Mufti Menk – Do you know your own children?

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how children will respond when spouses do wrong things, and how they may use children as an example to teach children how to live in the future. The speaker also talks about how many children know their parents and spend time with them, but wonders why they bother.
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Your children will watch you they will follow you. But when they watch you doing the wrong thing, they will treat their spouses in the wrong way just like you did, and they will do the wrong thing just like you did. Where is the example? We have men? We have many men in the oma but where are those who know their responsibility unto Allah? They are teaching their children how to live in the future. Where are they? They are very few.

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We don't even know our own children in many cases. What was the point of saying, Mashallah, I've got so many children, but do you know them? Do you spend time with them? Why did you bother having them?

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May Allah protect us in our offspring

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