhana wa Tada describes, you know that servant that Musa is set to go to and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, and so they came upon

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Abbot didn't mean a bad in it now who Rama 10 Min andina? Well, I love them now who mean they do Naghmeh we gave him mercy from ourselves and you're looking at a HUD there and your life. Really mercy. He's described as being merciful. And yet, that would not be one of the

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The things the attributes that you would describe said that if you just read the story, if you read read read the story, you wouldn't say, Oh, he's very merciful. He's putting a hole in, in, in a bow. He is killing a boy. He is you know, building a wall. But you would not imagine mercy being something that you would describe this person with immediately off the top of your head, but Allah Subhana Allah describes him as having Rama.

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This man has Lama Rama from who Rama from Allah subhanaw taala. And so you see, because obviously he explains later, the motive and the hikma the wisdom behind all of the actions that he is doing, but do they involve pain? is the owner of that boat? Are they going to be grieved when they see that their hole? Has? Are they going to know that there was a king behind them? Not necessarily. Are those parents ever going to know why their boy their child was murdered? No, they're never going to know right? And there's incredible pain, but we understand that love is a mercy that allows for pain. It is something in which the outcome the eventual outcome is goodness, even though a person

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may have to suffer a lot for does not allow for that a lot for is a type of mercy that does not allow for pain and hence Allah subhanaw taala and sort of the note when he is describing verse number two, when he is describing the punishment for this idea and the Zania he says what at Hello can be him refer to and feed in Allah. Allah says do not allow Rafa to make you stop executing or

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let not run first stop the execution of the punishment.

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Because LACMA does not stop Rama would not impede the judgment because it allows for pain. What does not allow for pain is a lot of fun to watch Panasonic says Do not let Rafa stop you. Allah subhana data when you look at the verses where Allah Subhana Allah describes himself as being above let's let's go through some of these verses and you'll see this this named the meaning of this name play out. So ALLAH SubhanA data says, for example, sort of area and Iran and sort of area and Ron verse 30. So this is chapter number three verse 30, Allah subhana wa Tada says yo Motegi, Dooku Luna sama amulet min Hayden Bara, on the day where every soul shall find wherever it did have goodness

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presence on the day of judgment, and you'll find whatever good that you've done, present, why am I me? Let me in so in and whatever it does have evil to do low Anabaena how Urbina? Who am I then but either they would wish that between them and their sins is there an incredible distance they would wish that between them and their senses is a way you have zero Kamala who NAFSA Allah says and Allah is warning you of himself. Well la hora often beloved, and Allah is or have been a bad he is roof for the service. So why is roof here the perfect name?

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Allah says Allah is Allah O for His creation. Because Allah subhana wa Tada saying, Listen, there's going to come a day where you will find everything that you have done of goodness, you'll find it present in front of you, right? But and that same day, everything that you did have evil, you will wish that between you and that evil whatever it was that fun that you had that crazy night, that money that you made that whatever it was anything that you did that joke that backbiting whatever you did of evil, you will be so grieved by that evil on the Day of Judgment, you will be so bothered by it, you will wish that between you and not evil was an incredible distance between you and that

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sin Emma than better either. You will wish that between you and you will wish that it was not just a skeleton that was buried in your closet, it was buried in the deepest recesses of the ocean that it was cast into a galaxy far beyond a way where it will not be here with you. It will cause you incredible sadness and incredible grief. Where you have zero Kamala who NAFSA Allah is warning you about himself. Allah is saying don't cross that line. Don't do it. I don't want you to have that pain later on on the Day of Judgment. I don't want you to go through that difficulty why? Because I am Raouf. Allah is goofy but Allah does not want difficulty for you. He doesn't want you to go

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through any grief or any sadness Allah doesn't want that for you. And the only way that you cannot go through that is if you don't commit the sin in the first place. And so is the one warning you before this sense or or is the one warning you before this and saying don't cross that line? Don't do it. And so the scholars they said, Rafa is before the sin. Allah is before the sin and he is a llama and after this

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he is a roof before this, then he's the one telling you

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red light. Don't do it. Don't cross

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that line, but after the person commits the sin man is the one who's going to put you through the purification process. Or man is going to be the one who's going to go through the repentance. You're going to go through the the consequences of this in however painful they may be the purification process no matter how painful they may be, but our man is going to be the one who put you through that. The scholars they also said, Rafa, Rafa is prevention, and Rama is the cure. Rafa is you don't want to get sick, man. You don't want to have to go through medication. You don't want to have to go through purification. Avoid it, stay away from it, stay healthy, stay spiritually healthy. Pray your

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obligations, do your obligations, avoid sins, but if a person gets sick, and they have to go through the purification process, Rama is the cure.

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Let's look at some other verses Allah subhana dives as a source of Toba verse 117 soret at towboatus Chapter number nine 117 Allah subhana Titus says look a tab Allahu Allah Nabi when Maha God and we'll all saw the Ludhiana topography Sagittarius what I mean by the market is driven

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by the market they have zero clue failure can mean homes and metabolism in the whole behavior over Rahim Allah subhana diatas Allah has accepted the repentance of the prophets of Allah this and then will hygiene and the hands on those who followed him in the time of difficulty after some of the hearts of some of them were almost going to slip

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through metab it and then Allah Subhana Allah accepted their repentance in now who will be him or for him? He is for them or OOF and Rahim Allah is Allah oath and Rahim. Now this sequence and sort of the Toba is talking about tabibian, Radek and the conquest of taboo or the campaign of the book and the province on the lightest, and the Mahajan and the answer they all when they participated in the campaign. And so Allah subhanaw taala is saying that he is for them Allah, woof and the Rahim whereas the three who are left behind

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the three who are left behind, they had to go through a longer purification process of 50 days, they had to go through because they actually committed the sin of not going to the campaign. And so Allah Subhana Allah, Allah uses the name and just so that let's pay attention to the names that are used here.

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Allah subhanaw taala when it comes to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam uses are all for Rahim and hygiene and the answer to indicate them being protected from falling into sin in the first place of Oof. And the Rahim protected them from falling into sin. As for why the ferocity lady in a holy fool had that either locket I make him or to be Mr Robot or locket either him and footstone ALLAH SubhanA dies as those who are left behind until the entire they were boys for 50 days. It's a really long story the story of copy from the Miko beautiful story of repentance, I would encourage you to look it up. He says until the entire the entire Earth became constructed for them and their own cells

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became constructed for them. Well Dr. Damon fusuma one know Allah, Masha, Allah Illa Illa and they were certain and they became certain that there was no way for them to be saved from ALLAH SubhanA data except in Allah there would be no refuge from Allah except my Allah Subhana Allah from metab it him there too and Allah Subhana Allah accepted their repentance as well in Allahu Allah to Allah Rahim but here whereas with the province of alight Islam and the MaHA Janine and the Assad the people who participate in the campaign and were protected from falling into that sin in the first place, ALLAH SubhanA data calls himself a goof on Rahim, woof and Rahim and so Rafa is before this

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and he's the one protecting you from the sin. But what happens when a person does fall into this and like Gaby mediamatic and his two companions, ALLAH SubhanA data calls himself to Allah is a to whoever Rahim he is at the webinar Rahim. Rahim is consistent because again, Rama allows for you to go through the purification process after having fallen into a sin. But Allah subhanaw taala also appears with God of pneumatic and his companions to up the acceptor of repentance. Okay, now, let's go through let's see if we can go through one more example. Again when you're looking through a roof now in the Quran. I want you to see this, this attribute and this description and this meaning in

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the verses Allah subhana data describes the prophets that Elijah said them and he says in Surah Toba verse 128 was the togo and 28 He says which is chapter number nine he says Giacomo Soto metaphysical a messenger has come to you from amongst yourselves as he is when I lay him out. I need to

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grievious to him is what you suffer the province of Almighty citizen doesn't

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not want us to go through any hardship. And how many times did the Prophet solomani Send them say that there were things that he loves. But Lola and Ashoka Allah Almighty if it wasn't for the fact that I feared hardship on my own mind, I'm honored to be so lucky and Oculus Allah, I would have commanded them to brush their teeth before every solo I would have delayed so locked into a shot until later in the night or the middle of the night or I would have meant to have left to answer Yeah, I would not have stayed behind from any campaign or any battalion, the province of the lighter send them would avoid doing things that he loved he himself desired out of fearing hardship for this

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OMA Salado center. And so the prophets ALLAH SubhanA data describes him as grievious to him as what you suffer Holly as soon as they come. He is so concerned over you over the entire Ummah, and to the believers, being Mina are all for Rahim. He is the roof and he is and you can see how this is perfect. The Prophet cellulitis addendum is described as being OOF why? Because he doesn't want us to go through any sort of hardship. He doesn't want us to go through any difficulty, sort of the ninth, which is chapter number 16. And this is the last one we'll end here chapter number 16 Verse seven, chapter number 16, verse seven, ALLAH SubhanA wa diatas describing livestock he's describing

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horses he's describing he's and Surah nine is a beautiful chapter of the Quran and it is called the chapter of blessings. And this is verse number seven. So Allah subhanaw taala has already started recounting his blessings with an ima halacha. Hala configure the form after Amin Quran, Allah subhanaw taala is describing an arm he's describing. He's describing cattle and he's describing livestock and he's describing and he even then describes horses and mules and donkeys. Okay, and after he describes horses and mules and donkeys, he says, What middle escala Camila better the lambda code oh by the way, He lavished emphasis. Actually, the next version rate is when he

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describes the horses mules and donkeys but this is right before it he starts talking about livestock. And he says, what that means as Carl Icahn,

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that livestock it carries, it carries your weight.

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It carries your weight.

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It carries your loads actually what that means with Polycom and they carry your loads to a land you cannot have reached. What Allah Camila Verity lambda Kunal badassery, in lavish amphis. It carries your loads to a land you could not have reached except with difficulty to your cells.

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These creatures that ALLAH SubhanA data has created

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of their functions of the great gifts that ALLAH SubhanA data has given us is that they carry our loads for us. Imagine if there were no donkeys and no cattle and No,

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no horses, no mules, no no camels, nothing Imagine if humanity had to carry whatever it is that they carried on their own weak, frail backs.

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Allah Subhana Allah says and they carry your loads to a land you would not have been able to reach except with difficulty shifting emphasis, like just complete exertion, you would have been exhausted.

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In not a backroom, Laura Rahim, ALLAH SubhanA data says he is for you. And Rahim, Allah your Lord is roof and

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how does the roof play into this verse? Of course, Allah Subhana Allah has mentioning a blessing. And he is describing that this blessing has relieved you of such difficulty. It has relieved us such fatigue and exhaustion and burden. And Laura OOF is the one who doesn't want you to experience difficulty, or roof is the one who doesn't want you to experience hardship or off is the one who doesn't want you to experience pain. And so it is perfect that this verse ends with these two names are often not working. And so this is just a glimpse that I wanted to share with regards to this beautiful name of Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah subhana data describes himself as and he

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describes the prophets of Allah itis and him as being going to have so where do you think you and I should be? No, no, I need to, I need to. People need to go through it.

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As much as you can, if you can relieve burdens of people, if you could not burden people in the first place. Then that is something that Allah Subhana Allah loves in the prophets of the lightness and the most because they manifested it or it is an attribute of Allah subhana data and into something that the Prophet saw the light is in the manifested and as a beautiful, beautiful name of Allah. As for the difference. So that's the difference between a roof and a rock man.

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As for the difference between a man and a Raheem

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Oh man,

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that is one that is highly debated by the scholars. And it is one that is really, really profound. But we'll be talking about that in the class in sha Allah Allah. Other than that, Melissa, see you tomorrow Charlottetown we'll be doing some more Facebook Lives and we have

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tomorrow actually sister, the legend. Queens is finest but she's in Houston now, saddle Soltani, she'll be doing a session. She's a mental health counselor and a professional. And she'll be doing a session.

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For those who registered for the classroom. You're doing it on dealing with anxiety and relieving anxiety through the names of Allah subhanaw taala. And I'll be with you guys live tomorrow, all tied on Facebook. And hopefully on Thursday we'll be doing a session we'll see what he does as well on Facebook. So I'll see you in the upcoming days. Zack Harrison