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Sri Lankan Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Vidya

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solo solimar.

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Study Nabina, Muhammad, Allah, Lee or somebody

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the settler of BSC, voila, still with me we'll hire we can study, we think, come on, how cool is that, for having gathered us here today. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala, to surround us with the melodica. And to cause his mercy and His Sakina to descend upon us, and to raise us with the EMEA, la masala Salatu was salam, and those who he has mentioned with him, I mean,

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if I were to stand here today, and tell you that there is a man who gets up every morning, and the first thing on his mind is the next hit of the drugs that he is he wants to take. And the first thing on his mind in the morning is the drugs that he takes. The last thing at night when he goes to sleep is the heat that he just had. And periodically throughout the day, this man can only think about the drugs that he has to take. So slowly, it would classify this person as a drug addict, they would say that this person is an addict to a substance that they cannot function normally without.

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This is the classification that we would give this man. Now let me ask you a question. What is it that you and I have with us right now that we cannot live without that we think about every few minutes, that comes out of our pockets into our hands, and our phones are literally twiddling away at the screen that is there. It is our cell phones. And this is what has happened to society, you look at people sitting around a table, it's a dinner table with family members previously spoke to each other. they interacted, they communicated, they spoke about what happened during the day to each other, and they

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related to each other in this manner. What are they doing today, the same family members are sitting, and each one of them is glued to the screen. They take one bite of food. And the next thing you see a notification Hey, what's going on? Let me see what's happening. We can't talk to each other. We can't interact with each other anymore. The first thing that we do when we wake up in the morning is what? Pick up our phones unlock that screen with me see what's going on. I hope I didn't give you my password.

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But that's exactly what we do. We pick up our phones we go and we glued to the screen. Sometimes from the time we wake up for an hour, an hour and a half, two hours. That's all we can do. Unfortunately, this is a reality for most of us, or a lot of us may not generalize for everybody. But even when we go to the bathroom, the toilet, we can't be mobile phones, we have to take them with us. Why? For the fear of missing out. This is actually a classification of it that experts have given FOMO fear of missing out.

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But do you know what? Even though it is the last thing that we do at night, and the first thing that we'll do in the morning, society doesn't classify us as addicts. Nobody says that he's addicted to his phone. We're all addicted to our phones. Nobody says that. And this is the danger of this addiction that we have. We don't even recognize it as a problem. Everybody calls the drug addict genetic. Everybody says he's got a problem with the bottle, or he's got a problem with snorting cocaine or injecting heroin. But nobody sits and says that society is completely addicted to these phones that are in our hands and pockets may also kind of work to help protect us. Now, let me take

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you down a trip that we usually take or perhaps you know, spend hours doing every day you take out

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If you're unlucky, go into an app, find a video, and you start watching. Five minutes. 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, three hours have passed and you're scrolling going through videos. What's happening? A lot of the times you see a good notification, you follow that notification and you send down a rabbit hole. And you rabbit hole, following video after video after video. And most of the times, from this good notification you find yourself in a very bad pace place after three to four hours, or perhaps even half an hour 45 minutes in. You're watching immoral videos, evil videos. What does Allah subhanho wa Taala say?

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Medina una

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shame on Oh, you have believed don't follow the footsteps of Satan on a

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T shape on the

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Cup and the one who follows the footsteps, footsteps of Satan. Then he will end up commanding immorality and the evil he will end up commanding immorality and evil one video after the next after the next and you ended up becoming desensitized to what you are seeing and watching. So you see a naked woman it doesn't matter anymore. Why? Because I see this day in day out constantly on my feet. So we become desensitized. We don't feel anything anymore. When we see this person it's normal to us for in model bill fascia he will won't come. So he then will command with evil and immorality. What do you do next? That chair button that is there. The video goes out to another 500 people, people

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are now watching this, they are all glued to their phones. What is happening here, brothers and sisters in Islam, take a step back and think about this. What are we actually doing with changing the fabric of our society, the way we function, the values that we had previously, if you saw a woman in a miniskirt, you'd look down where you feel perhaps ashamed. Or it would be something strange to see. Today, it is not only out there on the street, it is within your own bedroom, in your own pocket in your hands. You're looking at this all the time. So we change the values and the principles that we grew up with. There is an entire generation that was literally born with the

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phone in their hands. What are we doing to these children? What are we doing to the psyche? What kind of understanding? Will they grow up? What kind of morals will they grow up with? not workable?

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If this has changed us so much.

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Then what of those who know nothing else? What of those who grew up on the phone? You know, recently I saw a child seven years old, seven years old on a mobile device, he's got his own phone. What are his parents doing? What have they done to this child? Yes, it may be a very quick fix. You know, this child is cumbersome. He's a problem. He's always nagging at us for causing problems in the home. Give him a phone, let him be stuck to that phone. Do you know the dangers of giving your child a phone? What kind of exploitation you're opening them up to? Anybody can contact them. They let alone that I actually spoke to a counselor who said that she deals with pornographic addiction at

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the age of seven to eight years old Allahu Akbar on what's happening to society seven year old child innocent, that has absolutely no clue about what's going on between a man and a woman in that manner. And now they are seeing sexual content they're exposed to it. Do you see the danger of what's going on? There is a very dangerous trait that is happening in front of our eyes. And most of us that know of this issue ourselves addicted to the problem. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us and to go further. Now that they have fed you,

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these, you know little men that are working behind your screens, they're known as algorithms.

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They it's literally a mathematical equation that will sit and learn

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By itself, what you like, and they feed you that what you click on. And they feed you more and more of that. Why? Because a huge company in another part of the world wants to make millions of dollars. So they'll keep feeding you with this, whatever you like. And this is why you can spend hours and hours on end on your phone and never be tired. Because it's everything that you're interested in right there. They know how the human being functions, and they exploit exactly that. So what happens is, you end up wasting a lot of time, and let alone that I want to get to that later. But now that you've changed your values and your morals, you've got an app that makes it easy for you to produce

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videos. So you produce a video of you in, in normal clothing, doing something speaking something in mobile, and you put it out there for other people to see, people find it interesting. So they watch, you get 1000s of views, you get 1000s of likes, and then you go on to the day, how many 1000 of this video, how many 1000 on that video, so now you're addicted to the reactions that you get. And how many of us actually put up content out there into a group or perhaps onto a post, a video, a picture, and then constantly every 30 seconds with going back to that video, how many likes now, how many views now, how many people have seen this? They we, these people who create these apps, know

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exactly how the human being functions. We want to be accepted by society, we want to be accepted by our peers. It's only natural and normal. But when you have this on a large scale with this 10 million people, 4 billion people that have downloaded one of these apps, 4 billion people, that's literally 75% of the global population. You've got all this exposure that people are now there with. And they they all watching, you want to see how many of them will like my video, how many of them will watch my video? What did these people say? And the worst part of it is you get positive comments, positive comments, positive comments, and then all of a sudden one of them pops up. Oh,

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your nose is too big. When your hair looks strange, look at your ears. And what does that do to you all of a sudden you've got insecurities, because it's very easy for someone at the other end of the world to type into the screen that you look ugly. So now they are questioning your identity, who you are who Allah subhanho wa Taala made you. So you see the problem that we have at hand. Yet society still doesn't classify us as addicts. We look at these people as normal. It's everybody that's doing it. So it's normal, it doesn't matter. We're actually changing the fabric of our society. Now that we've become desensitized, we've changed the models of our society. We've contributed by producing

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videos that are immoral, contributed to that evil, we find that people the next problem that we have is we spend hours and hours and hours on end on the sport. We constantly on it. And Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us now maternity most booting female female women and nurse, they are two bounties that many of the people are at last regarding a sick, one fall of the good health and the time that we have. You see in order for you to utilize your time you need good health, if you're tired. If you're sick all the time, you can't utilize that time to do something productive. So Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam begins with good health. But the irony of it

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is if you don't utilize your time,

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in a good manner, then good health will be taken away from you as well. If you're constantly eating, you will become so big that you won't be able to do anything else. You've lost your good health. So the two time together, but we're not here to talk about that today.

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The amount of time that you spend on your mobile devices is actually detrimental to you. In order to know how much time you spend, download an app that actually tells you that today you spent five hours some phones already doing some phones already telling you that today you spent five hours on your phone. Today you spent 10 hours on your home

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It will tell you exactly what amount of time that you're spending, it actually makes you aware of what you're doing on what's happening with your phone, in your life. And time, in and of itself, is literally a clear board that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given you in your life in order for you to draw the picture, you've only got a certain amount of time to draw that picture with it. Will you draw something beautiful? Or will you draw something ugly? What is the picture that you will leave behind when you go into your brain? In fact, that picture goes with you. That picture enters into the grave with you Why? Because these are your good and bad deeds that you've done. You'd literally

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just pick up that brush and throw anything on to it such that you leave with nothing at all, no value? Or did you actually take time to make sure that you painted beautifully so that when you meet your maker, you will have something to present before him? I have a question to ask myself and yourself.

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Are we ready to meet up with a city with Joanne and say, that yard three quarters of my time was spent idling and just watching these videos that mean absolutely nothing. And in the best case scenario, it wasn't something I just wasted my time.

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And the worst case, I constantly fed myself with that which was immoral. Until I became immortal, I became evil. And then I became an evil contributed to society, we really need to ask ourselves, what we are doing on our phones, and how we are spending our time with our phones. Remember that this is actually changing entire countries, the globe at large, has been completely affected by this phenomenon. So your contribution and my contribution mean a lot. When we go on to that phone, monitor what you are doing, watch yourself, be your own God, nobody is going to be there and tell you, hey, you're doing this, don't do it. You have to tell yourself, this is haram. Either son,

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let's guess a year two can either somewhat caca Santa Touka was that case a year or two Kappa antimony, when you evil deed makes you feel bad. I'm doing something wrong here. And when your good deed makes you feel good, I'm doing something right here, then you are a believer, but when it means nothing to you that I've been watching these immoral videos for the last three hours, then it means that your email is lacking. And your phone contributed to that.

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So watch and monitor the content that you view on your phone.

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When you go to bed,

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put your phone outside the bedroom, let it charge in the kitchen, let it charge in the lounge, let it charge in another room altogether. Don't take it to bed with you what happens you end up sleeping with that screen running. That's all you just watching things consuming things until you

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run the keep a book of next to your side table on your side table and pick it up read a few ideas. And you know shaytan is so evil that you begin to push you to go to sleep. Why? Because he doesn't want you to read the data. At least the last thing that you did before you went to sleep was something that was pleasing to your maker. If you don't wake up in the morning and hamdulillah I left with a good deed.

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And when you wake up in the morning, don't go back to that phone. Leave it the best part of the believers day is early the earliest part of the morning it's the time where you can do most of your activities within the shortest space of time. Or pseudo masala Marcelino Selim says movie television my TV Buddha. My own man has been blessed in the earliest part of the morning. What are we doing while in our time away on that phone. rather take the time to meditate. Take the time to perform your budget Salah after your federal Salah read you as God of the morning. Read your God remember Allah subhanho wa Taala go out and take a walk exercise. Do something productive for that first hour

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of your day. You will find your entire life turning around

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that phone will become a thing that causes you anxiety when it rains. You know there's a problem.

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You know that something's about to happen. The third thing is have a schedule and I think I'm running out of time but have a

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get you where you know that I will use my phone from this time to that time on apps that I don't need to use. Of course, when the phone rings, you need to answer it. You need to see what's going on. A lot of people's businesses depend on this. This is their new office, it's literally within their pockets. They are productive things that the phone can do for you. But you've got to make sure that what you're doing on that phone is productive. So let's just

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go back and change make a simple small step in our lives. When we start want to monitoring what we're doing on our phones. And in this manner, we will be able to change inshallah, it's not too late. We ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to protect us and to grant us the ability to get rid of that which is evil within our lives. I mean, Osama who was lm obala Carell and Amina Muhammad Ali. He was he as many